Have We Expected Too Much?

Let’s take a look at something Mitch McConnell said recently in his home state of Kentucky. The Majority Leader in the US Senate said that he felt the American people were kind of mis-led by the aggressiveness of all of the things Donald Trump said he was going to do if elected president. And when you look at a body that is lucky to get one major piece of legislation passed each year, they had no chance of doing three or four.

Trump said on the campaign trail he was going to a) replace and repeal Obamacare. That took seven months so far and he has nothing to show for it; b) build a wall on the southern border and make Mexico pay for it, while kicking out 11 million illegal aliens. That hasn’t even really come up on the radar yet, but illegal immigration has slowed to a trickle with just the threat; c) fix the tax code and make it fair for businesses to do business here rather than ship jobs overseas, and give middle America a tax break. We have to wait and see on that one. They were going to use savings from Obamacare to help pay for a tax break, but that hasn’t happened; d) resume our position of leadership in the world by getting out of the Trans Pacific Partnership (or renegotiating it), renegotiating NAFTA, and dumping both the Paris Accord (which he has already done), and the Iran Nuclear Deal (which he just affirmed for another 90 days).

Whew. I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty full plate for a congress that spent six years not even able to pass a friggin’ budget! I’d be happy if that stuff was accomplished all in his first term, not just his first year. So the question remains, did we Americans expect too much out of Donald Trump and congress?

My thought is yes.

We really need to realize that the Republicans aren’t the cohesive group we thought we elected. They are more diverse and widespread in their opinions than the Dems are. I seriously doubt you would be able to get the Republicans in this congress to band together like they did against Obamacare and not have one Republican vote for the bill in either the House or the Senate. Some schlub somewhere along the way would vote the wrong way. Both parties are dysfunctional in a variety of ways, but it seems the GOP is having a much tougher time keeping the troops in line. They are too often wanting to go chase butterflies instead of getting work done.

What we really need is a strong leader in both the House and the Senate and my hunch is we have politicians, not statesmen or leaders in both positions. Having said that, we have to play the hand we are dealt, and frankly I don’t know who I’d rather have in those positions on the Hill. But the end analysis is, you need a group that is cohesive. We don’t have that in the GOP, and we need it. Were we too aggressive in our wish list? Probably…after all…we are dealing with people who decided to be politicians, so we know they’re not the smartest bulbs in the box!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

I Think I Know The Problem…

One of the things that I’ve been wracking what’s left of my addle-minded brain with is what in hell is the problem in Washington, DC? We’ve gone for over 240 years with the same type of government, and all of a sudden it’s dysfunctional? I don’t think so. There has to be something wrong, and after a rare tweet from Donald Trump (tongue firmly planted in cheek), I think I’ve found the problem…

It’s Congress.

It’s not Trump. It wasn’t Obama (though he still sucked as president), and it’s not the liberal judges on the appellate courts. It’s Congress. That is the crux of the problem we are seeing in DC right now. Let me explain.

I saw a Trump Tweet over the weekend that said that the problem was Congress should be paying for what the rest of America is paying for. He was talking about healthcare, and he’s right. He was making the argument that if Obamacare is hurting normal, everyday Americans (and it undeniably is), then it should also hurt the insurance companies, and it should also hurt the people that passed the law (that would be Congress). I couldn’t agree more.

In fact, in the recent past I’ve said that Congress should be blown up and start anew…not blown up in a physical sense, but in a sense that we need to fix the problem. I’ve landed on one fact…Congress is what’s corrupt. Congress takes the lobbyists, not the courts, and not the president. Congress gets the perks that the other branches don’t get. And Congress gets off the hook because they always exempt themselves from laws that are passed for the rest of us. I say, NO MORE!

If it’s good enough for the American people, it should be good enough for Congress. And if it’s not good enough for us, then why are they shoving it down our throats? Too often we hear of Congress getting special deals, able to have great pensions, getting paid a lot of money for working basically part-time. And we don’t have a thing to say about it. Well, we should. We need to start fresh.

We can only do that actually through a C.O.S. or Convention Of States. That’s where the states call for a Constitutional Convention. Now, it’s risky, because when you do that, you open up not just fixing Congress, but you open up the entire constitution to being re-written. But I think it’s worth the risk at this point. We can add to the constitution term limits for those in Congress. We can add that Congress only gets to work for us, without any perks or added benefits unless they give all of those benefits to each and every American citizen. We can add that they live together in dorm-style housing. They can eat in dorm-style cafeterias, or better still…they can do their bidding from their home offices on computers. They don’t even have to waste out money flying back and forth to DC. That’s why we have WiFi, and telephones, and email now.

