I Think I Know The Problem…

One of the things that I’ve been wracking what’s left of my addle-minded brain with is what in hell is the problem in Washington, DC? We’ve gone for over 240 years with the same type of government, and all of a sudden it’s dysfunctional? I don’t think so. There has to be something wrong, and after a rare tweet from Donald Trump (tongue firmly planted in cheek), I think I’ve found the problem…

It’s Congress.

It’s not Trump. It wasn’t Obama (though he still sucked as president), and it’s not the liberal judges on the appellate courts. It’s Congress. That is the crux of the problem we are seeing in DC right now. Let me explain.

I saw a Trump Tweet over the weekend that said that the problem was Congress should be paying for what the rest of America is paying for. He was talking about healthcare, and he’s right. He was making the argument that if Obamacare is hurting normal, everyday Americans (and it undeniably is), then it should also hurt the insurance companies, and it should also hurt the people that passed the law (that would be Congress). I couldn’t agree more.

In fact, in the recent past I’ve said that Congress should be blown up and start anew…not blown up in a physical sense, but in a sense that we need to fix the problem. I’ve landed on one fact…Congress is what’s corrupt. Congress takes the lobbyists, not the courts, and not the president. Congress gets the perks that the other branches don’t get. And Congress gets off the hook because they always exempt themselves from laws that are passed for the rest of us. I say, NO MORE!

If it’s good enough for the American people, it should be good enough for Congress. And if it’s not good enough for us, then why are they shoving it down our throats? Too often we hear of Congress getting special deals, able to have great pensions, getting paid a lot of money for working basically part-time. And we don’t have a thing to say about it. Well, we should. We need to start fresh.

We can only do that actually through a C.O.S. or Convention Of States. That’s where the states call for a Constitutional Convention. Now, it’s risky, because when you do that, you open up not just fixing Congress, but you open up the entire constitution to being re-written. But I think it’s worth the risk at this point. We can add to the constitution term limits for those in Congress. We can add that Congress only gets to work for us, without any perks or added benefits unless they give all of those benefits to each and every American citizen. We can add that they live together in dorm-style housing. They can eat in dorm-style cafeterias, or better still…they can do their bidding from their home offices on computers. They don’t even have to waste out money flying back and forth to DC. That’s why we have WiFi, and telephones, and email now.

It’s worth a thought. It also would take care of lobbyists because who wants to visit every state just to talk to two Senators? Think about it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. There was a time I was adamantly against term limits….. I always felt if you are doing a good job and better candidate than the other guy or gal, you want the best available in office. Even though “best available” isn’t always what we would hope for as we well know. But now, I am adamantly in favor of term limits, sacrificing a few good men and women (which you only need one hand to count those) to dump the garbage.

    • It’s funny. I’ve ALWAYS been in favor of term limits, and to this day adopt the practice. I only run for a board or a council once…figuring if I can’t get my ideas pushed through in one term, they weren’t that good to begin with. Plus it gives someone else the chance to put their ideas forward.

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    It is time for the CONVENTION OF STATES. The people who we have elected have become dysfunctional and are not working for the people but themselves.

    Time to hook them up to the same insurance machine we have and see if “maybe” they won’t come to their senses.

    They “put on their drawers” just like the rest of us and need to be treated the same.

    Also, they should not live in DC – they need to have so many days each year to do their job in DC and then have a REAL job back home.


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