Will “The Wall” Work?

Oh, it’s another one of those “divide America” questions. The right thinks that we should put up a wall to stop illegal aliens from pouring into our country. The left thinks we are being mean-spirited if we do that…after all, isn’t that what they did in East Germany? Actually it’s not. They built the Berlin wall to keep people IN, not out. But still, the snowflakes out there feel the more the merrier when it comes to illegal immigration. Of course, we’ve seen the results of that with terrorist attacks throughout the European Union because of their immigration policies.

The remaining question that no one seems to know the answer to is, will the wall actually work? For the answer, we need to turn to the Hungarians. Hungary decided during the recent spate of immigration from the Middle East that they needed some border protection. They built a wall to stop the illegal immigrants from bounding through their country unchecked. You may remember that yes, it started quite like the Berlin wall…with barbed wire and armed guards as the stream of immigrants from Syria and other points in the Middle East were diverted to go around Hungary. And the resulting answer is yes, Virginia…the wall has worked.

Hungary’s illegal immigration dropped by 99%.

The same thing needs to be done here. Yes, just Trump saying that we need a wall and we will deport has slowed illegal immigration in this country. But that’s just a temporary fix. There will be another snowflake president, like that idiot Barack Obama, who doesn’t believe in Constitutional Law, and doesn’t believe in the legal process of immigration, but instead wants to throw the doors of the country open to anyone who wants to vote illegally (like they are now starting to do in Maryland!). But if you build a wall, if you enforce immigration policy, if you make the refusal to enforce immigration laws an impeachable offense, you will see long-lasting results.

And Hungary has proven it once and for all.

There is only one reason why the snowflakes in Washington, California, Illinois, and New York want to include illegals in this country. They are counting on their votes. They can see the handwriting on the wall, especially when it comes to national elections. Those three states and the District of Columbia are so blue, they’ll never have to worry about local elections, as the leftists all gather there. But they know that if what happened to Donald Trump holds true, those will pretty much be the only states that remain blue, and they can’t increase those states’ populations enough to insure that they get the electoral votes to change what happened last November. Pure and simple, for the Dems, it’s a political move to get illegal aliens in the country, and then get illegal citizens (which is an oxymoron, I know) to vote legally in elections. It’s the only way the leftist snowflakes can survive. And it’s not going to happen. Build the wall. Build it high, and build it to Hungary’s specs. And let them know if you cross illegally, you will be shot on sight.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Immigration Reform 101

Maybe I should be running for Congress? Nah…who needs the headache. And besides, my wife has said I don’t have the patience to deal with people like that. OK…we’ve already solved healthcare and tax reform, today we tackle immigration reform. For the sake of argument, we’re going to break this down into two separate groups…how to deal with illegal immigrants already here, and how to deal with people that want to come here, but aren’t here yet.

First let’s deal with the illegals that are already in country. I don’t think anybody in their right mind would believe we could deport 12 million people. The cost would be enormous, and it just would take forever to accomplish. So, rather than do that, we offer the illegals the path to citizenship. It’s not easy, and it’s not cheap. But I really don’t think it should be because they broke the law to get here. And no, even though Sheriff Joe liked the idea of “desert prisons”, I don’t think that’s very fair either.

To solve that problem, everyone that is illegal must have a clean record. If they’ve been convicted of any felony, they get booted. The rest must pay a fine, say $50,000. They must sign up for Social Security. They must learn and speak English as their first language and pass a proficiency test in it. They also must have a job. Now, it can be any job, but they must be earning income. They must also serve two years in one of the armed forces. Oh…and because they’ve come here illegally, they can never vote in any city, state, or federal election. Yes, that’s a second class of citizens. But they’re the ones that decided to break the law, not us. That’s the punishment. And just for good measure, for the first five years after all of this goes into effect, these folks are not eligible to receive any governmental assistance.

Now that we’ve got that solved, let’s move on to the rest of immigration, the part where people that live elsewhere want to move here. First, they must be sponsored by a business who is going to give them gainful employment, and guarantee that they will be employed for at least two years. Second, they must pass an English proficiency test and use English as their first language. Yeah, I know this upsets the snowflakes out there who “love diversity”. Get over it. And they can only bring members of their immediate family…sons, daughters, and wife or husband if married. If those folks don’t come over at the same time, they don’t qualify for citizenship and have to apply themselves.