It’s worth a thought. It also would take care of lobbyists because who wants to visit every state just to talk to two Senators? Think about it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Our “Do Nothing” Congress

Have we as a nation reached a point where our elected leaders are afraid to do anything? I’m beginning to think that’s the case, and has been for some time. We The People are just getting around to seeing it. And I’m not talking one side of the aisle or the other here. I’m talking both sides. Let me explain.

Over the past eight years, when Obama was in the White House, and Harry Reid ran the Senate for much of the time, the Senate never ever passed one budget…which is their fiscal duty to do every year. The reason? They weren’t going to saddle Obama with spending limits that he didn’t want. They basically passed continuing resolutions over and over again, and would fund things individually anytime they wanted to. But as far as actually doing something big? The last “big thing” the US Senate did was Obamacare back in 2009.

It hasn’t changed. The Republicans railed against Obamacare since its passage. It has never been a popular bill in the country, and even today, seven years later, it struggles to get to 50% acceptance. The GOP ran for the House and the Senate saying they needed the majority in order to repeal Obamacare. That got them the House in 2010’s election, and added the Senate four years later. Both victories came on the promise to repeal Obamacare (which was later amended to “repeal and replace”). So, since that time, the GOP has had a very aggressive agenda. They wanted to take care of healthcare, tax reform, and immigration reform this year alone. That was a big bite to take, and it looks like they may not get any of it accomplished.

And that leads to the problem in Washington. It’s not the Democrats. It’s not the Republicans. It’s both parties. They are afraid to change the status quo regardless what it is. They realize that if they do what has been promised, the folks in DC all lose power and influence, and for most of them, that’s why they are there.

It’s time for the elected people in Washington, the people that WE employ, to put their own feelings aside and do what they have promised us they wanted to do. There is no excuse for Republicans not voting for the repeal of Obamacare. I don’t care if they EVER replace it. Go back to what we had. 95% of Americans didn’t feel anything in the insurance industry was very broken anyway. And since when do we pass laws and change everybody’s life for 5%? Yeah…that’s what I thought.

Do you really think the GOP has the cuervos to pass a tax reform bill that the voters are going to like? Do you really think the GOP is going to follow that up with passing an immigration reform bill that solves the immigration woes of this country? I frankly don’t think they have it in them to pass a budget, much less a debt ceiling increase. You’ve got people like Susan Collins, Rand Paul, and Lisa Murkowski sitting in the Senate that aren’t team players…they are just happy to get some attention. And they all need to be thrown on the garbage heap and tossed out of DC. You are either on the team or you are against the team in these cases. Either they start working and doing the jobs we elected them to do, or maybe we need to re-write the constitution so it’s not so cushy to become a Representative or Senator any longer!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Ready For….Maxine???

Maxine Waters

I was as surprised as you were. Maxine Waters is running for president? Really? Let’s examine this in detail, shall we?

First of all, Maxine Waters is one of the dumbest members of congress that exists. Yes, she’s the ranking Democrat member of the House Financial Services Committee. That sounds impressive until you understand that you don’t have to know squat to be on that committee. You are assigned by your party’s leadership. And you don’t have to know squat to be the ranking member…just be there longer than any other person from your party.

Second, she’s 78 years old. And today, she’s going to be visiting New Hampshire and attending a picnic so she can hobnob with Democrats from the state. Third, she’s about as anti-Trump as you can get. If you thought the last presidential election stooped to new lows, wait until she becomes the Dems’ nominee! And that will, I assure you, hand Donald J. Trump a re-election in a landslide. This woman is only electable in her district in California, maybe in New York City and Massachusetts. Other than that, she’s pretty much toxic everywhere else in the country.

So, why is Maxine Waters thinking of running for president? I personally think it’s because she saw Trump win, and decided that because she hates him so much, she feels if he could get elected, I could get elected. So, in that addled state of mind, she has decided to throw herself into the fray. Frankly, I’m not sure she has the energy for it. She would become the oldest person ever elected president if she were to make it through the gauntlet, and as we have seen with Hillary this past year, a campaign has a way of really taxing a candidate to the point of passing out. It might just kill Maxine.

