And Now…Time For A Little Break!

I have to tell you that when I started this blog some four years ago, it was just something I did to rant about things that I thought were wrong. I never for a moment believed that thousands of you would read this stuff…nor that you’d want to. I’m humbled and grateful beyond belief!

Every once in a while, I take stock in what I have and look back so I can have a clearer vision of looking ahead. I’ve done that throughout my working life, and it’s something that I’ve also done in retirement. I find it helps give me greater insight, more flexibility, and depth, and a more open mind. Usually, I do it in the week between Christmas and New Years, because that was an extremely slow period of time when I was working (who wants to buy advertising or listen to ballgames and talk shows when you’re busy with family and holidays?). This year, it’s going to be a little different. I’m taking the first couple of weeks of January off to reflect and dream of where I’m going next.

It’s been a terrific year. I’ve been the president of the Board of Directors of our local recreation and entertainment corporation here. It’s a $90 million company with a $20 million budget. Running it is almost a full-time job, and I was so honored that my fellow Board Members felt confidence in me to elect me president this past year. Having said that, it does have a tendency to wear on you…and I’ve now completed my three year term on the Board and am looking forward to the next chapter in my “non-blog” life.

One of the things I’ve really enjoyed this year was that my wife has been retired for the full year and has been able to do pretty much whatever she wanted to. We’ve both been healthy, and have had the chance to travel a little and see our kids and grandkids which is always a treat. We even were able to have one of our granddaughters join us here in the AZ for a week, and I think she had a pretty fair time. So, personally it’s been great as well.

Having said all that, I’m going to take a little bit of a break from the writing so I can concentrate on what I want to do next. Oh, it won’t be a long break, I assure you… but I just need to jump off the stump for a while and gather my thoughts. I promise you I will be back stronger and more vocal than ever!

Enjoy the break…don’t forget about me…I’ll be back…and we’ll have another great year together…I promise!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Hopes For 2018?

As we say goodbye to 2017, we can only hope that 2018 brings us more of the same politically speaking. Here are just a few of the things that would make this a great upcoming year…and no snowflakes…you don’t need to respond. It’ll just get yanked!

The sex scandal that has scarred the entertainment and political industries around the country picks up a few more people. Dick Durbin of Illinois, Chuck Schumer of New York, and John Lewis of Georgia all get swept up in it.

Speaking of sex scandals…Bill Clinton is FINALLY arrested, has to do a perp walk and is charged with rape as more women come forward.

Attorney General, Jeff Sessions announces that enough evidence exists to re-open the Hillary Clinton email scandal and Clinton Foundation (along with Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea) are indicted under the RICO Act, forcing all three to give up their ill-gotten fortunes, and shut down for good the Clinton Foundation.

Donald Trump convinces Congress to pass a complete repeal of obamacare…which happens as several Democrats join the fray, and Americans everywhere cheer!

Congress moves to tackle immigration reform…a rarity in an election year, but comes up with a comprehensive and fair plan for everybody. It’s the same plan I’ve outlined for the past three years.

A former black-ops member of the Chinese People’s Army, goes to North Korea and wipes out that little smudge of humanity…freeing the people of North Korea, who hold free elections for the first time in that country’s history.

The president of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, a guy nobody has ever heard of, actually brokers a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians that all sides think is remarkable. When asked about it, Marcelo says, “It wasn’t that hard really…we did it over Big Macs at McDonalds.

In November, 2018, Republicans add 35 seats to the House of Representatives, and add 13 seats to the US Senate, allowing them to rule for the next two years totally unabated by the likes of snowflakes.

Nancy Pelosi, having been totally humiliated by her inability to speak a coherent sentence, decides that it’s time to resign. In a drunken stupor, having just been defeated for Governor himself, Jerry Brown announces that her replacement will be Harry Callahan…until someone reminds him, that was a fictional character.

Yeah…I know…probably won’t happy…but we can all dream, can’t we?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Trump’s First Year? Have To Give Him An B+

After his first year in office (OK…to be fair, he’s had basically 11 months), I would have to say that Donald Trump has accomplished a lot. First and foremost, I need to say, I’m NOT a fan of his Twitter rants, and secondly, I think he acts as un-presidential as any we’ve had in history. But you can’t argue with his success.

