The Left’s Great Hypocrisy

As I sit here waiting for my wife to finish brining tomorrow’s turkey, I start thinking about why in the world I’m a conservative in the first place. I guess it’s mostly consistency. I’m a consistency guy. Now, I’m going to preface this by saying that there are inconsistencies on both sides of the political spectrum, so don’t write me with examples of how the conservatives are inconsistent. I get that. But it’s rampant with the left.

The left doesn’t believe in killing those who have killed and received the death penalty. After all, it was because they had a bad childhood, or their dad was mean to them or some other stupid phony reason. Yet, they think nothing of killing an unborn (and totally innocent) child in the womb. Oh, yeah…they call that “choice” for a woman. The woman HAD a choice alright…it was whether or not to have sex. What we have here is called “consequence”. It’s what happens AFTER you have made your choice. Inconsistent as hell in my book!

Next up, let’s look at political folks. You’ve currently got Roy Moore running for the US Senate from Alabama. He’s been accused of sexual impropriety some 40 years ago with women. They waited 40 years to come forward, until he’s in a Senate race. Where were they when he was sitting on the bench? Where were they when it happened? And none of them have any proof. It’s a “he said/she said” from the word go. Then you’ve got a sitting Senator in Al Franken. He went to “entertain the troops” in 2006 with a reporter/personality from KABC in Los Angeles, among others. According to a picture I posted earlier this week, it looked like he was entertaining himself…groping her when she slept in the plane. So, the left is crucifying Roy Moore (with no proof other than someone said so), and then they don’t want Al Franken to resign even though we have photographic evidence of improper sexual behavior. Inconsistent as hell in my book!

Let’s take a look at “politicizing” issues. When the right tries to repeal the worst law ever written (Obamacare), the left calls it politicizing. But when there is a mass shooting somewhere because some crazed lunatic is off his meds, the call for “gun control” is never far behind. Let’s get one thing straight, and let’s use the shooting in Las Vegas as an example…but it could be any of them. The guy broke several local, state, and federal laws. Tell me what law you could dream up that would not be broken in this instance, and don’t say making guns illegal. They have pretty much done that in the Soviet Republic of Chicago, and that hasn’t stopped them from becoming the murder capital of the country. Nope…inconsistent as hell.

Until liberals start to use their brains instead of trying to rule with emotion, they will always be inconsistent. And they will always be wrong. For self-appointed smartest people in the room, they’re pretty damn dumb if you ask me!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


You Too?

Al FrankenAm I the only one that is amazed with the latest bout of sexual harassment charges? I mean, it started with Bill Cosby, what? Over a year ago? Then it spread to Hollywood and Harvey Weinstein. That wasn’t enough as every single starlet and even male star claimed they were sexually abused or raped by others in the community. Then, the next step was Roy Moore, the guy running for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat from Alabama.

Now the whole world is screaming about stuff.

Of course, Hillary Clinton is weighing into this mess…like SHE is someone that is an authority on sexual harassment? She almost invented sexual harassment by what she knew her husband was doing, and what she turned her back on! Anyway, she now says that Al Franken, who was photographed groping a sleeping woman on a USO Tour 11 years ago, was better than either Donald Trump, or Roy Moore, because he admitted it.

What the frazzelrock is she talking about?

First of all, Donald Trump talked (we don’t have proof of anything else) about how easy it was to “get women” with a reporter. It was a topic of discussion during the campaign, and obviously, it wasn’t that big of a deal with the voters, because they elected him. So, it wasn’t like this stuff just came tumbling out of the closet like he was Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski was in some rope line somewhere. Second, Roy Moore’s accusers waited almost forty years before they came forward with allegations, and they have no proof. It’s nothing more than a “he said – she said”. Show me the money, and I’ll believe you!

Now comes word that workers on both the Bernie Sanders and the Hillary Clinton campaigns were sexually harassed by other campaign workers, and the campaigns knew about it but did nothing about it (sound familiar Hillary?). Sounds to me like the Russia investigation all over again.

