Take Two Weeks Off And The Place Goes To Hell!

Geesh! A guy can’t even take a couple of weeks’ vacation without the country falling apart! As I leave, I’m hearing reports of Donald Trump Junior colluding with the Russians, but not really because it had nothing to do with the campaign, even though he thought at the time that it did, and on the way back I’m hearing the Republicans in congress are ready to finally pass “Better Health Care”, and then they’re not, and then it’s alive, and then it’s dead. What the hell people!?

OK, let’s first tackle the Donny Trump issue. First of all, every lawyer in the country that I’ve heard speak on this subject says that there wasn’t any crime committed. It wasn’t “collusion”, it wasn’t illegal, and it certainly wasn’t “treason” as Tim Kaine wants to point out…more on that in a minute. My question is, why in hell was Donald Trump Jr. even thinking about meeting with a Russian in the first place? I know it was to get dirt on Hillary (or at least that was the premise), but let’s get real here. You don’t pull crap like that and get away unscathed! Not when you’re the son of the candidate!

On to Tim Kaine. What kind of idiot is this guy? He says to a national press grouping that Donald Trump Jr. may have committed treason??? Is he even sane enough to be in congress? Thank God that Hillary didn’t win, because we’d have this snowflake to deal with as the number two guy in charge. I can’t even begin to think that he’s cogent enough to be elected as a US Senator from Virginia! That isn’t helping my view of Virginians by the way!

OK, on to “Better Health Care”. This is a cluster from the word go. First the GOP screams for seven years that they want to repeal Obamacare. Then they start adding the word “replace” to the mix because they realize that in order to repeal it, they need to have both houses, with 60 seats in the Senate, and the presidency. Then when it comes time to actually do something about it, people like Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski and Maine’s Susan Collins decide that even though they voted for repealing Obamacare in 2015, somehow THIS time around they can’t do it. Are you kidding me? Both of them should be facing some rather extreme primary fights when they are up for re-election. And where was the deal making? I thought our president was “The Art of the Deal”? What deals did he try and make? The answer is none. He sat back and said he’d be very disappointed if he didn’t get healthcare fixed. Well, tough bananas. Now you’ve got Bupkis.

I’m beginning to wonder whether the GOP didn’t want to repeal healthcare all along. I’m starting to think that it was some big lie to get majorities in the House and Senate, and to get the White House back. They’re really willing to eat this monstrous abortion of a healthcare plan we’ve been saddled with. And that is too bad…because the GOP is our only option to keep our country from going over the financial cliff. You know what comes next, right? I mean, the next step is for Obamacare to fail, and then for the Democrats to scream that we can’t let that many people die…the government needs to step in and go to a single payer healthcare system. Then we are in the same boat as our poor veterans trying to get medical attention and waiting two years to have a hangnail removed! God save us all!

I think I need to go back on vacation!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Letting Trump Be Trump

There has been this HUGE brouhaha over Donald Trump tweeting about Mika and Joe on CNN, and whether he should do it; whether its presidential; whether she had a facelift; whether he needs to do something else with his time.

Well, I’ll wade into the argument today. First and foremost, does Trump have a right to tweet? Yes, absolutely. Just because you are president doesn’t mean you give up your first amendment rights to freedom of speech, and that includes HOW you speak, not just what you say. So, on that accord, he has every right to go around the mainstream media, who screw up his message anyway, and use something like Twitter to get his message direct to the public. It’s no different than Teddy Roosevelt using the “bully pulpit”, because the internet wasn’t around at the turn of the 20th century.

Second, was Trump right in attacking these two talking head buffoons on Twitter? That’s an entirely separate matter and the answer is no. I do agree with the pundits that he needs to be more “presidential” (whatever that is), and let this crap slide off his back. He is above all of this stuff, or at least should be. That is the gist of it. He needs to realize that these idiot snowflakes are pissed as hell that he beat their beloved criminal…er…candidate, Hillary Clinton, and that they will always feel he “stole” the election. Nothing in the world is going to change that, and nothing is going to stop them from trying to get him out of office. Small tasks for small minds. The people that waste their time and energy with this “resistance” movement need to realize that is exactly what they are doing…wasting their time. Live your damn lives, and don’t worry about Trump. If that’s the most important thing in your life, you need to get outside more often. And that goes for Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Schumer, and Maxine Waters as well. Stop trying to figure out HOW to get him out of office, and do your damn jobs!

