Weiner To Get His…


Anthony Weiner was sentenced to 21 months in prison this week for sexting an under-aged girl. It’s about time!

Weiner, who wept openly when the punishment was announced had begged that the judge give him probation because he was “fighting his sex addiction problem”. Apparently the judge, also a woman, decided that she needed to make an example of a high-profile pervert and threw the book at him. But she wasn’t as harsh as she could have been. Weiner could have been given a ten year sentence.

Frankly, it’s about time that judges in this country start throwing the book hard and heavy at elected officials, celebrities, and other famous folks who have done wrong and usually get away with either a wrist slap or nothing at all. And yes…I’m looking in your direction, Hillary Clinton. For far too long there has been a double standard of justice in this country. One for the folks that are well known and famous and can afford a bank of attorneys that only the largest corporations in America could afford, and another standard for the rest of us, who usually have to drain our life savings to pay for an attorney (and not a very good one) to walk us through to some plea bargain if we’re lucky.

I would love nothing more than to see those “famous” folks that are found guilty be doing some really hard time in some really ugly places. Think about what happens if you get pulled over for DUI. Think about what happens if you get nailed with embezzlement or theft, or God forbid murder! Now, I’m a law and order kind of guy. If you’re guilty, you should pay the price. But just because you and I have to pay the price doesn’t mean that those people like Anthony Weiner should skate because he’s a former congressman and was married to Hillary Clinton’s aide, Huma Abedin. Oh, by the way, she’s already filed for divorce. It’s probably the smartest thing she’s done in the past 20 years.

It’s about time these judges “make examples” out of people like this. And the same thing should happen on both sides of the aisle. If you’re in congress and you treat the law like toilet paper, you should be in one of the nastiest, dirtiest, grimiest prisons in the land. And if you wake up to someone named Bubba beating the crap out of you every day for what you did, maybe he will beat some sense into you!

If you keep your nose clean in life, you have no worries. If you don’t commit crimes, if you don’t trash the Golden Rule, you shouldn’t have to worry. Oh, I’m not talking about the speeding ticket or parking ticket. I’m talking about crime. Sexting a 15 year old girl is just wrong. I don’t care that you say you’ve got “an addiction”. You are a pervert in that case, and you should be put away. We’ve gotten way too liberal in this society trying to blame all of the crimes people commit on the way they were raised, or they were abused as kids, or their wife doesn’t kiss them good morning enough, or any hogwash like that. You are an adult. Learn to live like an adult or you need to be put away from decent society.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


NOW Who’s The Dummy?

I know that if you were to ask the liberal snowflakes out there who is the smarter of the two groups, snowflakes or conservatives, they will unabashedly tell you that THEY are the smarter group by far. After all, aren’t university professors all liberal (no…they’re not)? And THEY are the better read group. And THEY are the most educated (again… no to both).

Well, if they ARE so smart, then why did they let the teachers’ unions dumb down America like they have? Is it to insure that they’d have a bunch of sheep to lead around without any thought of anyone getting out of line? That seems pretty reminiscent of North Korea, doesn’t it? And if you need proof that the teachers’ unions have failed us, let’s take a look at the latest survey from the Annenberg Public Policy Center.

According to the APPC in a study involving 1,000 adults, 53% believed that illegal immigrants aren’t granted any constitutional rights in this country. Oops. That’s wrong. They are. 37% of those people couldn’t name even one aspect of the First Amendment… you know…freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of peaceable assembly, freedom of speech, and freedom to petition the government…just in case you were in that 37% group! Oh, and according to the article that appeared in studyfinds.org, the lone saving grace was 48% DID know the First Amendment was about freedom of speech, but couldn’t name any of the other parts. 15% got the freedom of religion; 14% got the freedom of the press; and 10% freedom of peaceable assembly; only 3% got the freedom to petition the government part.

The really shocking part? 33% couldn’t name one branch of government! Only 26% could name all three. And yes…if you are playing at home, conservatives outdid liberal snowflakes and moderates on this test big time. In fact, the only question that the snowflakes did better than the conservative was the illegal immigrants getting access to constitutional rights. That figured, didn’t it?

