New Numbers Show Obamacare’s Failure

Most sane people would tell you that Obamacare has been a giant costly flop. It’s probably been the worst bill to ever come out of congress and be signed by a president. It certainly has been more costly. Only one other bill can I recall ever having been passed (and actually it was a Constitutional Amendment), that was worse and that was Prohibition.

So, you listen to the likes of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi who worked long and hard to get Obamacare passed, and you can’t stomach the fact that some 22 million Americans are going to “lose” their healthcare insurance if the Obamacare bill is repealed. Well, let’s do a quick fact check here because it’s not nearly as popular as some would have you believe. In fact, a recent Gallup poll said that some 56% of Americans actually LIKED Obamacare, and wanted it to stay around. That is what was reported. Actually what was stated in the actual survey was 56% like some PORTION of Obamacare, and it was either the Pre-Existing Conditions Clause, or the 25 year old living in the basement clause that they wanted to keep.

In reality…and what Democrats and liberal snowflakes do not want you to understand is, that of the 22 million Americans that would lose their healthcare insurance, 15 million according to Rasmussen, would drop their healthcare insurance if it was legal to do so. On top of that, you have 6.5 million people that have chosen to actually pay the fine rather than take the insurance. That’s 21.5 million people. Now, granted, 6.5 million of those folks don’t have insurance right now and obviously don’t want it. But that leaves 7 million people that have it that wouldn’t drop it. Most of those 7 million are on Medicaid and are getting it for free, even though they make enough money to pay for healthcare out of their own pocket. There is a total of 2 million people out there that need Obamacare insurance because they don’t have anything else to go to, and are sick, and have pre-existing conditions, and/or are 25 or younger living in their parents basement and are unemployed.

That means that we have totally upended the healthcare insurance market for 2 million people. And at last count there were 332 million of us in the country. That equates to spending $1.3 Trillion on 0.6% of the population.

My question to you is…is that fair to the other 99.4% that have to foot the bill?

The obvious answer is no, it’s not fair. And it’s not right. Meanwhile, congress continues to slog their way through possible “compromises” that would get Democrats on board. You can read that to mean, maintain socialized medicine.

Congress needs to get some manhood, belly up to the bar and do what they promised the American people they’d do for the past eight years and get rid of this expensive, over-blown, and counter-productive law, and get back to a market-driven insurance industry that we once had. Anything less is criminal and those that are responsible should be held accountable and thrown in jail!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Who Is REALLY Stepping In Doo Doo?

The interesting thing about the failure to repeal Obamacare is that the GOP is seen (and actually it’s Senator John McCain) as the villain. In reality, the Democrats are the ones at fault here, because they passed this monstrous abortion in the first place, without any Republican help. It’s really on their backs. The mere fact that the bill is collapsing under its own weight is something the Dems aren’t talking about. All they talk about is the “millions of people that will lose health care”, not mentioning that it’s because of their inane inabilities to coddle together a cogent healthcare bill that caused the mess in the first place.

Now, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee (R) and Patty Murray of Washington (D) are proposing a bi-partisan bill that would help pay the insurance companies to stabilize the markets, while allowing the companies not to raise rates. Let’s call this for arguments’ sake, “Obamacare Lite” shall we?

It is still socialized medicine. The only real difference that is out there that I can see is that in exchange for the bailout of the insurance companies (I guess THEY are too big to fail too???), the GOP is hoping to get the states the ability to decide what stuff should be covered and what stuff shouldn’t be covered. That goes a long way toward solving a lot of Obamacare’s problems, but it’s still socialized medicine. That’s the part you have to understand. Nobody in DC is talking about letting the individual marketplace solve this issue anymore. That’s really what needs to be done. And that’s why everybody elected Republicans in the first place. Socialized medicine (yes, even in Canada and England) doesn’t work. Well, it does if you don’t mind waiting 8 months to have a hang nail trimmed. If you need cancer treatment and you’re over 50, good luck! You are given medication to make you comfortable until you die. There isn’t a socialized medicine country in the world with a better medical system than what we had before Obamacare. Why would we worsen what we had?

If you’re going to save Obamacare, you have to do a few things…and this is yes…saving socialized medicine. First of all, you have to be able to buy across state lines. Second, you have to be able to sue your insurer if you are denied coverage for something and you should be covered for it. Third, you don’t have to include in your coverage stupid stuff like pregnancy coverage if you’re menopausal, or if you’re a guy. Fourth, you want to keep the pre-existing condition clause, fine. That IS going to cost you, but fine. It is cited often enough as the top reason to keep Obamacare. And finally, you have to get rid of the individual and employer mandates. You want to revamp the insurance industry, I don’t have a problem. But when you start mandating that every single American HAS to buy insurance, you’re crossing a line in the sand. And the results have been obvious.

