Moonbeam’s Antics Go Too Far

In case you’re not familiar with California’s current Governor, he’s a retread from the 70’s. Jerry Brown, who gained the nickname “Moonbeam” in the 1970’s for his crazy notions. Actually, Brown got the nickname from Chicago columnist Mike Royko who basically said that Brown appealed to Californians, a place Royko referred to as, “the world’s largest outdoor mental asylum”. It stuck.

Well, Moonbeam is at it again. This time, he’s over in Germany, and he’s fighting the good fight for that non-scientific, power-grabbing, snowflake-driven, anti-Capitalist notion of “climate change”. Now, as I’ve said a million times before…we KNOW there is “climate change”. That’s what climate does (not trying to sound like a GEICO commercial!) So, what in hell is wrong with it? Nothing except for the fact that these snowflake mental lightweights all want to see us flitting around in solar powered cars and not drive SUV’s or take airplane trips across country, while they jet around the world in private jets (I’m looking at YOU, Al Gore!)

Moonbeam was addressing “climate change” in a speech, and in Germany (to show you how far off the beaten track this guy is), the crowd started heckling Brown when he said he wanted to keep oil “in the ground”. His response the hecklers? He called for the protesters to be “put into the ground”. Huh? Yup!

So, here we have this uber-left wing snowflake governor of a state full of fruits and nuts as it is, and he’s saying that even though he’s in Germany and not the US, he doesn’t feel that any other opinion (and it is an opinion) other than his own matters. If you disagree with that, you should be dead. Why else would you be put in the ground?

Typical liberalism. If you don’t agree with them on an issue, you’re hounded and yelled at. They can’t understand why everyone in the world doesn’t agree with their socialistic views. Well, it’s pretty simple actually. Socialism, liberalism, left-wing politics doesn’t work. It never has over the long haul and it never will. Oh, it works fine in short bursts like four years or so when a snowflake gets elected president. But it can never work in the long haul because it always runs out of money. Let’s not leave out the fact that they are ardent supporters of the First Amendment, so long as they aren’t in power. When they are in power, they want to hang anyone that doesn’t agree with their way of thinking. Just like Governor Moonbeam wanted to do in Germany.

The world needs to understand one thing. Liberals are not all there mentally. They fall into one of two classes. Either they feel they can “change the world” and make everyone the same, which has never happened in the history of mankind; or they want to grab as much money and power as they can so they can control people’s lives. Moonbeam falls into the second group. Usually the ones that fall into the first group are college students. Either way, both are wrong. Should THEY be put into the ground? Nope. Because unlike the snowflakes out there, I enjoy the entertainment of watching them make fools of themselves.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Bill Maher Has It Wrong…As Usual

First of all, I believe that if you give the snowflakes out there enough publicity, it’s like telling these copycat criminals that are doing it for publicity’s sake and to prove their worth to themselves, that they are worthy. Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: Bill Maher is not worthy of any fame or fortune. He’s not funny. He’s not talented. He’s not even very bright. He is pretty much the lead idiot of the snowflake battalion.

His latest diatribe on his little-watched HBO show (which no…I don’t waste my time with), basically said that in this country, we SHOULD protest police, and we SHOULD question the generals’ decision because not to do so is what they do in North Korea.

OK…first of all, he’s right on one very basic premise. Yes, you have a right to PEACEFULLY protest in this country. That doesn’t mean you go all Ferguson, Missouri on the stores in your neighborhood. It means that you have a right to assemble and disagree with the government. And that is true. And yes, you have a right to disagree with the military in this country as well. Unfortunately, Mr. Maher wasn’t so excited about it being a “Totally American thing to do”, when his boy, Bobo Obama was sitting in the White House.

If you cried foul with something Obama did, or you commented on his ears (like the snowflakes love to do about Trump’s hair), you were called racist. God forbid anyone would have published a movie like they did with George W. Bush, on how to assassinate him! Or God forbid that you would have someone like Madonna that mentioned she wanted to bomb he White House! Let’s forget the long list of snowflake idiots out there that have said they don’t believe they have to follow the law because Trump is sitting in the White House. Did they feel the same way when their guy was in? Nope.

