WaPo Hitting With More “Fake News”

When Katherine Graham and Ben Bradlee ran the Washington Post, it was a famed newspaper, and much like it’s older cousin, The New York Times, it has fallen on hard times. These days it seems that the Post (like the Times) is hell-bent on hiring only rejects from the tabloids on the checkout aisles at the Piggly Wiggly.

The latest smear to smudge an already blackened reputation at the Post comes with a story that Donald Trump gave classified information to the Russian Foreign Minister and the Russian Ambassador at their Oval Office meeting recently. The Post alleges that even though a) there isn’t a shred of evidence to back up the accusation, and b) they hide behind the ubiquitous “unnamed sources”. Well, I have an unnamed source that says that the Washington Post is full of caca, doesn’t research any of their stories and sits around the office at night drinking Jim Beam and seeing what stuff they can make up on Trump since he pulled their press credentials during the campaign. By the way…because I have an unnamed source saying all of that, it doesn’t make any of that true. The same goes for the Washington Post’s article.

This is slime journalism at its best. It’s the “Fake News” that Trump warned us about. There were only six people in the room with that meeting. The Russian Ambassador, and Foreign Minister, Donald Trump, Dana Powell, Rex Tillerson, and General H.R. McMaster, who said yesterday that as reported in the Post, the story is false. So, where is the source the Post cites? They don’t say, and won’t say. It’s another “Deep Throat” apparently, except this time, there’s no evidence of any wrong doing.

And so we’ve entered journalism in the 21st century. In what used to be an honorable and noble profession, it’s been turned into a bunch of whining crybabies that scream every time they don’t win an election, cry about the fact that they are being misheard and misunderstood, and can’t for the life of them wonder why We The People view them lower than the used car salesman with onion-breath and a cheap $8 sports jacket, smelling of last night’s hooker.

And it’s the same journalists that carp when we cry foul. When we catch them with their pants around their ankles after they have made up stories, or at the very least slanted them in such a way that the story has nothing in common with the truth, they are appalled that we call them out. They have lost our respect, and they have lost all dignity. The Washington Post belongs on the rack next to the National Enquirer, except for the fact the Enquirer probably doesn’t want to be associated with the Post.

And this is what we have sunk to in American politics. Journalists and losing parties that will do anything to see that the party in the White House, that should have been theirs in their own minds, is destroyed. They don’t care about libel. They don’t care about slander. They don’t care about the truth. They care only for power. It is their religion. And that is a very sad state of affairs.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Colbert’s Rant Does Only One Thing…

Let’s get a couple of things straight before getting to the meat today. First of all, I don’t watch Stephen Colbert. I never have. It’s not that I have anything against him, I just don’t think he’s very funny. He’s a hack of a comedian that has a television show and that’s it. So when he went on his tirade against Donald Trump for walking away during an interview with CBS News John Dickerson, I frankly don’t pay much attention to that.

America (and the FCC) needs to realize, he’s an entertainer. His thoughts on anything political don’t matter a hill of beans. Yes, he has a right to have an opinion, and yes, he has a right to share that opinion with anyone that wants to tune in and listen. But frankly, I don’t think too highly of people that look at people like him or Jon Stewart as “news” people. They’re not. They are political and comedic hacks that have a shtick and that’s how they make a living.

So what if he calls out Donald Trump and uses a homophobic joke on him? Who really cares? I probably have said much worse about people on the other side of the aisle here on this blog. The only difference is, I have freedom of the press on my side (ok…I realize that’s a stretch to say I’m “press”), but the first amendment covers me and frankly, regardless what the FCC says, they don’t have total control of the internet just yet. Well, that and you can still swear and show porn on the internet.

The whole case is being overblown…because who really cares what people like Colbert think anyway? Liberals have a tendency to blow this stuff way out of proportion because they can’t go after people like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity and get away with it, so when someone on the conservative side tries it with some idiot like Colbert, they want to have equal treatment…and you know something? They should get it. It doesn’t stick against Hannity and Limbaugh, because the left really don’t care what those two think, so why should it stick against people like Colbert and Kimmel? They (like Hannity and Limbaugh) are nothing more than placeholders on TV or radio and temporary placeholders at that. Once their ratings take a nose dive (they always do), they’re gone. Don’t believe me? Ask David Letterman or Jay Leno.

