Snowflakes’ Gold Star Scandal

I think there must be something in the Democrats’ Cloak Room drinking water on Capitol Hill. Either that or plain stupidity has taken over. There are a couple of recent spates that are just idiotic at best, and plain moronic at worst.

The first is the snowflake inspired “Gold Star Scandal”. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It’s where Donald Trump during a press conference was talking about him calling the families of servicemen and women that have been killed in action. He stated that he’s called a lot, and written a lot of letters, that he doesn’t call all of them, but he at least contacts all of them somehow. He mentioned off the cuff, that he knows that his predecessors (that’s plural) didn’t call everybody, and in fact didn’t contact everybody. Well, Dem snowflakes circled the wagons thinking he was talking just about Bobo. His comment by the way is true. I live two doors down from someone who’s husband was killed in Iraq and never received anything but the obligatory personal visit from a Marine informing her that her husband had been killed. That was in the Obama administration.

Well, enter Florida Democrat Representative Frederica Wilson, who said that one of her constituents’ sons had died and Trump called her and said, “Well, he knew what he was signing up for”. Trump denies saying anything like it. Wilson, in case you didn’t know, is not a very strong supporter of the military, and usually does everything possible to knock them down a peg or two. In this instance, while I don’t always believe Trump, and do believe that he goes off script quite a bit, I’m tempted to believe Wilson lied. She’s also not above that and has been caught in lies several times in her political career.

See, the snowflakes are trying everything possible to trap Trump, knock him down, push him over, just because he’s in the White House. Here’s another example.

When talking about tax breaks, major domo snowflake, Elizabeth Warren was addressing a group of people…and this one was missed by the media. She said that President Trump’s tax cuts were going to “balloon the debt out of control.” Now I throw the BS flag on that one! Let’s go back to when Bobo Obama was doubling the debt of the 43 presidents before him. To put it another way, Obama took the cumulative debt of every single president before him, all added together (which would be another way of saying cumulative), and doubled it, all by himself. Did Elizabeth Warren squawk once about that? Nope. She was too busy reminding the world she was a member of some Indian tribe somewhere (which she wasn’t).

My point here is simple. If you have a difference of opinion with someone, fine. I get that, and I respect that. But to make things up, to bloviate when you have absolutely stayed mum when the guy in your party did a hundred times worse should be criminal. I’m really tired of the lies that are coming out of the snowflakes these days. They can’t find anything factual to fight Trump on, so they are taking to extolling lies, and bashing him when their own guy was worse. It’s sad. You’d figure these self-proclaimed “smartest people in the room” would be able to come up with a better narrative. I guess they lied about that one too!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “Snowflakes’ Gold Star Scandal

  1. Well Desert, I wanted to comment on this yesterday but Di and myself were returning from the high country and I don’t text and drive. I rarely answer the phone when I am driving.

    That said, as usual you have made accusations without any proof and whst does tax breaks have to do with Gold Star families other than allow you more verbal diarrhea.

    As for the Johnson family, the name that neither president Monkey Dung or his racist chief of staff have used throughout this whole sordid affair, is telling the truth as is Congresswoman Wilson who was present. Why was the Congresswoman present? It turns out that Sgt. Johnson was involved in an after school program began by Ms Wilson which taught him the drive and confidence to have the success he experienced in the Army. The Congresswoman was also a friend of the family which is why she was present, along with the Sgt.’s sister when the call was received on speakerphone. Consequently and to no one’s surprise the Orange Cyst is lying about this. As for his chief of staff and his lying, his first story was that he was present when Monkey Dung made the call and then during a press conference yesterday, he found about this when he came into the office. Based on other comments he made yesterday, the first part is true and the second is lying bull shit to cover for his asshole boss. Which now brings me to the racist part. Gen. Kelly is from Boston which has not been a hotbed of toleration since the late 1700’s. As you may be aware, it is a segregated city and busing didn’t exactly go over well in the mid 1970’s. Of all the nasty insults hurled at blacks when Kelly was growing up and up to the present, the most polite is to call them an empty barrel, which he did. By the way, Kelly never disputed the family’s story but rather attacked the family. This is truly despicable considering he is a Gold Star father. It makes that heartfelt speech about his son just a tad self serving. I do believe he is an honorable man stuck in a position of defending an unqualied mentally ill person.

    Why did it take president asshole 12 days to say anything about these soldiers deaths and only after asked by the press. We still have yet to learn why these soldiers,were there, what the mission was, why were they ambushed by Al Queda and why are all the stories thus far crap. Why hasn’t the president of the minority said anything? Cover up? Meet the Orange Anus’s Benghazi. Dems, take over the Congress and let the endless hearings begin.

    I could say more on this but, facts are not biased.

    Not my minority elected, Russian puppet president.
    25th Amendment time

    • Well, there you go again…to coin an old political phrase! You totally miss the point of the entire blog! I’m frankly not interested in what Frederica Wilson does with her friends. I know she lies, she’s been found guilty of this several times in her political career, which makes her a snowflake hack. Period. She has no credibility to criticize anything. She’s as reliable a representative as Nancy Pelosi is. Second, what does Gold Star Scandal and tax relief have to do with each other? Rather than read my stuff while you drive, I suggest you wait till you get home. Then you can actually read it rather than skim it. It won’t make you sound so short sighted when you respond. I know you’re smarter than what you let on here!

  2. Well Desert, in typical conservative playbook response you attack me but do not dispute what I wrote that president Monkey Butt is lying like he always does and sent out a four star general to lie to cover his boss’ considerable ass.

    As for the tax thing, you said libs are always try to tear Trump down. Well, he does idiotic things, does equally stupid things and is generally unqualified to even be County Recorder of Deeds in Chicago, which is saying something. I presume that your position on all of this is that there is nothing to see here, just move along.

    As,for his tax reform, it will blow up the deficit and the debt as his and the Republicans numbers are based on mystery meat, magic fairy dust and trickle down economics, which does not work.

    I read this posting before driving.

    Facts are not biased.

    • Again…you are wrong. You don’t understand the military and never will…and I’m fine with that. But when you don’t understand what you’re talking about, do us all a favor and keep quiet on it. As far as taxes are concerned, you mention Trump “does idiotic things”, but you don’t mention what they are…that’s because what your boy tried to do for eight years failed so badly, right? And “blowing up the deficit”? Really? Where were you about blowing up the deficit when Obama was DOUBLING it??? I didn’t hear word one from you on that! Why are you all of sudden worried about the deficit, when you could have cared less about it over the past eight years? It’s called hypocrisy, and it’s what you’re full of! Facts aren’t biased, but your posts aren’t filled with facts!

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