The World of Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is an enigma. She’s not a very intelligent woman…that’s been proven. She’s going through some sort of neurological condition (though I’m not a doctor and I’m not diagnosing her), and that’s been very evident by all of the recent clips of her stammering and stuttering and unable to finish a sentence. But her world is not our world. She is definitely from somewhere else. She proved that this past Sunday, when she was on the uber-left “This Week” on ABC.

She said that Donald Trump has gone rogue last week. She used the examples of women’s health, Obamacare, and the Iran deal as proof. And I say…hang on a second. Let’s look at this to decide whether it’s just Nancy playing politics, or whether Trump actually “went rogue” as she calls it last week….and I have to add….based on all of the snowflake screaming over the last 9 1/2 months, I thought Trump went rogue on January 20th.

Anyway, what did Trump do this past week to harm women’s health and Obamacare? Well, he came out with his executive order that basically directed the Labor Department, Health and Human Services, and Treasury to re-write rules that Congress allowed them to write when it wrote the healthcare bill back in 2010. He told them to re-write it to allow smaller employers to buy insurance across state lines. He kept the order for pre-existing conditions. It allows cheaper, skimpier policies (meaning I won’t have to buy pregnancy insurance for myself anymore!). It will allow places like Costco to once again, sell health insurance…what’s wrong with that? And buying across state lines is going to make the markets more competitive.

The “women’s health” issue Nancy is referring to is stopping the already declared illegal, but still in place federal subsidies to insurance companies. That was one thing that had been declared illegal by the courts during the Obama administration, but he decided to continue anyway, legalities of this country be damned! Apparently, Nancy is only interested in the law when it benefits her way of thinking. Other than that, it’s “rogue”.

Finally, Pelosi is all upset because the “signature” foreign policy coup of Bobo Obama and John “I served in Vietnam” Kerry was the Iran Nuclear Deal, which Trump decided to use as an example and kick it over to Congress to do something about. First and foremost, this is what Obama should have done with it in the first place. It was an “agreement”, not a “treaty” because he didn’t kick it to the Senate. So, anybody else coming into office could sweep it to the curb. Trump decided not to do that. Instead he wanted to show the world how inept Congress is, so he gave it to them to decide on snapping back the sanctions that were withdrawn when Kerry negotiated the “worst deal ever created”. That also is part of it. Apparently Nancy Pelosi doesn’t just need to have bills passed to see what’s in them, she doesn’t read presidential agreements either. So, now Congress needs to do it’s duty. They’ve got 60 days, and if they don’t come up with anything, Trump can show the world how out of touch they are and fix it by dumping it…and don’t think he won’t do that.

So, Nancy…I’m still waiting for you to show me how Donald Trump went rogue as you call it, last week. He hasn’t done anything he didn’t say he was going to do. Why are you surprised? In fact, why are you still in office?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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    If anything, Obama and Kerry went rogue, bypassing Congress with the Iran deal. Pelosi, remains, the DNC kook, along with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (who dropped off the radar with the IT scandal still a brewing), Hillary, and so many others, including RINOs. Could they all be doped up on Alzheimer medications? We don’t know, because along with no term limits, congress has no drug and alcohol testing. Everyone else must submit except the servants in congress.

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