Maxine Waters: Racist?

Nobody has ever accused Maxine Waters, the California Democrat in the House of Representatives of being a Brainiac. In fact, some of the things that come from her mouth are downright funny. They are things that most of us learned in first or second grade, but somehow she still gets wrong. So, when it comes to politics, you’d think that someone that has reached the national level, I mean, the pinnacle of her profession…would at least have the sense to know what they are talking about, right?


Maxine is at it again…showing up on a radio morning show to espouse that she’s interested in starting an “All Black Political Party”. Now, I don’t assuage her doing that. If she wants to, that’s fine. I mean, there have been probably a lot dumber ideas in politics than that, but if she wants to either maintain her current status as a member of the House of Representatives, or elevate herself to Senator, or dare I say it, President of the United States, than somehow I think she’s barking up the wrong tree.

Let me explain. First of all, you have to understand that somewhere between 12.3% and 12.9% of the population is considered black or if you want to be PC about it, “African American” (though very few of them were actually born in Africa). Now, in order to win a political race of national importance, you need at least 50% + 1, which basically means you need at least a majority (or a plurality if more than two candidates are running). Maxine is from the Los Angeles area that encompasses Englewood, Lawndale, and Torrance (kind of near Marina del Rey and Hermosa Beach if you know the area). It’s 46% Hispanic, 23% black, 15.1% white, and 12.6% Asian. So, an “All Black party”, would garner her about 23% of the vote.

There are places in the country that probably would be a majority…like inner city Detroit, and that’s fine, but on the whole, an All Black Party is a terrible idea for someone running for office. Beyond the fact that you probably wouldn’t get elected in most places in the country, it’s extremely racist. What would happen if someone decided (and they’d probably have to be a Republican, right snowflakes?) to form an “All White Party”? Do you think there would be any backlash to that? Do you think that person would be called “racist”? So if that was the case, why shouldn’t Maxine Waters be called racist? It’s a fair question. And no, I don’t subscribe to the Jesse Jackson theory that blacks can never be called racist. That’s crap. Most folks of color are proud of their heritage, and that’s great. They should be. But we are One Nation Under God, as the pledge of allegiance says. We should act like it. And Maxine Waters is no exception…except she probably isn’t quite as smart as the next person!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Kaine Shows We Dodged A Bullet!

Tim Kaine, Democrat Senator from the Commonwealth of Virginia, and losing Vice Presidential Candidate showed the world this past weekend why we should all be very glad that he wasn’t elected. Appearing on NBC’s uber-left “Meet The Press”, Kaine explained to the world that no president should be able to start a war on their own (they can’t), or shoot missiles at another nation (they can) without congressional approval.


He went on to say that it’s ok to shoot missiles at another country if you’re doing it for humanitarian reasons (huh?), if there was, you know…a plan. But apparently Kaine doesn’t think that there is a plan for what Donald Trump did by launching missiles into Syria after it became public that Bashar al Assad was once again using chemical weapons on his people. That apparently wasn’t  a “humanitarian” reason because the United States wasn’t being threatened by it.


Of course, I would beg to differ on several accounts. First of all, the United States WAS threatened by it because we DO have troops on the ground in Syria…placed there by Barack Obama. They are supposed to be there in an advisory capacity, but they are there none the less. Second, if you are responding, as Trump did to a chemical weapons attack, is Kaine saying that he wouldn’t call that a “humanitarian reason” to strike? If not, I’d like to hear what his definition of “humanitarian reason” is.


This makes me very glad that we didn’t elect Tim Kaine to the White House as Vice President. My Lord, can you imagine the team of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine? The more I learn about these two, the more I think that the devil himself put them up for nomination! Neither of these two are qualified to take my garbage out to the curb much less run anything! I really am having a very hard time believing how the good people of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the state that produced such minds as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington could give us Kaine and Governor Terry McAuliffe! Those are two of the biggest bastardizers of the constitution in American history!


We can only be thankful that Kaine is one vote in a body of 100, and that he isn’t even heard from all that often. Because of that we can somewhat excuse his lack of intelligence, his lack of leadership skills, and his lack of ability to interpret the constitution as written. Can you imagine the type of damage that a Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine White House could have done after eight years of Barack Obama? You might as well have raised the Chinese flag over the Capitol…and be done with it once and for all!


