What’s With Michelle Ma Belle, and Hillary?

I always thought that in the United States of America, we had this thing called a freedom to vote. That meant that when there was an election, we were able to go into a secret place, cast a secret ballot, and decide for ourselves whomever we thought the best candidate was.

Apparently I didn’t listen to either Hillary Clinton or Michelle Ma Belle Obama.

Because both of these women have come out in recent days and chastised women that voted for Donald Trump. Now wait a minute! You mean to tell me that the Democrats have it all together to the point where two of the more famous women in their party can actually slam women that didn’t vote for their candidate? And the reason for that would be….what? that their candidate lost?

First of all, let’s be clear…both Clinton and Obama are way out of line with their comments…moreso than Donald Trump is for bashing the NFL. His is a business type of viewpoint. Theirs is anti-American. If you’re going to tell me that people that didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, they “voted against their own voice”? Somehow that is totally wrong. And Hillary is just as bad blaming women that voted for Trump as the reason she lost. I’ve said it a million times…Hillary, you lost because you had enough baggage to keep every bellhop in New York City employed for a career, and you were the worst candidate in US history.

See, this is one of the bigger differences between the GOP and the Dems. You don’t hear Mitt Romney or even the traitor John McCain blaming white men for not turning out in enough numbers to vote. But you hear it from Democrats. You hear it especially from Democrat women who refuse to accept defeat and are so bitter that they can’t let go of a defeat a year after the election. And that tells me there are other issues with the person. What that tells me, regardless what both Clinton and Obama think, is that the women that didn’t vote for Clinton were actually right.

Now, I’m not saying Donald Trump is going to be another president destined to have schools named after him, or an addition to Mt. Rushmore or anything. I am saying that if Hillary Clinton had gotten elected, well, we can see the type of character she has. And the same can be said for Michelle Ma Belle. Both women are totally classless, totally devoid of reality, and we can only thank God that Clinton didn’t win. Can you imagine what she would be doing during the Korean crisis? Can you even begin to think of what healthcare in this country would look like (well…it’d pretty much be the same empty shell we have now…thanks Obama!). And you can only imagine what type of rescue effort the people of Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico would have gotten. Hell, she’d still be drunk on Chardonnay!

No, Michelle, and Hillary, you are both so far off base, you both need to be institutionalized. That’s the only place you both belong…and the sooner the better!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Michelle Ma Belle Is PISSED At Trump!

Don’t mess with big mama! That’s the word coming out of Michelle Ma Belle Obama these days. Oh, she’s pissed at Donald Trump. Why? Simple…he’s messing with her school lunch program.

It was one of the areas that Trump thought was unnecessary when it came time to look at Obama era programs to cut, and it was one of the first to go. And why not? It was terribly unpopular among school kids…it was equally as unpopular among their parents. And having seen it with my grandkids first hand, I have to tell you, no, there’s nothing wrong with wanting kids to eat good food like broccoli, or asparagus, but there IS something wrong with forcing a school to buy all that stuff and then throwing it away because no one eats it.

That is exactly what happens.

I visited my granddaughter’s school in Texas after Michelle Ma Belle put all of this nonsense into effect. Here’s what I noticed. As I sat down with my granddaughter as she tore into her McDonalds that her mother had brought, I noticed something. Nobody was in line to get food from the cafeteria. They all had McDonalds or Burger King bags. Oh, some may have had a Subway sandwich, but it was all fast food. See, what Michelle Ma Belle didn’t realize what she had done is she had forced all of the moms out there to forego their normal routines, and every day, stop by and pick up a fast food lunch and deliver it to their beloved child. The kids weren’t eating Michelle’s pick for food. I asked the lunch lady at the “veggie counter” what she did with all of the leftover food (there was a lot of it!), and she told me that they threw it away…she said it was the most boring job in the world because nobody came through the lunch line anymore.

So I beg the question, Michelle Obama aside of being pissed that schools don’t have to waste their meager money on throwing fresh veggies away, which is better for kids…a modicum of a nutritional diet from lunch lady Dora, or McDonalds for lunch every day? Trump obviously felt lunch lady Dora needed some love and opted to go back to the way things were (which by the way is the option most school districts were opting for, even at the threat of losing federal funding).

I would say that Michelle has a good idea, and yes, we need to feed our kids correctly. But what the Obama’s failed to learn is the same lesson Democrats and liberals fail to learn on a daily basis…you can’t legislate morality. It didn’t work with prohibition, and it won’t work trying to legislate the size of soft drink you buy in New York City, or the amount of times you go to McDonalds. The snowflakes need to wake up and realize they are the ones that are wrong, and need to change their tune.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

“No Hope” Michelle…Lives It Up In Hawaii

So, Michelle Obama, who really hasn’t done much except make school lunches inedible during her time as first lady (other than taking $85 million in vacations on the taxpayer dole), is upset. She told Oprah Winfrey that she’s sad…sad because Americans have “no hope now that Donald Trump has been elected president”. I’m wondering where she’s learning that fact.