Obamacare failed because it sucked. If you want a bill that doesn’t suck, you need to do a better job writing it in the first place. The Democrats in Congress are responsible for this mess, and they should be the ones to fix it. That’s not going to happen, so the GOP needs to do what they can do short term (between now and January 2019) and then run on getting those eight additional seats so they can totally eliminate it in the future!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Rand Paul Has A Point!

I think on most issues, Rand Paul makes a good argument. Oh, I don’t subscribe to the whole libertarian view on everything…like as long as you’re not hurting other human beings you should be allowed to do what you want to do. That’s going too far, but I do believe he’s got his finger on the pulse when it comes to healthcare. After all, the guy IS an eye surgeon.

So when Rand Paul jumped on board the repeal (and not replace) of Obamacare this past Tuesday in the procedural vote in the Senate, I was happy to see it. He has the statistics to back it up too. He wrote a very nice piece in Breitbart that you probably should go and read. Basically it says that individual healthcare insurance rates have doubled since Obamacare came into effect. We’ve lost almost a million jobs because of Obamacare…because of the fact if an employer hires more than 50 people, he/she has to provide healthcare, and a lot of smaller companies just stopped hiring at 49, or moved people to part-time status so they wouldn’t have to worry about providing healthcare. We have wasted a trillion dollars on something that just doesn’t work, and as he points out, in his state of Kentucky, people making less than $25,000 a year are paying fines to the federal government because they can’t afford the Obamacare premiums.

Here in the desert, we have one choice this year for Obamacare. It’s hugely expensive, and in order to find a doctor, we’d have to drive about an hour away. Going to a hospital is rougher. That’s about a 90 minute drive to find one that would take the crappy insurance that’s being offered. And I’ve heard from a couple of sources that we may not even have that choice next year. And they call this “affordable care”?

Paul is right when he says you need to repeal Obamacare period. We need to open up the market to make it more competitive and drive prices down, not less competitive as Obamacare does. When you are able to cross state lines to buy insurance, you are able to choose from a wider range of carriers and a wider range of plans. When you take idiotic additions to policies off the table like making men buy pregnancy insurance, you are going to lower the costs. And you can still keep the one or two good things Obamacare does.

You can still keep the exemption on pre-existing conditions, which was totally unfair to begin with. If I changed jobs, and had a pre-existing condition, it was covered. If I went to an individual policy, it’s not. What’s the sense in that? And you can still keep under 26 year old living in the basement clause. That’s fine too. What’s not fine is to saddle the American public with a plan so riddled with holes and so expensive it doesn’t do anything that it set out to do. It was itself an abortion from the word go!

Rand Paul is right. Obamacare needs to be taken out back and shot. Today.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed.

McCain Is NO HERO!

I must say today that I am disappointed in John McCain. And I must also apologize to the rest of the country for the behavior of the senior senator from my state. He is no hero. Not after the stunt he pulled Thursday night by casting the deciding vote to kill what was known as the “skinny repeal” of Obamacare. It would have gone a long way toward fixing our healthcare system that is incredibly broken because of Obamacare. Now, we languish. Now, we as Americans suffer. In fact, our fate is worse than socialized medicine, and we have all but accepted the fact that in a relatively short time, we will have socialized medicine. The left has won. The right has no cajones, and has no right to call themselves the majority in congress.

I am saddened today because John McCain, who made such a triumphant return to the floor of the Senate after his diagnosis of brain cancer, couldn’t come up with a better explanation for his about face on repeal. To be honest, “bipartisanship” is an outdated reason that doesn’t exist anymore. Are you telling me that Democrats have any desire to be “bipartisan”? The answer is a resounding “NO!” And so, this former POW that is now on death’s door, couldn’t go along with his party, and what the people in Arizona wanted him to do. Instead he had to be the lone cowboy to bury healthcare reform once and for all. And he wonders why he couldn’t beat Barack Obama for the White House?

The Republican party pretty much stood up and was counted for the skinny repeal measure. Only Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and McCain were standing in the way. And while I sincerely doubt McCain could get reelected out here if he were to run again, Murkowski and Collins will have a difficult time when they have to run again up the road. I think one is up for reelection in 2020 and the other in 2024, but I’m not certain on that.