Democrats are the ones that have come forward and are guilty for sexual harassment, yet they are foisting charges on Republicans without proof. It goes back to the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas thing way back when. Then it was “the hint of impropriety was enough to convict”, remember? Of course, that wasn’t the same with Bill Clinton as President. Back then, Katherine Willey, Juanita Brodderick, and a slew of other women came forward claiming to actually have been raped by Clinton, and nothing happened. Hillary let the whole damn thing roll by and backed her husband. So my question is, what changed? Other than charges being leveled at the other political party, why are you so adamant on slamming a Donald Trump and a Roy Moore over mere allegations? Your husband did a thousand times worse, and you didn’t slam him! Is it just that he finally admitted the Lewinski affair? Is that all it takes to be “better” than others in your book? If that were the case, you would have admitted all of your scandals that are out there, so you could be “better” than other scandals as well…but you haven’t done that.

No, with Hillary Clinton, it’s just politics. Forget the crime, forget the victims, forget women’s rights or anything else…it’s all about which initial follows your name. She doesn’t want to nail Al Franken, even though he SHOULD resign. She wants to impeach Donald Trump, and have Roy Moore lose because of allegations. Nothing more. She’s a very sad woman, and a very poor excuse for a human being, and my only question at this point is, why in the world does anybody still want to pay attention to anything she has to say?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Doin’ The Hillary Shuffle

It’s getting to the point that when Hillary Clinton opens her mouth the first thing I wonder is one of two things….first is how much Chardonnay is going into it… and the second is, what garbage will be coming out of it. Let’s focus on the second point here, shall we? After all, who cares if she ends up a cheap wino?

Still trying to convince the American public (who now 83% feel she is guilty and should be charged with crimes of varying degrees) that she is innocent of everything, Hillary sat down for an interview (and a bottle of Chardonnay? (OOPS! I said I wasn’t going to do that!)) with that titan of the news industry, Mother Jones. I guess she’s already gone through all of the legitimate news outlets already and no one wants to hear any more from her! Anyway, she told Mother Jones that the whole Uranium One story has been debunked countless times by “experts” and that there’s nothing there, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions is just using the Justice Department as a political weapon. Huh?

Yeah…a political weapon. OK, let’s parse, shall we? First of all, what “experts” have debunked the whole Uranium One story? Well, there was Loretta Lynch. She debunked it and refused to prosecute Hillary. There was James Comey. He debunked anything to do with Hillary. There was Bobo Obama. He could have stopped the whole mess regarding Uranium One and selling 20% of our uranium to a Russian controlled company, but didn’t. And who else? Oh! Hillary Clinton! She debunked it too. But she’s the only one still talking about it among those folks. Uranium experts haven’t debunked it at all. Hillary, let’s do, what the Republicans are letting happen with the investigation into Donald Trump and Russian collusion…let’s let a special counsel go for it and see what they find, ok?

Now, let’s look at the second part of that statement. Jeff Sessions is using the Justice Department as a “political weapon”. Hmm. Does that have a familiar ring to it? Was there a recent AG that was accused of that very same thing. Hmm…I’m trying to think of…wait a minute…what about Eric Holder? Wasn’t he found in contempt of Congress for politicizing the Justice Department? Wasn’t he the one that flew to Ferguson, Missouri and met with the rioters and told them he was basically on their side? And what about his successor, Loretta Lynch? No…she wasn’t politicizing the Justice Department by meeting with a former president on the tarmac in Phoenix during a presidential election cycle, was she? I think I forget, but was the former president also married to a current presidential candidate that was under FBI scrutiny for something to do with some email or something? And didn’t that meeting result in the FBI director being told that he should stand down on the whole investigation…that it wasn’t illegal…it was, what was the word…and “event”? Yeah…I think that’s what it was.

Arrest Hillary Clinton now. Throw her in jail. Take all of her family’s ill-gotten gains. Hell, you could pay for the GOP tax cuts being proposed with the illegal money from the Clinton foundation! Throw Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea into the slammer and throw away the key. No Chardonnay for you! Come back…20 years!

Carry on world….you’re dismissed!

