Wanna See What Liberalism Does?

The state of Illinois is a really good example as to what happens when liberalism takes over. While a good part of the state is conservative, rural, and rooted in traditional beliefs, Chicago and the other population centers are extremely liberal, and have all of the problems. We’ve all heard for years about the gun violence in Chicago, even with some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. Of course, the snowflakes there would never admit that the laws are being broken! They just need more laws! That’ll fix ’em.

Of course, when you take a look at the state as a whole, there are a myriad of problems caused basically by Chicago. The nation’s third largest city is throwing the state into bankruptcy, and is hurting it’s reputation. And Illinois residents are fed up and moving. In fact, the population dropped by over 30,000 this year alone according to Census Bureau estimates. Why the drop? People are fed up over the taxes. High property taxes, high income taxes, all sorts of sales taxes etc. are killing Illinois. And the big problem is that the governments there for years have been corrupted by politicians who had their own welfare in mind rather than others (think of Barack Obama, Rod Blagojevich, George Ryan, Dan Rostenkowski, Mel Reynolds, and Dan Walker to name a few).

People are just fed up with Illinois. The state teeters on the brink of fiscal solvency, and their only escape seems to be to challenge New York and California for the nation’s highest tax rates. But even that won’t help. The exodus from Chicago proper is stunning, but now it’s starting from downstate as well. And that is exactly what liberalism (even with a Republican Governor) will do for you!

Take a look at the cities and states that are in fiscal trouble around our country. Detroit, Michigan has been run for as long as I’ve been alive by Democrats. New York City can pretty much boast the same thing…oh, there have been the occasional Republican mayor there, but they’re more of the Rockefeller Republican (or the McCain Republican) mold, not TRUE Republicans. Then you’ve got states like California, which when you take out San Francisco and Los Angeles are pretty conservative. With those two behemoth cities, they reek of liberalism…and they are in trouble because of it. The same goes for Illinois. The Governor there may be GOP, but the rest of the state legislature is pure snowflake.

It is just one more shining example of how liberalism doesn’t work, never has worked, and never will work. And all the left can do is throw up the occasional city or state that got in trouble with a Republican Governor or Mayor. They can’t defend the statement their way of thinking doesn’t work, because it’s as true as the sun rising in the east. There is no counter argument for it. And there never will be. That’s why, the American public is drawn to the “everything is free” mentality liberals throw out, but eventually leave when they find the enormous cost of liberalism. No country on earth can afford it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Trump Must Learn To Deal With Leaks

It’s something every administration needs to learn how to deal with, and everyone that enters the White House has a problem with it because they’ve never encountered a fish tank approach from the media like this before. I’m talking about how everyone, needs to learn how to zip up leaks to the press.

Now, don’t get me wrong…as a former member of the media, the press LOVES leaks. They love to get their hands on juicy comments that could sway public opinion (especially their way). And I did too! When I was doing an interview with a congressman, or a mayor, or a governor, it was pure gold to get them to stumble and say something they didn’t want to say…but that’s them…not their staff. When a staff person picks up the phone, calls you and starts in on a topic, like how Trump is morose these days because he’s upset at the treatment he’s getting in the press over the firing of James Comey, of course it’s going to raise his ire. And it should.

And that’s why Trump needs to learn the same lesson 44 other presidents had to learn. Learn to zip up the leaks and fire the people causing them. It’s the only thing you can do!

That may mean firing people you otherwise think are doing a good job, or that you personally like, but that’s what you need to do. There are things that go on inside the White House, like any organization, that the public probably doesn’t need to know about, and would be embarrassing if they found out. Nixon had a hell of a time with leaks. So did Obama in his early days, so it’s not just limited to one party. And you’ve got to deal with it seriously, because if you don’t it will destroy your presidency.

That being said, the one thing Trump needs to realize is that this IS a tough job. It’s the toughest job he’s ever had. It’s unlike anything anybody ever worked at, or will work at again. There are so many irons in the fire at all time, and so many people out there waiting for you to stumble a little bit so they can knock you off your perch, you get absolutely no time to recover. But recover you must. And recover, Trump will. There won’t be an impeachment of Trump any more than there was an impeachment of Obama. And Democrats are just screaming because that’s what Democrats do best. It doesn’t matter if it’s Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi or any other of the band of idiots. It’s like the GEICO commercial. It’s what they do. Live with it, and move on to fixing the country.