Speaking of doing your damn jobs, I would also like to say that the selection of message topics in Trumps tweets are totally off base. Frankly, I don’t care who he likes or doesn’t like. It doesn’t matter to me, and it shouldn’t matter to anyone else either. I would MUCH prefer that he spend his precious tweeting time telling Americans why the Senate needs to pass the repeal of Obamacare. I would MUCH rather that he spend time on the campaign trail pushing to get this monstrosity of an abortion out of our lives before it crashes and burns and then you’ve got a HUGE mess on your hands that you know the Democrat snowflakes out there won’t take the blame for…even though it’s their doing, and they own it. Spend your time, Donald, talking about REAL issues. Stop the fake news crap. CNN already has lost all of their credibility, and they know it. Oh, they try and hide it, but they know they’ve been caught and the polls I’ve seen shows the American people know it as well and don’t trust media any farther than they can throw them. So, let’s get tweeting about something more important than some over-paid, under-talented media hack’s facelift, ok?

And with that, I say…

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

It’s GOT To Stop!

Yeah, lately I’ve been on sort of a rant about the media, and the left and their vitriolic rhetoric and hate speech. Today, we shift gears. Today we talk about Donald Trump. See, it’s not just the left’s fault. Oh, trust me, a LOT of it is, but it’s also the fault of some (not all) of those on the right. And Donald J. Trump heads that list.

This guy loves to tweet because he says it gives him direct access to the public without having to go through a very liberal, very biased media. That is certainly true. But the thing Trump doesn’t understand is that sometimes…no, a LOT of the time, he needs a filter. He needs to have someone read his tweets before he hits the “send” button. I know that’s the unadulterated way on how he feels, but it’s not the way a president should be talking. It’s partly because of that you get idiots like Pelosi and Schumer spouting off their brand of hate-speech, which granted is 100 times worse than what Trump is saying, truth or not.

Basically, if Washington is going to cure this country’s problem of division, you aren’t going to do it by being on “Team Scalise” as Pelosi said at the charity baseball game the other night. You’re only going to do it by coming together and stop the in-fighting. Now, that’s going to be toughest for the Dems because that is really their only weapon, at least until next election. Trump has to, in his own mind, fight the Russian investigation, the obstruction of justice investigation, the media that’s out to get him, and the left in order to get his message out. But there are better ways. Every other president has used the “Bully Pulpit” and gone directly to the American public with TV speeches. Trump could certainly do an Oval Office speech telling everyone that he is going to stop using Twitter and start being “normal”. That would be a big first step in this. And he needs to do it sooner rather than later.

The media isn’t going to change until they are forced to. The only thing they understand are ratings, and unless we all stop watching news channels and the networks, they are going to get wilder and wilder and push the envelope as Megyn Kelly has shown. That is the only thing they listen to. Stop watching and listening to them, and watch how they change.

But it’s got to start somewhere, and I think if Trump were to quit Twitter and say that he’s doing it because that’s HIS part in all of this, it would be a big first step. Then the pressure goes to the snowflakes to change their behavior, and if they don’t, you bring out the finger pointing every time they spew their hate. You point at them and call them snowflakes, and tell them what ugly people they are and you do it in front of the TV cameras. You go on the talk shows and tell the hosts how biased they are. They’ll get the message soon enough. And of course, what I said the other day about slapping a $10,000,000 fine on any cable channel or network or newspaper that is spewing fake news, and banning the reporter from ever working in the industry again, would be a good second step.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Victim Card

With the exception of tying in Kathy Griffin to the Scott Pelley story of him leaving (or being asked to leave, whichever you believe) CBS Evening News, I’ve stayed away from the whole Kathy Griffin severed head thing. And I have done so for a very simple reason. It was an obvious attempt from a fourth-rate star (by her own admission) that wanted to generate attention to herself. And that she did.

And while I was going to let this whole escapade slide as another idiot Hollywood liberal trying to get the cameras to show her on TV to boost an already toileted career (I think I just coined a new word there), when she came out to do her “Victim Card Press Conference”, she crossed the line, and so the gloves come off.

