What Will Dems Do If AHCA Isn’t Passed?

The Republicans are getting zero help on trying to repeal Obamacare from the Democrats. I get that. After all, it was the only big thing congress passed the entire time Bobo was in office. God knows you can’t say they passed much on the budget! But what really happens if the GOP can’t put together a package that repeals or repeals and replaces Obamacare? What happens to the Democrats then, and what happens to healthcare then?

Well, let’s tackle the first question first. If the GOP can’t agree on something that actually gets rid of Obamacare, or plays with it enough that it isn’t anything like what it is today, then Obamacare is going to die on the vine. Everybody agrees with that. The money just isn’t there to keep a bad idea like this healthcare debacle going. And the GOP that rules both houses, certainly isn’t going to vote to put more money into it. So, Obamacare dies, whose fault is that? It’s the Democrats’ fault because they are the ones that put this thing together in the first place. THEY are the ones that created a plan so bad that it couldn’t last more than five years in practice.

Now, Elizabeth Warren is already out there crying that the next step for healthcare is that we need to go for single payer. And you’re already hearing that from the more liberal wing of the Snowflake party. That was the plan all along, so all she is doing is echoing the playbook that was written seven years ago. That isn’t going to fly any more than I can if I flap my arms hard enough. So, we can discount Warren’s suggestion as nothing more than a fantasy.

Let’s look at what happens to healthcare if the GOP can’t pass a repeal bill. Obamacare dies later this year. That means that for most people, nothing happens. Most people have their insurance through work. There are quite a few of the “22 million” people that the Democrats are crying will lose healthcare if Obamacare is dismantled that are on Medicaid. They actually don’t belong there because they are people that normally wouldn’t qualify for Medicaid…they make too much money. In fact, under Obamacare, you can make like 400% of the poverty level and qualify for Medicaid. Hell, my wife and I living comfortably on retirement would qualify without batting an eyelash! And we aren’t destitute by any stretch of the imagination.

So, five million folks on Medicaid that COULD afford insurance would lose the freebie. 14 million people that were forced to buy Obamacare that don’t want or need insurance would lose it, and they’d be ok with that. That leaves three million people that need it, want it, and would be unable to get it. Those are the people that lose out in this mess. That by the way is less than 1% of the population. And since when do we spend over $1 trillion on less than 1% of the population?

If Obamacare dies, all of the regulations, all of the taxes, all of the mandates die with it. It goes away. It IS repealed because there is no more money there to fund it. Also going away are the mandates that tell insurance companies if you don’t offer Obamacare, you can’t offer individual coverage in that state for 10 years. We basically go back to what we had before Obamacare. Would that be such a bad thing? And think of the money we’d save. The Senate is all excited about saving $320 billion over ten years. If Obamacare dies, it saves $1 Trillion plus over ten years. And those of us that are in the individual marketplace can get the insurance we want from ANY company…not just one small insurance company that makes you drive 2 hours to the closest hospital that accepts their insurance!

No, the GOP would be best to let Obamacare die on the vine. Kill it that way. Then we can ALL (except for the 3 million folks who were without insurance and wanted it before) can get back to life as normal. And by the way…your insurance rates and deductibles and co-pays would drop like a rock!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Senate Healthcare Bill Gets CBO Numbers In

The House bill for the repeal and replacement of Obamacare was called “mean” by the snowflakes on Capitol Hill. That’s because it dismantled their beloved Obamacare, which is heading to the scrap heap anyway since it’s going to be bankrupt later on this year. And with no insurance companies jumping on board and the few that are still around in the program, it is going to make for meager pickings for the people that still have to go that route.

As for the Congressional Budget Office, they came out with their “scoring” of the Senate’s version of the bill, and showed that over the next ten years it would actually save $321 billion. That’s a savings of about $200 billion over the House version. And 22 million Americans would lose their healthcare insurance vs. the 23 million that would lose insurance under the House plan. But hang on a second.

The Senate bill would include 5 million that would be pared from Medicaid roles that really aren’t that poor…the Obamacare plan just included them to get more people involved. And of the 17 million that are left, there are about 14 million according to the CBO that don’t want insurance, and were forced to buy it under Obamacare. So, what is really happening is that five million people that can afford to pay for their own insurance but were given free insurance under Medicaid are going to have to go back and pay for their own, and another 14 million that never wanted or needed insurance in the first place but were forced to buy it under Obamacare can now opt out of the program since the individual mandate is being done away with. That means that 19 of the 22 million people losing their insurance aren’t really losing insurance. Only 3 million people are being effected. But the Democrats aren’t telling you that. They’re telling you that “thousands of people will die” if the GOP plan passes. They aren’t saying they MAY die. They’re saying they WILL die. Well, I’ve got news for you…you are ALL going to die!