What this shows is that the liberal program of dumbing down America through the education system certainly worked over the past 50 years. And that’s nothing to be proud about. It shows that either it was a blatant attempt to make America more stupid and thus able to engage in less critical thinking so the left could more easily dupe the people, which should be appalled by every American out there. Or, they put together a program, like most other liberal programs that just plain failed. Either way you look at it, it’s not what I would call a stunning victory for the left. They have once again been given, or in this case usurped power over a part of the country…an important part at that…education… and have once again failed. They couldn’t even teach the basics in Civics class correctly to the masses.

And for that I say, Shame on the Snowflakes! Shame on you! And we should take the educational system away from them before they turn the NEXT generation into a bunch of babbling boobs that don’t know how to speak.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Eating Their Young…

I always thought this would happen sooner or later. After all, you can’t have a political party that is made up of a bunch of idealists that have one agenda without having them eventually turn on each other. It’s like the PETA people getting upset because the environmentalist whacko’s that want to have the wind replace oil are killing off millions of birds with those giant windmills.

Or the labor unions that are losing thousands of jobs on a site because they happened to find a spotted tuft-titted mill mouse in an area where their latest building project, or road, or some other project is slated to be built on. And now, the left is turning their attention to eat their young…the internet moguls.

Facebook is the latest company that is feeling the wrath of the left. Apparently Mark Zuckerberg has upset a ton of people because he sold ads to Russia during the election (or at the very least, Russian sympathizers that were trying to influence the outcome of the election through the ads). And right behind him is Apple, and AOL, and Intel, and a lot of other tech companies that are run by up and coming leftist billionaires. And you want to know something?

It’s a really stupid move from the leftist snowflakes!

You have a Democrat party that is at the weakest it’s been in almost a century. There is no leadership, there are few statewide candidates, and even fewer major national candidates waiting in the wings. There are tons of people screaming and fighting with each other, each trying to push or pull the party in one direction or another. You’ve got the “Sanderistas” trying to move the party left. You’ve got others trying to move the party back toward the center after the Obama disaster. And you’ve got the Clintons still thinking they are relevant, and refusing to go away.

And they thought the GOP had problems?

We are certainly at a crossroads in American politics. And I’m one that kinda sorta believes that what’s going on in both sides is a generational shift that we haven’t seen since the ‘60’s. Both parties are fighting with each other more than they are fighting with the other party. And that’s because the old guard like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Dick Durbin are dying out and are being replaced by up and comers like Al Franken and Corey Booker. On the Republican side, you’ve got the old guard of Mitch McConnell and John McCain being shoved out by upstarts like Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan (though he’s more like the old guard), and Rand Paul. Who will win? Obviously, the new guard will eventually take over.
What it’s going to mean is that you’re going to have a more leftist leaning Democrat party, and a more conservative leaning Republican party. That means fewer people working across the aisle, and more gridlock in DC. And my hunch is, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The fewer laws that get passed in this country, the fewer freedoms the federal government can take away. It’s only a matter of time before Congress becomes a Parliament, and the President becomes a Prime Minister. Just wait and see!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Snowflakes: Will You PLEASE Grow A Pair?

There are many days when I hear something so stupid, so insipid, so inane coming from the mouths of snowflake politicians that I cringe…and wonder where in the hell they got enough votes to become elected. And of course, nine times out of ten it was either in New York, New Jersey, or California.

Such was the case in Diane Feinstein’s latest attempt at foreign policy. The California snowflake senator that really should follow in Barbara Boxer’s footsteps and retire, was talking about her solution for North Korea. Her answer to Kim Jung Un? Talk to him! Cut him a deal!


See, this is what got us into this mess with North Korea. This is exactly why we DON’T want to talk to him or cut him a deal. This is the response every other administration for the past sixty years has done. Talk to them, cut them a deal, ask them not to proceed with their nuclear deal any further, and we won’t bother you. In fact, we’ll give you a suitcase full of cash! It hasn’t worked in 60 years Diane, it ain’t about to start now.

