His Finest Hour?

I so clearly remember watching “The Five”, on Fox News (waiting for Special Report) and seeing Susan Rice exclaiming to the world that Beau Bergdahl has served America with honor and distinction. Then seeing Bobo Obama with Berghdal’s parents on the White House lawn, praising Berghdal as a hero, and he’s coming home! Yippee! Remember that? We traded five Taliban soldiers…leaders in the movement all, for this guy, who was held captive for years. We were told it was worth it because America doesn’t leave it’s soldiers behind!

Beau Berghdal pleaded guilty earlier this week to desertion and misbehavior in front of the enemy. He could receive life in prison. Some hero!

It wasn’t even a day or two after Rice and Obama’s comments that news started to leak out that six US soldiers had lost their lives looking for him. It was shortly after that it came out that he never was “captured”, but rather deserted his post and went “looking” for the enemy. Why? God only knows, but it wasn’t to kill them, that’s for sure. He lived with them for years, and while he claims he was a prisoner, some of the videos I’ve seen don’t look much like a prisoner/capturer relationship. They look more like a buddy visiting other buddies.

I wonder what Susan Rice thinks about our “hero” today? I wonder if Bobo Obama feels betrayed by putting his reputation on the line for a traitor to our country? I wonder if Berghdal feels lucky that he’s not facing the death penalty for treason?

This is the problem when it comes to the snowflakes and the military. They have no idea what “honor” and “duty” are. They don’t believe in the military, so they don’t want to think that the military is capable of that stuff. They believe the military is the cause of all of our ills (well…all of the ills that aren’t the fault of the Republicans and conservatives!)

All you have to do is go back as far as Jimmy Carter and his failed efforts to rescue the hostages in Iran, and how that was bungled. All you have to do is look at how Bill Clinton took the military and turned them into a social service agency. All you have to do is look at Barack Obama’s pathetic attempt to get the military out of both Iraq and Afghanistan before their mission was accomplished, causing thousands more people on both sides of the equation to die unnecessarily. Not exactly a stunning endorsement of the military is it?

In fact, if you want to go back in history, you have to go all the way back to Harry S. Truman before you find a liberal that actually understood what the military was about and how to handle them. Kennedy was terrible at it. So was Johnson, and we’ve already covered the three snowflake presidents since then. And it was Vietnam that ruined liberals’ view of the military for good. Until that generation is dead and buried, liberals will never understand, nor accept the military. And people like Beau Berghdal will be hailed as heroes in their eyes…simply because he allowed them to free more of the enemy.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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