Loretta Lynch Isn’t Home Free

Quick quiz. What happened on June 27, 2016? Where did it happen, and why do we care?

What happened on June 27, 2016 at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona, as a meeting on the tarmac between former president Bill Clinton, and Obama administration Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Why do we care? Because it was in the middle of a presidential campaign, where Clinton’s wife was getting hounded that she wasn’t a qualified candidate because of her scandals due to her breaking federal law and using a home-brew email server in her house.

Now, when all of this came about, we were told by Lynch that there was nothing to see here. Remember how all they did was talk about baseball and grandkids? They didn’t bring up Hillary at all, and certainly didn’t mention anything about the campaign, or how the Department of Justice or the FBI were going to rule on possibly indicting Hillary for a myriad of charges (most of which have been proven to have been true). Nope…nothing to see here folks…move along!

Well, not so fast. Apparently, the FBI is now re-opening that case against Lynch and Clinton. The American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ…not to be confused with the much more snowflake friendly ACLU), has been suing various branches of government, and doing so successfully. They originally had sent a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) to the FBI asking to see documents that pertained to that meeting. They were told a year ago that no such documents existed. That was under James Comey. Today, there’s a new sheriff in town, and a new story to tell. Apparently now, the FBI says they MAY have some documents pertaining to the meeting, and they need to re-open the case against Lynch.

All of this as Lynch appears to be the fall guy in the whole Hillary mess. It hasn’t gone away, nor will it as long as these lawsuits remain unsettled. Now, don’t get me wrong…Hillary isn’t going to jail anytime soon, but others that were protecting her may just be headed that way. People like Cheryl Mills, and Huma Abedin, may be wearing stripes before this is all over. Lynch may join that group. If that’s the case, she would become only the second US Attorney General in memory to be sent to prison. John Mitchell spent 19 months in the slammer for his part in the Watergate cover-up back in the 1970’s under Richard Nixon. That’s not to say other AG’s haven’t been guilty…they just have skated. Lynch may not be so lucky. We’ll have to wait and see how that one pans out.

If Loretta Lynch gets sent up the river, expect Mills, Abedin, along with possibly Susan Rice and Samantha Powers to get a new set of duds to wear. It’s a ways up the road, but at least the FBI is looking into it, and hopefully Christopher Wray will prove to have a better handle on the job than Jim Comey did!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Problem With Steve Bannon

Let me be the first (but certainly not the only one) to say that Steve Bannon is incendiary. The guy was on fire when it comes to drawing the ire of the left. Maybe that’s because he worked for Breitbart before he got to the White House. Maybe it’s because he says what he thinks and doesn’t care a hoot about what anybody else thinks about it. Maybe it’s just because he’s an ass. And yes…all of the above are true.

But make no mistake about it, the alt-left snowflakes out there believe Steve Bannon is as toxic to them as maybe Cass Sunstein was to the right during the Obama era. And when he scores points, it absolutely drives them crazy…which is fun to watch because there is nothing funnier than watching an angry liberal.

Bannon either got fired yesterday or resigned as Donald Trump’s “chief strategist”, depending on who you like to listen to. Let me make one thing clear. Steve Bannon is a lot smarter than you are or I am. He really is smarter than 99% of the liberals that love to bash him. And while I agree with a lot of the positions he takes, like his boss, I disagree with the path he takes to get there. Need a for instance?

Bannon says that the fascists that were protesting in Charlottesville were all a bunch of clowns. He’s absolutely right. In fact, they’re worse than clowns (unless you’re Steven King). They’re idiots and totally misguided. But, I don’t believe when there is something so heinous as what went on in Virginia that you give them an ounce of credibility by saying both sides were wrong. It’s like saying both sides are wrong in the abortion argument. You’re either pro-abortion, and think that these people upset with Planned Parenthood and killing babies are wimps, or you are pro-life, and think the other side is doomed to an eternity in hell. How can both sides be wrong? Well, they were because you don’t have to fight violence with violence.

Bannon said in what he thought was an “off the record interview” with a liberal publication (can you EVER trust them?) that taking on North Korea would cause 10 million deaths in the first hour if we went into Pyongyang, and he’s probably right. He says it would be a mistake, and that we have no “fire and fury plan” as Trump said.I disagree. There would be fire and fury because I think it would probably start World War III, and yes, I think we’d win, but we’re just concluding (we hope) a 17 year war in Afghanistan which has proven, as it did with the Russians, nothing. We are no further along is eradicating the Taliban today than we were in 2002. They will be back because that is what they do. And if we get into a war with North Korea, yes, we will decimate them, but at what cost? And you have to admit, we are a war-weary nation that needs some peace in our lives to rebuild the military.

