Who Is REALLY Stepping In Doo Doo?

The interesting thing about the failure to repeal Obamacare is that the GOP is seen (and actually it’s Senator John McCain) as the villain. In reality, the Democrats are the ones at fault here, because they passed this monstrous abortion in the first place, without any Republican help. It’s really on their backs. The mere fact that the bill is collapsing under its own weight is something the Dems aren’t talking about. All they talk about is the “millions of people that will lose health care”, not mentioning that it’s because of their inane inabilities to coddle together a cogent healthcare bill that caused the mess in the first place.

Now, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee (R) and Patty Murray of Washington (D) are proposing a bi-partisan bill that would help pay the insurance companies to stabilize the markets, while allowing the companies not to raise rates. Let’s call this for arguments’ sake, “Obamacare Lite” shall we?

It is still socialized medicine. The only real difference that is out there that I can see is that in exchange for the bailout of the insurance companies (I guess THEY are too big to fail too???), the GOP is hoping to get the states the ability to decide what stuff should be covered and what stuff shouldn’t be covered. That goes a long way toward solving a lot of Obamacare’s problems, but it’s still socialized medicine. That’s the part you have to understand. Nobody in DC is talking about letting the individual marketplace solve this issue anymore. That’s really what needs to be done. And that’s why everybody elected Republicans in the first place. Socialized medicine (yes, even in Canada and England) doesn’t work. Well, it does if you don’t mind waiting 8 months to have a hang nail trimmed. If you need cancer treatment and you’re over 50, good luck! You are given medication to make you comfortable until you die. There isn’t a socialized medicine country in the world with a better medical system than what we had before Obamacare. Why would we worsen what we had?

If you’re going to save Obamacare, you have to do a few things…and this is yes…saving socialized medicine. First of all, you have to be able to buy across state lines. Second, you have to be able to sue your insurer if you are denied coverage for something and you should be covered for it. Third, you don’t have to include in your coverage stupid stuff like pregnancy coverage if you’re menopausal, or if you’re a guy. Fourth, you want to keep the pre-existing condition clause, fine. That IS going to cost you, but fine. It is cited often enough as the top reason to keep Obamacare. And finally, you have to get rid of the individual and employer mandates. You want to revamp the insurance industry, I don’t have a problem. But when you start mandating that every single American HAS to buy insurance, you’re crossing a line in the sand. And the results have been obvious.

Obamacare failed because it sucked. If you want a bill that doesn’t suck, you need to do a better job writing it in the first place. The Democrats in Congress are responsible for this mess, and they should be the ones to fix it. That’s not going to happen, so the GOP needs to do what they can do short term (between now and January 2019) and then run on getting those eight additional seats so they can totally eliminate it in the future!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!