Bill Maher Has It Wrong…As Usual

First of all, I believe that if you give the snowflakes out there enough publicity, it’s like telling these copycat criminals that are doing it for publicity’s sake and to prove their worth to themselves, that they are worthy. Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: Bill Maher is not worthy of any fame or fortune. He’s not funny. He’s not talented. He’s not even very bright. He is pretty much the lead idiot of the snowflake battalion.

His latest diatribe on his little-watched HBO show (which no…I don’t waste my time with), basically said that in this country, we SHOULD protest police, and we SHOULD question the generals’ decision because not to do so is what they do in North Korea.

OK…first of all, he’s right on one very basic premise. Yes, you have a right to PEACEFULLY protest in this country. That doesn’t mean you go all Ferguson, Missouri on the stores in your neighborhood. It means that you have a right to assemble and disagree with the government. And that is true. And yes, you have a right to disagree with the military in this country as well. Unfortunately, Mr. Maher wasn’t so excited about it being a “Totally American thing to do”, when his boy, Bobo Obama was sitting in the White House.

If you cried foul with something Obama did, or you commented on his ears (like the snowflakes love to do about Trump’s hair), you were called racist. God forbid anyone would have published a movie like they did with George W. Bush, on how to assassinate him! Or God forbid that you would have someone like Madonna that mentioned she wanted to bomb he White House! Let’s forget the long list of snowflake idiots out there that have said they don’t believe they have to follow the law because Trump is sitting in the White House. Did they feel the same way when their guy was in? Nope.

That’s the inconsistency with snowflakes. As long as they have their guy in, and they get their way, they’re happy. When they get defeated, they go ape-crap on everything. It doesn’t matter what a Republican or a conservative does, it’s never good enough. Was it good enough that Ronald Reagan appointed the first female US Supreme Court Justice in Sandra Day O’Connor? Nope. That was for the libs to do because they were the ones for women’s lib! Is it good enough that Donald Trump wants to fight the opioid addiction problem in this country?

The answer to that is a solid “NO!”. Van Johnson, one of the many socialists from the Obama administration declared that Trump doesn’t want to solve the opiod crisis. He wants to demagogue it. First of all, how in hell does Van Johnson know what’s going on in the mind of Donald Trump? I’m pretty sure they don’t speak all that often, and I’m almost positive that Trump doesn’t have deep cerebral conversations with Johnson on what he’s thinking…so I guess Van Johnson is either engaging in “fake news”, or he’s just upset because it was Trump doing something for the under-privileged folks out there, and Bobo Obama did nothing about it. That is probably more likely the case. How dare these Republicans steal a snowflake issue!?

The inconsistency of the left is alarming. But when you think about it, it’s not a big surprise. From Bill Maher to Van Johnson, they do one thing well…blame the right for everything because they can’t accept the blame for anything!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


So, Why Isn’t It Treason?

Hillary Clinton and the DNC colluded to hire attorney Marc Elias to help them with “opposition research” on Donald Trump. OK, there’s nothing wrong with that. Elias, then went out and hired Fusion GPS, who hired Christopher Steele, a former British spy with ties to Russia to write this phony Trump Dossier that everyone has been talking about for the past year. And then, Hillary and the DNC paid Elias, Fusion GPS, and Steele upwards of…well, I’ve heard between $6 and $9 million for the document that they knew was 99.9% made up.

So, let me ask the obvious question here. Why isn’t this treason? Well, let’s first define the word, shall we:

  • Violation of allegiance toward one’s country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one’s country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.
  • n.
    A betrayal of trust or confidence

So, in all honesty, I don’t think that Elias, Clinton, or even Fusion GPS can be found guilty of the first definition because they didn’t violate their allegiance to their country, only to their opponent. You could say that they tried to bamboozle the American people, and that I think would be very apt. But violating allegiance? Nope. Sorry. They didn’t wage war against the US, and I really don’t believe they consciously and purposely acted to aid our enemies.

That leaves the second definition. Did they betray the trust or confidence of the US and it’s people? Absolutely.

According to Oran’s Definition Of The Law, treason from a legal sense could be defined as: “citizen‘s actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the [parent nation]”. Again, did the Clinton cabal conspire to help a foreign government overthrow our country? I’m not so sure it fits. And again, I’m not a lawyer.

