Looks Like US Was Right, Europe Was Wrong!

Liberals won’t ever admit this…well MOST liberals won’t. One already has. Bill Gates has basically called on Europe to stem the tide of immigrants to their countries because of terrorism. And the farther we go down this immigration road, the more it looks like Donald Trump and his travel ban have the right idea. You can’t harm a nation if you can’t get to the nation…at least not with C4 and other explosives.

And that leads us to today’s topic. Folks that were crying for “open borders” not too long ago, were all upset at anything that would not allow anybody, terrorist or not, to enter our country. After all, doesn’t the Statue of Liberty say, “Give us your poor, tired, huddled masses”? It does. But it doesn’t say anything about giving us people that want to blow us up just because we don’t worship like you do. And those people that felt that way are starting to come around to thinking that maybe…just maybe…this open borders for Middle Eastern immigrants isn’t such a good idea after all.

Now, I’ll preface all of the rest of this piece by saying that Angela Merkel and her like are still not convinced. I think the folks in England are starting to get the message. Sweden has learned that 95% of their gang-related violence stems from immigrants. That’s an astounding number. And they have found out they have 2,000 radicalized terrorists living in their midst. And that’s little ol’ Sweden! What do you think is going on in Germany or France?

Here in this country, Donald Trump’s increase of border patrols, travel bans, and the like are starting to have an immediate effect. Illegal aliens (and yes…they are both) are starting to stay at home. Arrests in San Diego have doubled under Trump, and the illegals have learned not to try and tempt the border patrol. The same can be said at Yuma, Nogales, El Paso, and Brownsville, all along the southern border. I fully realize that isn’t the ONLY place these folks are getting in. The next big area we will have to protect is Canada, which is the world’s longest unprotected border. But we’re going to have to do that as well eventually.

The whole lesson to the world here is exactly what Trump said during the campaign. A nation without borders isn’t a nation. We weren’t a nation under Obama. We were letting people flood into the country without consequence. You can’t have rules that you don’t enforce, and then have other rules that you enforce because the public isn’t going to be able to differentiate between the two. Either you have rules and you follow them and enforce them, or you don’t. If you don’t, you have anarchy and chaos. And while I know some folks that would be very happy to have that happen, that’s no way to run a country. You don’t have to believe me. Just take a look at what’s happening across Europe. That is what happens when you don’t enforce laws and rules. You get what you pay for!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “Looks Like US Was Right, Europe Was Wrong!

  1. Bill Gates is a confirmed globalist, so we must look beneath the veneer of his words to get at the root of what he is saying and why. What he wants are rich nations to subsidize developing countries. He knows that if emigration gets out of hand, then there will be absolutely no $ to the poor countries AND the nations taking in migrants will not be able to afford it nor woll their be any good will towards it. It’s like if you have exceptionally awful guests, do you really want to help them down the line? Plus the quality of everything will go down. it’s called regression to the mean. Some of the brighter elites have figured this out and you can see a slow but turning tide.

    Here is how subsidizing poor countries works: We give them BILLIONS of dollars in public money and the poor countries in turn give that money to multinational corporations to “develop” their country. This has already been going on to a great degree. Develop means we occupy and take land, resources, etc… Africa is arguably the last undeveloped continent and it’s ripe pickings for lower wages, since the wage pressures are now occurring even in countries like China, Mexico, Vietnam. China already has a HUGE foot in the door in African countries…who knows what other resources are to be found and tapped into….

    Remember, when you are dealing with globalists and elites, it’s always still about power, control, and money. Don’t be fooled at how they frame and narrate a position.

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