We have to vet these folks like nobody’s business. If we can’t find enough information on them to make sure they aren’t terrorists, or people that want to do this nation harm (because that’s the biggest difference between now and back in the Ellis Island days), they don’t come over. We don’t allow people in that haven’t been fully checked out. And if they get over here and commit a felony in the first five years, they lose their citizenship and they are immediately deported.

Wow…was that easy! And we are solving all of the nation’s problems quicker than I could imagine. Why in hell do we need Congress in the first place? Tomorrow, speaking of Congress…my thoughts on how to pare down government and make those working for us more like our employees and less like our Lords.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Trump’s Immigration Policy…Enough For Everyone To Hate

I’ll hand it to Donald Trump…he’s managed to piss off a LOT of people in seven months. Most of Hollywood wants to move to Canada; all of the Democrats want to impeach him for stuff they can’t prove he’s supposedly done; his staff isn’t sure whether they’ll have a job next week, and if they do, are they going to be called into the boardroom…uh…Oval Office…and get fired? Even staunch Republicans say he’s either not conservative enough, or doesn’t have a clue what Washington was all about.

And his merit-based immigration reform shows it.

There is something for everything to hate in this policy…which is exactly why it’s a good policy. Nobody on either side of the aisle gains, and yet America gains. Trump kept his word on this one by putting Americans first.

By limiting the number of low-skilled workers, he’s given the middle class and the lower class a leg up on getting those jobs. Employers hate that because this means they can’t import workers and pay them dirt salaries. Trump has placed emphasis on age, job offers, English speaking ability, education, professional awards they’ve won, investment resources, and they have to be able to prove they are going to make more than Americans already doing those jobs…meaning that they are uber-qualified. That again, puts Americans already doing those jobs first. Unless you’re the best and the brightest, the chances just got harder for you coming into this country legally.

The other thing Trump did that I think was a boon was he decided to do away with the “chain-migration”, whereby if I were moving to the United States, I can bring all of my relatives.

Now, this is a really good move for America. For the liberals and snowflakes out there, not so much. They thrive on bringing everybody they can into the mix, and getting them to vote Democrat. Because they know if they don’t have the immigrants voting for them, they’ll actually have to work to get blue-collar and lower white-collar workers to re-join the Dem bandwagon and that would require actual campaigning and work; especially since the Dems lost a ton of those people to Trump in last year’s presidential election.

Basically what this immigration reform does is throw the whole “open borders” thing into chaos. Gone will be the influx of people into this country because one of them has a job and the others are going to “find work” once they get here. Gone are the tons of people that will show up here with not an inkling of how to speak English or communicate to anybody. I know the libs all say that was how we did it 120 years ago, but this isn’t the 1890’s. This is today, and if you’re not computer literate, and you don’t understand English, you’re going to be lost. You can’t come to the US anymore, push a broom for three years with no money in your pocket and end up a billionaire. It doesn’t happen like that anymore. You have to change with the times. Unfortunately, Democrats don’t see it that way!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Snowflake Justice

Do you want to know the real difference between conservatives and liberals? Conservatives basically (though not entirely) believe that we are a nation of laws and as such we need to follow those laws. That means that from time to time people sometimes get caught because they’ve broken the law and they need to be punished for that. Liberals on the other hand believe that just because you’ve broken a law doesn’t mean anything…especially if it’s a law that they don’t agree with.

And when something happens whereby a snowflake judge can’t allow lawbreakers to skate scot-free because he/she doesn’t agree with the law, they feel that they are being humiliated as human beings. Let me give you an example. Over in the 9th circus Court of Appeals (in San Francisco, so you know where this is going), Judge Stephen Reinhardt, who was never elected, but was appointed to the 9th circus, is upset because Donald Trump signed an executive order on January 25th that basically allowed Department of Homeland Security officials and ICE agents the ability to do their jobs and catch people that are here illegally and deport them. Hmm…it would seem that most people that would be in charge of making sure people follow the law would think that’s a good thing. Not so with Justice Reinhardt, who is incensed that he is being humiliated by President Trump. He’s not allowed to keep an illegal alien in the country, simply because he wants to.