Look, we were left in the worst shape possibly in the last 35 years after Obama left. Not since Jimmy Carter has the country faced so many problems that needed fixing. Oh, every president has some things that need fixing. But Obama didn’t fix anything in his time in office. He made things worse, and it needs to be fixed before it bankrupts the country. Trump is at least attempting to do it. And you have to do it with leaks and crybaby snowflakes who want to scream “impeachment” at every turn even though they have no proof what-so-ever you’ve done anything wrong.

It’s time for Trump to grow a pair, find the leaks and fire them, and get back to business and forget about the crybabies out there that are pissed they lost an election. They don’t matter anyway!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What Does Trump Tackle First?

So the election has been over for almost two weeks now. The liberal idiots out there are still in mourning and are still crying, and probably will be for at least the next four years. But let’s turn our attention away from the intellectually challenged for a few minutes and focus in on priorities. It’s the one thing Donald Trump does exceptionally well…as was evidenced by his meeting with Barack Obama this past week.

Obama basically told him he was going to be in for some very shocking lessons when he took over the White House because as we say on the Board of Directors out here…it’s like changing a tire on a moving car. The government doesn’t stop just because there is a new president. The learning curve is long, and can be wicked. All of those things Obama said are probably some of the smartest things he’s said in eight years…all true. And what did Trump do? He immediately got to work staffing his administration, hiring the 4,000 people that will work in the White House with him.

But once he takes office, what does he do first? I mean, it’s tempting to say, “all of it”, but let’s be real. That was Obama’s mistake. He had a LOT of things to fix when he got into office, including an economy that he never really understood, so he never really got it fixed. Instead, he focused on healthcare, which wasn’t on anyone’s priority plate. It cost us all trillions of dollars in lost opportunities. Had he focused on fixing the economy rather than wasting 15 months on healthcare, we’d all be better off!

So, what does Trump do? Well, the first thing he SHOULD do, is on January 20th at 12:07pm, as soon as the Oath of Office is finished, is nominate his Supreme Court choice. Get that out of the way and get the Senate started on confirming the choice. Of course, it will be a battle because they are about to lose the judicial branch for the next century, and liberals won’t like it one bit. But get it done, and make the liberals the bad guys when they don’t fall in line.

The second thing he needs to do is get rid of Obamacare. This is going to take some time because you need to have something to take its place. You can’t leave the nine million people just hanging without insurance (and let’s be honest here…it’s NOT 20 million people like Obama talks about. That is a GROSS overstatement. It’s 9 million, of which 6 million had their individual insurance policies ripped from them when Obamacare came into existence. So it’s really only 3 million people that were uninsured that have become insured. That’s less than 1% of the nation!). Open up the marketplace to insurers all over the country and allow them to cross state lines. Do away with the 10 year exclusion for companies that dropped out of Obamacare, and allow them to get back into the individual markets immediately. Keep the two things Obamacare got right…the pre-existing condition clause, and the 26 year olds in the basement clause. Other than that, dump it. It sucks.

Next up, go to work on the executive orders. Tear down the multitude of regulations that the previous administration made. This would include allowing both pipeline projects to proceed…Keystone XL Pipeline, and the Bakken Pipeline project, which the Army Corp of Engineers is sitting on and stalling.

Save the immigration reform until you get the wall built (and Mexico is now getting on board with that!). Work on securing the borders, and when that’s done, we’ll worry about the 15 million illegals in this country…and no, they aren’t undocumented. They ARE documented. They have drivers’ licenses. Let’s just be clear about that. It’s time to lose the politically correct liberal speak. Those days are gone forever!

Next (and probably just before re-election), start in on the infrastructure program. Hire about 10 million people from the unemployment rolls and train them to build roads, bridges, railways, etc. Renew the infrastructure, but don’t fall into the terrible (and costly) mistake that FDR did. Do NOT make it a government project. There are private businesses out there that can do the job better, cheaper, and faster. Let THEM get the job done.

Then you can take a vacation!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Koskinen Faces Congress Again

Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Hal Rogers (R-Ky) wants to impeach John Koskinen for his terrible leadership and multitude of scandals at the Internal Revenue Service. That’s not a secret, it’s been widely reported. So, I figured it would be a rather fun meeting this past week when Koskinen went before the House Appropriations Committee to let them know why it was the IRS keeps screwing up so badly. I was not disappointed.