And so, I ask the question, “When are the snowflakes going to actually grow a pair?” When are they going to realize that sometimes, you can’t talk your way to peace. You would have thought that after the failed Obama presidency, in which nothing worked in foreign policy, and anything he did claim as a victory was quickly over-turned by his successor, the snowflakes would have learned. But they didn’t. They come back with the same old plays from the same old playbook that they’ve been using since John F. Kennedy was in office.

We should talk to Iran and ask them to PLEASE not produce nuclear weapons or we won’t be your friend. We should talk to Syria and ask them PLEASE not to gas their citizens with chemical weapons, or we won’t be their friends. We should talk to North Korea, and ask them to FREEZE their program (not dismantle it), and we will not pursue regime change. When are you people going to learn anything about foreign policy? Not everybody in the world is going to be your friend just by talking to them and asking them to PLEASE do what you want. Sometimes you HAVE to flex some muscle. Sometimes you HAVE to get tough. Sometimes you HAVE to grow a pair!

And so it is with Diane Feinstein. It’s a very good thing no Democrat is in charge of anything in Washington, DC. I would hate to see one as Commander-In-Chief when the fat smudge of humanity in North Korea decides to launch a nuke at San Francisco or Los Angeles. They probably would say, it’s ok to nuke those two cities, just PLEASE don’t send any more over. PLEASE!?!?!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Take A Knee

Browns kneeling

I certainly don’t have a problem with Freedom of Speech. I also don’t have a problem with protest, as long as it’s peaceful. But I’m a realist at heart, and most protests don’t amount to a hill of beans. The latest is the NFL’s (and now MLB’s) “taking a knee” during the playing of the national anthem.

To be honest, I frankly don’t give a rat’s ass if players want to take a knee during the anthem or not. And I don’t agree with Donald Trump that NFL owners should fire those that are doing it. It’s their right as Americans not to participate in the anthem. If I’m going to rail about having the right to spout off my opinions on these pages, I’ve got to give them the right not to stand up like adults for the national anthem. They’ve got every right to do so regardless what the reasoning behind it is (and frankly, most of them don’t have a clue what the reason is!).

That all being said, my big question is “What’s the big deal?” Why are we so concerned that a bunch of overpaid twenty-somethings don’t want to stand at attention while our national anthem is played? I could care less. It’s much better in my mind that they kneel than say, play with their crotch, which is what most of them used to do while they were standing there. And if the NFL wants to back it, and doesn’t care what signal that sends to America, so be it. They are the ones that have their TV ratings in the dumpster this year, and most everywhere I’ve read blames it on Colin Kaepernick, who started the whole thing.

This is no different than going back to the Mexico City Olympics in 1968 when Tommie Smith and John Carlos put their fists in the air during the playing of the national anthem. By the way…it wasn’t the right hand either. Smith used his right hand…Carlos used his left hand. It was the right hand that caught on, meaning “black power”. It died out too.

All of this nonsense should pass. It always does. Protests are fine, and that’s what this is. It isn’t hurting anybody, and yes, it’s a slap in the face of the national anthem, but is it really? Does it really bring our country down? Here’s my prediction. In ten years, nobody will remember Colin Kaepernick, his mother, or his movement any more than we currently remember Tommie Smith or John Carlos. You didn’t remember their names, did you? Be honest…you had to Google them to find out who they were!

Oh…one more thing. Donald Trump saying that the NFL Owners should fire the players that kneel is just idiotic. As a businessman, Trump should realize that the owners are business people, and the players are their employees. They aren’t going to fire highly valued stars and employees just for not standing during the national anthem. These guys didn’t get to be billionaires by being stupid.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

See…You’re Still Here!

I believe I told you Saturday that Christian “numerologist”, David Meade would be wrong. And I believe I also mentioned Saturday that he would come out and say that somehow he screwed up the numbers, and would issue a new day for the end of the world.

Well, he has.