No, Steve Bannon IS toxic. Maybe that’s why Donald Trump likes him. But Steve Bannon is not the end all, be all answer to HOW to get to the end. He’s got a great picture of what the end looks like, let’s just choose a more prudent path to get there! And when you think of it, I think Donald Trump will be MUCH better off with him out of the White House than in. Toxicity is never a good thing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

An Inconvenient Movie?

Apparently Al Gore’s sequel to his 2006 “An Inconvenient Truth” is not doing anywhere near as well as the original…either with fans at the theaters or with critics who have bashed it into the ozone (hopefully, it won’t cause more holes!) Apparently, the movie, which was on 180 screens last weekend, did only about $900,000 in gate. That compares with $1.3 million take in 2006 on just 77 screens. In short…no one is going to Al Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power”. To make matters worse, this past weekend, it slipped to just 18th of the movies out there, and took in about 15% less revenue. On average, only about 556 people per screen (or about 100,000 people) saw the movie this past weekend. The good news is, that was up from the 30,000 that saw it a week ago!

If that weren’t bad enough, the critics are saying that the contents in the movie lack a certain…shall we say exactness in its facts? Even The Guardian, normally an ally of Gore’s, said the film was “Desultory and surprisingly vainglorious” and only gave it two out of five stars. Ouch! And that was from a friendly critic! Most of the other critics cited misguided, falsified, and misleading data as a reason that the movie suffers so badly. The film apparently tries to get Hollywood to help out by having second, third and almost never stars and musicians such as Steve Aoki, and Camila Cabello tell the world how “inconvenient” they have become because of global climate warming change. It’s pretty pathetic to watch actually. And I’m not saying that only the no-names were invited to the filming. Such scientific icons as Bono and Paul McCartney also made appearances to tell the world how terrible and “inconvenient” they were. Those could be some of the most apt statements those two ever made!

No, the world has passed Al Gore by. Maybe it was the extra 75 pounds he put on since he left The Naval Observatory (and Tipper left him). Maybe it was falsifying of data that the NOAA, NASA, and other governmental agencies tried to foist on the public under the Obama administration. Maybe it was countries like Norway, Sweden, England, Australia, and Venezuela all fudging their numbers to make it look like the temperatures were increasing when in actuality (depending on where you were), they were staying the same, or even getting cooler. Maybe it was the fact that the north pole has added more ice in the last decade than the size of Alaska? Or maybe it’s just that all of the doom and gloom predictions about New York, Los Angeles, and Boston sinking into the rising sea waters just never came true because the computer models were wrong to begin with.

Maybe Al Gore was right about one thing. Maybe HE is the one that’s inconvenient, and maybe we just have to put up with his over-use of electricity (he’s the number one residential user of electricity in Tennessee), and his totally bogus attitude toward something that is entirely cyclical. Maybe, just maybe, he’s just in it to keep his name in front of the press, so no one forgets that overall…he was a huge loser in his chosen profession!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Acting Presidential

Now, I have been a fan of some of the things Donald Trump has done as president, and I have been a detractor on a lot of the ways he has done things. For instance, undoing all of the illegal and unconstitutional things that his predecessor did while in office was a good thing, and there were MANY things Obama did that were highly illegal. But HOW Donald Trump actually manages to get things done in my book leaves a lot to be desired. He has no tact, he has no class, and that is disturbing going forward.

The latest Trumpism to upset folks is his retweet of the meme of the “Trump Train” hitting a CNN reporter (who has a CNN logo for a head) under the headline “Fake News Can’t Stop The Trump Train”. Now, it may be true, but it’s also very childish. Trump doesn’t need to act this way. There are about two hundred million ways he could react to the fake news phenomenon that’s out there, and yes, CNN is really leading the pack when it comes to broadcasting stories that are made up. But, let’s grow up and take a look at this from the “supreme leadership” position. Is it really necessary to get into a pissing match with some company like CNN?