No, I’m still a believer that Donald Trump isn’t the savior that he professes to be, but I can tell you that I really believe that we dodged a huge bullet by not electing Clinton and Kaine. This just was another example that proved it!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Show Me The Proof!

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick and tired of both the snowflakes, and Donald Trump throwing out accusations on each other without a shred of evidence. First there was the Russian thing that got Jeff Sessions all involved. And quite frankly, as I’ve said here before, the two main idiots in this fight, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, have nothing to show for it but innuendo and accusation. There has been no proof what-so-ever that Jeff Sessions has been “more involved” with the Russian Ambassador than they were at any time in his career. Ever. Period. The science is settled. The debate is over. End of discussion. If you have the proof, show the proof. If you don’t have the proof, shut the hell up and get on with trying to run the country (which the Dems right now are doing a pretty poor job of!).

Meanwhile, you’ve got Donald Trump saying that his predecessor, Bobo Obama, had wiretapped Trump Tower and was listening in on his campaign war room strategy during the election. Once again, being a consistency guy, that’s a nice accusation, but frankly it’s all innuendo. If you have any proof that he did it, show it. If not, you’ve got a lot on your plate already, so get on with the nation’s business. We don’t need this second-grade-type of “Oh yeah…so’s you’re mother” being played. Grow the hell up! And by the way…what does that say about the Democrats if they KNEW what Trump was going to do politically, and still got their ass handed to them?

You want to know why no one likes Washington DC anymore? Do you really need to see more of the childish antics of a party out of power like the Snowflakes, and a party that is trying to decimate them like the Republicans? I’m getting to the point where I say, fix what you were elected to fix, or shut the damn place down. There are any number of people in this country that can run this government better than these idiots in Congress and Donald Trump. Hey, I’ve liked some of the stuff Trump has done so far, and some of the stuff he’s done I’m shaking my head at wondering where in hell he came up with that lame-brain idea. But to listen to these guys on a daily basis gives me one giant headache.

Personally, I’m thinking these guys have bought a winery some place because they’re making me deplete my stock rather rapidly with all of this crap.

The bottom line is simple and it’s this. If you’re going to be making some stupid accusations about the other side, like Harry Reid used to do (which were all lies as he’s admitted to), or that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are doing now, just to discredit the other political party, stop it. We’re on to your game, and it sucks. It’s going to end up hurting you in the long run. Hell, 51% of registered Democrats think you ought to stop it. And if you’re the friggin’ president of the United States, act like it. Stop playing TV host on a stupid reality game show, and start playing politics like it should be played. Enough is friggin’ enough!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Let’s Be REAL Clear On Russia

I’ve always prided myself on whenever I make a mistake I admit it. I apologize for it, I try my best to rectify it if I can, and then I move on with life. It’s the responsible thing to do, and it’s the right thing to do. So when I see people doing things that fly in the face of it, it tells me that they have no character, and that they have no personal responsibility. If they are willing to try and dodge and feint on something stupid, they’ll dodge and feint on something important.

That’s what I find very annoying with what’s going on in the Democrats’ camp these days. I get it they don’t like Trump. I get it they got their asses handed to them this past November by a guy that shouldn’t have won and they denied their goddess a chance to be the first female president. Grow up, will you? Take some personal responsibility, and move on. This stuff over Russia is really getting to be stupid.

The snowflakes like Chuck “The Forehead” Schumer and Nancy “What Planet Am I From” Pelosi are giving Democrats a very bad name, and America IS taking notice. For crying out loud, when you accuse Jeff Sessions of meeting with the Russian Ambassador, as if that’s an illegal act (it’s not), and an immoral act (again, not), and then someone produces ON THE SAME DAY, a picture of YOU meeting with the same guy, how is that not illegal and immoral as well? The fact is, pretty much every member in Congress has met with Sergey Kislyak, so what in hell is the big deal?

The mere fact both Schumer and Pelosi have condemned Sessions for meeting with him, and have called for his resignation is absurd. And while we are at it, let’s talk a little consistency here, shall we? Do we really have to revisit all of the illegal activity that the racist, Eric Holder performed with such aplomb when he was Attorney General? Should we really re-open Loretta Lynch’s refusal to recuse herself over her meeting with Bill Clinton in an obvious attempt to clear his wife (and a presidential candidate’s) name in light of her myriad of email server scandals?

