Have We Expected Too Much?

Let’s take a look at something Mitch McConnell said recently in his home state of Kentucky. The Majority Leader in the US Senate said that he felt the American people were kind of mis-led by the aggressiveness of all of the things Donald Trump said he was going to do if elected president. And when you look at a body that is lucky to get one major piece of legislation passed each year, they had no chance of doing three or four.

Trump said on the campaign trail he was going to a) replace and repeal Obamacare. That took seven months so far and he has nothing to show for it; b) build a wall on the southern border and make Mexico pay for it, while kicking out 11 million illegal aliens. That hasn’t even really come up on the radar yet, but illegal immigration has slowed to a trickle with just the threat; c) fix the tax code and make it fair for businesses to do business here rather than ship jobs overseas, and give middle America a tax break. We have to wait and see on that one. They were going to use savings from Obamacare to help pay for a tax break, but that hasn’t happened; d) resume our position of leadership in the world by getting out of the Trans Pacific Partnership (or renegotiating it), renegotiating NAFTA, and dumping both the Paris Accord (which he has already done), and the Iran Nuclear Deal (which he just affirmed for another 90 days).

Whew. I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty full plate for a congress that spent six years not even able to pass a friggin’ budget! I’d be happy if that stuff was accomplished all in his first term, not just his first year. So the question remains, did we Americans expect too much out of Donald Trump and congress?

My thought is yes.

We really need to realize that the Republicans aren’t the cohesive group we thought we elected. They are more diverse and widespread in their opinions than the Dems are. I seriously doubt you would be able to get the Republicans in this congress to band together like they did against Obamacare and not have one Republican vote for the bill in either the House or the Senate. Some schlub somewhere along the way would vote the wrong way. Both parties are dysfunctional in a variety of ways, but it seems the GOP is having a much tougher time keeping the troops in line. They are too often wanting to go chase butterflies instead of getting work done.

What we really need is a strong leader in both the House and the Senate and my hunch is we have politicians, not statesmen or leaders in both positions. Having said that, we have to play the hand we are dealt, and frankly I don’t know who I’d rather have in those positions on the Hill. But the end analysis is, you need a group that is cohesive. We don’t have that in the GOP, and we need it. Were we too aggressive in our wish list? Probably…after all…we are dealing with people who decided to be politicians, so we know they’re not the smartest bulbs in the box!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “Have We Expected Too Much?

  1. Trump set his goals high. I don’t fault him for that. From what the Republicans have spouted for years I would have thought they would have some ideas for health care that they could have agreed on. Come on, it is not like it was an overnight problem that they needed to suddenly come together on.

    I don’t agree or maybe should say trust Trump completely. Maybe it is more of fear, but trust him more than ever trusting Hell-OR-reee. Every one has a breaking point. Trump is a goal setter with WINNING in the end. I don’t think his goal has been to set things he wouldn’t think he had a good chance of accomplishing. At work if you set your yearly goals you a place you can’t get to then you set yourself up for a less than stellar review. Back to my breaking point thought. “I feel like” he got in and tried hard to bring everyone together. Regardless of how strong you are is there a place where you have been beaten back by everyone within your own “house” and can’t trust anyone that will break you? Honestly I think I would have said “screw all of you” by now! I get wounded and punched enough by those who are supposedly on my side, I get mad. Hurt and anger go together as a way to protect myself. I can get tough. Not a good place to find yourself. Where is Trump’s breaking point? He cannot beat these people. He can keep fighting (I certainly hope he will). It seems to get worse. He is apparently exactly who we needed in office. ONE THING IS CLEAR! He is not what most of our GOVERNMENT wants. Shows how corrupt they are. Shows how untrustworthy they are. Shows how evil and self gratifying they are. They are without a doubt not in it for America or for the people who call themselves Americans.

    • GREAT comments! You are right…he certainly isn’t what government (all sides) wants. He is a businessman first, and if there’s time left over, a politician. He acts like it. But that is not only what America wanted, I really do believe THAT is what America needs in this day and age. We’re all sick of politicians who love to promise the moon, then turn their back on those that elected them, because the money will be there in the end to get them reelected.

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