Dealing With North Korea

There has been a lot of talk recently with North Korea launching missiles left and right about how to deal with the Hermit Nation. Well, in the desert, where the air is clear, the rain rarely comes (though don’t judge that statement based on the last week or so), and your mind snaps into crystal clear focus, it’s a really easy fix.

You let the Chinese do it.

First of all, Trump has to realize that HE is not ever going to be able to fix North Korea. They built their nation on the misguided fact that we don’t want anything to do with them, and we are their mortal enemies. Probably had something to do with the Korean War I’m guessing. Anyway, that has been instilled in the minds of the North Koreans for the last sixty years, so dealing with them is not an option. You have to figure out another way. You have to go through the Chinese, as they are basically the only other group outside of maybe the Russians that want anything to do with the fat little pock-mark that is their “leader”.

The way to get to the Chinese is very simple. The top three trading partners with the Chinese are The United States, Japan, and South Korea. We buy more from the Chinese as a group than the rest of the top ten trading partners combined. And the US basically buys as much from China as Japan and South Korea combined. In other words…we have some pull in that category. And who does China import the most from? North Korea…by far.

So the simple solution to this is you tell Beijing that they have 60 days to reign in their fat little cousin to the south (and east) and if they decide they’re not going to do it, we are going to team up with Japan, and South Korea, and put a 200% tariff on Chinese made products. Yes, that hurts the US economy in the short run, but it hurts a lot less than dealing with the sting of a nuclear tipped ICBM. They have to have the North Koreans dismantle their nuclear weapons, and shelve their entire program, or else they will lose over half of their exports. They certainly will understand that. And that will do something else. It will drastically reduce the amount of money China has to buy goods from North Korea. And that hurts the Hermits even more.

It’s such a simple plan, why hasn’t the White House thought of it before? Simple…they have. They just don’t want to get into a trade war with our largest importer. Yes…it hurts the economy. It also gets rid of the problem. Do you really think China is going to give up 58% of their exports (which is what US, Japan, and South Korea amount to in trade with China) in order to keep North Korea alive? They’ll dump that fat bastard quicker than his last haircut.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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    I believe that NK is nearing collapse, and the money lavished upon NK by BHO was spent on missile technology so that NK could try to intimidate the US into giving more US taxpayer dollars that will never reach the starving masses, but instead feed an insatiable appetite and, also have food money, again, go into missiles for intimidation factor. A vicious circle. President Trump is correct, break that chain, and if anything remotely resembling a missile flies towards the US, the USAF better let one rip, aimed at the NK Fat Kid.

  2. Actually, I’ve suggested a similar idea over on a Quora thread: basically that we’d offer to ally with China with our navy and S. Korean hitting the NK military, nuclear, and government sites where we think KimmyDong might be hiding and then letting the Chinese come in with their troops and install a puppet government. The Chinese would certainly be happier not having a raving lunatic on their border and in knowing the problem will be “solved” without the US having troops on its border. Meanwhile we’ll lose no troops and if our initial strike from sea and S.K. was well enough orchestrated and swift there’d be very little N.K. could to even to S.K…. particularly since within a few hours they’d learn of the Chinese swarming over their norther border.

    – MJM

    • Hmmm….giving the North Korean peninsula over to the Chinese as opposed to letting the fat little guy run it? That’s an interesting take. I’m just wondering how SOUTH Korea would feel about that…after all, they feel that the North is really part of THEIR territory. Would they be willing to give up the North in exchange for promised peace? Interesting thought!

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