Prediction: Moore Wins Alabama Senate Seat

Here’s a prediction you can take to the bank. After months of alleged comments from women who really don’t have any proof that Judge Roy Moore sexually abused or molested them (other than he said/she said), it will be Roy Moore defeating Doug Jones in the special Senate election in Alabama. Take it to the bank.

There is a reason behind it too. 54% of the folks in Alabama don’t believe the allegations, and think the whole thing is a political smear job. According to a poll by left-leaning CBS News, Moore leads Doug Jones 49% to 43% with a margin of error of 3.8% among registered voters, and 4.8% among likely voters.

Unlike sexual abuse allegations that seem to be sticking to current Michigan Representative, John Conyers, and Minnesota Senator, Al Franken (and there’s actual proof on that one), the allegations aimed at Moore aren’t apparently working. Meanwhile,  Conyers has resigned and Franken is facing increased pressure to resign. It’s actually gotten to the 88 year old Conyers to the point that he was hospitalized this past weekend due to “stress related causes”. Franken, while admitting “he’s a hugger, and a warm person”, has apologized, but says he doesn’t remember any of the incidents because as he says, “I’ve had thousands of pictures taken with people…I don’t remember them all.” That hasn’t sat well with a lot of folks, but now, even Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Dems in the Senate know that they need to do the right thing, and have called for his resignation.

Conyers wasn’t in such an enviable position. Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, who early on in the scandal came out and called Conyers “an icon”, has now called for his resignation. Conyers’ attorney has said that Nancy Pelosi doesn’t tell John Conyers when to step down. Only the voters in his district do. Apparently, John’s lawyer may know the law, but isn’t too keen on what is going on in the mind of his client!

But the GOP is breathing just a little bit easier with Roy Moore in the lead, despite what Mitch McConnell has said…that he would start investigating Moore if he got elected to the Senate. Somehow, I think McConnell would change his tune knowing there are going to be some very close votes coming up in the next 12 months.

Overall, I find it very interesting that most of the fallout over these sexual allegations that actually started with life-long Democrats Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein have now snared more Democrats than Republicans. If that trend continues, you’re going to see a whole LOT of Republicans taking over in the Senate and in the House. And the Democrats will continue to kiss any chance of re-taking either chamber a long goodbye!

By the way…in all of this, why aren’t we hearing anything about Bill Clinton? My Lord… he is the “Groper In Chief”, and has raped more women than anyone in prison. Someone want to tell me why this guy is still about to walk around free?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


8 thoughts on “Prediction: Moore Wins Alabama Senate Seat

  1. Moore’s accusers, all had holes in their stories. Waitress at the restaurant said, “the dumpster has never been at the back of restaurant”. And now accuser admitted, “I edited the year book”. Waitress, also said, she never ever remembered Moore patronizing the restaurant. “He tried to kiss me.” How many men would be in jail, if simply trying to kiss a woman got you arrested? I don’t think a 32 year old hanging out with a 17 year old is smart……. First of all, I’d wouldn’t think much of my own ability to land a woman my own age, if I had to do that. Of course, and this is especially true today, some of these young women have very mature bodies and like to show it……more so than when I was growing up. Moore is older than I am…… I don’t doubt he lingered with some young girls. I think is was a bad self image, lack of confidence more than anything……. and it created a problem. It made it easy for someone to make a sexual claim 40 years later…… “Oh yes, he hit on me, tried to rape me”. Will honey, what were doing with old man in the first place? When I first got out of college, I took a part time job substitute teaching. Actually was called nearly everyday to fill in somewhere. They sent me to the high school a lot (school I graduated from). There was this one senior girl, very attractive, more mature than most of the girls in her class. She lived several blocks from the city park, where I held soccer practices (I coached youth soccer then). She started showing up at my practices. One of the boys on my team told her I coached, when and where practice was. I pretty much ignored it, thinking she just liked watching soccer. Then, one day after practice she approached me. We sat in the park and talked a bit. Then it happened a couple of more times. She finally boldly said she’d like for us to date!!! I mentioned I was teaching in the same school she attended. What would the other students think, how about the school administration, and parents? At the time I had “just” turned 22. She was 17 (looked like 23). I told her, “look, if you weren’t still in school…….the age difference wouldn’t be that great.” But, I don’t need the town talking about me or “us”. I drove her home, told her once she graduated from school, if she still felt the same…….”maybe, we’d see”. But for now, she had some growing up to do, and I had other things on my plate. I told her for now she should be concerned with graduating, possibly going on to college, and interested in boys in the same situation as her……her own age. I also said it wouldn’t be cool for “me” to be taking a senior girl to her Prom Dance.
    I never saw this girl after that! 🙂 She obviously took my advice, and I am glad I went down the road I took. Now, that said, had I met up with her a couple of years later, I could see myself asking her out. Moore could have made smarter choices too!

  2. Well Desert, I will put aside the pedophile stuff in spite of Lutrell’s raving on the subject and concentrate on his beliefs.

    While squealing about how he will defend the Constitution, it is obvious he knows nothing about it or the rule if law. It is apparent that he does not believe in,any of it as he has stated the God’s law supersedes man’s law. So either his brain is stuck in Salem Village circa 1652 or he believes in Christian Sharia law like POS Supreme Court mackerel snapper Anotonin Scalia who said his C Katlick religion guides his decisions.

    But back to Moore, he has been removed from the Alabama Supreme Court twice, once for his 4 ton 10 Commandments artwork and the second as Chief Judge for defying a Supreme Court decision on gay marriage. He must believe he is Andrew fucking Jackson (look it up). This is a person who should not be elected dog cat her and why he has not been disbarred is beyond. But if the ignorant peckerheads in Alabama want this ass clown with his racist, homophobia, Islamaphobic views, be my guest as the Repubican party is rotting and it is only a question of time before the stinking carcass is hauled away.

    Not my illegitimate, minority elected, Russian puppet criminal president.

    • You know what I find funny is your ability to mock other people’s belief system, while having none of your own. Try it sometime! As far as Roy Moore is concerned, you’re not involved. The people of Alabama are. They are the ones that are going to decide who gets elected on Tuesday. You are going to sit on the sidelines and complain, with no right to. If they decide Roy Moore is the best choice to represent them in the United States Senate, who the hell are you to tell them they are wrong? And by the way…what the hell is “”???

  3. Well Desert, typing on this frigging phone is. It as easy as it looks. Try

    It’s Tuesday evening, it looks like the bank you took the Moore victory to was insolvent and taken over by thr FDIC.
    I saw he dragged God into this for some reason with some Bible verse which made no sense. Anyway, I have a Bible verse for that I find appropriate, Elk. 25:17.

    Have fun storming the castle.

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