In 2017, Trump added 1.7 million new jobs. That compares with 2.2 million jobs under Obama’s last year…BUT…Obama actually LOST manufacturing jobs. 890,000 jobs counted under Obama in 2016 were part-time jobs that he re-classifed as full-time (going from 40 hours per week to 30 hours per week). That means that in his first year, Donald Trump actually out paced Obama in his last year by over 300,000 jobs!

Economic confidence is at a 17 year high due to Trump.

Trump cut 16 rules and regulations for every new rule or regulation that was imposed, saving businesses $8.1 billion.

He withdrew from the Paris Accords, which will end up saving the US economy $4.7 TRILLION over the next 10 years.

He single-handedly revived the coal industry by dumping Obama’s “war on coal”.

He withdrew from the Trans Pacific Partnership…a trade deal so bad, even Hillary Clinton originally said it was a bad deal for America.

He has nominated 73 judges to the federal bench, and added Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

He is the first president to undertake opiod addiction as a national emergency. And he donated his third quarter salary to help fund it.

He is the first president in decades to actually do something to modernize and upgrade the Veteran’s Administration. Obama gave lip service to it, but did nothing to improve it.

He re-took virtually all of the territory that was controlled by ISIS. The war on terror isn’t over yet, but ISIS is pretty well decimated in reality this time…not just an Obama catch phrase.

He gave America the first major tax cut and overhaul of the tax code in 31 years.

Now, having said all of that, he’s a pain in the butt to deal with because of his thin-skin. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that he has screamed and complained about the “fake news” out there (and there IS a lot of it). Major networks, and smaller, more biased ones like CNN and MSNBC have all been in his cross-hairs. And they have all been admittedly guilty of falsifying news reports published online and over the airwaves. The New York Times, the Washington Post, and several other major newspapers have also been caught falsifying news. But it’s still no excuse for a president to go on a tweeting binge. Ronald Reagan didn’t have the most friendly press out there either. The way he got around it was going directly to the American people with televised speeches. Yes, it takes time, but it also works very well.

One glaring negative for Trump is his inability to get Congress to repeal obamacare. It’s a pox on the American landscape and needs to be blown up. Trump counters that the tax revision does address it and takes away the individual mandate (which is basically the funding mechanism for the bill), but it still exists. It’s a very small victory, and not what the American people wanted, nor elected him to do. They elected him to get rid of the damn thing.

So, overall, I’d give Trump a B+ for his efforts this year. Certainly room to improve, but a good first year. Much better than most!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Top Stories of 2017

Yeah…I know…AP, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, all of the broadcast networks, the New York Times, Washington Post, and Scranton Times Tribune have all done it. It’s done to death every year. I rail against it…but hell, I’m going to jump on the band wagon. So, here are my top ten stories for 2017:

10. Opioid Crisis FINALLY gets some attention! It’s been going on too long. Everybody will agree to that. And it’s time someone finally took the opioid crisis seriously. Bobo Obama had his chance, and didn’t do it. In comes Donald Trump, who not only calls it a “national emergency”, he donates his third quarter salary to help fix the problem.

9. Russian Probe: I’m lumping both Russian “interfering” in our election (hasn’t been proven), and the “collusion of Trump with Russia” over the election together (also hasn’t been proven). It may very well turn out to be the biggest “fake news” story of 2017 as well.

8. North Korea: The saber rattling that is going on with the hermit kingdom is interesting to say the least, and yes…may actually lead to World War III. Hopefully cooler heads prevail, but I really do believe that if that fat little smudge wants to push it, he’s going to end up vaporized. That wouldn’t be good for “world peace” now, would it?

7. Failure To Repeal Obamacare: This one is squarely on John McCain. He had the chance to be a hero, but because he put politics in front of people, the Republicans failed to do what they’ve been screaming about for eight years. Shame on you McCain.

6.  Hillary’s Inability To Accept Her Defeat: It’s really sad to watch, actually. Here you have someone that should be grown up enough to actually accept when America says “no” to them. Unfortunately, Hillary will go to her grave complaining she was unfairly targeted. Grow up Hillary!

5. Obama Administration Allowing Iran Drug Running: Oh, it’s a developing story, but it shows the absolute depths the previous administration was willing to sink to so they could have a foreign policy “victory” by securing the Iranian Nuclear Deal. They’d rather allow drug-running to be rampant than fail at such a publicized attempt! Shame!!!