First of all, Kathy Griffin is NOT a victim of anything. SHE was the one that started this whole mess. SHE was the one that posed for the picture of her holding a “severed head” likeness of Donald Trump as if she was some sort of ISIS terrorist. SHE was the one that told the photographer, “Well, if they don’t like it, I guess we can move to Mexico”. So, SHE knew ahead of time this may not turn out well. And it didn’t.

So, for this crybaby snowflake to then sob for the cameras and say that she was a victim because Donald Trump, his son, his wife (and pretty much both sides of the political spectrum) have “ruined her”, and her career is over because of it, and that she is actually the victim in all of this is a load of, as we say in the desert, caca. It was the best acting job of here career, however. Kathy Griffin needs to do what liberals everywhere need to do; take some damn personal responsibility for your actions. Yeah, you meant it as a joke. Yeah, you went way overboard with it, and no, it wasn’t the least bit funny. By the way, it wasn’t the least bit funny when conservatives posted a target over Barack Obama either. Assassination is NOT humorous, I don’t care who is in the White House!

So, let’s get one thing straight here. Kathy Griffin is losing money big time because of a stupid stunt that she pulled. She is crying about it because only the most liberal snowflakes in Hollywood are telling her it was ok to do it. And you won’t be seeing her on CNN, or her comedy tour anytime soon. I guess the only place you may see her is if you watch old Seinfeld reruns and watch the two episodes she was on, which is two episodes too many if you ask me. It was wrong to do what she did. She should have lost her gigs, and let this be a lesson to the other people out there on both sides of the aisle. You don’t make fun of killing a president of the United States. It’s not funny, and it’s not a joke.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

And Now It’s Time For Trump To Shut Up.

Don’t get me wrong, so far I haven’t seen or heard one slice of evidence that Donald Trump has done anything wrong regardless what the snowflakes on Capitol Hill will want you to believe. Remember… they are best served by making sure that there is doubt in your mind when it comes to Trump and his presidency. They have a goal to take over the House next year, and the White House in 2020. They can’t do that if it looks like Trump is hitting home run after home run (which by the way 80% of Republicans agree he’s doing).

So, it’s with that in mind that I give The Donald a little advice this morning. Shut the hell up! Stop your incessant tweeting about everything. I know you think it’s a great way to communicate directly to the American people and get your thoughts through unfiltered by a liberal media, but you need to stop. You need to stop talking about Russia. You need to stop talking about James Comey. You need to stop getting all tied up in what the snowflakes want the world to believe is the biggest scandal since Watergate (what about Hillary, he asked?). You need to focus on your agenda and tell the Republicans in congress to do the same damn thing. THAT is what you need to do.

It doesn’t matter one bit what the Democrats say or think. They can call for impeachment, they can scream at the top of their lungs that Trump is an alien from Mars, it doesn’t matter because THEY don’t matter. They are the minority party. They are the group that is trying to upset the apple cart. They are the ones that are trying to do whatever they can do so they can point out that Trump has been a failure… just like they said he would be. But the facts…and I’m talking about the TRUTH here bears out a different story, if only the American public would care to hear it. The TRUTH is Trump is doing better than most people thought he would…even Democrats. That’s the reason for the obfuscation of the snowflakes. They realize Trump is up there getting hits. Yes, he’s not hitting his stride yet. Neither was Obama at this point. And Trump is WAY behind Obama in scandals at this point. I think five months into his term Bobo had something like 9 scandals going (he ended up with 21 his first year).

There is the truth, and there is the truth that Dems want you to believe. And you have to be smart enough to understand that the two are markedly different. And Donald Trump has to be smart enough to know what they are trying to do to him…and not worry about it. He has to stay on message, stay focused, not go off into the weeds, and for God’s sake, not make stupid mistakes. Dems will pounce on anything they think they can score points with, even if it’s not true. That’s what happens when your religion is power. You don’t care about anything else.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Trump’s Deal With Saudis

Donald Trump hasn’t wasted much time trying to erase the putrid memory of an American president that had no idea what foreign policy was about, embarrassing himself and his country on the world stage. Where just eight years ago, on his now infamous “apology tour”, an insipidly ignorant Barack Obama did what no other president in US history has ever done…he bowed to a foreign leader, doing so in Saudi Arabia. Make no mistake, Donald Trump may not be the classiest president we ever had, but at least he listens to his Protocol people.

