Dems’ “New” Agenda

Congratulations to the Democrats! Someone in that party FINALLY realized that the November, 2016 election is over and they got swamped. It wasn’t because of the Russians (which most Americans didn’t believe anyway). It wasn’t because of James Comey (which only Hillary is still talking about). And it wasn’t about the Electoral College voting for Trump when Hillary won the popular vote (everybody gets that). It was something much different.

It was simply because they had no message getting through to the voters.

So, the Democrats have FINALLY come out with a new plan. They are going to “rebrand” themselves, and while they are still going to be harping against something, at least it isn’t Russia, or Trump, or Comey. It’s going to be corporate America.

Yup. The reason you’re not succeeding as much as you’d like has nothing to do with the fact that under Bobo Obama, the economy didn’t grow, and the only real jobs that ticked up were fast food and service jobs that paid minimum wages. It’s simply because corporate America has too much power. They are the ones to blame. Forget the fact that for seven of the eight years Obama was in office, congress never passed a budget. Forget the fact that Obama tripled the size of the federal debt in eight years. Forget the fact that corporate America is actually what makes the economy work.

Known as “The Better Deal”, Democrats are hoping Americans respond to pointing their collective fingers at “corporate America” and blaming the folks out there actually working and making money for the fact the economy sucks…or at least did under Obama. Personally, I think they’re going to have a hard time with that. While Dems can also tie Trump to the corporate America bandwagon because of his companies, they are going to have a very difficult time convincing voters that without as much power, the economy is going to be going faster. Especially when Trump got people voting for him by telling people he was going to do away with the tens of thousands of regulations that Obama put in place to slow economic growth to a crawl.

But what else do the snowflakes have to rail on? They really can’t run on their record. Under Obama, the economy sucked. Under Trump, it’s already taken off. In fact, if the job growth continues like it has in the first seven months, Trump will surpass Obama’s eight year job creation number in 18 months. You will have a very hard time arguing with success like that.

No, if the snowflake party wants to make inroads, they need to tell the world what they can do better than the Republicans, not point fingers at the economic engine of the country. They need to show why they are better leaders in Congress than the GOP, which so far this year, would be easy to do. IF they were to do that, they’d earn back a lot of the votes they lost in November. If they stick to this tired plan of blaming everyone but themselves for the messes they put us in (thanks, Obama!), we’re doomed to see more stagnation from Democrats, and more languishing economies. But isn’t that what all socialist countries strive for?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!