No, I wish I were joking here. It’s this kangaroo court style justice that you see too often in the 9th circus… which by the way is the most overturned appellate court in the country. This is the mentality of people that are being appointed to the bench by liberals like Bobo Obama, and Jimmy Carter (who appointed him before leaving office). It is this type of circular logic that defies our legal process almost from the most basic element. You are not breaking the law if you have been trod upon by society. You are free to enter the country illegally because you were somehow treated unfairly in the country you came from. And you are just trying to seek a better life for yourself and maybe your family. What’s so wrong about that?

There’s nothing wrong with that, other than the fact that you’ve entered the country illegally. Had you actually gone through the process of coming into the country legally, like most immigrants do, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, and you’re entitled to take a stab at the Great American Dream. But just because you made it here doesn’t mean you should be allowed to stay here. Until Mexico recently realized that the way they dealt with illegal aliens was harsher than the United States’ policy, and so they changed it to be much more lenient, the Mexican judicial system was simple. You got thrown in jail for being in their country illegally. There was no dancing around the subject or feeling sorry for you. It was only after the US decided to try and emulate that law that Mexico got more liberal in their admission policies. That doesn’t make it right.

Sorry Judge Reinhardt, but if you feel humiliated because the President is making you follow the law (which you should be doing in the first place), then maybe the bench isn’t the place you should be putting your rear end. Maybe you ought to be down on the border somewhere…or in another country helping folks do it the right way.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Immigration Paradox

Ask most conservatives whether or not we should build a wall on the southern border with Mexico, and you’ll get a resounding “YES!” But the problem is that while most want the wall, getting it done, like most things in Washington, isn’t as easy as saying you want to do it.

One of the first things that people have to understand is, somebody somewhere has to be giving up land to the federal government so they can build the wall. In some cases, that means selling off property that these folks have had in their families for generations. In others, it means losing a piece of their property that the probably didn’t want to lose in the first place. Oh, they’ll all get paid for the property, that isn’t the question. The question comes in as to what is the property worth? And there is the crux when any government takes property through imminent domain (which is how it will happen with the wall).

So, you’re going to have farmers losing parts of their fields. You’re going to have back yards and parking lots, and maybe school playgrounds being taken by the federal government, just to build the wall. In some places, where you have a major Interstate running right up against the wall, how are you going to do it? El Paso, Texas is one such place. It’s common place to see border patrol agents stopping people on the side of the road right there on I-10. I’ve seen it while covering a basketball team in town to take on UTEP. Border patrol agents had three illegals handcuffed and sitting on the side of the road just after they had climbed a fence on the American side of the Rio Grande (which wasn’t much of a “Rio”, and certainly wasn’t “Grande”).

We haven’t even begun to talk about the “Sanctuary City” mess. Apparently, these cities strewn in heavily liberal places throughout the country have decided that they aren’t going to follow federal law when it comes to immigration. They are going to go their own way on that one. Of course, when it gets to the Supreme Court, they’ll lose. Trump wants to ban federal funding to be used for policing in those cities that choose to ignore the federal laws, and the cities have threatened to take him to court over it. Somewhere, these libs seem to have forgot that federal law takes precedence over local ordinances and state law…but they’ll have to learn their 9th grade Civics class all over again when they get to court.

Overall, don’t expect immigration, like tax reform or the “replacement and repealing” of Obamacare to be done anytime soon. In fact, the Republicans could be exceedingly frustrated in Washington to the point where one of two things will happen. Either the GOP voters will vote their own representatives and senators out of office because they couldn’t get anything done, even though they had a majority in both houses of congress, or there will be bloodshed on the Democrats’ side so the GOP has a filibuster proof majority in the senate, and a good sized majority in the house. It seems that’s about the only way something is going to get done in DC anymore!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

So How Big Of A Deal IS Immigration?

Living on the southern border with Mexico, just a scant two hour ride away, we have a tendency here in the desert to view immigration reform as probably a little more serious than others say, in Minnesota, or Kansas. Not that there’s anything wrong with folks in those states, or there’s anything wrong with us, but we feel it a little closer to home.

Having said that, it hit me when I came across a Gallup Poll recently that was taken at the beginning of March on how important each political party actually thought Immigration Reform was. Interestingly enough, it was more important that I thought the rest of the country would say it is. The GOP obviously feels it more important than the Dems with 79% of the Republicans feeling it was “very important”. Democrats feeling that way is what surprised me. 48% of them felt that way…but I’m sure for other reasons.