What DID happen may not have been illegal (so Hillary skates again???), but she did break federal law when she didn’t disclose on her Federal Election Commission forms that her campaign paid for the Trump Dossier. Will she do jail time for failing to disclose that? Nope. Not in a hundred lifetimes. Was what she did unethical, immoral, and even fattening? C’mon…we’re talking Hillary Clinton here! Of course it was. She has no ethics, she has no morals, and as for the fattening part, I’ll leave that up to you…but she’s rivaling Michelle Ma Belle for Junk In The Trunk!

Overall, Hillary Clinton will skate. I’m not saying she should skate. I’m saying there’s nothing there to land her in jail. But what it has done was shine an intensely bright spotlight on the misdoings of the Democrat National Committee (who also paid for it), and for the millions of people that thought Hillary was their “savior”. She wasn’t. She was a common scumbag that eventually, like most scumbags, got caught. And I don’t think that all the weaseling in the world, or all the killing of the various witnesses to this will help her one bit. Her career as a public official is over. It’s ruined. A nice $1 billion fine against the Clintons and another $100 billion fine against the Clinton Foundation and an order to never engage in “charitable activities” again would be a fitting punishment.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

How Does Putin Have It Right, And Dems Don’t?

Russian President Vladimir Putin nailed it the other day. He was speaking at the Valdai International Discussion Club, in Moscow, and was answering questions. The question was, what advice he would give his American counterpart. His answer? Americans need to respect Donald Trump more.

Putin got it right.

Actually his comment was, “Mr. Trump was elected by the American people. And at least for this reason it is necessary to show respect for him, even if you do not agree with some of his positions”.  He went on to say that last year’s election “was honest”, and that Trump his not his bride and he is not Trump’s groom. It’s probably the most honest thing Vladimir Putin has ever said.

Somewhere along the way, we Americans have forgotten that the presidency is a position that commands respect. Somewhere along the way, we have forgotten that we are the ones that have a role in this too…and that is to respect the president. Yes, we all respect the office, but we also need to respect the person in that seat. And I for one will tell you that I have failed in that. I never really respected Barack Obama. Not as a man, not as president. So, I can understand the angst the snowflakes out there feel about Trump. But I was wrong in feeling that way about Obama. He was duly elected, and he should have had my respect, if for nothing else, for winning the toughest political race in the world.

Donald Trump deserves the same thing, regardless what you think of his politics. And as Putin said, you can most certainly disagree with him, as I did with almost every single thing Obama did while in office, but the respect needs to be there. The same holds true with Trump. I get it that liberals can’t imagine how he won in the first place (I’ve covered that ad nauseum), but he did win, and there isn’t a person in the country that is claiming voter fraud gave Trump the election.

It’s been almost a year. It’s time to get past it. It’s time to find something to at least respect the man and the office for. Because if you don’t, we go down this spiral. It started with Obama, now it’s Trump, and next will be someone else that one half of the country won’t respect. That is no way to run a country! It’s a great way to ruin one. Yeah, you may all want to say “RESIST”, which is stupid, because you can’t resist, and you won’t resist. Liberals never “resist” for long anyway…they don’t have the constitution for it. But it’s time to give it up and join the majority. I don’t care if you vote for this guy in 2020 or your own guy, that’s what elections are for. But respect the person in office.

If you don’t, you’re going to find the same thing coming back at you twenty times worse when your guy (or lady) gets elected next. Is that really what you want? And then of course, you’re going to be screaming how badly your guy gets treated. It’s not worth it.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

CNN Fights Back

I guess if I were running CNN and I wanted to tackle the “Fake News” allegations, I’d do it a little differently than Jeff Zucker, the current CEO. I would probably tackle the situation at the source. I’d find out if the “Fake News” was indeed, “Fake News”, and then I would publicly fire whomever was involved, if indeed it was true. If it wasn’t true, I would make sure I had the facts to refute the case…and again, I would do it loudly and publicly.

Well, Mr. Zucker is doing it differently. Rather than show the facts, rather than hold an investigation, rather than fire people who have actually admitted that they made up news stories which has damaged the credibility of his company, he has decided to fight back with an ad campaign. It’s a pretty stupid ad campaign, but none-the-less, it’s an ad campaign.

Basically what it is is a “Trust me!” campaign. You know…the old used car dealer campaigns where fast talking “Slick Sam” or whatever his name is walks down aisles of cars, and tells you how great it is to do business with him…he won’t be undersold…he’ll give you more money for the piece of crap you’re currently driving! And then you get screwed with a lemon when you go into to see him. Yeah…that’s it.

