Creating Diversions

If you were watching something that was good for you…something that was making you happy, and I didn’t want you to be happy, because I didn’t want the person making you happy to get the credit for it, what could I do? One thing I could do is create a diversion. I could have you look at the right hand (my diversion) so you couldn’t see what the left hand (whatever it was you were watching before) was doing. In some instances, what I would be doing is good. In some instances, particularly where it was making you happy and it was good for you, it would be bad.

That’s exactly what the Democrats are doing these days.

All of this talk about Russian interference in an election that they blew, all of the talk about the firing of James Comey, all of the talk about impeachment without any basis in fact or proof of any wrong-doing is just a diversion. And the sad thing is, it actually hurts you and me. It hurts the economy. It hurts the agenda.

The reason it hurts is because with all of this attention being paid on all of the negative stuff that the snowflakes are throwing at Trump, it takes attention away from an agenda that for all appearances, seems to be working. Look at what happened to the stock market on Wednesday after it was announced there was going to be a special prosecutor named to look into the Comey firing and the Russian influence stuff. It tanked big time. What has it been doing since Trump won the election? It’s been going up.

The economy has been on an uptick. Jobs are coming back and not just part time burger-flipping jobs, but REAL jobs in REAL industries. Trump has made a difference so far and the Dems can’t let that pass because he will get credit for doing what Obama failed to do for eight years…get the economy started in the right direction. So, they create diversions. This is the same move, by the way, that Obama used in the 2012 election. Talk about anything but the economy. Talk about anything but what he had done for the past four years. Talk about the weather, talk about Mitt Romney and his 47% comment, talk about how he’s out of touch, talk about the Red Sox, talk about talking. It worked then, and the Dems are betting that Americans are stupid enough that it will work now.

Except you have to pull that charade for four years. That’s a long time to hold someone’s attention. Eventually, this stuff wears out and people get back to following real news…and seeing what’s really happening in their lives. My God, it took all it took to keep the Hillary story alive for 18 months. How are these idiots going to do it for 48?

When you are desperate, you throw the Hail Mary. This is the Hail Mary that the Dems are hoping for. And they know that if they can take back the House in 2018, then nothing gets through congress the last two years of Trump’s first term and they have a shot at 2020, labeling Trump as “do-nothing”. It’s an interesting strategy…just too bad it hurts America in the meantime.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Who’s Facing Trump in 2020?

The list is apparently long. Longer than I thought it would be, but silly rabbit…why wouldn’t it be long? Everybody and their brother thinks Hillary SHOULD have won, but didn’t, and all it will take is someone without an FBI investigation and scandal going on to beat him. Here are SOME of the 43 people that The Hill has identified as potential candidates:


Joe Biden

Bernie Sanders (Really?)

Elizabeth Warren (DUH!)

Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut

Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

New Jersey Senator Corey Booker

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley (does he EVER learn?)

Former HUD Secretary Julian Castro

Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia

Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio

Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick

New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio

Dallas Mavericks Owner/Reality TV Host Mark Cuban

Billionaire Environmentalist Tom Steyer

DNC Chair Tom Perez

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe

California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz

Actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii

Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota

California Governor Jerry Brown (Again???)

Oprah Winfrey

Former Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold

Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean

Former Vice President Al Gore

Former Senator Jim Webb of Virginia (that’ll work)

Representative Seth Moulton of Massachusetts

Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois

Washington Governor Jay Inslee


I left off a bunch of people that were listed, but said they weren’t running. I mean, if they’re taking themselves out of the race already, why bother, right?

With that list of characters, watching the Dems’ primary should be a real hoot! There is maybe one or two serious contenders in the whole lot, which bears repeating the question I have asked for months… why is the Democrats’ bench so short and so weak?


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Dems Throwing Out The “I-Word”

I have mentioned on a couple of other blogs that when you have no moral compass, it’s easy to change direction, and terribly difficult to know which way you are going. That in and of itself describes Democrats these days. These are the same folks that six months ago wanted to draw and quarter James Comey, and put his head on a spike outside the Capitol. And now, they are so in love with the guy because he’s called Trump “crazy”. Make up your mind people!