First of all, if you’re Donald Trump, you have things you can do to make sure CNN falls into line or falls off the face of coverage of the White House. You can revoke their press credentials, which would solve a lot of problems. You can tell your staff not to talk to CNN or anybody that is feeding them stories. You can shut them out entirely. It’s been done in the past to prove a point, and it’s a lot less childish than this back and forth between ignoramus hosts that don’t understand their jobs in the first place, and the most powerful man in the free world. You don’t need to stoop to their level, as my mother always told me.

Second, if Trump were to stop playing bully (and let’s face it…he is) and start focusing on the things that really matter, how much more would he be able to get done? Rather than me blog about something stupid like a second grade spat between CNN and Trump, why aren’t we all focused in on something more serious…like solving healthcare once and for all, or immigration reform, or tax reform? Why are we (and the left) always worried about the little meaningless pieces of garbage that spew down from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Let’s start getting serious about some of this stuff and force congress to either come together and get something done, or quit and go home.

Finally, I know Trump loves to be in the spotlight, but think about how many times in the last seven months, he’s done something really stupid…something you just shake your head at, and say, “Will you PUHLEEZE grow up?” That is something I really wish would happen. I know he wants to be the second coming of Ronald Reagan, but let’s face it…he’s nowhere near Reagan’s stature. Reagan never would have done this stuff. He would have laughed it off, made a joke about CNN, and moved on to more serious issues while having his staff cut off CNN’s cajones. THAT is the difference between Reagan and Trump!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What Kim’s Retreat Means

It really didn’t take long for the little panda of North Korea to realize that he was backed into a corner. He knew that he had to do something to stem the rhetoric that was being spewed both toward the US in an effort to get more financial concessions, and from the US in the form of Donald Trump’s insistence that if Kim kept threatening, his words would be what killed his country. In the end, Kim decided enough was enough and backed down.

So what does that mean? Well, as I’ve said here before, Donald Trump’s unpredictability played into the conclusion of this mess. Never before has a US president been so bellicose and never before has a US president not shown up at Pyongyang’s door with a fist full of Yaqui Dollars in order to persuade the North Korean leaders to back down with their threats. This time, it didn’t work.

So, where does Kim go from here? Well, to start with, he will probably try to get China back trading with him. After all, 79% of China’s imports come from North Korea. That’s HUGE! And about 95% of North Korea’s exports go to China. Without the Chinese helping their neighbors, the hermit kingdom fades into existence and their population starves to death. After all, a nation who’s prime occupation is military doesn’t last too long when there is no war to fight.

Second, Kim needs to face his people and save that fat face of his. In phrasing his retreat on bombing Guam, he basically came away as the facilitator and the more “adult” of the two leaders by saying, “Okay, we are going to back down now, but IF you continue your wicked ways…”, which basically was his way of saying that he knows that North Korea becomes a parking lot for all the Hyundai’s and Kia’s that South Korea is making if he continues his belligerent ways.

Notice, I’m not giving either side really any credit for this resolution…if that’s what you want to call it. I don’t think Kim ever thought it would lead to war, because it never has, and once you begin telling your people that you aren’t going to take it anymore, you have to either back up those words with action, or you face getting overthrown. And for Trump, he really didn’t win. Yes, he stood his ground, but he really didn’t look like a strong leader in doing it. He would have been much stronger had he let Rex Tillerson do his bidding for him, choosing to stay in the background as opposed to taking on a small country like North Korea and getting into such back and forth. It wasn’t presidential, and it didn’t make him look strong. It made him look like the fat 6th grader picking on the 2nd grader after school. Of course, you can beat him. Does that really prove anything?

So, for at least the moment, North Korea has backed down. They’ll be back screaming about something. And the only other thing to consider here is, Kim was told by his military that they really aren’t ready to be launching weapons at anybody just yet. He needed to buy time, so he backed off. As I think about it, that’s probably more the case, don’t you think?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Death of Liberalism?

If you look at the political landscape today, you may say the Republicans in congress are stepping in a giant pile of dog doo. I’d be inclined to agree with you. But if you continue to look past Capitol Hill, and see what the mood of the country is, you have to shake your head at people that are still carrying their “liberal” membership card. It appears that the card is as outdated as corded house phones.

Remember the old line, “If you’re not a liberal at 25 years of age you have no heart, and if you’re still a liberal at 50 years of age you have no brains”? Well, it appears that most of America is in fact, conservative. Oh, there are pockets of liberalism out there, but is it really dying out? The left doesn’t want you to think so…but there are signs that is exactly what’s happening.