In fact, more people are hopeful heading into 2017 than have been hopeful since this time in 2008, when the thought Bobo Obama was going to be an actual leader, and not some wimp. But apparently that fact escaped Michelle Ma Belle’s gaze.

Let’s be honest. America is a nation that tries on political party on for size for a while, gets tired of it, and switches to the other. It’s been that way for a LONG time. In fact, the only Republican president to be elected after an eight-year Republican term since the 1920’s (when Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover combined to give the nation 12 continuous years of Republican service) was George HW Bush. He served after an eight-year Ronald Reagan term. As far as Democrats go, you have to go back to Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman. They gave Americans almost 20 years of service. No Democrat has been able to extend on the party’s eight-year reign since then.

And, we are at the end of eight-years of what most Americans feel were wasted opportunities, both home and abroad. The entire Obama presidency can be summed up with that sentence. He wasted a chance to really reform healthcare. He wasted a chance to solve Social Security’s ills. He wasted a chance to help solve the immigration problem once and for all. He did very little to help the economy after the Democrats almost ruined the banking industry, forcing banks to give housing loans to people that they knew couldn’t afford to pay it. Oh, I know the argument that it was the banks screwing America with the derivatives investing, but that wasn’t the reason. Anyway, Michelle is “hopeless” now because she realizes she isn’t going to have any power. Her party isn’t going to have any power, and she feels because she feels that way, ALL of America feels that way. Sorry Michelle…that isn’t the fact… that’s more of the so-called “fake news” we’re hearing about.

Actually, America is more hopeful now than at any time in the past eight years. Let me say that I understand DEMOCRATS wouldn’t be as hopeful…they see a HUGE setback in their policies and their “religion” items, like Global Climate Warming Change and Abortion, both of which would be swept away under a more reasonable government. And they see potential voter fraud that they favor in future elections to get elected as being deterred because of Donald Trump’s views on immigration reform, and kicking out people that don’t belong here, much less giving them citizenship and the right to vote.

No, Michelle, you are sad because you are losing Air Force One. You are going to have to pay for your extravagant vacations, like the one you’re on now in Hawaii, from now on. And you’re going to undergo the transformation of becoming a former-first lady, which means no one cares a whit of what you think anymore. You my dear, are a has-been…just like your husband. But the good news is, there IS life after presidency. Just ask Jimmy Carter…and he could use some help building those houses for Habitat For Humanity!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Living Proof Michelle’s “School Lunch Program” Failed!

OK, here’s the disclaimer. I never have subscribed to Michelle Ma Belle Obama’s school lunch fiasco. No, I’m not for morbidly obese kids. I think the main difference between the kids today and 50 years ago when I was a kid was that back then, to entertain ourselves we went outside. We ran, we played baseball, and football, and army. We were creative. We built forts that would take hours upon hours to build. It’s how we spent our days. Today’s kids, spend their time on their computers, and their IPads and their smartphones playing games and texting with friends. They don’t need to go out of the house to have fun anymore.

That’s the real problem. Well, one of them. The REAL problem that Michelle Ma Belle is overlooking is why the kids are sitting inside in the first place. It’s not because it’s closer to the refrigerator. That has nothing to do with it. It’s because we, as parents, didn’t want them playing out of our sight. We feared for their safety. In this day and age of all kinds of freaks on the loose, who knew who was going to kidnap little Johnny? I had the run of the neighborhood. But even when my kids were growing up some 25 years ago, they didn’t. I either knew which house they were in, or they were in our back yard. Not our front yard, our back yard. Away from the traffic. THAT is the real problem. Our streets and neighborhoods weren’t safe enough to let the kids out and roam around like what we did.

So Michelle doesn’t decide to tackle the problem of limiting the age of people playing video games. Her two daughters would probably bitch to high heaven about that. So she did the next best thing. Attack the source of their obesity…the foods they eat. Now, I’m not a fan of that. I was raised on mac & cheese, and hamburgers and hotdogs, and rice casserole and such. We never had asparagus and I doubt I knew what cauliflower was back then. We had corn and potatoes and peas and carrots. That was the world of veggies we grew up with. Of course, we also didn’t have soft drinks, and all the junk food we have today. Pizza? That was for Friday nights and you got one slice. And it was home made.

So it’s been a year since Michelle’s lunch program kicked off. How’s it going? Not so good. Obesity rates in the US have risen from 25.5% in 2008 (just before Obama took office) to 27.7%. That’s a 2.2% rise in obesity during a presidency in which the first lady is fighting it. That’s about a 10% increase! That’s not supposed to happen. The seas were supposed to calm. Nations were supposed to sing together and kids were supposed to lose weight. The obesity rate was supposed to go DOWN!

It didn’t happen. Which proves another point…Michelle is just as good at her job as her husband is at his. Epic FAIL!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!