Trump Doing It Totally Backwards

Nobody likes to have their nose tweaked. That goes double for our current president. He HATES it when someone gets the upper hand on him, or he’s perceived to be weak. And so, when North Korea makes outlandish statements that they will reign all sorts of terror down on the United States because they’ve got a couple of nukes, it hurts The Donald’s feelings.

And he totally screwed up by responding the way he did.

Sorry guys, but I calls ‘em the way I sees ‘em, and this time, Trump screwed the pooch. You don’t tip your hand when it comes to anything military. Didn’t Trump himself chastise Obama for doing that in the Middle East? Wasn’t it Trump that lambasted Bobo for telling his withdrawal date from Afghanistan, and Iraq? So, why in the world would Donald Trump decide to play tit-for-tat with this smudge of humanity that “rules” North Korea?

What happens when, let’s say, I don’t know…Russia or China decides to explode a nuke in the middle of that big square in Pyongyang where they have all of those parades, and giant panda is always shown applauding. Who do you think the world is going to turn to and blame? It would be us. Whereas, if Trump didn’t respond to the idiot, and let him bloviate, and responded with an assassin squad or some other means, like finally getting China to stop trading with them (which they’ve pretty much agreed to do in the latest round of UN sanctions), then maybe you’ve shown you’re the bigger person.

I think it’s time Donald Trump realizes this isn’t Manhattan real estate developers he’s dealing with here. These are world leaders, and they play for keeps. He’s in the big leagues now…much bigger than what he’s ever dealt with before. And he needs to understand that just because he has a Twitter account, and just because the media hangs on every word he utters, it doesn’t mean that every word he utters is the correct thing to utter! I learned a long time ago that not responding to something is often more powerful than responding to it. And I really do believe in this instance, when you’ve got someone that we know has nuclear capability, whether or not we believe that they can reach us and hurt us, you have to be careful. You’re dealing with a madman over there, and you push the wrong button and he’s going to do something very stupid like wiping Guam off the map (which would cause retaliation a thousand times worse…and probably start World War III).

I’ve been a fan of a lot of things Donald Trump has done, and a lot of things he’s done I’ve thought were just downright stupid. This is one of the more stupid things he’s done. He has to get his stuff together in a very quick order, or he’s not going to have either Republicans or Democrats following behind him. And that’s only after seven months in office! Geesh!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!