Dems 0 For 2 In Post Trump Elections

I know that it’s only two elections, and I know that they’re in pretty red districts to begin with. What I find interesting in the two post-Donald Trump special elections to replace house members that took administration jobs is that the Democrats in both cases were bragging that they were ready to take back the house in 2018, and these two elections were going to make it their “red line in the sand”. It turned out that the “red line in the sand” played as well with the Democrats as it did with Barack  Obama.


Last week, you’ll remember, Kansas State Treasurer, Ron Estes beat Democrat James Thompson for Mike Pompeo’s former seat in the House of Representatives. It was fairly close seeing how it was a very red district, but the Democrats were hoping to flip this seat, and failed. They failed again this week in Georgia, Jon Ossoff failed to get the necessary 50% of the vote in the primary, forcing a runoff for the seat vacated by Tom Price. Democrats had thrown literally tons of money at this race, with their goal to get Ossoff over the 50% mark so he could win the seat outright. In Georgia, they have open primaries, with the top two going to a run-off election if no candidate gets 50% or more of the vote. Ossoff had an incredible backing from Hollywood, who shoveled millions of dollars into the district. Ossoff will face Karen Handel, a Republican, on June 20th’s special election.  In this one, the seat hasn’t been blue since the Carter administration era, and no seat has flipped in their primary system (meaning the off-party wins the primary outright) since 1872. For the Dems to think he was going to get over 50% was foolhardy. He did very well, beating 11 Republicans who split the vote, and came in with 48.1%. But the chances of him beating Handel in June are slim.


Now, if you listen to Democrats, they are saying what you’d expect them to say. The Trump steamroller in November was because they had a very weak candidate (they did), and because no one went out to vote (which was true as well). But the fallacy in their argument is that come next year, they are going to be able to pick up 25 seats in the House, simply because it’s an off-year election (and that usually picks up seats for the party out of power…though not always!).


You have to take both of these special elections for what they are…Democrat losses. There’s another one coming up that will most likely bear the same results. The interesting thing is, this week’s primary in Georgia hit at the same time Trump’s approval numbers crossed the 50% barrier, and over 72% of the people polled said they approve of his foreign policy moves (thank you, North Korea!).


In all likelihood, there will be a lot of movement between now and next year. Whether or not the Dems are able to snatch 25 seats remains to be seen. If they aren’t able to, it’s going to be a LONG four years for them, and you’re going to hear them screaming for Bernie Sanders to run again in 2020!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Apparently, GOP Not ONLY Party Divided!

To listen to the mainstream snowflake networks on TV talk, you would think the GOP is falling apart. They can’t agree on healthcare; there’s infighting in the White House between Steve Bannon and probably everybody else; Reince Priebus is about to leave because he can’t get along with anyone. It’s just a mad house. It’s a wonder how the Republicans ever got elected!


Apparently, they aren’t the ONLY party having Kumbaya problems these days!


The Dems are up in arms themselves. They have a faction, we’ll call it the BS Faction (for Bernie Sanders), that thinks the more socialist you get the better and you’ve got the more mainstream faction (we’ll call that the Schumer Faction…obviously for Chuck “The Forehead” Schumer) at odds about a lot, including what happened this past Tuesday in Kansas.


In case you missed that one, in one of the reddest congressional districts in the country, Ron Estes, a Republican took Mike Pompeo’s former House seat when he became CIA Director. He defeated a Democrat named James Thompson, who campaigned more like a Republican than a Democrat, calling for a more protection of the constitution, less gun control, you know…all of the things no one would equate with being a liberal Democrat. He never mentioned during the campaign that he was pro-abortion, pro-big government, pro-high taxes, pro-immigration. And he lost by seven points.


In their typical crying and screaming rant, the BS Faction blamed the House Democrats’ campaign arm (the DCCC) for the loss stating that they didn’t throw enough money into the campaign and that they went into the campaign figuring they were going to lose. That’s not the attitude to take, they screeched. Meanwhile, the DCCC said they didn’t do anything wrong, and that it wasn’t that Thompson could have won anyway. It’s the BS Faction that feels that someone like a Thompson should be a shoo-in next year when Estes has to run for re-election! If ONLY the Democrats would help ALL of their candidates, even the grass-root variety.