That’s the inconsistency with snowflakes. As long as they have their guy in, and they get their way, they’re happy. When they get defeated, they go ape-crap on everything. It doesn’t matter what a Republican or a conservative does, it’s never good enough. Was it good enough that Ronald Reagan appointed the first female US Supreme Court Justice in Sandra Day O’Connor? Nope. That was for the libs to do because they were the ones for women’s lib! Is it good enough that Donald Trump wants to fight the opioid addiction problem in this country?

The answer to that is a solid “NO!”. Van Johnson, one of the many socialists from the Obama administration declared that Trump doesn’t want to solve the opiod crisis. He wants to demagogue it. First of all, how in hell does Van Johnson know what’s going on in the mind of Donald Trump? I’m pretty sure they don’t speak all that often, and I’m almost positive that Trump doesn’t have deep cerebral conversations with Johnson on what he’s thinking…so I guess Van Johnson is either engaging in “fake news”, or he’s just upset because it was Trump doing something for the under-privileged folks out there, and Bobo Obama did nothing about it. That is probably more likely the case. How dare these Republicans steal a snowflake issue!?

The inconsistency of the left is alarming. But when you think about it, it’s not a big surprise. From Bill Maher to Van Johnson, they do one thing well…blame the right for everything because they can’t accept the blame for anything!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Wanna See What Liberalism Does?

The state of Illinois is a really good example as to what happens when liberalism takes over. While a good part of the state is conservative, rural, and rooted in traditional beliefs, Chicago and the other population centers are extremely liberal, and have all of the problems. We’ve all heard for years about the gun violence in Chicago, even with some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. Of course, the snowflakes there would never admit that the laws are being broken! They just need more laws! That’ll fix ’em.

Of course, when you take a look at the state as a whole, there are a myriad of problems caused basically by Chicago. The nation’s third largest city is throwing the state into bankruptcy, and is hurting it’s reputation. And Illinois residents are fed up and moving. In fact, the population dropped by over 30,000 this year alone according to Census Bureau estimates. Why the drop? People are fed up over the taxes. High property taxes, high income taxes, all sorts of sales taxes etc. are killing Illinois. And the big problem is that the governments there for years have been corrupted by politicians who had their own welfare in mind rather than others (think of Barack Obama, Rod Blagojevich, George Ryan, Dan Rostenkowski, Mel Reynolds, and Dan Walker to name a few).

People are just fed up with Illinois. The state teeters on the brink of fiscal solvency, and their only escape seems to be to challenge New York and California for the nation’s highest tax rates. But even that won’t help. The exodus from Chicago proper is stunning, but now it’s starting from downstate as well. And that is exactly what liberalism (even with a Republican Governor) will do for you!

Take a look at the cities and states that are in fiscal trouble around our country. Detroit, Michigan has been run for as long as I’ve been alive by Democrats. New York City can pretty much boast the same thing…oh, there have been the occasional Republican mayor there, but they’re more of the Rockefeller Republican (or the McCain Republican) mold, not TRUE Republicans. Then you’ve got states like California, which when you take out San Francisco and Los Angeles are pretty conservative. With those two behemoth cities, they reek of liberalism…and they are in trouble because of it. The same goes for Illinois. The Governor there may be GOP, but the rest of the state legislature is pure snowflake.

It is just one more shining example of how liberalism doesn’t work, never has worked, and never will work. And all the left can do is throw up the occasional city or state that got in trouble with a Republican Governor or Mayor. They can’t defend the statement their way of thinking doesn’t work, because it’s as true as the sun rising in the east. There is no counter argument for it. And there never will be. That’s why, the American public is drawn to the “everything is free” mentality liberals throw out, but eventually leave when they find the enormous cost of liberalism. No country on earth can afford it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Kathy Griffin, Round Two


Photo by Tyler Shields

Kathy Griffin, the comedienne that was lambasted by both the right and the left for holding up a severed head picture (see above) of Donald Trump a few months back is back for round two. In an interview with a New York magazine, Griffin says she’s through apologizing, and is going on the offensive. Yeah…that seems about right.

Let’s look at a few things. First of all, a comedienne, or a comedian, (gender neutral here), is supposed to do one thing…make people laugh. There was nothing in Griffin’s picture that was funny. Sorry, Kathy, but if you think that chopping off ANYBODY’s head is funny, your sense of humor is drastically warped, and you probably need to find another line of work.

