Take A Knee

Browns kneeling

I certainly don’t have a problem with Freedom of Speech. I also don’t have a problem with protest, as long as it’s peaceful. But I’m a realist at heart, and most protests don’t amount to a hill of beans. The latest is the NFL’s (and now MLB’s) “taking a knee” during the playing of the national anthem.

To be honest, I frankly don’t give a rat’s ass if players want to take a knee during the anthem or not. And I don’t agree with Donald Trump that NFL owners should fire those that are doing it. It’s their right as Americans not to participate in the anthem. If I’m going to rail about having the right to spout off my opinions on these pages, I’ve got to give them the right not to stand up like adults for the national anthem. They’ve got every right to do so regardless what the reasoning behind it is (and frankly, most of them don’t have a clue what the reason is!).

That all being said, my big question is “What’s the big deal?” Why are we so concerned that a bunch of overpaid twenty-somethings don’t want to stand at attention while our national anthem is played? I could care less. It’s much better in my mind that they kneel than say, play with their crotch, which is what most of them used to do while they were standing there. And if the NFL wants to back it, and doesn’t care what signal that sends to America, so be it. They are the ones that have their TV ratings in the dumpster this year, and most everywhere I’ve read blames it on Colin Kaepernick, who started the whole thing.

This is no different than going back to the Mexico City Olympics in 1968 when Tommie Smith and John Carlos put their fists in the air during the playing of the national anthem. By the way…it wasn’t the right hand either. Smith used his right hand…Carlos used his left hand. It was the right hand that caught on, meaning “black power”. It died out too.

All of this nonsense should pass. It always does. Protests are fine, and that’s what this is. It isn’t hurting anybody, and yes, it’s a slap in the face of the national anthem, but is it really? Does it really bring our country down? Here’s my prediction. In ten years, nobody will remember Colin Kaepernick, his mother, or his movement any more than we currently remember Tommie Smith or John Carlos. You didn’t remember their names, did you? Be honest…you had to Google them to find out who they were!

Oh…one more thing. Donald Trump saying that the NFL Owners should fire the players that kneel is just idiotic. As a businessman, Trump should realize that the owners are business people, and the players are their employees. They aren’t going to fire highly valued stars and employees just for not standing during the national anthem. These guys didn’t get to be billionaires by being stupid.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


See…You’re Still Here!

I believe I told you Saturday that Christian “numerologist”, David Meade would be wrong. And I believe I also mentioned Saturday that he would come out and say that somehow he screwed up the numbers, and would issue a new day for the end of the world.

Well, he has.

It’s now going to be on October 21st. And now we now HOW the world is going to end, according not to God, but Meade. It’s going to be a collision of epic proportions between Earth and “Planet X”, which will smash into our planet and destroy it. I have absolutely no idea why he couldn’t get the date right on that. NASA typically can predict the exact minute that a spacecraft it launched 25 years ago will leave the solar system bound for deep space. And they don’t have numerologists working for them. I checked!

I guess that Friday, Meade told a Salt Lake City TV station that he was backing off of the Saturday date because he was misunderstood. Okay…we’re all misunderstood from time to time, but the question on my mind this morning is, when someone says, “The world will end on September 23, 2017.”, what is in that statement that can be misunderstood. Oh, you can be WRONG. You can be flipping off your rocker wrong, but there really isn’t anything that can be misunderstood.

Meade goes on to say that October 21, 2017 will now be the day seven years of tribulation and war start. Now wait a minute! If we’re going to be crunched by “Planet X” on October 21st, how in hell is there going to be anybody left to fight a war; much less enough people to fight a seven year war?

And as if NASA wanted to throw a little more ice water on Meade’s version of the end of the world, they say there isn’t a planet anywhere near Earth to collide with us on 10/21/17. Nor has there ever been in our history on this planet. Nor will there be in the future as far out as they can see.

