ABC News Hit With Bout Of “Fake News”

Apparently, Fake News isn’t something that is limited to the cable news folks at MSNBC and CNN. It apparently goes beyond the uber-left at NBC News as well. ABC News, no bastion of fair and balanced reporting itself, has been struck, and one of it’s own is paying the price…a rather heavy price.

Investigative Reporter Brian Ross has been suspended for four weeks without pay for basically making up a story about Michael Flynn and Donald Trump. In his original piece, the left-loving Ross (he’s been guilty of making up stories before), said that “candidate Donald Trump told Michael Flynn to contact the Russians”, and attributed it to “an anonymous source”. Oops. Fake News! Apparently, there was no anonymous source. And apparently, Ross had to go on air to “correct” his mistake and admit his guilty prior to his suspension. The “candidate Donald Trump telling Michael Flynn to contact the Russians”, isn’t true.

This isn’t the first time that Ross has been caught making up stories. A few years ago, he made up a story that the Aurora, Colorado shooter was a member of the Tea Party. That was just five years ago, and of course, as we all know now, turned out to be again, a liberal lie.

This is what gets me about the left and their policies. They have no problem lying about stuff when it puts them in a political good light. But they want to cream the other side when THEY lie about something…anything…that goes on. Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi have been some of the biggest liars in our nation’s history (ok… we have to add Hillary Clinton and hubby Bill to that list as well…they’re pathological liars from the start!). Reid made up so much crap on the floor of the Senate, it’s wonder he wasn’t slapped in irons at that point and dragged off the floor.

I’m not a believer in lies. People that do it have a pathological problem, and they aren’t to be trusted. Not in that particular situation, and not in life. I’ve seen it way too often where someone gets caught in a lie, tries to back out of it or fight it, and gets themselves in deeper. All it tells me is you can’t trust a person that lies, and frankly I don’t. You lie once, you’re done with me. You lie more than once, you are now pathological and I’ll never believe anything you say again.

I do give minimal kudos to ABC News. They at least suspended Ross for his second offense. They need to take it one step further and fire his ass. He’s a liability for them, and doesn’t deserve to be on television. He should be banned from ever covering anything as a reporter again. He’s in the same boat as Brian Williams. If you can’t trust your network newscasters to bring you the news that is unbiased, fair, and objective, you don’t have a network newscaster, you’ve got an editorial writer, and frankly there are WAY too many of those (and not good ones) out there.

Brian Ross has as much right to say what he wants as anyone else in this country. If he’s a dyed in the wool liberal, that’s fine. But at least don’t try to hide behind objectivity. You’re guilty of lying, and you need to go. ABC News needs to fire him today…not suspend him for four weeks. We’ve got way too many people in this position, and they just get a slap on the wrist.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


11 thoughts on “ABC News Hit With Bout Of “Fake News”

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    People go to college to learn journalism, and then they put out fake news (?). The editors should be held to account. Where were they, down the hall by an empty stairwell, swilling muscatel?

    • And you know where it begins? In Journalism School. Places like Syracuse, Northwestern, and Missouri are where these skull fulls of mush are formed by liberal professors who have never worked at a real job a day in their lives. That’s where these kids get the idea that they can be the next “Geraldo”, and change the world. Their job isn’t to change the world…if they wanted to do that, they should get into politics. Their job is to REPORT what’s happening. THAT is the problem, and the networks and fake news outlets like CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS etc. are letting them do it.

  2. Yes, they should have fired Ross rather than just an unpaid suspension. However, they probably felt they needed to do something, so they gave out the suspension. Not the harshest punishment since they hate Trump……..and probably feel Ross’ heart was in the same place as theirs.

    • And just because Harvey Weinstein’s heart (and other parts of his body) is (and probably has been) in the same places as Bill Clinton’s, doesn’t make it right! ABC was wrong and should have fired him. At the very least NBC had balls enough to fire Brian Williams (though they brought him back to MSNBC)

  3. It’s part of the “Rules for Radicals” that Obama and Hillary both learned (which Obama later taught at University). Saul Alinsky was a mentor for them, and liberals as a whole. One of the rules is to hold the other side accountable to their own rules, while maintaining none for yourself. We have seen this repeatedly with the Left, in their politicians, in their media pundits, in their Hollywood familiars. They will lie at all times, but send you to hell on a shingle if you should ever lie even once. That’s their game. That’s their rules. That’s how they plan to win.

    As far as fake news goes, I know many people were very upset when the Left decided to create a “war on fake news” when Trump was elected but I was actually excited about their exuberance. I wanted them to push this idea on all of their lefty news networks and demand all of this fact-checking from all of these “extreme right-wing conservative writers.” The reality is, and was, that the vast majority of conservative bloggers were already fact-checking themselves, or making corrections when corrected by others, because conservatives have always known that all you need is the truth to change people’s minds. Facts, evidence, reason and history are, by default, on the side of the conservatives, they are bullets in OUR gun. The Left can ONLY maintain its fiction by half-truth stories with sins of omission regarding facts, or to lie outright, or wordsmith articles to intentionally mislead. So their war on “fake news” is simply a war on themselves, and I welcomed it.

    It’s actually quite easy for conservatives to write blogs and articles because we have an unending supply of truth and facts at our disposal that are irrefutable and are only countered by the Left using the only tools they have; hate, venom and emotion. If a Libertarian says the sky is blue, a Liberal will cry out how evil that Libertarian is to judge the sky and how he demands that others agree with him and how that is only his opinion and everyone is entitled to their opinion!

    Which is why Saul Alinksy was not only right, it was all he had. It’s all they have. They HAVE to lie, because even he knew what side the truth, reason, and history are on.

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