See, Koskinen took over as head of the IRS right around the time of the Lois Lerner debacle. Remember her? She was the wicked witch of the west that was trying to play partisan politics in a non-partisan agency by slow-tracking the requests for tax exempt status of conservative groups. And the reason? She’s a liberal. No other reason than that. It was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. But when Congress requested copies of her emails, they found out that Koskinen and his cronies had destroyed the hard drive beyond repair. And Lerner wasn’t going to self-indict, so after illegally making a statement to the contrary, she takes the fifth to walk. Well, the ball-less wonder, Eric Holder at Justice wasn’t going to indict one of his own, so he let her retire. As a result of this and a few other misdeeds at IRS, Koskinen’s cronies’ budget was slashed by $1 billion last year. Oooh, that got his attention!

What happened was that during a year when the IRS was supposed to hire 2,000 additional agents to oversee the implementation and enforcement of Obamacare, they had to take the money from somewhere, so it came from the customer service end. That pissed off taxpayers who didn’t even get through to the IRS come tax time. Now, Koskinen is back on Capitol Hill asking for the billion back. He’s got as much chance of that happening as I’ve got of being elected president.

And with all of the GOP screaming for his head (and a lot of Dems as well), he’d really better hope that Hillary gets elected president. If she doesn’t, his agency is targeted for the toilet bowl. If a flat tax system goes into effect and Obamacare gets repealed, there is no use for an IRS at all. This would be alright seeing how since 2010 they’ve lost 17,000 agents, and 3,000 in the last year alone. After all, who wants to work for an idiot?

John Koskinen certainly has a nice weighty set of balls to go in and ask for more money when his agency is losing records, getting hacked, totally mismanaging their agency. And, as is typical with liberals, the excuse given by Johnny Boy is he needs more money. That’s always the liberal’s answer. Throw more money at the problem and it’ll fix it. How’s that helped with education and poverty? Well, since we introduced the department of education, the US has gone from #1 in the world in math and science to 31st in math in 2012…and slipped 6 spots since Obama took over. We’ve gone from #1 in the world in science to 24th…and slipped 3 spots since Obama took over. As far as reading is concerned, we’re 21st, down from 11th when Obama took over. And the war on poverty? In 1960, there were 40 million people living in poverty. Today that number is 47 million and rising. So much for throwing money at a problem!

Thanks John Koskinen…time to go back to the private sector!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Time For Something A Little Different

DISCLAIMER: Those of you that like this blog because it’s filled with political rhetoric and commentary may want to skip this one. I’m going off the reservation for this blog. There…you’ve been warned!

You know, I’ve always loved watching the “sausage” of politics being made…but never really wanted to get involved in it myself. Oh, there was that one time back in 2010 when a guy wanted me to run for Precinct Committeeman or some such thing. I did nothing except sign my name. He had all the forms, he got all the signatures, he did all the work. I didn’t campaign. It was just the people in my local area. I wasn’t even in town for the election. I did vote absentee…and I lost by two votes. I wasn’t crushed. I really didn’t care.

Then there was this fall. I was approached by a board member of the local “Recreation Center Board” to run for that board. I waffled on it all summer long. Finally, I decided to do it in mid-September. It’s kinda like a city council deal, except it only deals with the Recreations Centers, Bowling Alleys, Golf Courses, and Amphitheater of the community I live in. They basically handle all of our recreation and entertainment. They have nothing to do with other stuff…but they’re a big organization…and undertake big projects. Anyway, I decided to run. I got my signatures, and threw my hat into the ring, hoping there’d only be three candidates (there are 9 members on the board…3 up for election every year).

So it turns out there were five candidates for the three seats. But I figured that if I was going to do it, I was going to do it right. I bought some T-shirts that were walking billboards. I bought keychain flashlights with my name on it asking people to vote for me. I went all out. In fact, I probably spent hundreds of dollars more than any other candidate. But I felt I had to. I didn’t have the local resume the others had, and I didn’t know many people…I’ve only lived here three years.

Every day I did something to campaign. Visited the local woodworking clubs, or went to the amphitheater on nights of performances and shook hands. My wife wore a T-shirt when she went to one of the pools. I had better communications skills than the others, primarily because that’s what I did for a living for 35 years. And in the end…it worked.

We found out last night at about 5pm that I was elected to the board. Instead of feeling excited, I kinda felt sorry for the two guys that didn’t make it. One is an older guy that has spent a lifetime volunteering. The other is a teaching golf pro.