The second point to make here is that the CBO numbers everybody is clamoring about are about as accurate as my calculations on how to send Nancy Pelosi back to Pluto. The CBO, when they scored Obamacare, they missed by 68% the cost of the program. They missed by 72% the number of people that would be enrolled in the program. And they missed entirely the “savings”. They said we’d be saving about $2,500 per household on average. Instead, the average household is paying $3,700 more in insurance premiums for less coverage today than they had seven years ago. So, when the CBO scores big massive programs like this for ten years, they don’t have a very good track record.

The end analysis here is that you have no idea what’s going to happen and neither do I. Anytime a government gets involved in your healthcare, you are going to lose. Governments are designed to set laws that benefit all of the people, maintain infrastructure, print money, and create and maintain an army to protect us from enemies. They aren’t to get into the “business” of selling insurance. That isn’t a right, much as the snowflakes want you to believe it is. It doesn’t exist anywhere in the Constitution. Another reason the snowbirds in DC are way off base…once again!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Dems Argument On Health Care Doesn’t Hold Water

The word of the day for snowflakes everywhere is “mean”. The new Republican Healthcare bill making its way through the Senate is “mean”. The Republican House bill that was passed a while back is “mean”. The reason? Dems are worried that the GOP is going to tank their healthcare bill…which they don’t seem to think is mean. Let me respond to that.

The Democrats lied and cheated in order to get their healthcare bill through congress seven years ago. Do you remember all the cater walling and cajoling they did with their own members just to get their vote? If you were a member of either body of congress, and you wanted something…ANYTHING…all you had to do is say you weren’t going to vote for Obamacare until you got it, and VOILA! You got it.

Do you remember the president of the United States telling everybody repeatedly that “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”? and “If you like your healthcare plan you can keep your healthcare plan”? Did he lie when he told you that? Of course he did. He knew damn well that you were going to lose your healthcare plan AND your doctor.

Did the Democrats know back then that there would come a time when insurance companies would pull out leaving states with one or in a lot of cases no insurance options? Did they know back then when they passed this monstrosity that the healthcare bill they were passing would go bankrupt in just seven years? Yes…they did.

So why did they do it in the first place?

Because Obamacare was a placeholder. Much like the Republican plan is a placeholder today. The GOP can’t repeal Obamacare because they don’t have 60 votes in the Senate. And there is no way any Democrat in the world is going to vote for the GOP plan. They would be committing political suicide. The Dems wanted Obamacare to fail so they could switch over to a single payer healthcare system (it’s called Socialized Medicine), and finish the job. Much like what the GOP is trying to do with the current bill. Pass something that gets rid of the bad parts of Obamacare, which is most, and then win eight seats in the Senate next year to be able to finish the job.

The other thing that bothers me is the language the snowflakes use. Obama himself calls the whole thing “mean” because if you plan on getting old, sick, or infirmed, you’re going to be out of luck. He isn’t taking any of the blame for HIS plan that is dying on the vine because no one wants it, insurance companies are bailing on it, and it’s going broke faster than my Uncle Luke in Vegas. That, in a nutshell is partisan, is a lie, and isn’t responsible. The Dems passed what we have and it’s dying. They need to stand up and take credit for their terrible judgement, and level with the American people.

I’m not saying the Republicans have the answer. Actually the answer is to get government out of the picture, and go back to what we had. We don’t need to have some behemoth governmental giant trying to tell us what we can and can’t get fixed with our health. That’s the problem the VA has right now…how’s that working out for the veterans in this country? But the deal is, when business has a handle on things, you let business fix what’s wrong with it, or people will stop doing business with them. If you let government handle something business should be handling you ALWAYS end up with something that costs way too much, delivers way too little, and is a terrible idea. It happens that way every single time it’s tried…and that’s just another reason liberalism doesn’t work!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

If It’s So Good…

To listen to Nancy Pelosi tell it, she basically created the world in six days when she and Harry Reid passed Obamacare and foisted it on a nation ready to lynch her for it. She is always railing about how it is such a mistake to repeal the debt-laden, over-blown, piece of crap bill that most of America has never caught on to. She says she’s ready to work with Republicans to “fix it” anytime, anywhere. What that means is, she’s ready to try and save as much of it as she possibly can. And there are a couple of good parts to Obamacare. But just a couple of good parts. 99.9% of it is garbage that needs to be trashed.