(Insert Name Here) Should NOT Be A Senator!

Arizona Senator (Geez, I’m sorry about that, America!), John McCain took to the floor of the United States Senate to tell the world that Judge Roy Moore, the Senate candidate from Alabama that’s trying to win Attorney General, Jeff Sessions’ old seat in Washington, should NOT! be a Senator. Apparently, the allegations of sexual impropriety are more than enough to cause the creaky old guy to not want to play on the same team as Moore, should he be elected. First of all, it’s not up to John McCain. It’s up to the people of Alabama, and John McCain should worry about finishing out his term without assuming room temperature.

But, it got me to thinking about all of the Senators currently in Washington that should NOT be Senators. Here’s the list:

Susan Collins, Maine: One of the more liberal senators in the GOP, she’s no help when it comes to most areas. In fact she votes with Democrats almost as much as Republicans. She’s, thankfully leaving the Senate when her term is up.

Patrick Leahy, Vermont: This is Bernie Sanders’ better half in the Senate. He’s as old as McCain, just not as bright. And frankly, WAY past his prime.

Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts: So, she sits in Teddy Kennedy’s old seat, and she’s trying to teach us all that being an Indian, er Native American, er…wait…white woman(?) is ok as long as you make Kennedy look like a Steve Bannon conservative.

Chris Murphy, Connecticut: Here’s another guy that frankly shouldn’t be in the Senate…just not smart enough to handle the day to day workload. Has nothing to do with politics, has more to do with intelligence quotient.

Chuck Schumer, New York: The Minority Leader in the Senate leaves tons to be desired. Not a very smart person to begin with, and sounds like your typical New Yorker, which basically pisses off the rest of the country.

Kirsten Gillibrand, New York:  I really had to think about this one. I’d MUCH rather have Kirsten in there than her predecessor (Hillary Clinton). But she’s one of the reasons why so many people are leaving The Empire State. Dumb as a box of rocks.

Robert Menendez, New Jersey: Currently just got by on his corruption charge trial…declared a mistrial. Hmm….maybe that does fit with New Jersey!?

Tim Kaine, Virginia: He actually made a really good compliment of a running mate to Hillary Clinton last year. Shoot first, aim later. He puts his foot in his mouth more times than a sloth. And he kind of looks like one too. I’m sure Virginia could do much better!

Lindsay Graham, South Carolina: Here is another politician (there are several) who used to be really good, but stayed around too long. Whatever happened to the notion of “leaving on top”? Lindsay, you need to retire!

Sherrod Brown, Ohio: When this guys was Ohio Secretary of State, he made my wife the first “voter registrar” in the State of Ohio, outside of actual people who’s job it was to do that. She thought that was a big deal…and I guess at the time it was. He’s slid since he got to DC as a Representative, and now a Senator. Way too liberal for Ohio!

Debbie Stabenow, Michigan: Here’s someone that should have stayed in the kitchen baking cookies, and no…that’s not a sexist comment. Much better chef than Senator!

Bob Corker, Tennessee: And apparently, he’s already taken the hint. Thanks Bob!

Lamar Alexander, Tennessee: There aren’t too many states that I think both Senators should leave…Tennessee is one of them. Lamar has never made a good impression.

Dick Durbin, Illinois: He’s one of the most mean-spirited people I think I’ve ever met. Just a very nasty person. He needs to be retired, but he’s from Illinois, and they don’t make a lot of good political decisions over there.

Al Franken, Minnesota: He was a lot better on Saturday Night Live. I also liked him in the Eddie Murphy/Dan Akroyd movie, Trading Places. Not a very smart guy, not a very good politician.

Claire McCaskill, Missouri: She’s been in the Senate for 11 years. Most of that time when you’ve heard of her it’s been tied to negative stories. She won the seat back in 2006 by like 1% of the vote and has been hanging on by the skin of her teeth ever since. Up for re-election next year, and not expected to keep her seat.