As I predicted (which I guess makes me more of a prognosticator than Meade), he was wrong on Saturday when the world didn’t end, and he will be wrong on October 21st when the world doesn’t end again. Then, he will fade into the dustbin of history, as yet another kook who never learned in Sunday school that you will never know when the Second Coming, or the End Of The World will be here.

And so, on October 22nd, I plan on going out and buying my wife her birthday present…just to be safe. I mean, why go shopping when the Earth is going to end, right?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Can America’s Foreign Policy Work?

Sometimes I have to absolutely laugh at some of the questions that the Gallup Organization comes up with. When you realize that this is the group that actually started polling in politics way, way back about 80 years ago or so, you realize how far they have fallen as a company. But then I read some of the answers that we as Americans give them to their rather inane questions, and I have to wonder who has fallen further, we as a nation or they as a company. I think it’s a toss-up.

The latest poll I saw asked the question if people had “confidence in America’s foreign policy”. 52% said yes. Well, that’s better than most of the polling that takes place there. At least half of the people were engaged enough to answer that question…and frankly I’m thinking half of those people don’t know what foreign policy even is.

That by the way is a HUGE turnaround from where it was in Obama’s last year as president. Only about 20% of the people thought we were going down the right road when it came to foreign policy. That’s because Obama didn’t care about it. It didn’t help spread his socialist agenda. He can’t make America a socialist country if he’s off fighting wars and meddling in other countries’ business!

What this tells me is something the stock market, the employment figures, and the overall economy is telling me. Donald Trump is having an overall positive effect on this country. Now, I’m not saying the guy isn’t a goof ball in a lot of arenas. I’d be the first to say he is. But as a businessman, he understands how to run things, and so far, he’s done a pretty fair job of righting a ship that was listing badly and taking on water after eight years of a failed Obama presidency. His policies have corrected a lot of Obama’s mistakes, and he’s working hard to try and correct the others. That includes the foreign policy circle that Obama thought could be handled with an apology tour or two. Obviously it didn’t work any better than his domestic policy, proving once again, liberalism doesn’t work…it never has…it never will.

When Trump took over and changed the tone of how America was viewed, not through our eyes, but through the eyes of the world, it was very interesting to watch. Liberal countries disdained his views, and his brash style, going so far as to want to not allow him into their country. It’s interesting just nine months in to his first term that he is actually turning those feelings around. Oh, I’m not naïve! I don’t believe for a minute the Democrats will be on his side unless he gives them everything they want (and I’m not saying he’s above doing that!), but he is slowly showing the leadership style that will most likely change politics forever…both domestically, and on foreign soil.

I’m still taking a wait and see attitude with Trump on most issues. He has had problems working with Congress, he’s had a lot of problems taking the lead on the issues he wants to see passed (as did his predecessor!), and his Tweets are really annoying and bothersome. But, I can’t argue with success, and so far, he’s making a lot of progress. We’ll see….we’ll see.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Are We Still Here?


Did you wake up this morning? If so…was the world still here? No, it’s not a joke…and no, the Desert Man didn’t have too much Cactus Juice to drink last night. Today is the day the world is supposed to end. Well, that’s according to Christian numerologist, David Meade anyway. Yeah…that’s a picture of him.


And no…the world is still here. According to Meade, the world is supposed to end today, but he didn’t say what time. He takes his theory from Luke 21:25-26. Here’s the text for you to gaze at:

“25: There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.’

“’26: Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.’

Now, how in the world he comes up with September 23, 2017 from that text is beyond me. But then again, I’ve followed these numerologist, end of times type of people for years with fascination. I was always taught that no man knows when the end of the world is coming. I think it was Matthew 24:36 if my Bible memory serves me correctly that said: 36“But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son,f but only the Father.

Well, unless the addled mind of David Meade is actually The Father, I don’t think he has a clue. And this stuff has gone on for ages.

Why in the world people pay homage to guys like this is beyond me. Look, if the world is going to end today, it’s going to end today. It’s kind of like my whole argument against climate change. The world has a lot of powers that we as mortal men and women just don’t have. Yeah, we can make nuclear weapons…and the earth itself can be more devastating than that. Don’t believe me? Just ask the people of Puerto Rico or Mexico City!