What the BS Faction seems to miss in all of this is that there are finite amounts of money for these types of campaigns, and there are 435 campaigns to run across America. And if they actually had the money to throw $10 million at all of them, they would, but they don’t. They have to pick and choose. Which actually is smart. I mean, if the GOP decided to thrown $10 million at Nancy Pelosi’s seat, do you think they’d win in uber-left San Francisco? You could throw $10 BILLION at that and never succeed. You have to take the demographics into account. When you’re dealing with the reddest of the reds, or bluest of the blues, somebody in your party has to realize you’re not going to succeed and move on. That’s what happened.


But it’s interesting to see that the Dems aren’t that much different as far as infighting than the Republicans are. The only thing is, you’re not going to read about it in the tarnished New York Times, or the Washington Post. You’re not going to see it on CNN or on CBS. The mainstream snowflake media isn’t going to put something on that shows them losing…haven’t they already lost enough? Think of the children!!!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Dems Floundering, Leaderless

You would expect that if your political party got swamped in the recent presidential election, and you were supposed to re-take the United States Senate but didn’t, that you’d probably be rudderless for a while. That seems to be exactly what’s happen to the Democrats right now. They’re floundering and that’s being kind.

The Hill recently did a poll of Democrats and asked them who was the leader of their party. The winner was “No One”, with 40% of the vote. Bobo Obama got 15% and was in second place. Bernie Sanders, who’s not even a Democrat was third with 12%. Elizabeth Warren picked up 11% and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton got 10%. What was amazing was the minority leaders in both the House and the Senate failed to get a single vote in the survey.

And it goes deeper. When asked who they want to be their party’s standard bearer in the 2020 election, once again, it was “None of the above” winning out with 45% of the vote. The rank and file want someone new, someone unheard of, someone fresh. Coming in second with 14% of the vote was again, Bernie Sanders…who’s not even a member of their party. Michelle Obama was third with 11%, Warren had 9% and Clinton 8%. Then came a smattering of liberal celebrities (possibly playing off Trump’s election?) including Oprah Winfrey, Mark Cuban, and a few lesser known folks, like my mailman.

This survey is very telling in the fact that the Democrats are totally lost in the wilderness at this point. Oh, don’t get me wrong, they will find a leader, and they will find someone to rally around. It just won’t be someone you’re currently thinking would be one that would want to run for president in 2020. And in a way, I feel for them. At the moment, the Dems are rudderless, powerless, leaderless, and adrift. They don’t know if they want to tack to the left or to the right, or stay in the middle. And they have no one on the scene that is able to rally the troops and get them excited. That’s the major problem. There is no one out there that is looking good to anyone. It’s obvious by the lack of attention they’re getting that Chuck Schumer, minority leader in the Senate, and Nancy Pelosi, minority leader in the House are part of the antiquated group Democrats would like to see retired. And besides Sanders, who will be 78 come 2020, and Elizabeth Warren, who is popular with the uber-left, but not so much with mainstream Dems, the only name that really comes to mind would be Cory Booker, the senator from New Jersey. But he came in with only 3% in the recent poll, and while he’s young and energetic, is he moving the party at all? Most doubt that.

There WILL be someone to step up in 2020, on that we can be sure. We just don’t know who it is yet. Hell, it might be my mailman after all!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Melting Snowflakes?

Donald Trump unveiled a $1.5 Trillion budget yesterday, and as predictable, the snowflakes on Capitol Hill melted. Not just a little…they went ballistic. Now, I won’t say that their comments weren’t valid, because according to their belief system they were. I AM saying that Trump is on the right road to what a government SHOULD be…which is nothing like what the snowflakes WANT it to be.

The budget basically cuts a lot of domestic social spending in favor of the military and a down payment on “the wall”…the border wall between Mexico and the US. The “down payment” is going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.5 Billion over the next year with $2.6 billion over the year in 2018. This will not achieve a total wall, and no, I didn’t see where Mexico was going to pay for it. But for Trump, it was going to accomplished.

Let’s be real here, shall we? The US budget should be based on what the taxes bring in, minus the expenditures the government makes. It SHOULD be a zero-sum, meaning that what you bring in, you spend. Not more, not less. Unfortunately that’s not the way the Democrats like to work. They think they should be able to spend a ton of money and not worry about the consequences. Sorry, I worry about the consequences.