4. Defeat Of ISIS: ISIS was created by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton because of their ineptness at foreign policy. And because of that ISIS cost thousands of American lives needlessly. This is what happens when you let children do grown ups’ work.

3. First Tax Cut In 30 Years: Republicans did what Republicans do best…give you the chance to spend your own money, despite absolutely no help from Demoncrats. You probably won’t see it in your paycheck until February, but when you do…just remember that you have the GOP to thank!

2.  #MeToo: Who would have thought that when Harvey Weinstein was nailed for sexual harassment, that it would end up taking down Representatives, a Senator, a Senate candidate, and at least one federal judge, and countless actors, directors, and producers in Hollywood? And there are many more to come. Sexual harassment has shaken the liberals in this country to the core. It’s about time!

1. The Year Of Trump: Not even the staunchest liberal can complain about the fact that Donald Trump has, in one year, turned around a stagnant economy…given us two solid quarters of economic growth over 3% each…boosted the stock market 5,000 points in one year (a record)…and given us over 70 all-time highs on the Dow. Not only that, unemployment has fallen to it’s lowest level in 40 years. So much for Obama’s rant that his economy was the new normal.

There you go! Ten stories that rocked our world in 2017. Can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store!!!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Jill Stein Actually Makes Sense!

OK, so you probably don’t even remember Jill Stein, right? She was the Green Party’s candidate for president last year. I think she ended up with six, maybe seven votes. Anyway, nobody paid her much attention, she did as well as Gary Johnson, who was the Libertarian’s candidate. But Jill Stein has come out with a rather profound comment that both Republicans and Demoncrats need to sit up and take notice of.

She said that Americans “have yet to see any proof that Russia interfered with last year’s presidential elections.” And she’s dead on right.

We’ve gone through a year of Hillary Clinton screaming that she was denied her rightful ascension to the White House as Queen of the World last year because James Comey talked bad of her and her scandalous problems, and that the Russians (and Donald Trump through some sort of collusion) interfered in our electoral process. Of course, think about this now…everybody in Washington, DC seems to agree that the Russians somehow interfered with the process without changing the vote at all (so it wasn’t fixed). And yet…you and I haven’t seen any proof of that. We were told that is the way it was, just like we were told Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman to kill John F. Kennedy. But we haven’t seen any proof of it.

If Russia interfered in our electoral process at all, and people found out about it, there has to be proof. Show me the proof. If Donald Trump colluded with the Russians, as every Demoncrat out there says he did, show me the proof. If you can’t materialize the proof, shut the hell up. You have nothing at that point then. If Russia DID interfere, we need to actually DO something about it. Of course, it’s not like we’ve never interfered with other countries’ elections before (I’m looking at all of you in Central and South America!). But what actual proof is there?

The same goes for this collusion crap. Everybody is accusing Donald Trump of colluding with the Russians. OK, if he’s done it string him up! If he hasn’t, we should be able to string up an accuser that has falsely accused him. We need to stop this childish finger pointing in Washington every time somebody thinks they can hang something on someone of the opposite party. So, I propose this solution:

If you are going to say anything to accuse anybody of anything, and that includes things already done, you need to show the proof at that time. If you can’t, you give up your seat in Congress, or the White House, or you lose your job forever. If your accusation is proven false, same thing happens. And if you lose your seat in Congress, or the White House, or your job, someone from the other party takes it. You have no retirement pay, no pension, no insurance, nothing. You leave Washington empty handed.

Yeah, it’s very severe. But I bet it will stop all of this caterwalling and name calling where there is no proof of anything that actually happened!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Why Libs Are Going Bat-Crazy Over Tax Cuts

They finally figured it out. Demoncrats in both the House and Senate took a year, but they got it now. They realized when the Republicans passed the tax cut bill, that they were in the minority. And for the first time, snowflake representatives and senators have the realization on their foreheads heading into Christmas that they received a lump of coal in their stockings!

They aren’t “leaders” anymore.

