Can Dems Do ANYTHING In 2018?

To listen to the snowflake media rail against the GOP for failing to do anything so far in Congress (and rightfully so, by the way!), you would have to conclude that coming up next fall, the Democrats are poised to take over both the House and the Senate. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see that happen, especially after seven years of “repeal Obamacare!” followed by absolutely nothing when they finally get the chance to follow through with their 61 House votes to do so, and their countless campaign promises.

But there is a darker picture for the Democrats. It’s a problem the GOP doesn’t have right now. I’m not saying the Republicans don’t have problems, they have scores of them. But the Democrats have the big one…they are broke.

Since Tom Perez was installed as DNC chair after Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ departure last year after a terrible convention that proved to be nothing more than a fix for Hillary Clinton to get the nomination, the DNC has amassed over $3,000,000 of debt and they don’t seem to have the means to pay it back. Oh, they can if they send out enough emails and “We Need You NOW!” letters to their base, I’m sure they can raise it. But the problem is, once again, leadership. Tom Perez, while a fire brand, and someone that is proving he’s not afraid to mix it up with the Republicans, he’s no leader. He has proven that while he can swear and argue with the best of them, he can’t raise money, he can’t win special elections, he’s throwing tons of cash at the wrong things, and he’s doing it in a year that he should be saving his cash because he could actually take back Congress next year.

And therein lies the Democrats conundrum. They are in a position politically to take advantage of Republican snafus and mistakes, and yet, they don’t have the money to do it. So when the guy down the street that is running for a House seat against a Republican that’s been there forever but voted against the healthcare bill in the House or the Senate candidate that is going up against a Republican incumbent that voted against the “Better Health Care” bill (or would had they actually voted on it), tries to raise the capital to run for office, he’s going to be stonewalled. The DNC isn’t going to have the bucks to back them.

It’s Perez’ fault because he decided in the five special elections, all but one held in Republican states won big by Donald Trump, he threw away a hundred million dollars trying to win the seats and turn the tide of last November’s Republican sweep. It didn’t work. And now, he’s out big bucks with a less than a year and a half to go before his biggest election as chair. What an idiot! No long range planning for this guy, obviously.

May, 2017 was the worst month of fundraising for the Democrats since the Iraq War back in 2003. They ended up that month $1.9 million in debt. The Republicans meanwhile, had a banner month, raising $13.4 million. That doesn’t sound like a party that’s on the brink of collapse to me. Everybody knows the oil of the political engine is money. And when you take money from George Soros, JB Pritzker, Tom Steyer, and James Simons, all of whom poured millions into the DNC last year, out of the picture, you’re really in a world of hurt. In fact, Soros, who donated millions himself to the DNC and to Hillary Clinton has only given $33,000 so far this year.

Can the Dems recover? Sure. But I doubt they will until they actually find leaders. And I’m talking NEW leaders that have the leadership and vision skill set that obviously Perez doesn’t have.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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