Trump’s Immigration Policy…Enough For Everyone To Hate

I’ll hand it to Donald Trump…he’s managed to piss off a LOT of people in seven months. Most of Hollywood wants to move to Canada; all of the Democrats want to impeach him for stuff they can’t prove he’s supposedly done; his staff isn’t sure whether they’ll have a job next week, and if they do, are they going to be called into the boardroom…uh…Oval Office…and get fired? Even staunch Republicans say he’s either not conservative enough, or doesn’t have a clue what Washington was all about.

And his merit-based immigration reform shows it.

There is something for everything to hate in this policy…which is exactly why it’s a good policy. Nobody on either side of the aisle gains, and yet America gains. Trump kept his word on this one by putting Americans first.

By limiting the number of low-skilled workers, he’s given the middle class and the lower class a leg up on getting those jobs. Employers hate that because this means they can’t import workers and pay them dirt salaries. Trump has placed emphasis on age, job offers, English speaking ability, education, professional awards they’ve won, investment resources, and they have to be able to prove they are going to make more than Americans already doing those jobs…meaning that they are uber-qualified. That again, puts Americans already doing those jobs first. Unless you’re the best and the brightest, the chances just got harder for you coming into this country legally.

The other thing Trump did that I think was a boon was he decided to do away with the “chain-migration”, whereby if I were moving to the United States, I can bring all of my relatives.

Now, this is a really good move for America. For the liberals and snowflakes out there, not so much. They thrive on bringing everybody they can into the mix, and getting them to vote Democrat. Because they know if they don’t have the immigrants voting for them, they’ll actually have to work to get blue-collar and lower white-collar workers to re-join the Dem bandwagon and that would require actual campaigning and work; especially since the Dems lost a ton of those people to Trump in last year’s presidential election.

Basically what this immigration reform does is throw the whole “open borders” thing into chaos. Gone will be the influx of people into this country because one of them has a job and the others are going to “find work” once they get here. Gone are the tons of people that will show up here with not an inkling of how to speak English or communicate to anybody. I know the libs all say that was how we did it 120 years ago, but this isn’t the 1890’s. This is today, and if you’re not computer literate, and you don’t understand English, you’re going to be lost. You can’t come to the US anymore, push a broom for three years with no money in your pocket and end up a billionaire. It doesn’t happen like that anymore. You have to change with the times. Unfortunately, Democrats don’t see it that way!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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