Before we go any further with this, we need to agree on one thing. Politics is cyclical. It always has been because as a nation, we flip-flop back and forth between wanting to be liberal and wanting to be conservative. I actually think we’re mostly a little more on the conservative side of the fence, but when someone like an FDR, or an Obama comes along and shoves us left of center, we like it…at least until the bill comes due. Then we skip right back to the other side of the fence. That’s because overall, Americans know that liberalism doesn’t work. It can’t for one very simple reason. It’s failed everywhere it’s tried because it spends way too much money and delivers way too little to the masses in return.

So, is liberalism dead in America? There are people that seem to think so. There was an article in the Wall Street Journal this past week indicating that at the local and state level, the libs have already lost. At the national level with the Supreme Court heading way to the right from where it’s been, and with the GOP (not necessarily the conservatives) in control of congress and the White House, it would appear that way. And when you look at the masses, they appear to be more aligned with the right than the left. Now, there are exceptions. Millennials facing huge college debt are turning to socialists like Bernie Sanders. Unfortunately those folks are also learning that Bernie is tainted with corruption like his wife is, and that’s a turnoff for them. Gen X’ers who were also very anti-right wing a few years back when they helped elect Bill Clinton, learned that being left isn’t always a good thing…and Clinton was a rather centrist Democrat.

Overall, I’d say liberalism isn’t dead…but is wounded. It’s going to take more than an Elizabeth Warren or anybody in Hollywood to bring it back. And it probably won’t happen anytime soon. Usually when you have these radical of shifts in power like what we had eight years ago, and what we had this past November, there is about an 8-12 year period where we stay with that group, and then switch. If that’s the case, look for Trump or someone on his team to maintain leadership at least through 2024.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is Trump’s Unpredictability A Good Thing?

Whether you like or detest the current president of the United States, you have to agree on one thing. The guy certainly is unpredictable. Imagine if you are Nicolas Maduro, sitting in Caracas watching CNN International, and all of a sudden, you see Donald Trump on vacation in New Jersey. And then he says something that makes you choke on your Cachitos de Jamon and coffee, when he says that he hasn’t taken “the military option” off the table in your country. Huh? What? Military option? What the hell is he talking about?

Now imagine you’re the fat little smudge of a human in Pyongyang. You’ve watched since you were a toddler as your father and grandfather have threatened the United States over and over again. And every single time they have, the US has “come to the bargaining table” with cash in hand to make the threats go away. So, you’re in the midst of a reign, trying to improve the lives of your impoverished nation (ranked 213th out of 230 as far as the wealthiest nations in the world). And so, you’ve developed nukes to help make your point. You’re also a little alarmed because you’ve seen what happened to Saddam Hussein in Iraq. The US is certainly capable of regime change anytime they want with pretty much any country in the world (OK, with the exceptions of China and Russia!). And all of a sudden you hear the president saying it would be very bad for you to continue down the path you’re going. Huh? What? Pushing back? What the hell is he talking about? Where’s the money?

Donald Trump IS unpredictable. And actually, that may not be a bad thing. Keeping your adversaries on their toes and not understanding exactly what it is you are trying to accomplish has been done to us for years. Granted, it’s usually been done by the likes of Adolph Hitler (and no…I’m NOT comparing Trump to Hitler!), Ayatollah Khomeini, Hussein, Idi Amin, and a slew of others, but it still keeps people off guard.

Still, there is something about being semi-predictable. There is comfort in knowing where your country is headed and that you don’t have someone ill-advised with their finger on the button. But there are plusses and minuses to everything in this cockamamie world.

And that’s my whole point. Is it such a bad thing that Trump actually floats weird proposals out there as a trial balloon? Is his rhetoric any worse than what Obama or George W. Bush did in their terms when dealing with North Korea? Susan Rice recently said on CNN that Obama’s policy with North Korea was a failure…and for once in her life, I’d have to agree. So was Bush’s. This isn’t a Republican/Democrat thing. This is a right/wrong thing, and for the last 60 years, we’ve been wrong on this one. We’ve taken too much crap and given none of it back. And it’s time it has to stop. I give Trump some credit for that. And it sounds like people like Susan Rice are starting to give him some credit as well. If only she hadn’t been a total waste of oxygen when she had power!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!