Jeff Flake, Arizona: For different reasons, Flake is taking the “Corker Express” and leaving the Senate after next year. He was going to face a very uphill primary fight from Kelli Ward, and word around here is he wasn’t going to win. At least he was smart enough to know when to back out. Oh…yeah…his son was nailed with an animal cruelty charge for killing 21 dogs here in Arizona three years ago.

John McCain, Arizona: He made for one of the worst presidential candidates in US history, and he should have stepped down after that run. He’s been nothing but a blunderbuss ever since!

Diane Feinstein, California: If there was ever a need for an age limit for government service, all you have to do is look at Diane Feinstein. She’s the oldest person in the US Senate currently, and acts like it. Time to retire Diane…San Francisco wants you (and Nancy Pelosi) to come back home!

Lisa Murkowski, Alaska: Most people in the country don’t actually KNOW anybody from Alaska, but out here in the desert, this is where the state moves to when it gets dark for six months (called winter elsewhere). And most people I talk to are really sorry they elected Murkowski. Not at all what they expected.

So…there you go. 20 Senators that probably shouldn’t be in the US Senate. There are 7 Republicans and 13 Democrats on the list. And I didn’t even get to the sex offenders and abusers yet!

Time to drain the swamp, America!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Can We Get Serious About This?

I’ve done a lot of thinking about this whole sexual assault and sexual harassment thing that’s come about recently. It’s not something that’s new. It’s been around since Glog tried to get Glogette into his cave a million years ago. And it certainly isn’t something that politicians, celebrities, and folks seeking to be with the “in crowd” are unfamiliar with.

But if we are being really honest here, we have to ask some difficult questions. Of course, no one in their right mind would feel that a woman should be violated. I abhor the thought of that. There isn’t any situation that would call for anyone of sanity to feel that would be the correct course to take, whether its harassment or assault. But we DO need to look into how these things are played out, and what is and isn’t said about it.

First of all, let’s look at the women. Why is it that a lot of these women that were allegedly violated or at the very least harassed by people like Harvey Weinstein or Roy Moore have waited decades before they came forward? Where were they right after it happened? They will tell you they were scared, or they were busy, or they were actually flattered at the time, but it scarred them for the rest of their lives. Some will claim that they never were able to have a “normal” relationship with a man after it. I’m not sure I buy that. If you are going to wait thirty or forty years before you come forward, and all the proof you have is that you said so, you have no proof. It’s just an allegation, and you can’t prove it. If you can’t prove it, it didn’t happen.

There are many reasons why some of these women are coming forward now. It may be for money. It may be for political purposes (like in Moore’s case), and yes, some of them may be telling the truth. I’m not calling them liars. I’m saying after thirty or forty years, you lose some credibility. I’m sure there were women out there that were absolutely telling the truth, and for whatever reason didn’t say a word. It’s very personal, and it’s very private…I get that. But still, if you choose not to come forward, you must realize the consequences of that inaction. That’s where we are today with it.

On the men’s side, if they did that they’re scum. Again, there’s no real way to prove it after such a long period of time, except he said/she said. Unfortunately, that’s not proof. If Bill Cosby used to drug women to have sex with them, that’s perverse and sick. And yes, he should be punished. I have no idea how you prove that. And if Harvey Weinstein did half the things that people said he did, that’s sick as well. But again, how are you going to prove it? And the same for Roy Moore, and yes…the same with Bill Clinton. Let’s not forget, if we’re going after all of these other public figures for their sexual dalliances decades ago, you have to throw Bill Clinton into the mix, and you have to prosecute him as well.

Frankly ladies, you need to realize if something like this happens to you, you need to come forward sooner rather than later. I just can’t believe you were “too busy with failed relationships” or “afraid you wouldn’t land that big movie role” if you came forward when it happened. It’s called responsibility, and if you want us to clean up society from these scumbags that would do this, you need to do your part and report it now, not thirty years from now.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Too Early To Look At 2020?

Yeah, I know. We haven’t even completed Donald Trump’s first year in office, and already the rumors are flying about who is going to run on both sides of the aisle. Is it too early to look at 2020? Actually, yes…it probably is, but since when has that stopped us from taking a look?