Instead, the GOP has come away with seven months of work and have nothing to show for it. And what happens to Obamacare? It will die on its own accord. It will become bloated and top heavy, and will take too much money to fix, and will fall apart. And now the Republicans will be to blame for it. They had the chance to fix this, and they blew it. They had the chance to at the very least do away with the medical device tax, the employer mandate, and the individual mandate that would have toppled the rest of the bill on its own. Instead, the squandered an opportunity, and have shown not just the nation, but the world why America is losing its position as a world power. We can’t do the right thing anymore. Instead, we are bound and determined to be like Europe. And it’s sad to see this great country felled by a doddering old fool.

So, I apologize America. I apologize for this idiot that couldn’t vote the right way on this, and for not voting for the worst reason possible. Where was the “bipartisanship” when the left passed this without including the Republicans at all in any discussion, in any vote, in anything? Why do they deserve bipartisanship now? Sad…truly sad!

Carry on world…we are all dismissed!

Will It Actually HAPPEN?

Today is the day that the United States Senate is SUPPOSED to take an up or down vote on repealing Obamacare. Notice I didn’t say, “repealing and replacing”. That’s because that part of the whole shebang is dead for now. Mitch McConnell has decided to try a straight repeal as a last ditch effort, put it off for two years while the Republicans write a new “replacement” bill, and then hopefully gain eight seats in the 2018 midterm elections. At least that’s the plan.

While I am fully in favor of the repealing part, I’m totally against the replacing part. There is no need to replace. It’s socialism. You don’t need socialized medicine in this country. Before Bobo The Clown decided to push this through eight years ago, and did so with no GOP support and a lot of deal making, there were folks that were uninsured and probably wanted insurance but couldn’t get it. Either they couldn’t afford it, or they had pre-existing conditions that hurt their chances of getting help. I get that. But the Democrats’ way of helping these three million people was to make three hundred and twenty five million people suffer. Where in the hell is the logic in that?

So, we have lived through seven years of this stuff…and everything that I have said would happen is indeed happening. I said way back when that Obamacare couldn’t survive on its own because it was too expensive and would eventually collapse under its own weight. That’s what is happening this year. Insurance companies are bailing faster than a leaky rowboat, and I don’t know about where you live, but here in the desert, there is ONE insurer to choose from. ONE plan to choose from. As I understand it (though I’m not 100% sure), back in my home state of Ohio, there are several counties where you don’t even have that…they are left with NO choice. No insurance company will take the individual marketplace risks.

What we need to do is go back to what we had before this humungous abortion became law. Then, if you want to reform healthcare, fine…do it responsibly, not the way the Dems did it or the way the Republicans are trying to do it. What you do is a) take away the state’s borders law that doesn’t allow sales across state lines. That makes the marketplace more competitive and will lower prices for all. Then you give the insured (that’s you and me) the ability to sue insurers if they fail to live up to their contracts (that is deny you coverage or drag their feet because they don’t want to pay a claim). Finally, if you want to keep the pre-existing condition clause, and the 25 year old in the basement clause, fine. Keep it. But do away with the fact that today, my wife needs to have insurance that covers any pregnancy even though she’s 60. In fact, I have to have that coverage as well (as a man!). How stupid can you get?

It’s time Washington stopped playing games. Will they do it? Last time I looked, there were 48 votes for repealing Obamacare. And two of the biggest opposition votes were coming from Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Susan Collins of Maine. Both of these women voted to repeal Obamacare in 2015 when it had no chance of passing. So why are they voting against it now? You’d have to ask them! All I can say is, I hope the GOP decides to primary the hell out of both of them when they run again! Pray the GOP has the strength to finally do something right, instead of screwing up everything they touch!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What Will Dems Do If AHCA Isn’t Passed?

The Republicans are getting zero help on trying to repeal Obamacare from the Democrats. I get that. After all, it was the only big thing congress passed the entire time Bobo was in office. God knows you can’t say they passed much on the budget! But what really happens if the GOP can’t put together a package that repeals or repeals and replaces Obamacare? What happens to the Democrats then, and what happens to healthcare then?

Well, let’s tackle the first question first. If the GOP can’t agree on something that actually gets rid of Obamacare, or plays with it enough that it isn’t anything like what it is today, then Obamacare is going to die on the vine. Everybody agrees with that. The money just isn’t there to keep a bad idea like this healthcare debacle going. And the GOP that rules both houses, certainly isn’t going to vote to put more money into it. So, Obamacare dies, whose fault is that? It’s the Democrats’ fault because they are the ones that put this thing together in the first place. THEY are the ones that created a plan so bad that it couldn’t last more than five years in practice.