And apparently, I’m not the only one that feels that way.


About 90% of Republicans and 80% of independents think that Obamacare should be repealed (NOT repealed and replaced). What is surprising is that a new poll by Gallup (not your typical conservative pollster…these guys are as liberal as they come!), shows that 57% of Democrats also feel that Obamacare should be repealed. So some six years after the country was sold a bill of goods on this idiocy, somewhere in the neighborhood of 75% of us don’t think it’s worth the cost, and should scrap it.


Geesh, and I was losing faith in America! About the only part that should be kept is doing away with the “pre-existing conditions” clause that was such a bane to a lot of people. The rest of it isn’t worth the paper it’s written on (or the millions of trees it killed to write it!).


Now, the GOP says they have almost got the Conservative Freedom Caucus or whatever they are calling themselves this week on board with a new plan. The reason these guys didn’t vote for it the first time around was because it didn’t really “repeal” Obamacare…it tweaked it. And what the Freedom Caucus guys and ladies wanted was to do away with it. They didn’t buy Paul Ryan’s, “We gotta do this in three stages”. Neither did I. You need to dump it.


Now, on the other side of the fence will be the people that scream, “But I’m going to be paying too much if you repeal it!”, and they may be right. But the one thing I’ve learned in my current position is that when you make a law or a rule, you don’t do it for an individual…you do it for the good of the entirety. Yes, it will be unfair for some. That’s just the way it is. You are always going to be unfair to some people when you pass a law, and I deal with just that situation every single day. But it’s what’s good for the whole that matters, and in this case, the whole…including Democrats…want this thing repealed. The sooner the better. Blowing it up and going back to the way we were is MUCH better than what we’ve got. Will some people lose insurance? Yup. Will some people pay more than they do under Obamacare? Yup. But will the MAJORITY be better off? Will the COUNTRY be better off? Of course, because the country cannot afford this monstrosity. It’s a white elephant that needs to be taken out back and put out of its misery. And the GOP needs to be the ones to do it. Let’s just hope they don’t use a cap pistol to do the job!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Ya Gotta Give Em Time!

Donald Trump has been in office just over a month. That means in about 30-some-odd-days, a lot has been done to untangle the pile of feces that was left by the previous administration. But we, as Americans, seem to lose sight that the good things in life, sometimes, take time. Let’s not forget that when the Democrats were fighting amongst themselves eight years ago to actually pass Obamacare, they took about 11 months to do it. It wasn’t done overnight, and it wasn’t done without some horrendous deal making (Remember the Ben Nelson’s infamous deal selling out his vote for some special treatment for Nebraska?).

So why is some right-wing media jumping all over the leadership in their efforts to “repeal and replace” Obamacare? Give them time. If by the fourth quarter they haven’t come up with them, I say, lower the guns and take aim, but ya gotta give ‘em time. Better to do it right than to do it fast…and I’m a guy that is month four of COBRA, hoping that I don’t have to do anything with Obamacare!

Let’s be honest here. Obamacare for the most part sucks. It did one, maybe two things right. The one thing it did right was correct the “pre-existing condition” clause that saved insurance companies millions. The other thing a lot of folks say it did was protect those 25 year olds living at home in their parent’s basement. That’s because they weren’t able to find a job because Obamacare impacted every business with 30 or more full-time employees. No one without a job could find work, so they HAD to live in their parent’s basement.

Other than that this bill was a nightmare from the word go. It gave insurance to the indigent, but it never gave healthcare access to them. It made being poor a second class citizenship because of the fact the only people that went to the exchanges were the poor, the sick, and the indigent. No one of means went to healthcare.gov. No one wanted to because it was such a bad joke. And it took time to get this bill through congress, and only passed by one vote.

So, we need to give the GOP some time to work this thing through. There’s a lot on their plate this year with tax reform (another item that can easily be screwed up), Obamacare repeal, and immigration reform. That would be a lot for any congress to tackle in one session, much less one year. Let’s do it right, and get rid of Obamacare entirely. Not just fix a part here or there. That does nothing to fix the escalating costs every American is feeling. You’ve got to make it affordable by allowing us to buy insurance across state lines, increasing competition, and you’ve got to be able to help those that can’t afford it. But you can’t make it as monstrous of a bill with no real benefits, like Obamacare.

The Republicans in congress need to learn one thing. Insurance is useless unless it actually covers something. Democrats never learned that.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Congress Needs To Address REAL Issue With Obamacare!