Trump is projecting an increase in military spending, which is needed after Obama decimated the military and asked them to do more with nothing. We have so much that needs fixed in our military, Obama should be brought up on treason charges because of it! Second, we need to cut back somewhere. Obama wanted so much to go to his union buddies and those that supported him, he was oblivious to the actual numbers and what it was doing to the actual federal debt. That’s why his federal debt doubled, and he now holds the record for the largest federal debt increase in US history. What a Bozo!

Trump is getting back to a more business-like approach. Yes, it’s going to piss off the Dems because they think nothing of raising the federal debt, or the amount of spending, as long as they can “buy” voters. Trump is more realistic with this, and that’s very much needed and a good thing. He approaches it like a businessman and there isn’t a Dem out there, regardless of how liberal they are that can argue with a balanced budget! He hasn’t touched Social Security. He hasn’t touched Medicare or Medicaid. So bring it on, Snowflakes…your lame argument about “the poor” being hurt because of this budget is wrong in so many ways.

Are there cuts in social programs? Damn right there are. There should be. Why, after all, should I help fund a redistribution of wealth? No…I don’t buy that. I earned what I earned. I help who I want to help in terms of charity and I don’t want the government telling me whom I should help! I probably give more to charity than any of the Snowflakes do, so get off my case!

And that is that when it comes to the budget. Accept it. Deal with it, and if you don’t like, you should have voted in November. If not, you lost, be a grown up and deal with it, just like I had to do over the last eight years…your whining is getting very annoying!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Being Consistent On Healthcare Law

It’s one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen it for quite a while. If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know I’m a consistency guy. You can’t be for something one minute because your party is for it, and then when the other party wants to do the same thing, be against it. That’s inconsistency. And at the moment, that’s the snowflake party. And by the way, that’s NOT to say the GOP is blameless in this…they do it too!

If I were to ask you for the most famous quote you’ve ever heard out of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, what would it be? You’d probably answer that its that famous line from the 2009 debates over Obamacare, “We have to pass the bill in order to find out what’s in the bill.” And you’d be right.

So, why is Nancy Pelosi NOW saying, “We have a right to know what’s in the healthcare bill before it passes!” Seems a little inconsistent doesn’t it? Are they any of you out there that can truly defend this statement as being consistent with the first statement?

And now you know what gets me pissed off about political parties, but it seems that the snowflakes are more in tune to this than the GOP. The Democrats are the ones that told the Republicans back in 2009 that they had to “give Barack Obama a chance”, yet when it comes to Donald Trump, they don’t want to do anything of the sort. This is the party that Harry Reid was in charge of in the Senate when he re-wrote the rules to include the “nuclear option”, whereby the left could approve Obama appointees (except Supreme Court justices) with a mere majority vote, not the usual 60 votes needed to shut down any filibuster. Yet, now the same party is up in arms when the Republicans use it to get Trump’s people through.

And it’s the same party that used every tactic in the book, and even wrote some new ones to pass Obamacare with absolutely no input from the Republicans, and no Republican vote in either house. Yet when it comes to repealing Obamacare, all you hear is that the GOP is terrible because they haven’t included Democrats in the process. I’m sorry, folks. That’s all trash set by the curb in my book.

If the Democrats want to be taken seriously (because who takes them seriously now with people like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi in leadership positions?), they’ve got to act consistent. They’ve got to act like they want to do what’s good for the country, and not just whine and complain. And they’ve got to be consistent. This group seems to forget that we have video tape from just a few years back of them saying exactly the opposite of what they are saying now. It’s not a sin or a crime to come out and say, “I’m being totally partisan on this bill, because I was for the opposite a few years back and against it now.” That would be a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, when dealing with politics, usually the air is a smelly as an old gas station’s rest rooms!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Let’s Be REAL Clear On Russia

I’ve always prided myself on whenever I make a mistake I admit it. I apologize for it, I try my best to rectify it if I can, and then I move on with life. It’s the responsible thing to do, and it’s the right thing to do. So when I see people doing things that fly in the face of it, it tells me that they have no character, and that they have no personal responsibility. If they are willing to try and dodge and feint on something stupid, they’ll dodge and feint on something important.

That’s what I find very annoying with what’s going on in the Democrats’ camp these days. I get it they don’t like Trump. I get it they got their asses handed to them this past November by a guy that shouldn’t have won and they denied their goddess a chance to be the first female president. Grow up, will you? Take some personal responsibility, and move on. This stuff over Russia is really getting to be stupid.