So what if some second-rate comedian tells a joke about the president? So what if it was “controversial”. Do you really think a year from now anyone will even remember it? And what is the worst thing that could happen? CBS faces a fine and Colbert gets his wrist slapped with a fine (that CBS pays for him)? So what? His ratings for the next two weeks will go through the roof because of what he said. Everyone will tune in waiting for more. And like everything else, it will die down and we will all get back to normal.

The lesson in all of this is simple. Chill out. It’s not worth getting into a pissing contest over.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

White House Correspondents’ Dinner: No Fake News Here!

In a really over-blown, over-the-top effort to prove to the world they are legitimate, and quite possibly to themselves, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner was held last night in Washington…without the President in attendance. He was busy. He was at a First 100 Days Rally in Pennsylvania…the state that gave him the White House last November.

And in a move to show that they were indeed still alive, still kicking, and still mattered, the White House Correspondents decided to throw the dinner anyway, and blast the Trump administration throughout. One of their major themes was, “We are NOT fake news”. Now, the whole “fake news” thing has been overblown by The Donald. I’m not saying the news is fake because I really don’t think it is. I’m saying that the title of “fake news” has been given to the media because of their bias, both right and left.

Media USED to report on situations. That was their job. Billy crashed his bike into Suzy’s house. That is an unbiased, fact base report. Billy crashed his bike into Suzy’s house because he didn’t like the fact that Suzy got a raise and now makes exactly what Billy makes. That’s what would classify as fake news because the reporter doesn’t know for a fact that is why Billy crashed his bike into Suzy’s house. Maybe he’s a bad bike rider. Maybe he’s drunk. Maybe he thinks Suzy is a bitch. Anything is possible. And in this past year’s campaign, we saw a lot of “fake news” that wasn’t false, but was twisted. It was reported as fact, but in actuality, there was more spin and opinion involved than there was fact. THAT is what Donald Trump has been talking about…and yes…the media IS guilty of that.

Anytime the media publicly favors one candidate over another (and it happens both ways here…it’s just this time they favored the Democrat), I would say you are in major danger of committing “fake news”. That is exactly what happened, and it happened because some of the one-time-most-prestigious news organizations in this country allowed one candidate to have editorial consent over the content in their publication. That’s just wrong. The media needs to be vigilant that they are unbiased when it comes to reporting the news. Currently, as last night’s WHCD clearly showed, they are incapable of doing that job, and they actually proved Donald Trump’s point. They are so mired into the “fake news” phenomena right now that America has lost faith in them.

I blame the people running the media, but I also blame the Journalism Schools around the country for teaching that it’s ok to show your bias. University of Missouri, Syracuse University, Northwestern University are probably the three largest and best known J-Schools in the country. They all do it. And it needs to stop if the media want to be given any credibility in the future. But based on what I saw from last night’s dinner, I think we are going to have to find another source for “Real News”. These guys are mired in the fake brand for a good long while.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is This An End Of An Era?

This whole blog started as a way for some guy with some spare time on his hands in the middle of a vast desert to tell the world (if anyone cared) what he thought…basically about politics. But seeing how I spent my adult life in media, it also creeps in every once in a while. Today is that exception.

I used to work for the largest media company in the United States. Thanks to the Telecommunications Bill of 1996 that was signed into law by Bill Clinton, the station(s) I worked for went from being locally owned and operated, to owned by a company from San Diego, to being bought out by a company from Cincinnati, to then being sold to a company called Clear Channel (as did a LOT of radio stations back then!). In 2008, the top dogs of Clear Channel, the Mays family, decided to sell out to a couple of venture capitalist firms, Bain Capital (Mitt Romney’s old company), and Thomas H. Lee Partners. That’s when things went sour.

Bain and Lee didn’t have a clue about radio (and still don’t). They overpaid for the company at a time when radio was in decline, and the country heading into recession. But they signed the agreement and had to fork over the money. I was happy since I was a stockholder in Clear Channel and got a rather inflated amount for my shares. But oh, the price I paid!

They say you should never get involved in buying a business you don’t know anything about, and neither of these companies knew squat about radio. It showed. The decisions they made were first grade mistakes and the company never really took off like it had under the Mays family’s control (who were REAL radio people). Now, IHeartMedia may be heading for its final straw. Bain and Thomas H. Lee Partners have a $350 million debt payment to make this year and don’t have the money to do it. What did they do the last time they had such a payment? They fired half of their sales staff (I wasn’t one of them). They also have gotten rid of legends in various local markets because they wanted to unload some hefty salaries. And now, they find themselves still bleeding cash. Not because the local stations aren’t running themselves right. It’s because top management doesn’t have a clue what they are doing. They never have.