CNN has decided they will tackle “Fake News” with exactly the same defense Bill Clinton used in the all of his scandals. It’s OK if you lie…just repeat it often enough and people will start to believe you. Apparently that’s the same philosophy Hillary is working on with the Uranium One scandal that’s now erupting into yet another major Clinton scandal, and CNN figures they ought to follow the same bent.

The problem is, you need to have a shred of credibility before you actually tackle that strategy. People at some point have to have some belief in you. In Zucker’s case, like in Clinton’s case, they’ve already used up all of their credibility, and they are out there naked. In marketing terms, this campaign is going to be a huge bust. Sorry, Jeff… but you should have called me first. I could have saved you guys a few million dollars!

The same is true with Hillary. She’s out there going on all these third and fourth rate talk shows, telling the six viewers that the Clinton Foundation never took illegal money (do you really believe that?), and that she never did anything wrong as Secretary of State (chortle). Personally, it’s a bunch of bunk. I think America stopped believing anything Hillary Clinton had to say at least a year ago, and she hasn’t done anything to win back the trust. Hell, even Robert Mueller and his team have turned their investigation away from Donald Trump and are focusing more on Hillary and her family’s “Foundation”.

Here is a lesson for all Dems. Just tell the truth. The truth ALWAYS comes out eventually, and it will save you a bunch of backtracking in the future. Now…does anybody believe that they’ll actually take that advice? Me neither!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Carter Wants To Help With N. Korea?

You remember Jimmy Carter, right? He’s the guy that took office after the Watergate scandal, the resignation of Richard Nixon, and the quasi-presidency of Gerald Ford. The country was in a deep malaise over Watergate, didn’t trust the Republicans as far as they could throw them…and you really couldn’t blame the country, and wanted an “outsider” to be president. He soundly defeated Gerald Ford (making him the only person to sit in the White House and never be elected to either the presidency or the vice presidency) and his VP candidate Bob Dole.

Well, Carter’s term in office was less than spectacular. He oversaw one of the worst financial times (until Obama) since the Great Depression. He never accomplished much other than revive the popularity of the peanut, except one shining policy move. He forged what actually was a decent, long-lasting peace between Egypt and Israel in the Camp David Accords. He also was the guy that was in charge when the Iranian Embassy was over-run, and 52 Americans were held hostage for 444 days. He was also the guy that tried to rescue them with a daring helicopter attempt, which failed miserably and resulted in the deaths of eight US servicemen.

Well, since he was roundly defeated in a landslide by Ronald Reagan in 1980, Carter retreated to Georgia and tried to rebuild his tattered image. He did so through Habitat For Humanity, building houses for needy individuals. He’s now back…wanting to parlay the Camp David Accords into solving the crisis in North Korea.

Yeah…you heard right. The 93 year old, with cancer, wants to broker a deal with one of the most hard-line regimes in the world. Go figure!

Now, in recent years, Carter has really gone off the rails with some of his comments, and some of his attempts to sway policy. You don’t hear from him much, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But when you do, it’s usually attached to some funky idea like this one. Jimmy…you need to stay home and rest and relax. Most 93 year olds are happy playing Canasta and Cribbage. Stay in the rocking chair on the front porch!

Coming from a guy that lives in a retirement community where the average age is well over 80, I know that sounds a bit harsh, but Carter needs to realize his time in the sun is over. He needs to cede the reins of power to others that are younger, better suited to deal with today’s problems, and able to cope a LOT better than he ever did in the White House. And no…we don’t need more liberals trying to make foreign policy decisions. Carter’s victory with the Camp David Accords was the most successful foreign policy decision of any Democrat president since Harry Truman dropped the big one on Japan. No other Dem has been able to match Camp David since. You’ve got that going for you, Jimmy…be happy with it…and enjoy your retirement.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Trump Dossier Sponsor Found!

It’s been going on for over a year now. Who in the world sponsored the infamous “Trump Dossier” that said he was colluding with the Russians? That’s been the biggest story on Capitol Hill for a year now. Democrats have been gleeful that the Dossier showed that some folks in the Trump administration, and possibly Trump himself were colluding with the Russians in order to win the elections. We all know the Russians hacked into our election system, though everyone now agrees (except for Hillary Clinton) that it didn’t change any votes. And are you ready for the name of the sponsors (there are two!):

Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democrat National Committee.