Democrats are always looking for the votes. That’s their religion so to speak, and it shows…so for half of their party to believe that Immigration Reform is “very important” tells me that they feel if they don’t get the 11 million illegals in this country turned into citizens and get them voting, what they saw at the polls in November could become more and more a regular thing. And trust me, Democrats out of power are a fun group to watch, but you don’t want to be around them. They are bat-crazy nuts!

So, we’ve got probably somewhere in the 60 percentile the number of people that want to see Immigration Reform take place. Knowing (because they say so…though there is no real proof) that the left is the smartest voting bloc on the planet, I can only surmise that they must realize that with the GOP controlling both the House, and Senate, and the White House, and soon controlling once again the Supreme Court, that the Immigration Reform that comes out of Washington is not going to be exactly what the left was hoping for. And yet, 48% of Democrats still think it’s very important. That’s telling.

The overall feel is that we need to do something to protect our borders. Any country in the world should feel that way. Hell, Mexico changed their entire immigration system because they were totally out of whack with what they were telling us they wanted us to do. They wanted the United States to accept all of their people totally unchecked so they could send money back to Mexico. But if you tried to get into Mexico illegally, you’d be thrown in jail. Well, that doesn’t happen anymore. They realized that when the US said we’d start using the Mexican law as a guide to what we should do with illegals. Now, you get a slap on the wrist and a bottle of Tequila, maybe a few pesos, and shown the nearest border.

Look, we need Immigration Reform, and the sooner the better. We need it for our own safety and protection. We don’t live in 19th Century America any longer, where the Europeans are wanting to come here for a better life. We live in 21st Century America where there is a Holy War going on with Extremist Islam and they want to wipe us off the map. To not employ better immigration standards is not only fool-hardy, it’s downright idiotic. And I’d proffer that anyone that thought differently should be checked for their true intentions!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Starbucks Slide

I don’t think anybody that actually realizes that Starbucks, the iconic coffee shop, wouldn’t be the bastion of conservatism, being based in Seattle. We all kinda get it that these guys would be left of center. I mean, look at the baristas, and the stuff they sell for crying out loud. But apparently, when Starbucks’ CEO, Howard Schultz wanted to protest the Trump Travel Ban Executive Order last month, he announced to the world that he was going to hire “10,000 refugees” as his way of showing he was against Trump’s action.

It backfired.

Since that point in time, Starbucks has become the nationwide focus of a moderate to conservative boycott of coffee drinkers, who were willing to put up with the fact the company was left-leaning, just so they could get a strong cup of java. Apparently, Starbucks didn’t have THAT big of a hold on America. In a recent poll by the firm YouGov, people that said they would be spending money at Starbucks slipped from 30% before the announcement to 24% afterward. And the #boycottStarbucks hashtag has started gaining ground.

So if you go into your neighborhood Starbucks today, you may notice that the lines are a little shorter, the baristas a little snippier, the tip jar a little less full, and the problems a little more invasive. Now Starbucks is trying to fend off the criticism that instead of hiring refugees, why not hire returning veterans who have served our country? The answer has been one of waffling on a fence. Starbucks issued a statement that was kind of like, “Hey, we kinda sorta like veterans too”. It hasn’t gone over very well. And the boycott has started to hurt the company’s bottom line.

Now, anyone that knows me knows that I’m a big fan of a business being about one thing. It’s not about social consciousness. It’s about earning money for the owner and stockholders of the company. That’s it. That’s why that business exists in the first place. And if Starbucks feels that in their mind hiring 10,000 refugees is the best way forward for them, I’m all for it. If they don’t, then Mr. Schultz is going to be sipping his morning joe at Starbucks and looking through the want ads for a new job. That’s just the way business works. So, I say you leave the Starbucks guys to make their own decisions as to who they want to hire and who they don’t. If you don’t agree with it, nobody’s got a gun to your head to buy your coffee from them. There are a million other places out there that serve a decent cup of coffee that haven’t pissed you off. And if what they are saying to you makes sense, then by all means support them. THAT is the way business should work.

Frankly, why a business would want to make a political statement as stupid as what Starbucks made knowing full well that at least 47% of the people out there are going to be against whatever you say, I think is a very stupid move. Why on earth would any business want to alienate 47% or more of the population with a political comment? That’s just crazy in my book…but then again, I’m not the CEO of the world’s biggest coffee company!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!