The one thing that Dems are starting to do, which shows their total inability to realize reality is, they are calling for “The I-Word”. Yup. With not enough members in either the House or the Senate to make anything happen, and losing the majority on the Supreme Court who would sit as judges in an impeachment hearing, Democrats are now starting to say that Trump should be impeached.


As we say in the desert…that is poo poo caca.


First of all, in order to get to an impeachment you need proof of wrong doing. It’s only happened twice in the 241 years of our nation. The first time, the guy was certainly guilty (that would be Andrew Johnson) and it was only by a single vote he wasn’t kicked out of office. The second time was more of a “we hate you” comment than a real attempt to get Bill Clinton kicked out of the White House because he lied about his affairs with various women (who wouldn’t?).


The Democrats are screaming for impeachment over Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, even though the former Director of National Intelligence for Obama, James Clapper, has said repeatedly he has no evidence of Trump or his staff being tied to Russia during the election. In fact, when you press the Dems to show you any evidence, you get the same tired story of, “where there is the accusation, you must investigate regardless of the evidence being there”. Of course, they didn’t say the same thing about Hillary Clinton, did they? It was a witch hunt back then (and that would be a pretty apt definition of her, I’d say).


So, why go after Trump now? Simple. The Democrats are so unhappy that they lost the election, they will do ANYTHING they can to get Trump out of office. Forget the fact the economy is doing better now than it has at any time Bobo Obama was president. Forget the fact Trump has single-handedly turned the jobs picture around (with REAL jobs, not part-time jobs that Obama counted in his numbers). Forget the fact that for the first time in eight years, our allies are starting to realize that they can depend on us again, and we’re not scared of our own shadows…as we were under the previous administration.


Now, I’m not saying that Donald Trump belongs up on Mount Rushmore. I AM saying that the things he has done so far have been for the most part correct. The jury will be out on James Comey, but I will say that you can’t piss off both sides of the aisle as much as Comey has and still expect to keep your job in Washington. That just doesn’t happen.


One other interesting fact that was missing during Obama’s reign of terror…when the Dems held the House and the Senate, the congressional approval numbers were in the toilet. With Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in charge, the ratings were usually in single digits. Today…according to Gallup, which is no conservative organization by the way, they are at 20%. That’s the highest approval numbers for congress in probably 15 years. I just found that to be an interesting fact!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Pendulum Swings

Oh, don’t tell me you didn’t see it coming! Don’t even THINK of saying that you really believed eight years ago when Bobo Obama took over as president that you thought the country was moving inexorably to the left. You KNEW better because you’re smarter than that!

The more the country swings in one direction, the more it will eventually swing in the other. That’s the way it works, and that’s what is happening now in Washington DC.

The problem is that Obama tried to take the country too far left too soon. He was too smart for his own administration. He didn’t learn from history, which was surprising to me. He should have read my blog as I have said for years that the farther right you go, the more the pendulum will swing to the left eventually. It has to find an equilibrium, and that is called “nature”.

So, don’t be surprised when the GOP finds a way to get rid of Obamacare (as the House has done). Don’t be surprised when the tax cuts that favor the wealthy start hitting the Senate floor and get voted in. When you swing one way, you’re going to swing back the other way. That is the underlying reason why Democrats have lost the Senate and the House and the White House, and now are poised to really take it in the shorts over the next 50 years or so in the judicial branch of government. That is what Donald Trump is going to do to the country…bring it more to the right.

But looking down the road, what is really going to happen? Are we going too far to the right, so eventually we will swing left again? Yup. That’s what happens. If you stay at six o’clock on the pendulum swing, you stay at rest. But when you start swinging to say, ten o’clock, you’re going to swing back to two o’clock. That’s what happens. It’s happened throughout history…and we’ve started down that road. We’re going to have to slowly work our way back to six o’clock (Moderateville) again.