Second, I don’t care one way or another if you want to continue criticizing the president or not. That’s your right as an American citizen. You can do your entire show about him if you want to. People HAVE made a living on doing political satire, or political commentary. Just look at the likes of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and even people like Steven Colbert. You are certain free to do it. And realize while you are doing it that companies like CNN are free to fire your ass for speaking out that way. So are venues that booked you as a “comedienne” but later came to realize that you were some flaming liberal snowflake with an agenda. It does cut both ways.

As long as Kathy Griffin realizes that her career is basically gone the way of Michael Richards from Seinfeld fame after he lashed out an obscenity and racial slur filled rant during a “comedy” routine, I’m good with that. She will never be a commercial spokesperson again. She will never be someone the country looks to as someone funny. And she will never be someone that will be viewed as credible in her viewpoints ever again. She will always be branded a snowflake, and alt-left. If she’s ok with that, so am I.

I never thought Kathy Griffin was that funny in the first place. I could never figure out why it was she was popular, and in demand. Her jokes weren’t that funny to begin with before all of this started. Her “observational” humor was mediocre at best. Put another way, I would never have spent $10 to see her at a comedy club around the corner from my house. I have a LOT better places to put that money.

I really doubt that her goal of doing a “First Amendment Concert” with the ACLU is going to be that big a deal. I mean, you have a First Amendment right to be an ass, so that’s ok. Why people would put money up to go see you be an ass is beyond me.

So, we aren’t through with Kathy Griffin yet (at least in her own eyes). Well, that and $3 will get you a Grande Coffee at Starbucks!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Death of Liberalism?

If you look at the political landscape today, you may say the Republicans in congress are stepping in a giant pile of dog doo. I’d be inclined to agree with you. But if you continue to look past Capitol Hill, and see what the mood of the country is, you have to shake your head at people that are still carrying their “liberal” membership card. It appears that the card is as outdated as corded house phones.

Remember the old line, “If you’re not a liberal at 25 years of age you have no heart, and if you’re still a liberal at 50 years of age you have no brains”? Well, it appears that most of America is in fact, conservative. Oh, there are pockets of liberalism out there, but is it really dying out? The left doesn’t want you to think so…but there are signs that is exactly what’s happening.

Before we go any further with this, we need to agree on one thing. Politics is cyclical. It always has been because as a nation, we flip-flop back and forth between wanting to be liberal and wanting to be conservative. I actually think we’re mostly a little more on the conservative side of the fence, but when someone like an FDR, or an Obama comes along and shoves us left of center, we like it…at least until the bill comes due. Then we skip right back to the other side of the fence. That’s because overall, Americans know that liberalism doesn’t work. It can’t for one very simple reason. It’s failed everywhere it’s tried because it spends way too much money and delivers way too little to the masses in return.

So, is liberalism dead in America? There are people that seem to think so. There was an article in the Wall Street Journal this past week indicating that at the local and state level, the libs have already lost. At the national level with the Supreme Court heading way to the right from where it’s been, and with the GOP (not necessarily the conservatives) in control of congress and the White House, it would appear that way. And when you look at the masses, they appear to be more aligned with the right than the left. Now, there are exceptions. Millennials facing huge college debt are turning to socialists like Bernie Sanders. Unfortunately those folks are also learning that Bernie is tainted with corruption like his wife is, and that’s a turnoff for them. Gen X’ers who were also very anti-right wing a few years back when they helped elect Bill Clinton, learned that being left isn’t always a good thing…and Clinton was a rather centrist Democrat.

Overall, I’d say liberalism isn’t dead…but is wounded. It’s going to take more than an Elizabeth Warren or anybody in Hollywood to bring it back. And it probably won’t happen anytime soon. Usually when you have these radical of shifts in power like what we had eight years ago, and what we had this past November, there is about an 8-12 year period where we stay with that group, and then switch. If that’s the case, look for Trump or someone on his team to maintain leadership at least through 2024.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What Needs To Happen To Get Back To Work

I’m frankly appalled at the liberals in this country. They are the biggest bunch of sniveling, whining, losers and crybabies I think I’ve ever seen. And after the shooting of Steve Scalise and others while practicing for an annual charity baseball game, JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE REPUBLICANS, by a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter, we are close to going, if not already gone, off the rails as a nation.