My point here is simple. If you want to accomplish something in your life, I don’t care what it is, you have to decide what it is you want, and how you’re going to get there. If you want to retire a millionaire, just saying that isn’t going to make it so. How are you going to do it? Well, you’re not going to do it working at McDonalds (unless you own one, in which case, you’re already a millionaire). Build the roadmap to your goal. That’s what I did in this election. There were probably three people more qualified than me…but I knew how to get to the end and because of that, was able to get elected.

Don’t ever short-change yourself. You can be the most powerful person in the world. Just look at Obama! Here’s a guy that really shouldn’t have amounted to anything more than a street thug, and he turned out to be president. Decide what you want in life, make a plan and stick to it. Everyday, do something that is going to take you to that end. You’ll be happy you did!

Now…what the hell am I doing to do for the next three years????

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The GOP Wins The Senate….Now What?

I have always said that one of the major differences between the Republicans and the Democrats are that the Republicans have great ideas, but don’t know how to implement them. The Democrats are great at implementing bad ideas. If we could just take the GOP’s good ideas and let the Dems implement them, we’d have a great country!

So, the GOP wins the Senate. The easy part is over. Now comes the hard part. You’ve got a Democrat who’s wounded and has his back up against the wall in the White House. You’ve got two houses of Congress that are controlled by the same party. Getting bills passed by them should be easy. Making laws is a different story.

I don’t know if the GOP has thought this one through or not. Nobody has actually said, “If we take the Senate back, this is what we’re going to do…here’s our agenda”. Probably because this wasn’t a race where people voted for the Republicans and their ideas. It was a race where the people voted against a president who’s wildly unpopular and against HIS ideas. That’s got to change now.

There are several issues that the GOP needs to attack, and do so rather quickly. They need to face up to immigration reform, and they need to make sure that it includes iron-clad, sure-fire border protection BEFORE anyone in this country is allowed to get on any path or lane to a citizenship of any type. Personally, I’d make either military service or some sort of public service for at least four years mandatory. I’d make a fine mandatory. I’d make a mastery of the English language mandatory. They still have to apply for citizenship like everyone else when the time comes and they have paid their fine, learned the language and done their public service. And then, they lose the right to vote. Forever. And that’s ONLY after the United States creates a safe border. I don’t know what that looks like, but that’s not my job. Frankly, I’d like to see a mile-wide barrier with guard towers, desert, and 60 foot high electrified fences. I’d build the wall, up and I’d build the wall down. At least 100 feet under ground. Too many illegals come in through tunnels. And yes…I’ve been to El Paso and Nogales, and McAllen. I know there are towns on the border. You’re going to lose some land. Sorry. Finally, I’d adopt Mexico’s policy for sneaking into the country illegally. That penalty is a must. Jail is the only option. You come in…you’re going to face a very still penalty.

Next up, a fix for Obamacare. Repeal it and start again. There ARE some things about Obamacare that the public likes, and I’m all for that. Having done away with “pre-existing conditions” is a good thing. The thing about having kids stay on mom and dad’s policy until 26 is ok. But there has to be some other things changed. If you’re going to make it mandatory, get the government out of it altogether. Government doesn’t sell insurance well, we’ve seen that. Allow it to be done nationally, not state by state. If a company in Maryland has a better policy than here in Arizona, I should be able to buy it. Allow patients to sue their insurance companies. Do away with the death panels. Give tax credits instead of subsidies, and make sure that they’re fool proof. And do away with employer mandates. You want this to be long-term and lasting? Make the insurance portable. You buy it, you keep it, regardless where you work, and regardless where you live. Also, make it mandatory that employers re-set base wages to include their previous costs of insurance in a worker’s wages. If they spent $10,000 on your healthcare, you get a $10,000 raise to help you with healthcare…and that’s pre-tax spending (just like now).

After that, strengthen the military. Tackle tax reform. I mean REAL tax reform. A flat tax would be nice. Set the rate, and everyone pays the same rate. Dems can’t argue that Warren Buffet is paying less in taxes than his secretary then. Everyone pays 10% (or whatever). I’ve always liked 10% myself. If it’s good enough for God, it should be good enough for the government.

Be user friendly. You’ve got to be seen as helping the country. If you’re obstructionists, you will lose the Senate in 2016, and the White House. You want to keep the Senate, and win back the White House. You don’t do that by pissing people off. Make the Democrats the ones that are seen as obstructionists. Lead for once…instead of fighting. And for God’s sake do something about our federal debt! My grandkids aren’t going to inherit that much money!!!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!