So, Obamacare dies…ACHA is now the new kid on the block in some iteration, though the Senate says there will be big changes in order to get 51 votes. And the overall feeling is that “socialized medicine” is going to replace traditional doctor/patient medicine in this country for eternity. Government has stuck its nose in the honey jar, and like Winnie The Pooh, it won’t get unstuck for a very long time. And it will cost Americans pretty much 1/6 of their lives. That is just the beginning. I predict you’re going to see the same wild swings on tax reform (from 47% not paying any taxes) to a flat tax and back again. I predict you’re going to see illegal immigration shut down on the southern border…then opened up again when the Democrats take back the government, and then shut down again. It’s just the way Americans operate.

We don’t like the GOP way of thinking anymore so we switch to the Dems. Then we see that way only costs us money, so we hire the GOP to fix it. And we don’t like the fix because they take away all of our candy. So we go back to the Dems. Will America never learn? The answer, sadly is no.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Perez Not Making Many Friends Early On

Make no mistake, Tom Perez is out to make a difference in his party. The new head of the Democrats in America is reading the tea leaves, and sees that in order to make a difference, he needs to take the Dems hard left…following the likes of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. And he doesn’t care if those more moderate folks in his party make the trip or not.

Perez has been on some sort of speaking tour marathon for the past couple of weeks. His crowds aren’t all that impressive, and his message has taken a vast left wing turn, which will play well with the Bernie Sanders’ folks. But he is going to alienate a lot of people in the more moderate side of the party, which apparently isn’t what he’s concerned about.

Case in point. Perez wants to have a litmus test on abortion. Yup, you read it right. If you are a Democrat, but you believe in pro-life, you have no place at his table. You won’t get the support of the Democrats, at least at the national level. Now, let’s just take a look at this point and see where he’s going.

More and more Millennials have been raised with only abortion rights in this country. And more and more see it as a viable way to live. So, Perez is making a play for the younger folks in his crowd. The older folks, the ones that may be more moderate on this issue, or even more pro-life, are the ones that currently vote. But Perez is banking on the fact that if Bernie Sanders had won the primary instead of Hillary, he would be in the White House right about now. He may be right, but there are an awful lot of folks who DID back Hillary that would have skipped the Sanders revolution. It’s the same problem the Republicans had with the Tea Party movement. You get people farther to the right, but you alienate those in the center or to the left of the party, and they don’t want to get involved.

Think back how the GOP screwed over their own by “primarying” Republicans that the Tea Party didn’t feel were conservative enough, only to oust someone from their party that had been in Congress for a good long while, and ended up losing the seat to a more moderate Democrat in the fall election. Time and time again it happened. And it’s going to happen the same with the Dems. They are going to be running uber-leftist candidates against those that have more moderate positions, and they are going to find while they may excite the “new base” a little bit, they aren’t going to be able to attract a large enough crowd come general election time to get the win.

And that is the pile of dog crap that Tom Perez is stepping in…day after day…week after week…speech after speech. It didn’t work with the GOP, and it’s not going to work with the Democrats. Somehow, I feel we have two parties that are heading for some big black hole and there is a race to see who can get devoured first!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Dems 0 For 2 In Post Trump Elections

I know that it’s only two elections, and I know that they’re in pretty red districts to begin with. What I find interesting in the two post-Donald Trump special elections to replace house members that took administration jobs is that the Democrats in both cases were bragging that they were ready to take back the house in 2018, and these two elections were going to make it their “red line in the sand”. It turned out that the “red line in the sand” played as well with the Democrats as it did with Barack  Obama.


Last week, you’ll remember, Kansas State Treasurer, Ron Estes beat Democrat James Thompson for Mike Pompeo’s former seat in the House of Representatives. It was fairly close seeing how it was a very red district, but the Democrats were hoping to flip this seat, and failed. They failed again this week in Georgia, Jon Ossoff failed to get the necessary 50% of the vote in the primary, forcing a runoff for the seat vacated by Tom Price. Democrats had thrown literally tons of money at this race, with their goal to get Ossoff over the 50% mark so he could win the seat outright. In Georgia, they have open primaries, with the top two going to a run-off election if no candidate gets 50% or more of the vote. Ossoff had an incredible backing from Hollywood, who shoveled millions of dollars into the district. Ossoff will face Karen Handel, a Republican, on June 20th’s special election.  In this one, the seat hasn’t been blue since the Carter administration era, and no seat has flipped in their primary system (meaning the off-party wins the primary outright) since 1872. For the Dems to think he was going to get over 50% was foolhardy. He did very well, beating 11 Republicans who split the vote, and came in with 48.1%. But the chances of him beating Handel in June are slim.