So, what has to happen to stop the madness we are experiencing from the left right now? Frankly, they need to grow up. Republicans, while never accepting Barack Obama as their president, and disapproving of his illegal methods of governing, never, ever took to shooting members of congress, or running roughshod over the opposition as the mainstream liberal media has been doing. As recently as Thursday, the once vaunted, New York Times decided to blame Sarah Palin, who had absolutely nothing to do with what happened on Wednesday for the shooting of Scalise. How outside the lines can this group of morons color?

What needs to happen is simple. Liberals, you don’t have to like Donald Trump as president. I never once liked Barack Obama. That’s fine. That’s expected. You don’t have to play Harry Reid and lie on the floor of the Senate, or play Nancy Pelosi and one minute tell the world that you have to pass Obamacare to see what’s in the bill, and the next, scream how awful Republicans are for not telling the Democrats what they are working on. The anger and angst on the left in inconceivable. You lost. And by all accounts, if you keep up the anger you’re showing, and hearing from Bernie Sanders, you’re going to keep losing. That’s because anger never wins elections. Anger does nothing positive. If you’re upset that your party nominated someone totally incapable of running for president, I get that. So, what are you going to do about it? YOUR party (not mine) was to blame for putting Hillary Clinton up against a neophyte. I didn’t do that. She had more baggage than Samsonite for God’s sake. Any idiot with an IQ of six could have figured that one out.

No, unfortunately, until the left decides to act like human beings, and forget all of this “anti-Trump” and vitriolic rhetoric that they spew like vats of acid, what we saw Wednesday will continue. Because those people who see their leaders acting like eight year olds will begin, as this idiot did, to think it’s ok for them to act like eight year olds. Hollywood is to blame. The left wing media is to blame. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are to blame. So is Maxine Waters. When you speak to incite violence, you can’t be surprised when violence erupts. It’s time for the Democrats around this country to pull it in, fix their party, because it’s woefully broken, and get ready for the next round. You NEVER heard this type of acid-tongued crap from the Republicans in the last eight years. You NEVER saw someone from the right shooting members of congress. The blame is solely on the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, the DNC and their followers, and liberals everywhere. This is on you, and it’s on you to fix it. And no…gun control isn’t the answer. Stop your bitching and start getting to work!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Gillibrand Just Fu**in’ Wrong

I run into this time and time again. I sit on a Board of Directors out here in the desert (and no, it’s not with a jackrabbit, a coyote, and a couple of haveolinas…it’s real). And it seems that from time to time I have to remind myself that the reason I’m sitting here isn’t to “help” people. That’s not what someone in this position does. And Kirsten Gillibrand needs to learn the lesson sooner rather than later.

Speaking at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York City this past Thursday, the Senator that took Hillary Clinton’s seat was dropping F-bombs quicker than a carpet bombing raid in Desert Storm. She mentioned, “If we’re not here helping people, we should go the f*ck home”. Sorry Kirsten. That’s not why you are in the Senate, and if you think that it is, you are WAY off base. You are there to pass laws for the good of the country, not to “help people”. Those are two different things.

And that is what I have to remind myself consistently on the board. I’m not here to help the little old lady that has a hard time getting from point A to point B. As much as I would try to help her as a fellow human being who cares about her plight, that’s not my position. My position is to run a corporation, set the path to which the management team should go down. Kirsten’s position is to pass laws that are good for the country (and not for individuals or small groups of people). There is a HUGE difference between the two.

To think that Gillibrand is being touted as a possible 2020 presidential candidate with the wrong idea of what her job description is, is kind of frightening. If you are not able to understand the job you currently have, what in God’s green earth makes you think you are qualified to get a promotion? It’s the Peter Principle portrayed in real life. The only problem here is you are in a position to do some real damage if it comes to fruition. Now, having said that, I know my liberal friends out there are screaming at their computer screens that it’s already happened with Donald Trump in the White House, and there are instances that they may be right, but those are only instances. When you don’t understand what it is you are supposed to do, you can’t understand where it is the guy above you does. It’s that simple.

No, Kirsten Gillibrand needs to a) clean up her act with the F-bombs, and b) needs to understand why she is in the United States Senate in the first place. That is akin to Journalism School graduates coming out saying that they want to change the world. You aren’t going to change the world as a journalist. You are SUPPOSED to report on the news. If you want to be an editorial writer, that’s different, but journalism is about covering the facts, not your version of the facts. Let’s hope for all of our sakes that Kirsten Gillibrand is alone in her mistaken view of what it is she does!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!