So What About This Grand Jury Thing?

So Robert Mueller has impaneled a Grand Jury to be able to hear testimony behind closed doors in this Russian investigation. Is it a big deal? Is it something Donald Trump should be concerned with? I think the answer is “yes” and “yes”, but not for the reasons the Democrats are thinking.

The mere fact a Grand Jury was impaneled doesn’t bother me one iota. It’s a procedural thing that Mueller is using to be able to get people to testify but not in public. He’s keeping this investigation into Russian involvement in the Trump campaign close to the vest, as he should. And let’s be VERY clear here. IF Donald Trump did anything to collude with the Russians during his campaign, he should be thrown out of office…and I’d be leading the charge. So far, there isn’t one shred of evidence after over a year of looking into this that any of that has happened. But IF Mueller uncovers something, yup…the guy should be toast.

What is the big deal, and what Trump should be concerned about is the length of time that Mueller is probably going to cover. Let’s go back to Bill Clinton and look at the Ken Starr investigation into him just to prove my point. Back in the 1990’s, Starr was appointed as a special prosecutor to look into allegations of fraud and abuse of Bill Clinton. It ended up not leading to fraud and abuse. It ended up leading to a stained blue dress. What does that have to do with fraud and abuse? Absolutely nothing. And for that reason, that is why Clinton never would have been convicted in the Senate at his impeachment.

The same thing is happening today. Robert Mueller is looking into Russian collusion with the Trump campaign in the lead up to the election and Russian meddling in the election. But he could veer down the road of Trump’s ties to Russia BEFORE he ever decided to run for office. Was that all on the up and up? Remember…Trump used to own the Miss Universe pageant and that was held in Moscow one year, if I remember my beauty pageants correctly. Is THAT where Mueller is going? Is he going to find something else in any of Trump’s companies that had been done over the years that would be considered illegal? It’s tough to believe there are real estate developers in Manhattan that have been in business as long as Donald Trump has that haven’t been on the shady side of the law at least once. Is that where this is going to end up? And if so, what would the final consequence be?

Anytime you appoint a special prosecutor to anything, you are asking for a full on rectal examination the likes of which make a full IRS audit look like a trip to Disneyworld. And what makes matters worse for Trump is, if you fire the guy, as Nixon did in the Watergate heyday, you end up making yourself look guilty just because you fired him. No, this is a serious move, and Trump had better be extremely careful about what he says and what he does. Hopefully there is someone in the White House that has a better handle on it than Trump does!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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    The blue dress, was interesting however, malfeasance and moral turpitude was insufficient to remove Wm. Clinton from office. Even in New York, Cuomo fired the special prosecutor he hired to investigate, himself. Regarding, Mueller, the president wants to keep things on the up and up and allow a very dangerous person to remain with authority that most likely will damage his presidency. Then what, people will start screaming about a civil war? Not me.

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