I think on the GOP side, the president will most likely get a primary challenge. He’s pissed off enough people on the right that he most likely will get a few Senators or Governors that throw their hat into the ring. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bob Corker of Tennessee was in that mix, and you know John Kasich, Ohio’s Governor is just itching to get back at Trump, right? I mean, I’m not sure who else is going to run IF (and that’s a pretty big “if”) Trump decides to go for re-election. If he doesn’t, it’ll be an open field both ways, with possibly Mike Pence stepping up to the plate. Other than Pence, I would think you may get Scott Walker running again, and maybe Chris Christie even though he will be out of office for a while (it gives him more time to lose some weight and run).

On the Democrats’ side, I’ve heard rumblings that they are bolstered with new confidence after maintaining the Governor’s mansion in Virginia (weren’t they supposed to win that anyway?), which has become a blue state over the last decade or so. Well, that and taking back the Governor’s position in New Jersey, which is always left-leaning, and it’s a wonder how someone like Chris Christie even got in in the first place. Those aren’t what I would call “red state busters”. Now, if places like Arizona or Utah were to change to a Democrat Governor (though Arizona has been known to do that…the last one was Janet Napalitano), it might shake some heads.

Anyway, I’m hearing that soon to be former Governor Terry McAuliffe may run. Corey Booker, the Senator from New Jersey is a possibility, and you’ve always got the dynamic duo of Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders, and Massachusetts Senator, Elizabeth Warren, now that Hillary is finished in politics.

Early predictions are going to be all over the road as to whether the GOP can hold the White House after four years of Donald Trump or not. Personally, I think a lot of it is going to depend on the economy. I’ve heard a lot of scuttlebutt that the economy is getting set to tank again and pop some bubbles in the stock market. If that’s the case, and it’s as severe as everyone thinks, the Republicans could be in trouble. If however, the economy chugs ahead at a nice pace, and Trump doesn’t start a war with North Korea, and fixes Obamacare and the Tax Code, and also starts building a wall on the southern border…he could want to run again. My early hunch says he’s going to be bored with the job and want to get back to Trump Tower. Just a hunch.

Whatever happens, one thing is for sure…it’s going to be dirty…it’s going to be nasty, and I wouldn’t put it past either side to pull out all the stops.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Al Franken Accused of Sexual Harassment

In keeping with what has become a tradition for Democrats and liberals, Minnesota Senator, Al Franken (D) has been accused of kissing and groping a radio host from KABC radio during a trip to entertain the troops in 2006. The accuser is Leeann Tweeden, who has pictures of Al Franken groping her while she was sleeping, his hands on her breasts. Someone snapped the photo of Franken with a big grin on his face.

Now…if we’re going to get all Cosby on Judge Roy Moore, and call for him to step down in his Senate race because he allegedly (with no proof, just stories) sexually harassed now seven women back in the 1970’s to 1990’s, and Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader is going to say that Moore has no place in the Senate, I’m waiting for liberals to come forward, do the right thing, and demand that Al Franken resign immediately from the United States Senate.

I’ve seen the picture of him groping Tweeden. It’s on YouTube if you want to see the picture and the story. It’s there, plain as day. And it’s not something that took place some forty years ago when sexual harassment, while still not something that was tolerated, was less of an issue than it was today. No, Franken’s misdeed was done just 11 years ago. According to Tweeden, he also had written a script where the two of them would kiss. He tried to rehearse it with her according to the radio host, and when they got to the part where they kiss, he grabbed the back of her neck, pulled her forward and forced a big, wet one on her…tongue included. Eeew!

OK gang…if we’re going to go crazy on Moore, for unproven allegations that he’s said aren’t true, and really there are no photographs or proof of it…just Democrats who are coming forward with tales, then we most assuredly need to come forward and kick Al Franken out of the US Senate.

It’s inexcusable, it’s unprofessional, and yes…it’s criminal. Al Franken needs to go!

There is no defense for this type of behavior. There is only one solution…you boot his ass out of the United States Senate. He has no more credibility, and he has no more room to criticize anybody. He’s scum, it’s proven…and he’s guilty. Get rid of him now!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!