So if you have an IHeartMedia station in your town, look for some belt tightening to happen sometime this summer. More will be coming in 2019 if they make it through this year. That’s when IHeartMedia will have to kick in another $8.3BILLION! If they are having trouble scraping up $350 million, what chances do you think they have of making a payment 23 times larger? Answer: None.

Short answer: It’s the end of the “mega giant radio station ownership” age. That will leave Cumulus radio…which at one time was based in my hometown of Toledo as the largest radio owner in the country. My how the great have fallen! My how I’m glad I’ve retired!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

See Ya, O’ Reilly!

To be honest, and this may come as a shock, I never really liked Bill O’Reilly on Fox News, and so his departure had me shrugging my shoulders. I’m more interested in the overall message that it’s sending. As far as Bill O’Reilly is concerned, it’s not that big of a deal to me. He’ll land on his feet somewhere because he gets ratings, and in the TV game, that’s what it’s all about!

Look, I don’t care if you’re conservative or liberal, you CAN have a decent TV show. The problem with O’Reilly’s show was two-fold. First of all, there was WAY too much screaming and talking over each other on the show, and I just hate that. Being a professional broadcaster for 35 years, that was one big giant no-no. You don’t talk over others. And O’Reilly didn’t care about breaking that rule. The second thing, and this is more on a personal level, you can’t be right all the time. Nobody is unless your initials are J.C. Bill O’Reilly thought he was right all of the time. Even if that’s an act (and most of the time that stuff is), you start believing it when you start getting fan mail. And then it becomes an ego trip and that’s where the real danger starts. I bet that’s where the sexual harassment started as well…not saying I know that for a fact, just sayin’.

Apparently, O’Reilly over the years has had to pay out over $10 million to settle sexual harassment claims, and Fox News has had to fork over another $3 million because of him. That’s a LOT of misbehaving. And quite frankly, if that was true, you have to wonder why O’Reilly wasn’t fired years ago. I don’t care if you have the number one cable show in America or not, there are ways to behave, and ways not to behave, and frankly, you just don’t treat people like that.

Add to that the overall impression I had about O’Reilly that he was a big blowhard and a massive egotist, and I can see that he’d be pulling shenanigans like that, and treating people with less respect and dignity than they deserve. Look, Bill O’Reilly, if this stuff is true, deserves to get canned; deserves to never have a show on any network ever again; and deserves to never sell another book or do another speaking engagement. He’s like Hillary Clinton on that accord. You don’t reward bad behavior unless you want to get bad behavior. That’s exactly what Fox News has done all these years, and finally they got smart and pulled the plug. Good for them!

As for the lineup changes that I’ve seen, we’ll have to wait and see. I’m sure there are many talented people out there that can move in to whatever slots are open. Tucker Carlson has proven himself to be one of those talents. I hear Eric Bolling is going to get the 7pm slot (eastern time) that Tucker is vacating, and that should be interesting. I’ve liked Eric, but he’s not a superstar…yet. I hear The Five is moving to prime time and that Martha McCallum is going to take the 5pm slot (she’s been doing The First 100 Days following Special Report). She’s done an ok job, though I’m not a huge fan of the show. She’ll do fine.

Look, Fox News will survive, and probably be stronger with O’Reilly leaving. Hell, if I were them, I’d consider getting Dennis Miller back on the air on a regular basis…if he wants a daily show. That guy has always been funny!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Napolitano Benched At Fox News

Yes, he’s acerbic. Yes, he’s bold, brassy, and opinionated. But was he actually right? That seems to be the question regarding Fox News contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano, who was benched earlier in the week for comments he made tying the British to the Obama bugging Trump Tower story.

Once again, as I’ve said before, there is NO proof at this point in time that Barack Obama, of whom you all know I’m not a fan, bugged anybody on his own (or even with a FISA court judge’s approval). And according to FBI Director James Comey, there’s no evidence of it happening. Of course, Comey said there was no evidence that Hillary did anything illegal either. Frankly, I thought he was just trying out new comedy material for an appearance on The Tonight Show. Anyway, I digress. Judge Napolitano, who Fox News has used almost exclusively anytime there has been a legal question or legal issue to be debated said that Obama teamed up with the British to bug Trump Tower. Napolitano said he had three sources to back him up on that. Everybody else seems to think it’s hogwash.