Now, if you listen to Democrats, they are saying what you’d expect them to say. The Trump steamroller in November was because they had a very weak candidate (they did), and because no one went out to vote (which was true as well). But the fallacy in their argument is that come next year, they are going to be able to pick up 25 seats in the House, simply because it’s an off-year election (and that usually picks up seats for the party out of power…though not always!).


You have to take both of these special elections for what they are…Democrat losses. There’s another one coming up that will most likely bear the same results. The interesting thing is, this week’s primary in Georgia hit at the same time Trump’s approval numbers crossed the 50% barrier, and over 72% of the people polled said they approve of his foreign policy moves (thank you, North Korea!).


In all likelihood, there will be a lot of movement between now and next year. Whether or not the Dems are able to snatch 25 seats remains to be seen. If they aren’t able to, it’s going to be a LONG four years for them, and you’re going to hear them screaming for Bernie Sanders to run again in 2020!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Apparently, GOP Not ONLY Party Divided!

To listen to the mainstream snowflake networks on TV talk, you would think the GOP is falling apart. They can’t agree on healthcare; there’s infighting in the White House between Steve Bannon and probably everybody else; Reince Priebus is about to leave because he can’t get along with anyone. It’s just a mad house. It’s a wonder how the Republicans ever got elected!


Apparently, they aren’t the ONLY party having Kumbaya problems these days!


The Dems are up in arms themselves. They have a faction, we’ll call it the BS Faction (for Bernie Sanders), that thinks the more socialist you get the better and you’ve got the more mainstream faction (we’ll call that the Schumer Faction…obviously for Chuck “The Forehead” Schumer) at odds about a lot, including what happened this past Tuesday in Kansas.


In case you missed that one, in one of the reddest congressional districts in the country, Ron Estes, a Republican took Mike Pompeo’s former House seat when he became CIA Director. He defeated a Democrat named James Thompson, who campaigned more like a Republican than a Democrat, calling for a more protection of the constitution, less gun control, you know…all of the things no one would equate with being a liberal Democrat. He never mentioned during the campaign that he was pro-abortion, pro-big government, pro-high taxes, pro-immigration. And he lost by seven points.


In their typical crying and screaming rant, the BS Faction blamed the House Democrats’ campaign arm (the DCCC) for the loss stating that they didn’t throw enough money into the campaign and that they went into the campaign figuring they were going to lose. That’s not the attitude to take, they screeched. Meanwhile, the DCCC said they didn’t do anything wrong, and that it wasn’t that Thompson could have won anyway. It’s the BS Faction that feels that someone like a Thompson should be a shoo-in next year when Estes has to run for re-election! If ONLY the Democrats would help ALL of their candidates, even the grass-root variety.


What the BS Faction seems to miss in all of this is that there are finite amounts of money for these types of campaigns, and there are 435 campaigns to run across America. And if they actually had the money to throw $10 million at all of them, they would, but they don’t. They have to pick and choose. Which actually is smart. I mean, if the GOP decided to thrown $10 million at Nancy Pelosi’s seat, do you think they’d win in uber-left San Francisco? You could throw $10 BILLION at that and never succeed. You have to take the demographics into account. When you’re dealing with the reddest of the reds, or bluest of the blues, somebody in your party has to realize you’re not going to succeed and move on. That’s what happened.


But it’s interesting to see that the Dems aren’t that much different as far as infighting than the Republicans are. The only thing is, you’re not going to read about it in the tarnished New York Times, or the Washington Post. You’re not going to see it on CNN or on CBS. The mainstream snowflake media isn’t going to put something on that shows them losing…haven’t they already lost enough? Think of the children!!!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!