And yes…I get it that I just gave this idiot more attention by drawing this to your attention. That didn’t escape my mind either. But the truth of the matter is, that if you woke up this morning, the odds are drastically in your favor that you will go to bed tonight and the world will still be spinning, and David Meade will be telling the world tomorrow that he must have had some sort of miscalculation in his numerology, and he’ll come up with a NEW date somewhere in the future. It always happens that way. And when that doesn’t work, he’ll fade into oblivion…just like the thousands of people that have pulled this crap before him.

So, enjoy the day. And rejoice. You’ll most likely be around to enjoy tomorrow!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!



I Am SO Sorry…America!

On behalf of the 6.4 million people that call The Grand Canyon State home, I apologize, America. I am terribly sorry. My adopted home state of Arizona has let you down, and we bear the shame and the agony of it. Here in the desert, we weep this morning. We cry at the thought of what we have done.

We must and I will apologize for the traitor that is John McCain.

This sorry excuse for flesh decided that he was going to turn his back on the two million people in this country that need individual healthcare, and now can’t get it. He shunned the people that needed him the most after we voted him back into office even though he was a doddering old man that couldn’t think straight. He told the world yesterday that political procedure is more important than the lives of people that he potentially has ruined because they have nowhere to turn for healthcare insurance. And yes…I am one of those people.

To John McCain I say, you are no hero. You may have spent time in a POW camp during the Vietnam War, and you may have come home when those that served with you didn’t, but you sir, are NO hero. You are a traitor to the millions that voted for you. You are a traitor to the American people. You campaigned on the promise of “repealing Obamacare”, and yet, twice you have been the deciding factor in ruining that promise to the voters that have trusted you and given you a charmed life. You are despicable. You are a flea, and don’t deserve to be called a United States Senator. You have lost the trust of every voter in this state, and if you think you can not only beat cancer but run for re-election and win, you best had take a look at what happened to someone only less than a year older than you…Joe Arpaio…who pushed the envelope too far and stayed too long. The same is going to happen to you.

No, America, I weep as I say this. Arizona made a HUGE mistake when we re-elected him to Congress for his third term. I apologize on behalf of this state for his idiocy, for his lack of foresight, and for his ill-gotten position. I apologize for his lazy run at the White House in 2008. I apologize for everything this person stands for because he is no friend of America. He is as much a traitor as Beau Bergdahl or Chelsea Manning. He is a Judas. And I for one apologize to you that yes…I voted for him. We would have been better off having some liberal snowflake in his chair. At least we would have known that we were dealing with a liberal snowflake and not a diamondback rattler in sheep’s clothing!

I hope you can forgive me America. For John McCain is no hero. John McCain is not an honest man. And John McCain has helped ruin America. He is scum.


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Climate Change Models “Wrong”

After continued bashing that we’re destroying the planet by taking Jimmy to his soccer games and Jenny to her dance classes, the left is about to be bashed themselves. British studies are showing that all of the “climate change” crap that Al Gore, Barack Obama, and the Hollywood snowflakes are throwing out there is wrong.

The computer models they used are flawed.

The study, authored by Myles Allen of Oxford University has stated that the models the world’s scientists have used for the past decade to show that everything is going to hell in a handbasket are off. Allen claims his research shows that actually, without doing anything more than what we are already doing, we meet the Paris Accord goals…which is pretty amazing.

Now, the left is also trashing the report, as you guessed they probably would. This is the latest hole in the side of their ship that calls into question scientific methods regarding Global Change Warming Climate. And really, when you look at it, it makes all the sense in the world. According to Allen, the earth warms and cools (that’s where the “climate” comes in), and we are having less impact than originally thought because we are polluting less than originally thought thanks to the growth of renewable energy (which is never a bad thing), and the earth itself fluctuating back toward a cooling period. The result is less of what the snowflakes have been crying WOLF about for the past ten years, and more sane, realistic, and yes, scientific research.

