Still Not Accepting Any Blame

While the Democrats have unveiled “The Better Deal”, trying to get the American public back on board and right itself after a nearly tanking of the party due to Hillary Clinton’s debacle as a presidential candidate, Clinton herself has a problem with the whole “Better Deal” scenario. In her world, it wasn’t the fact that she was the worst candidate in American political history. It wasn’t the fact that she didn’t even try to get the Dems’ message out to the public. She’s still clinging to the old, tired, adage that it was the Russians, James Comey, and the fact that we Americans are so misogynistic that we don’t want a woman to become president.

As if we needed to hear any further ramblings from the Clinton clan on anything ever again, Hillary is going to hit us up with yet another book. This one, due out in September, was written because Hillary “wants to put the story out there”. It’s not like we haven’t heard that song played over and over and over again! I think the name of the book is going to be something like, “I TOLD You I Wasn’t To Blame!” or some such nonsense.

Meanwhile, Chuck Schumer, whom you know I NEVER agree with, was dead nuts on when he said, “When you lose to somebody with 40% popularity, you don’t blame other things…Comey, Russia. You blame yourself.” He’s right. But the ego inside Hillary’s head isn’t going to let her forget that she was an absolute waste of a candidacy, and the Democrats would have been better to have had Snoopy running for president. Hell, Snoopy may actually have won!

So, the Democrats are going to be at a crossroads very soon. You’ve got the old guard, like Hillary that says it was James Comey and the Russians that were to blame for her losing. You’ve got the older guard, in Bernie Sanders who say it was because he wasn’t taken seriously as a candidate until it was too late and the DNC decided to throw the nomination to Hillary and that he could have beaten Trump. And then you’ve got the Smilin’ Guard in Joe Biden who said he never thought Hillary Clinton was a very good candidate…that HE was the good candidate (but fails to mention HE decided not to run).

The problem once again is the Democrats have the same old players and the same old playbook out there. You’ve got people that have been in the leadership roles in Congress for far too long spewing the same old garbage about it’s the corporations in America that are keeping the average Joe down. They want to regulate the corporations more, so they can bring them back into control. After all, even if they do make the economy spin and work great, they are the ones that have the wage gaps between the CEO’s that have those fancy MBA degrees, and the high school drop outs on the line making minimum wage.

But when given the choice between Schumer and Biden’s message and the crap Hillary threw out during the election, it’ll be nice to take Schumer and Biden over Clinton any day. At least then we are talking about issues and not who is going to hell faster…me or the other guy!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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