Trump laid the ground work for an incredible Middle East/European trip over the weekend by meeting with the Saudi royal family, receiving their highest civilian honor (something Obama never got), doing a traditional Saudi Sword Dance with his cabinet members, and announcing a 10 year, $350 Billion arms deal with the Saudis that will undoubtedly change the current power structure in the Middle East.

At a time when Iran has been flexing its muscles to show the world that it is the regional leader of Islam, and that it will decide what the rest of the Middle East will eventually do, Saudi Arabia has stepped up to the plate with the help of the United States and challenged the Iranians to that leadership mantle. Now, not to say that an arms race in the Middle East is exactly the best thing in the world, but it’s certainly better than handing it over to one of the three “axis of evil” members totally unchallenged. By Trump announcing this deal, he has given a huge boost to the United States economy (particularly Lockheed Martin who stands to reap some incredible sales over this), and he’s basically told the Iranians that their arms deal with the US doesn’t mean squat, without ever having to tear it up.

Now, obviously there are those on the left that view any arms deal with anybody as a step toward Armageddon. But it could also be viewed as a step away from total annihilation. By giving the Iranians something besides total Middle Eastern power unabated to think about, this deal is taking great steps to even out the playing field. And remember…just because you have an arms race doesn’t mean it has to end in World War III. Look at what happened with Soviet Union and the United States thanks to Ronald Reagan back in the 80’s. That was arguably the largest arms race in human history, and it led to the destruction of the Soviet Union and did so without a shot being fired. The same thing can indeed happen again in the Middle East.

So, Trump is off doing what he does best, showing off and making deals. And once again, he’s making headlines in a good way. It seems that when HE controls the press and makes the headlines, good things happen. It’s when the Democrats and the snowflakes on Capitol Hill take over that there’s always some negativity. Could it be that those folks on the other side are the ones that are jealous that they didn’t do a better job selecting a candidate for president this past fall? Just sayin’!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Trump Hits Another Home Run

David Clarke isn’t exactly a household name, yet. But if you know the name, you know the people in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin have a Sheriff that is pretty on the ball. In fact, I’d say he’s taken over the mantle of “America’s Sheriff” when Joe Arpaio was retired last November.

Well, David Clarke has his eyes on bigger prizes, and you have to give Donald Trump and his Department of Homeland Security a huge pat on the back for recognizing talent when they see it. Clarke has been named Assistant Secretary in the Department of Homeland Security. It’s a huge step up for him, and it’s well deserved. In an area of the country that is typically pretty snowflake-ridden, Clarke is a breath of fresh air. He uses common sense and a conservative background approach to his job, and it shows.

The whole point here isn’t to slap Donald Trump on the back for his appointment in this case. It’s much bigger than that. It goes far beyond one appointment. Look at the quality of people that Donald Trump has appointed and that are now working for the US government. The top posts, and even the Assistant Secretary posts, like the one Clarke received, are being filled with quality people from top to bottom. THAT is how you can tell you have a top notch leader at the helm.

Compare the people that Trump has put in place with the people Obama did. Obama threw people like Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton at us. These were people, who while having book smarts, had no ability to do the job they did. And where did it lead us? It lead to a total of 21 scandals of the Obama administration in the first 12 months.

Now, I will point out Trump has had two such “trumped up” scandals…at least trumped up so far (yes, that’s a play on words). The James Comey firing and the whole Russian influence thing are the only two scandals Trump has had in five months in office. Compare that to the 21 that Obama had in his first 365 days. Oh…wait…my liberal friends want those detailed. I wrote about that earlier. Do some research… they are archived here. Go back and read them. Yes…it’s going to require a little digging, but you can’t always depend on others to do your homework for you!

So congratulations to Donald Trump for actually making another supremely grand appointment and hiring someone out of their ability to do the job rather than cronyism. I think time will certainly show that while yes, Trump is suffering from the same thing every first term president in the past several have suffered from…an inability to hit the ground running because of the muck the opponents in congress throw at him, he is choosing good people. And good people beats mudslinging every time.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!