Allen doesn’t get into the Desert Man’s theory that earth does all of this on her own and that there really isn’t anything we can do to change her weather and climactic cycles. No scientist has been able to answer the question of why there were ice ages long before man came along, and how they also were able to remediate themselves and get us back to a more normal temperature. One would think that if the earth had no power to cleanse itself, we would be living in a Neptune-like ice block. Or at the very least, a larger version of Pluto. Such is not the case. Man shouldn’t pollute. That’s always been a cry I’ve subscribed to. We are, after all, shepherds of this world as long as we are here. But that doesn’t mean we have to go back to living in caves killing off all of the cows because of their farting.

And the left can’t in reality explain why a “carbon tax” actually helps anything. Oh, if they want to pay it, they can certainly make that donation, I’m not going to stop them. But I’m not paying anything more than my fair share (as the IRS says we shouldn’t do!). That’s a ridiculous “cure” for which there is no disease. And science is disproving their notions and silly power grabbing ideas every single day.

No my friends, the global climate change movement is slowly dying out. Like the “Resist” movement, it is finding out that nothing in liberalism works. It always falls apart, and never succeeds. You’d figure the smartest people in the world would be able to figure that one out. Guess they aren’t so smart after all!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Truth About What Hillary’s Latest Book REALLY Does

So, Hillary Clinton’s book has been out for a few days. It climbed to #1 in sales at Amazon with a lot of help. Amazon (along with pretty much every other retailer) slashed the price from $30 to $18. And, Amazon has been accused by its “verified purchasers” of deleting all of the negative comments (and there were a ton). So, what good has Hillary’s book done?

Not much.

Aside from putting her back in the spotlight, continuing to bitch about her stunning loss because of her total incompetence as a political candidate (actually she blames everyone BUT herself for the loss), all it has done is drive a wedge in the snowflake party.

Democrats all over the place have joined Republicans in bashing the book. While the GOP says it’s a bunch of hogwash and frankly, SHE is the reason for the loss, not James Comey, or the Russians, or Bernie Sanders, or White Women who didn’t vote for Hillary, or Barack Obama…did I leave anybody out?, Dems are screaming that she shut up and get off the stage. And they are right.

All Hillary is doing at this point is trying to stay in the spotlight. She doesn’t want to believe that her “lifelong dream of becoming the first woman president” is over and smashed. I get that. I kinda feel sorry for her (not really). After all, how many prominent snowflakes have watched their dream of living in the White House fail recently (you’ve got Al Gore, John Kerry, and Hillary). But while she’s crying in her Cabernet over the loss, the Dems are trying to rebuild the party she shattered, and don’t want her involved. They are trying to find new leadership. They are trying to raise money to help fund candidates’ races. They are trying to friggin’ FIND candidates who actually can win. They are having a tough time with all of that for a myriad of reasons, and Hillary getting any press doesn’t help them at all.

In fact, Hillary has been called the Democrats’ version of David Duke. You don’t want any endorsements from the person, and you don’t want them anywhere near your campaign. They are poison. Well, that’s the position Hillary Clinton is in. Dems the country over would love it if she stayed in her drunken stupor in Chappaqua.

Throw another monkey wrench into the mix. Hillary was being interviewed on No Pants Radio (NPR for you non-radio types), and mentioned that IF Donald Trump was found to have colluded with the Russians as she claims, she would challenge the election results.


You read right. IF Robert Mueller finds out that Trump DID collude with the Russians, Hillary wants to challenge the election results. Forget the fact that she has already conceded. Forget the fact it’s going to be two or three years into his presidency. Forget the fact there is nothing in the Constitution that allows it. She will not give up her screaming and bitching, even if it means the end of the Democrat Party. In fact, as the “Resist” movement continues to crumble with Washington snowflakes working with the president on differing issues, Hillary is out there screeching that it should continue. Her hatred for Trump is unparalleled in politics! And coming from the Clintons, I don’t’ think anybody is surprised!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!