It was mentioned from the podium at the White House in a press briefing, which of course, made it an international incident. The British immediately dismissed the idea. Comey dismissed the idea. And Trump later claimed that he got the story from Napolitano and told reporters pressing him to go talk to Fox News. Well, they did.

Fox News said there wasn’t any shred of evidence that anyone tapped Trump Tower either…and so they benched Napolitano for the comment. You won’t be seeing him on air anytime in the near future, though as with most people, most recently Bob Beckel from “The Five”, being benched doesn’t mean being banned.

I don’t know what’s going on at Fox News, but since Roger Ailes left the juggernaut news giant, they’ve seemed to stumble quite a bit. They got rid of Megyn Kelly, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. They got rid of George Will, which is ok too (old and pompous is ok, but was too much of a good thing with Will AND Krauthammer!). There have been other “contributors” let go as well or not had their contracts renewed. All of this is interesting from the fact that Fox News for the past 17 years has blown away CNN and crushed MSNBC in the cable ratings game. They still lag the “broadcast” networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) in their nightly news, but they beat everybody else. And when there is a major news story, such as the election, the presidential debates, or some other major story, Fox News tops even the broadcast networks in ratings.

So, it’s puzzling why Fox would pull the rug out from people who swear they’ve got three sources to their news stories. Maybe they should be checking out the sources before they start cutting the cord? Only time will tell when Napolitano is allowed back on the air…but one thing is certain. Fox will have him back. He’s popular, and well-liked by the commentators.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Can The Media EVER Get Back To Normal?

The Snowflake Media Network (which includes the three major TV networks, CNN, and MSNBC, as well as most large daily newspapers in the country) has hit rock bottom. They’ve been uncovered for foisting fake news upon the American public to try and get folks to not go along with the Trump administration. That’s just wrong and they know it.

What rankles me is that the media has gone beyond being biased. They’ve gone to the realm of fake news…making up news stories that just aren’t true to try and prove to the American people that we were wrong in electing Trump. Let’s just say it’s the left’s latest playbook strategy in showing the world how disappointed they are.

And it’s really a new low.

Oh, they’ve got a constitutional right to say whatever they want in their newspapers, and on cable TV because those aren’t regulated by the FCC. However, the three major TV networks that are engaging in this crap ARE regulated by the FCC, and CAN be fined, or have the stations in their network lose their license come renewal time. Those individual stations ARE responsible still for the fake news they put out on the airwaves, even if it’s sent to them by ABC, CBS, or NBC.

The latest to hit the fan is the fake news regarding claims regarding national guard troops being ordered to the border by Trump. That was reported by the Associated Press, and was made up. It never happened. It seems that there is a rash of more and more false news being delivered by organizations that prided themselves in the past of “getting it right”.

Of course, leave it to the snowflakes to try and spin it another way. John Podesta came out and said that the Trump administration is making a very dangerous move when they call into question fake news. Huh?

Yes…you read that right. It’s dangerous for the Trump administration to call into question when a news organization gets it wrong, or makes it up. His addled reasoning is because that means Trump can spin the news the way he wants it. But what Podesta, who I don’t believe ever took a journalism class in his life, doesn’t realize is that facts ARE facts, and when you make up facts you produce fake news. We all make mistakes in reporting stuff. It’s a nature of the beast, and it’s the reason “corrections” columns exist in newspapers. Nobody’s talking about that. What we are talking about is making up fictitious articles and news stories to make the Trump administration (or anybody, really) look bad. THAT in the past has gotten countless reporters fired from their job and some have even lost prestigious awards because of their falsifying documents. Remember Brian Williams, formerly of NBC News? Didn’t he get canned for stretching the truth, not even making up stories, just changing some facts?

The media does not have the right to make up news stories and present them as the truth. THAT is a lie, and THAT should be stopped at all cost up to and including yanking their licenses when they actually have one. You can’t do much about newspapers, but they are dead dinosaurs anyway. And cable news is pretty much on its way out as well. No, you must show the ugly side of biased journalism for what it is. After all…it’s exactly what the left would do if the situation were reversed!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!