What? Me Worry?

It’s the catch phrase that was popular before the term “catch phrase” was even thought up. It was Alfred E. Newman’s own line from Mad Magazine (is it still even out there?). And it applies to today. Gallup…that polling organization that started to fame and glory by its presidential polling back in the 1930’s only to quit presidential polling altogether in 2016 (because it became too hard, and they sucked at it)…has polled us in other, non-presidential areas, that relate to The Donald. And they don’t like him!

They recently did a poll that was on “worry”. How much are we worried. Well, it turns out that between October 1, 2016 through November 7, 2016 (the day before the election), 29.2% of us “experienced worry a lot throughout the day”. From February 17, 2017 through July 17, 2017, that number rose slightly to 31.7%. Never mind that the first poll covered a span of 38 days, and the second poll covered a span of five months (with a LOT happening in the world).

The point here is that with all that is going on in the world…Iran, Syria, Russia, North Korea, all the crap with James Comey, Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Jr., and the old man himself, you’d think that number would have risen a LOT more than 2.5% over five months. So what gives?

My theory here, and it’s just my theory is that Washington doesn’t get it. They are their own little enclave to the point that they are so removed from Americans’ day to day lives, that they just don’t see things like they are. Many Americans…and I may say most here, think that the economy is better today than at any time in the last eight years. They don’t credit the Democrats or Obama with that. They credit Trump with that since the stock market took off right after the election and has continued to hit new highs almost daily. They look and see the unemployment numbers falling…and with the exception of I think just one month when the new job numbers sucked, REAL jobs, not part time jobs, have exploded. That is what America is concerned about.

Americans are also concerned about their safety. They see the illegal aliens crossing the border as a problem that has been reduced to a trickle. They see a president that has pulled out of a very expensive and meaningless Paris Accord because it taxes America while allowing nations like China and India to pollute to their hearts content. It’s nothing more than a wealth transfer from developed nations to the up and coming “new” first world nations (and yes…I put China in that group). They see North Korea firing missile after missile and screaming how they can now reach the US with their nuclear tipped missiles, and they worry about it, but feel that Trump would do a much better job than Obama did who just placated that fat bastard.

They worry about their roads they have to travel on, and the bridges that in the past have fallen apart, and they look to Trump to rebuild the infrastructure. And yes, they are still looking to Trump and not congress to solve the healthcare problem.

Yes, there is some extra worry in our world today than there was nine months ago. But you know, with all of the problems that have cropped up in that time frame, I’m surprised the number isn’t a lot higher.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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