This is one reason why the Democrats are in the state they’re in. They have people that should be retiring thinking about running for president. They need new leadership. They need new blood. They need to find a way to get back the blue collar white voters that they lost to Donald Trump last November. Maxine Waters isn’t going to be able to do that. She may be passionate about her beliefs, and I give her credit for that, but when it comes to reality, she’s got as much chance of winning the White House as I do.

And so, it has begun. Roughly seven months into Trump’s reign as president, the Dems are already lining up to try and unseat him. And of course, everyone knew that would happen, right? I mean, no one is surprised. The only surprise should be that it wasn’t Elizabeth Warren, or Cory Booker or even that upstart Senator from Cali, Kamala Harris. One would have thought any of them would be considering a jaunt down Pennsylvania Avenue first.
The more things change…the more things stay the same.

Of course, yesterday, Mad Maxine decided to let the world know that after 48 hours of deriding her decision to visit New Hampshire, she was “just joking” about a presidential run. Yeah, right. Either that or she realized she’d be laughed out of existence. Nice try, Maxy Baby!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Take Two Weeks Off And The Place Goes To Hell!

Geesh! A guy can’t even take a couple of weeks’ vacation without the country falling apart! As I leave, I’m hearing reports of Donald Trump Junior colluding with the Russians, but not really because it had nothing to do with the campaign, even though he thought at the time that it did, and on the way back I’m hearing the Republicans in congress are ready to finally pass “Better Health Care”, and then they’re not, and then it’s alive, and then it’s dead. What the hell people!?

OK, let’s first tackle the Donny Trump issue. First of all, every lawyer in the country that I’ve heard speak on this subject says that there wasn’t any crime committed. It wasn’t “collusion”, it wasn’t illegal, and it certainly wasn’t “treason” as Tim Kaine wants to point out…more on that in a minute. My question is, why in hell was Donald Trump Jr. even thinking about meeting with a Russian in the first place? I know it was to get dirt on Hillary (or at least that was the premise), but let’s get real here. You don’t pull crap like that and get away unscathed! Not when you’re the son of the candidate!

On to Tim Kaine. What kind of idiot is this guy? He says to a national press grouping that Donald Trump Jr. may have committed treason??? Is he even sane enough to be in congress? Thank God that Hillary didn’t win, because we’d have this snowflake to deal with as the number two guy in charge. I can’t even begin to think that he’s cogent enough to be elected as a US Senator from Virginia! That isn’t helping my view of Virginians by the way!

OK, on to “Better Health Care”. This is a cluster from the word go. First the GOP screams for seven years that they want to repeal Obamacare. Then they start adding the word “replace” to the mix because they realize that in order to repeal it, they need to have both houses, with 60 seats in the Senate, and the presidency. Then when it comes time to actually do something about it, people like Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski and Maine’s Susan Collins decide that even though they voted for repealing Obamacare in 2015, somehow THIS time around they can’t do it. Are you kidding me? Both of them should be facing some rather extreme primary fights when they are up for re-election. And where was the deal making? I thought our president was “The Art of the Deal”? What deals did he try and make? The answer is none. He sat back and said he’d be very disappointed if he didn’t get healthcare fixed. Well, tough bananas. Now you’ve got Bupkis.

I’m beginning to wonder whether the GOP didn’t want to repeal healthcare all along. I’m starting to think that it was some big lie to get majorities in the House and Senate, and to get the White House back. They’re really willing to eat this monstrous abortion of a healthcare plan we’ve been saddled with. And that is too bad…because the GOP is our only option to keep our country from going over the financial cliff. You know what comes next, right? I mean, the next step is for Obamacare to fail, and then for the Democrats to scream that we can’t let that many people die…the government needs to step in and go to a single payer healthcare system. Then we are in the same boat as our poor veterans trying to get medical attention and waiting two years to have a hangnail removed! God save us all!

I think I need to go back on vacation!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

It’s GOT To Stop!

Yeah, lately I’ve been on sort of a rant about the media, and the left and their vitriolic rhetoric and hate speech. Today, we shift gears. Today we talk about Donald Trump. See, it’s not just the left’s fault. Oh, trust me, a LOT of it is, but it’s also the fault of some (not all) of those on the right. And Donald J. Trump heads that list.

