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Rich 001OK, so who the hell is this idiot that writes all this stuff? Just a former member of the media that has decided he’s tired of watching biased newscasts (thank you networks, and CNN, HNN, and MSNBC) spew out trash from one side of their mouth. Yes, I’m conservative, and unabashedly so. But I don’t always think the conservatives have the answer. There are some good things being said left of center as well. But I’m definitely conservative. If that offends you, I would politely suggest you get a friggin’ life and deal with it. This is America, and your precious first amendment gives me the right to say what I want. Just like the second amendment gives me the right to bear arms (and no my liberal friends…it’s not BARE arms!).

I write what I feel. I back everything up with fact, and when I don’t I tell you it’s my opinion. I’m right most of the time. I can’t stand liars and liberals who are on crusades over meaningless garbage like “global warming” or “climate change” or whatever they’ve decided to call it this week. I think Barack Obama is a clown (hence you’ll see him referred to as “Bobo” Obama, the worlds second most favorite clown. My good friend, the late-great, Larry Harmon was the original Bozo, and HE was the world’s most famous clown!). I think he’s done more harm to this country than any other president in history. I think people like Al Gore, and groups like PETA, while they have a constitutional right to speak their mind, don’t have much of a mind and are only in it for power. If they were treated like the rest of us, they’d have been sued for their lies a long time ago, and they’d be broke. They should be.

I’m not only chastising liberals here. I chastise people on the right that are idiots as well. I think the GOP screwed up big time with it’s past two presidential elections. Both John McCain (my senator by the way), and Mitt Romney (I knew his father when he was Governor of Michigan), were terribly weak candidates. They both belong in the category with Bob Dole…people that got nominated because it was “their turn”. They were terrible. And if the GOP nominates someone like that again, they’ll have the same results.

The GOP is absolutely on the right side when it comes to ideas, but they have no idea what to do when they’re in power. The Dems have no idea what the hell their doing, because they have so many conflicting groups fighting for recognition, but they’re pretty good at leading. At least they understand the system better than the GOP. If we could get a party that had solid conservative ideals with the knowledge of how to implement them, we’d have a party that would rule this country for a thousand years!

And that my friends, is where I come from. You get the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth….well, some of my opinion thrown in. And as always, I rip off one of the all-time great CKLW disc-jockey’s closing lines every blog (I believe it was Tom Shannon).

Carry on world….you’re dismissed!


14 thoughts on “About Desert Radio

  1. I have often said I think that the left in this country are born leaders. They know HOW to do things, but they lack the proper ideas. The right has the ideas, but they screw it up when they are in power. What areas of American society need to be destroyed from within, is one way of putting it. If we could just teach the left what’s good and what works and leave ego out of it, and teach the right leadership skills, we might actually have something. Ah…but I’m not real confident any of that will happen. We’re slowly making the “Roman mistake”, and will go down Rome’s path to object failure.

  2. Please tell me the truth about Fox News and the Bush family. I am also interested to hear your point of view as to how those two groups have helped our country since the 1990s. Thanks.

    • Glad to help out. First, Fox News. Everybody thinks they’re so conservative. That’s not necessarily the case. Fox News is actually more centrist than CNN, HNN, CNBC and the networks. It just SEEMS they’re more conservative (actually, the ARE more conservative than the other networks), but they’re not all that conservative. Look at their panels. They’re always representing both sides. I don’t think Fox has helped our country since 1990, since they launched in 1996 (Oct. 7th to be exact). They have become the most-watched cable news network in that time, and have held it for seven straight years. No other network can make that claim. Some will claim they are just an “entertainment network”. That’s not the way most Americans view them. Most Americans that get their news on the television, actually get it through Fox News. End of story there.
      As for the Bush’s…I’d probably be inclined to say that I’m not 100% sure they’ve helped us all that much. George W. Bush actually did a pretty good job after 9/11. George HW Bush, I thought was mediocre at best, and bad at worst. W’s presidency fell apart the last four months, and yes, that led to a rather deep recession because of the banking problems (which by the way, if you do research on that, you’ll see it was really started by Dodd-Frank). But W. did a terrible job the last few months in office. It was exacerbated by Obama when he came in and tried to “save” the auto industry, but it started with Bush. Hope that helps…and thanks for the comments!

      • Obviously, you aren’t the only conservative in the world. I’m one as well. Also like you, I’m no fan of democracy.

      • I wouldn’t say I’m no fan of democracy…I’d say I’m more a fan of doing the right thing, which neither party in Washington DC seems to want to do at the moment.

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