The snowflakes like Chuck “The Forehead” Schumer and Nancy “What Planet Am I From” Pelosi are giving Democrats a very bad name, and America IS taking notice. For crying out loud, when you accuse Jeff Sessions of meeting with the Russian Ambassador, as if that’s an illegal act (it’s not), and an immoral act (again, not), and then someone produces ON THE SAME DAY, a picture of YOU meeting with the same guy, how is that not illegal and immoral as well? The fact is, pretty much every member in Congress has met with Sergey Kislyak, so what in hell is the big deal?

The mere fact both Schumer and Pelosi have condemned Sessions for meeting with him, and have called for his resignation is absurd. And while we are at it, let’s talk a little consistency here, shall we? Do we really have to revisit all of the illegal activity that the racist, Eric Holder performed with such aplomb when he was Attorney General? Should we really re-open Loretta Lynch’s refusal to recuse herself over her meeting with Bill Clinton in an obvious attempt to clear his wife (and a presidential candidate’s) name in light of her myriad of email server scandals?

That office has been plagued with inconsistency, political bias, and ineptitude over the past eight years, and America knows it. 70% of all Americans (including 51% of Democrats by the way) now say the left is going WAY too far in trying to delegitimize Donald Trump. It’s blatantly obvious that they are trying to energize their base for next cycle when they have 25 Senate seats to defend. But the country is getting tired of their incessant whining. My God, they sound worse than a classroom of two-year-olds! When are these people going to grow up?

When all is said and done, Jeff Sessions recusing himself on any investigation into Russia’s involvement in the election is going to be a non-sequitur. The left have issued no proof that there was involvement. They haven’t said a damn thing other than throw out meaningless accusations about how Trump was in bed with the Russians. Show us the proof! There is none. And it will once again, be a snowflake overplay that pisses off America. And they deserve every lost seat they’ll give up in November 2018!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Snowflakes Throwing Around The “I” Word

Representative Keith Ellison, the uber-lib Democrat from Minnesota, who got crushed in the fight for the head of the Democrat party this past week was the first to officially throw out the “I Word”. Oh, it had been bandied about by the snowflake minority ever since Trump was elected, but no one of power had said it…probably because most realized it was a rather stupid thing to say. Not Ellison. He bared his soul to the world when he said that when Trump didn’t divest himself of his businesses by putting them into a blind trust, he violated the constitution.

See, no president is supposed to accept payment from a foreign government. That’s the sort of thing that can lead to blackmail. And that of course, is a bad thing. The fact that Donald Trump didn’t put his companies into a blind trust while he’s in the White House upset the snowflakes. And Ellison called him out on it saying that the foreign dignitaries that visited Washington and stayed in the Trump International Hotel, were in fact, paying him. It’s a stretch, but I get it.

I also get that Keith Ellison is totally from another planet.

Let’s examine what really needs to happen in order for the “I Word” to be thrown around in earnest, shall we? First let’s examine what IS an impeachable offense. Treason, bribery, and “high crimes and misdemeanors” are what’s listed in the constitution. What does that mean? Former president Gerald Ford gave the best answer ever when he said, “An impeachable offense is whatever two-thirds of the House of Representatives says it is on any given day”. And so, that’s where it begins and ends… with the charges.

So, when Ellison says that Trump has committed “an impeachable offense”, he’s really not telling the truth. Only 2/3 of the House of Representatives can define that. And somehow I don’t see how that quite works. It takes 291 votes in the House to impeach someone (and it can be any civilly appointed or elected person). The GOP currently has the majority with 246 members. The Democrats have 188 and there is one vacant seat at this time. So, ALL Democrats would have to vote for impeachment PLUS 103 Republicans. Somehow that seems unlikely.

Add to that the ability to actually remove a president from office requires 2/3 vote to convict in the Senate. Currently, the GOP has 52, the Democrats have 46 and there are two independents who caucus with the Democrats. So, you would need 67 Senators to agree in order to convict. Again, the likelihood of that happening is beyond reason.

Keith Ellison is doing nothing more than stirring the pot. He’s pissed because the snowflakes lost the election. He’s pissed because he lost the chance to lead the Democrats after it looked early on he was the favorite, and he’s trying to stir the pot to show the world he has power. He has very little power. In fact, Keith, you probably need to realize you are going to be sitting on your hands a lot in the next few years, and you are no longer a player in Washington DC. Realize it now, and stop the theatrics. We all know better.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!