Ever since Donald Trump won the election over a year ago, liberals everywhere have been fighting it. They started the “resist” movement, which was as successful as the “Occupy Wall Street” movement…it wasn’t. it died quickly. Demoncrats in DC felt they could block the GOP at every turn. They were able to do it with the obamacare repeal because of the fact the GOP didn’t have their own people on board. And the libs just loved that. But when the tax cut bill passed, the realization that yes…this IS happening to us slapped them in the forehead like a brick.

What does this do for the GOP? Well, it does give them momentum leading to the 2018 elections. But that’s almost a year away, and they still have a LOT to accomplish in congress. What the GOP does have going in its favor is that the economy is humming along now. Donald Trump has lifted the over-oppressive weight of Obama-era regulations (thank you Cass Sunstein) which had slowed economic growth to a trickle during his eight year reign. Unemployment is at near-record lows, the stock market has set over 70 new all-time record highs, and has risen over 5,000 points this year (a record). And the economy grew at over a 3% rate for each of the past two quarters… something the Obama administration NEVER had happen.

Illegal immigration is down, without building a wall. Deportation of illegal immigrants is up…without the help of the snowflakes in Congress, and Trump got the US out of the idiotic Paris Accord which did nothing but suck money out of the economy and give it to poorer, undeveloped nations.

I think the realization is starting to set in with Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and the gang that they may not be in for the landslide takeover of congress that they hoped. Unless there are a lot of Republican candidates out there that get accused of sexual harassment in the next 10 months or so, I’m pretty confident that the GOP will hold the Senate and the House (at least at this point)…and may even gain a few seats in the upper chamber. What would help out greatly is if they folks in congress actually had the gonads to tackle healthcare and get rid of obamacare immediately next year. Save the wall until 2019 if you need to, but get rid of that albatross around our neck! Obamacare is doing nothing for the country except slowing it down and costing every single American thousands of dollars per year.

No…Demoncrats need to realize that they need a new playbook. They have been shot in the forehead and their hopes are resting on two people whose time is long past!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Truth About Christmas

I get sad every year at Christmas. Oh, it’s not for the same reasons a lot of people do. I feel bad for people that have either forgotten or never really accepted why it is we celebrate this holiday in the first place. Let’s be very clear. This is a CHRISTIAN holiday. It’s because we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Now, I’m not so dense as to believe that Jesus Christ was actually born on December 25th. And no, I don’t follow the non-believers who say that it’s actually an old “winter solstice” holiday with no religious significance. Sorry…it is a CHRISTIAN holiday. Jews do not celebrate Christmas. Muslims do not celebrate Christmas. Buddhists do not celebrate Christmas. And certainly athiests and agnostics do not celebrate Christmas.

And that’s the reason why I get sad. There are people out there that think this holiday is about a fat guy in a red suit that flies around the world with reindeer in a sled and delivers toys to all the good boys and girls. It’s the same group of people that I feel sorry for in springtime when they feel some rabbit delivers chocolate or plastic eggs to kids. Neither one of those things is a reason for a holiday. The birth of mankind’s savior is a reason for a holiday…even if we don’t actually celebrate it on the actual day of His birth.

People that don’t believe are missing out. They miss out on the wonders of the universe. They miss out on the absolute awesome spectacle that is creation. They miss out on the wonders of why we have eyes and a brain, and fall in love, and have flowers that bloom. They miss out on why there are stars in the sky at night and a sun that warms us during the day. They think it’s all because of science…and science certainly has an explanation for everything…but they miss the big picture of why. And furthermore, they miss the big picture of what happens after this life.

Those folks that don’t believe miss out on the whole Heaven thing. They believe you’re done when you die. Of course, even science tells us differently…energy doesn’t die (and I’m not talking about an album by Black Eyed Peas!) And they miss out on the lessons that CHRISTIANS have learned millenia ago when the lessons of right and wrong were written in the Bible. They don’t believe in a power greater than ourselves, as if mankind could accomplish any of the things I listed above.

So it’s at this wonderful moment each year that I pause, and I pray. I ask God almighty to grant these people the wisdom that He has shared with so many of us. That would be the wisdom to accept a gracious and glorious gift of everlasting life, and the pardon of our sins for just one simple thing. As it states in Romans 10:9, “if you confess that Jesus is Lord, and you believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you shall be saved.”

Amen and amen. Celebrate Christmas for the reason the holiday was created. And may God bless you and yours on this, the day we set aside to celebrate our Lord’s birth.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!