Obamacare was really nothing more than a Democrat attempt to take over one-sixth of the United States’ economy in a power grab. There. That’s it. I’ve said it. They wanted to make every single American dependent on government, so they could hold that over their heads at election time. That’s what Democrats do (and no…this isn’t a commercial for GEICO). But Democrats screwed up in the entire premise when they wrote the bill. They focused on insurance, when what they told the American people they were doing was providing healthcare. These are two entirely separate things!

This is what the Republicans need to figure out going forward. Insurance is not healthcare. Insurance provides the means to assist in paying for the healthcare. It does nothing to provide access, as millions of Americans have found out in Obamacare. If the GOP-led congress doesn’t understand this when they write the new law, whatever it ends up being, it will fail as badly as Obamacare failed.

How many stories have we all read about people who had to go to a hospital three hours away because it was the closest one to their home that took Obamacare? How many times did we hear about having to wait a month and a half to see a physician on the Obamacare plan for a serious illness? The fact of the matter is, insurance does not give you access to healthcare. That is a total myth and needs to be blown up. IF the GOP really wants to “fix” healthcare, which really wasn’t all that broken for the vast majority of Americans in the first place, they need to work on the access to healthcare, not the insurance.

As insurance, Obamacare was really nothing more than a throwback to the old 80/20 Blue Cross plan that my parents had when I was growing up. I clearly remember my mother having to write the doctor a check after a visit. In recent years before Obamacare, that was never done. I’d go see a doctor, I’d give them a $15 or $20 co-pay, and I’d be out the door. No further bills, no 80/20. There were no deductibles, there were no hidden surprises. That was it. The rest was between the insurance company and the doctor. That was nice. That all changed with Obamacare.

Now we all have premiums which we have to pay (we’ve always had that), and we have deductibles that we have to hit before the insurance company gets involved, and we have “out of pocket maximums”. It was a rule changer that caused those of us that knew how to play the game to change the way we played. Last year, my wife had a planned, covered surgery in February. It took care of her out of pocket maximum…so she spent the year doing all of the other little things that she needed to take care of medically. It was all free and covered. Then she ended up having a rather serious situation crop up and ended up in ICU for a day, and hospital room for another day. That was covered all but maybe $100. It’s how you play the game…and the GOP needs to fix it so we get improved healthcare…not more insurance.

Let’s hope they get it right. If not, we’re back to Obamacare 2.0!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Obamacare (OUCH!) Premium Increases!

It’s not going to be pretty if you happen to be one of the nine million people that are using individual insurance coverage and get it through the exchange known as “Obamacare”. You’re about to receive a shock comparable to two paddles attached to your chest! Clear!

The rates for Obamacare are coming out now. It looks like out here in the desert (where the Desert Man is going to have to suffer through five years of individual coverage) the rates are going up more than 50%. And I’ve been told by someone in the industry that every single major carrier has pulled out of this state. There is only one small company who can’t afford to lose money that is going to be the only choice I have if I go that route!

So much for every household saving $2500 a year on insurance premiums. So much for “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”. The closest doctor to me under this new plan is 2 ½ hours away. And yet, there isn’t anything that is available to my wife and I other than COBRA because she’s retiring in two weeks. We can only hope and pray that we both stay healthy for five years until Medicare kicks in.

That’s the problem. There isn’t anything there, and as I’ve said all along, it was planned to fail. By failing, the government can swoop in and rescue everybody with single-payer healthcare. And that is going to bankrupt the country quicker than Obamacare will. Doctors are retiring at an alarming rate…medical schools have openings for people who barely finished high school, much less were at the top of their class in college. And the cost to become a doctor continues to soar, with no hope in sight of every being able to get out of debt. That’s not really what someone looking to go into the medical profession wants to hear right about now.

Meanwhile, the Democrat running for president says that if we let Obamacare fail on its own (which it’s doing) we are going to leave “20 million people without healthcare”. Well, that’s another Hillary lie. It’s actually closer to 2 million. There are only 9 million people signed up for Obamacare. 7 million of them lost their individual coverage five years ago when Obamacare came into existence, so they really didn’t get healthcare for the first time through Obamacare. That leaves 2 million that actually were helped. And we’ve thrown away 1.6 TRILLION dollars on them. Anybody want to do the math as to what that cost us?

This was a terrible experiment that went south quickly. It makes Frankenstein look like the FDA should approve that re-generation surgery immediately. And in the end analysis, THIS will become Bobo Obama’s greatest legacy.
Thanks Obama!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!