This guy loves to tweet because he says it gives him direct access to the public without having to go through a very liberal, very biased media. That is certainly true. But the thing Trump doesn’t understand is that sometimes…no, a LOT of the time, he needs a filter. He needs to have someone read his tweets before he hits the “send” button. I know that’s the unadulterated way on how he feels, but it’s not the way a president should be talking. It’s partly because of that you get idiots like Pelosi and Schumer spouting off their brand of hate-speech, which granted is 100 times worse than what Trump is saying, truth or not.

Basically, if Washington is going to cure this country’s problem of division, you aren’t going to do it by being on “Team Scalise” as Pelosi said at the charity baseball game the other night. You’re only going to do it by coming together and stop the in-fighting. Now, that’s going to be toughest for the Dems because that is really their only weapon, at least until next election. Trump has to, in his own mind, fight the Russian investigation, the obstruction of justice investigation, the media that’s out to get him, and the left in order to get his message out. But there are better ways. Every other president has used the “Bully Pulpit” and gone directly to the American public with TV speeches. Trump could certainly do an Oval Office speech telling everyone that he is going to stop using Twitter and start being “normal”. That would be a big first step in this. And he needs to do it sooner rather than later.

The media isn’t going to change until they are forced to. The only thing they understand are ratings, and unless we all stop watching news channels and the networks, they are going to get wilder and wilder and push the envelope as Megyn Kelly has shown. That is the only thing they listen to. Stop watching and listening to them, and watch how they change.

But it’s got to start somewhere, and I think if Trump were to quit Twitter and say that he’s doing it because that’s HIS part in all of this, it would be a big first step. Then the pressure goes to the snowflakes to change their behavior, and if they don’t, you bring out the finger pointing every time they spew their hate. You point at them and call them snowflakes, and tell them what ugly people they are and you do it in front of the TV cameras. You go on the talk shows and tell the hosts how biased they are. They’ll get the message soon enough. And of course, what I said the other day about slapping a $10,000,000 fine on any cable channel or network or newspaper that is spewing fake news, and banning the reporter from ever working in the industry again, would be a good second step.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Pelosi On The Way Out?

Wow! The rumors in DC are flying after Jon Ossoff’s loss to Karen Handel in the Georgia 6th Congressional District Special Election earlier this week! And the rumors don’t appear to be good for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

Pelosi, who many feel is actually from another planet and not San Francisco, came out swinging saying that she relishes a good battle, and no one is going to take away her leadership role. Meanwhile, other Democrats are starting to rumble that they’ve heard enough from the Wicked Witch of the West, and think it’s time for the leadership mantle to be passed to someone younger, more vibrant, someone who understand English, and maybe is from planet Earth.

The Republicans, both in the White House and on Capitol Hill are screaming that both Chuck Schumer in the Senate and Nancy Pelosi in the House should stay in their current positions. Their left-wing, snowflake ramblings are increasing the Republicans’ chances of keeping both the House and Senate next year. But after four stunning defeats and throwing almost $100,000,000 at four special elections, Democrats are worried their war chest is going to be depleted next year when THEY need to run for re-election!

Overall, having Nancy Pelosi leave the House would be akin to having Harry Reid leave the Senate. It would be a situation that would enable the House to get back to politics, and not the mean-spirited, over-blown, old-fashioned, boring messaging that has plagued the Dems for 25 years now. All you hear on Capitol Hill these days is how “mean” the Republican Senate plan is on Obamacare’s replacement. No, actually folks, what is “mean” is the fact that your healthcare insurance has risen by an average of $5,000 per family in the last three years, and that you are being FORCED to buy it. THAT is mean. And, as we all know, THAT is also collapsing. But the Democrats won’t take the fall for that because they say the Republicans are letting it happen. Actually the snowflakes knew it would happen when they passed it. They just mis-calculated that they would be out of office and couldn’t either thrown more money at it, or run to a single-payer healthcare system when it collapsed.

But getting back to Nancy Pelosi, she is the real reason the House will stay in the GOP’s hands. Every time she speaks, the Republican coffers grow. Every time she gets in front of a microphone, an independent decides to join the GOP ranks. She’s the best recruiting tool the Republicans have had since Ronald Reagan.

To lose Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer at this point would be a travesty for the Republicans because it would mean the snowflakes have figured out that they reason they are losing all of the races that they are losing is because they have an antiquated message that doesn’t resonate with America. Well, that and Nancy being from another planet…

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!