Now, Elizabeth Warren is already out there crying that the next step for healthcare is that we need to go for single payer. And you’re already hearing that from the more liberal wing of the Snowflake party. That was the plan all along, so all she is doing is echoing the playbook that was written seven years ago. That isn’t going to fly any more than I can if I flap my arms hard enough. So, we can discount Warren’s suggestion as nothing more than a fantasy.

Let’s look at what happens to healthcare if the GOP can’t pass a repeal bill. Obamacare dies later this year. That means that for most people, nothing happens. Most people have their insurance through work. There are quite a few of the “22 million” people that the Democrats are crying will lose healthcare if Obamacare is dismantled that are on Medicaid. They actually don’t belong there because they are people that normally wouldn’t qualify for Medicaid…they make too much money. In fact, under Obamacare, you can make like 400% of the poverty level and qualify for Medicaid. Hell, my wife and I living comfortably on retirement would qualify without batting an eyelash! And we aren’t destitute by any stretch of the imagination.

So, five million folks on Medicaid that COULD afford insurance would lose the freebie. 14 million people that were forced to buy Obamacare that don’t want or need insurance would lose it, and they’d be ok with that. That leaves three million people that need it, want it, and would be unable to get it. Those are the people that lose out in this mess. That by the way is less than 1% of the population. And since when do we spend over $1 trillion on less than 1% of the population?

If Obamacare dies, all of the regulations, all of the taxes, all of the mandates die with it. It goes away. It IS repealed because there is no more money there to fund it. Also going away are the mandates that tell insurance companies if you don’t offer Obamacare, you can’t offer individual coverage in that state for 10 years. We basically go back to what we had before Obamacare. Would that be such a bad thing? And think of the money we’d save. The Senate is all excited about saving $320 billion over ten years. If Obamacare dies, it saves $1 Trillion plus over ten years. And those of us that are in the individual marketplace can get the insurance we want from ANY company…not just one small insurance company that makes you drive 2 hours to the closest hospital that accepts their insurance!

No, the GOP would be best to let Obamacare die on the vine. Kill it that way. Then we can ALL (except for the 3 million folks who were without insurance and wanted it before) can get back to life as normal. And by the way…your insurance rates and deductibles and co-pays would drop like a rock!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Senate Healthcare Bill Gets CBO Numbers In

The House bill for the repeal and replacement of Obamacare was called “mean” by the snowflakes on Capitol Hill. That’s because it dismantled their beloved Obamacare, which is heading to the scrap heap anyway since it’s going to be bankrupt later on this year. And with no insurance companies jumping on board and the few that are still around in the program, it is going to make for meager pickings for the people that still have to go that route.

As for the Congressional Budget Office, they came out with their “scoring” of the Senate’s version of the bill, and showed that over the next ten years it would actually save $321 billion. That’s a savings of about $200 billion over the House version. And 22 million Americans would lose their healthcare insurance vs. the 23 million that would lose insurance under the House plan. But hang on a second.

The Senate bill would include 5 million that would be pared from Medicaid roles that really aren’t that poor…the Obamacare plan just included them to get more people involved. And of the 17 million that are left, there are about 14 million according to the CBO that don’t want insurance, and were forced to buy it under Obamacare. So, what is really happening is that five million people that can afford to pay for their own insurance but were given free insurance under Medicaid are going to have to go back and pay for their own, and another 14 million that never wanted or needed insurance in the first place but were forced to buy it under Obamacare can now opt out of the program since the individual mandate is being done away with. That means that 19 of the 22 million people losing their insurance aren’t really losing insurance. Only 3 million people are being effected. But the Democrats aren’t telling you that. They’re telling you that “thousands of people will die” if the GOP plan passes. They aren’t saying they MAY die. They’re saying they WILL die. Well, I’ve got news for you…you are ALL going to die!

The second point to make here is that the CBO numbers everybody is clamoring about are about as accurate as my calculations on how to send Nancy Pelosi back to Pluto. The CBO, when they scored Obamacare, they missed by 68% the cost of the program. They missed by 72% the number of people that would be enrolled in the program. And they missed entirely the “savings”. They said we’d be saving about $2,500 per household on average. Instead, the average household is paying $3,700 more in insurance premiums for less coverage today than they had seven years ago. So, when the CBO scores big massive programs like this for ten years, they don’t have a very good track record.

The end analysis here is that you have no idea what’s going to happen and neither do I. Anytime a government gets involved in your healthcare, you are going to lose. Governments are designed to set laws that benefit all of the people, maintain infrastructure, print money, and create and maintain an army to protect us from enemies. They aren’t to get into the “business” of selling insurance. That isn’t a right, much as the snowflakes want you to believe it is. It doesn’t exist anywhere in the Constitution. Another reason the snowbirds in DC are way off base…once again!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!