This has been confirmed by at least one cable news network that says it was Clinton herself that started this whole mess. She is the one that hired  attorney  Marc Elias, that hired a former British intelligence officer by the name of Christopher Steele, and Steele is the one that actually wrote the dossier. The whole thing was started by Fusion GPS, and even though they are refusing to testify and tell Congress anything about the whole incident, it’s been verified that Fusion GPS, Elias, and Steele, were all hired and paid for by the Clinton campaign and by the DNC.

Now the big question, is anybody out there surprised? Apparently one of the 17 people that Trump defeated in the primary had started the initial contact with Fusion GPS to dig up some dirt on him, but it was the Clintons and it was the DNC that actually paid for the dossier to be written. They knew it was false, and didn’t care…and now it lowers both of their credibility even further.

Not only that, it appears that the special counsel, Robert Mueller, has turned his attention away from Donald Trump, while still keeping Paul Manafort in his sights, and he’s included former Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta, and his brother, Tony. Apparently THEY are the ones that had the ties to Russia in the election. And while its alleged that Manafort did have some dealings with the Russians, it was the Podesta family that did the dirty work.

Now, this is a LOT to swallow in a very short news cycle, to be sure. To realize that one presidential candidate was responsible for the Trump Dossier being written and paid for, and her campaign chief was responsible for colluding with the Russians, and then she tried to play that off as a Donald Trump trick? That’s not only unethical as hell, it’s criminal. And why am I not surprised it came from Hillary Clinton? IF, and I really do hold out hope that a presidential candidate wouldn’t stoop this low, IF it was Hillary and the DNC, they should be barred from ever running for elections again anywhere in this country. The people involved should be shown solitary confinement for the rest of their lives, and the whole DNC should go the way of ACORN (remember them?).

It’s time to bring back a semblance of class to politics. We’re never going to get that with the Clintons around, so it’s time to do with them what should have been done a LONG time ago…lock them all up and throw away the key!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Flake Retires…Arizona Celebrates

The junior Senator from Arizona took to the Senate floor yesterday, proceeded to blast Donald Trump for tearing the country apart, and then announced he was retiring from the Senate after serving just one term. It was a move that didn’t surprise anyone in the Grand Canyon State. Flake was looking at a very uphill battle against Dr. Kelli Ward who had already announced her candidacy to unseat him in next year’s primary.

I think Flake realized he wasn’t going to win, and if he did, what was he going back to? Getting bashed by Donald Trump can’t be a lot of fun. Both Senators from Arizona have been disappointments actually. In fact, you have to go back to Jon Kyl, who Flake replaced in 2013 after Kyl’s retirement before you find a decent Senator from our state.

Arizonans actually took the news of Flake’s retirement quite well. He’s never been more than a fiscal conservative (neither has McCain), and he just skated by his first election beating former US Surgeon General Richard Carmona by 3% in 2012. I have a hunch Flake wasn’t looking forward to running against Lake Havasu City’s Ward. Word on the street is, he would have gotten waxed!

So, that has opened the door for two other local Republicans to quickly announce they were running for Flake’s seat. I doubt they can beat Ward…after all, they ARE Johnny Come Lately’s, aren’t they? And no…I’m not running!

To have Flake retire is a breath of fresh air in this state. I never met the guy, though I did communicate with him via email on a few issues. He seemed committed to his belief, and that’s good, it’s just bad that I didn’t always agree with him. I put him in the same category as John McCain. He probably does the state of Arizona more harm than good running as a Republican. He’s a moderate at best, and a pretty poor one at that.

Oh…and my liberal friends will love this…Flake was born in a place called, and I’m not kidding…”Snowflake, Arizona”. He now lives in Mesa…east valley, near Tempe where Arizona State is located.

Look, on a personal note, I think Arizona could do much better. There are true dyed in the wool conservatives here that would make a difference in DC. We haven’t elected on in quite a while, but we have a chance to. Kelli Ward isn’t without baggage. She makes some “Pelosi-like” statements from time to time, and for that she gets branded a little weird, but I do like her stance on a lot of things.

As for Flake, his leaving the Senate isn’t going to cause much of a ripple. He wasn’t in the leadership being a first-termer. And he really didn’t do a whole lot while he was there. I have no idea where he goes from here, but I’m sure it’ll be in politics somewhere on the state level. He may run for the State Senate or State House (they’re pretty much interchangeable out here). Either way, he’ll be out of my hair!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!