It’s now going to be on October 21st. And now we now HOW the world is going to end, according not to God, but Meade. It’s going to be a collision of epic proportions between Earth and “Planet X”, which will smash into our planet and destroy it. I have absolutely no idea why he couldn’t get the date right on that. NASA typically can predict the exact minute that a spacecraft it launched 25 years ago will leave the solar system bound for deep space. And they don’t have numerologists working for them. I checked!

I guess that Friday, Meade told a Salt Lake City TV station that he was backing off of the Saturday date because he was misunderstood. Okay…we’re all misunderstood from time to time, but the question on my mind this morning is, when someone says, “The world will end on September 23, 2017.”, what is in that statement that can be misunderstood. Oh, you can be WRONG. You can be flipping off your rocker wrong, but there really isn’t anything that can be misunderstood.

Meade goes on to say that October 21, 2017 will now be the day seven years of tribulation and war start. Now wait a minute! If we’re going to be crunched by “Planet X” on October 21st, how in hell is there going to be anybody left to fight a war; much less enough people to fight a seven year war?

And as if NASA wanted to throw a little more ice water on Meade’s version of the end of the world, they say there isn’t a planet anywhere near Earth to collide with us on 10/21/17. Nor has there ever been in our history on this planet. Nor will there be in the future as far out as they can see.

As I predicted (which I guess makes me more of a prognosticator than Meade), he was wrong on Saturday when the world didn’t end, and he will be wrong on October 21st when the world doesn’t end again. Then, he will fade into the dustbin of history, as yet another kook who never learned in Sunday school that you will never know when the Second Coming, or the End Of The World will be here.

And so, on October 22nd, I plan on going out and buying my wife her birthday present…just to be safe. I mean, why go shopping when the Earth is going to end, right?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Can America’s Foreign Policy Work?

Sometimes I have to absolutely laugh at some of the questions that the Gallup Organization comes up with. When you realize that this is the group that actually started polling in politics way, way back about 80 years ago or so, you realize how far they have fallen as a company. But then I read some of the answers that we as Americans give them to their rather inane questions, and I have to wonder who has fallen further, we as a nation or they as a company. I think it’s a toss-up.

The latest poll I saw asked the question if people had “confidence in America’s foreign policy”. 52% said yes. Well, that’s better than most of the polling that takes place there. At least half of the people were engaged enough to answer that question…and frankly I’m thinking half of those people don’t know what foreign policy even is.

That by the way is a HUGE turnaround from where it was in Obama’s last year as president. Only about 20% of the people thought we were going down the right road when it came to foreign policy. That’s because Obama didn’t care about it. It didn’t help spread his socialist agenda. He can’t make America a socialist country if he’s off fighting wars and meddling in other countries’ business!

What this tells me is something the stock market, the employment figures, and the overall economy is telling me. Donald Trump is having an overall positive effect on this country. Now, I’m not saying the guy isn’t a goof ball in a lot of arenas. I’d be the first to say he is. But as a businessman, he understands how to run things, and so far, he’s done a pretty fair job of righting a ship that was listing badly and taking on water after eight years of a failed Obama presidency. His policies have corrected a lot of Obama’s mistakes, and he’s working hard to try and correct the others. That includes the foreign policy circle that Obama thought could be handled with an apology tour or two. Obviously it didn’t work any better than his domestic policy, proving once again, liberalism doesn’t work…it never has…it never will.

When Trump took over and changed the tone of how America was viewed, not through our eyes, but through the eyes of the world, it was very interesting to watch. Liberal countries disdained his views, and his brash style, going so far as to want to not allow him into their country. It’s interesting just nine months in to his first term that he is actually turning those feelings around. Oh, I’m not naïve! I don’t believe for a minute the Democrats will be on his side unless he gives them everything they want (and I’m not saying he’s above doing that!), but he is slowly showing the leadership style that will most likely change politics forever…both domestically, and on foreign soil.

I’m still taking a wait and see attitude with Trump on most issues. He has had problems working with Congress, he’s had a lot of problems taking the lead on the issues he wants to see passed (as did his predecessor!), and his Tweets are really annoying and bothersome. But, I can’t argue with success, and so far, he’s making a lot of progress. We’ll see….we’ll see.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!