That office has been plagued with inconsistency, political bias, and ineptitude over the past eight years, and America knows it. 70% of all Americans (including 51% of Democrats by the way) now say the left is going WAY too far in trying to delegitimize Donald Trump. It’s blatantly obvious that they are trying to energize their base for next cycle when they have 25 Senate seats to defend. But the country is getting tired of their incessant whining. My God, they sound worse than a classroom of two-year-olds! When are these people going to grow up?

When all is said and done, Jeff Sessions recusing himself on any investigation into Russia’s involvement in the election is going to be a non-sequitur. The left have issued no proof that there was involvement. They haven’t said a damn thing other than throw out meaningless accusations about how Trump was in bed with the Russians. Show us the proof! There is none. And it will once again, be a snowflake overplay that pisses off America. And they deserve every lost seat they’ll give up in November 2018!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Poor Little Rich Girl

So Nordstrom is dropping Ivanka Trump’s line of clothing from their stores. The retail giant has decided that the Trump brand isn’t selling as well as it should and therefore they are going to be dropping it from their stores. It has sparked a massive outcry with women all over the country ripping up their Nordstrom charge cards and swearing never to shop there again.

And I say, big deal.

It doesn’t matter one bit if Nordstrom carries Trump’s line or not based on political reasons. The mere fact that everybody seems to be missing here is that it’s a business. And it’s run as a business. And the Nordstrom folks have every right to put whatever product in their stores that they see fit. If it sells they make money. If it doesn’t sell, they lose money. It’s a pretty simple equation really. And while yes, there may be some decisions that are based on politics, the over-riding factor in any business decision is what makes you the most money.

Let’s put this another way. There’s a fashion industry group called BrandKeys that did a study that said of women that spend $250 or more on an item of clothing, 83% like the Ivanka Trump brand. And there are only 17% who don’t like it. That means if Nordstrom were to pull the brand from their shelves because it wasn’t selling (as they’ve claimed), then one of two things is happening. Either Nordstrom’s customers aren’t in the Trump target market and don’t spend $250 or more an on item of clothing (i.e.: they make less money than Trump’s brand costs), or Nordstrom is lying and it IS a political decision, not based in any business reality. If the first theory is true than Nordstrom isn’t an upscale clothing store, and it’s reflected in their decision. If the second theory is true, Nordstrom is making a bad business decision or isn’t marketing the product to its customers correctly. Either way, it doesn’t speak well for Nordstrom.

Ivanka Trump will survive, and probably Nordstrom will too. They really don’t need each other. But Nordstrom is free to make whatever business calls they feel they need to make. Donald Trump doesn’t need to tweet about it and rush to Ivanka’s side. And Nordstrom doesn’t need to fight a wave of criticism. If the women that shop there boycott the place in large enough numbers, Nordstrom will get the hint and have to deal with it as any business would. If it is a wise business decision, then Nordstrom won’t have to worry at all about it because sales won’t be hurt. It’s simple Econ 101.

Let Nordstrom make their decision. It’s their company, and their call. I’m sure Ivanka will get over this crushing defeat. And Donald Trump should stay out of it…regardless how he feels. Sometimes presidents just have to keep their thoughts to themselves!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Where The Snowflakes Are Wrong…

It is interesting to watch the Snowflake Party (formerly known as the Democrats) implode on every little thing going on in the Trump administration. Interesting because I have studied American psychology quite a bit in my life, and I can tell you that the more bombastic you are in your criticism over every day little issues, the more bombastic you have to be to get someone’s attention when something really big happens that you really disagree with.

So far we are getting, as US News And World Report puts it, “hair-on-fire criticism every 12 hours” from the Snowflakes. And it will eventually hurt them. Here’s an interesting question that needs to be asked: Just how many issues can the Snowflakes protest in a week? How many issues can Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi bash in seven days and still have any credibility at all? I’m not sure of the answer, I just know that over time, it becomes the boy who cried wolf, and pretty soon they will find that nobody listens to their incessant whining and crying anymore.

I’ll give you a really clear case in point. Think back to the Global Climate Warming Change issue. Remember how Hollywood and Al Gore were saying in the Clinton administration that we had like ten years to live and we’d all be dead because of the rising seas? The rhetoric they spewed was so volatile, so vile, so filled with lies, that eventually people started seeing it for what it was. Oh, it’s important not to litter. It’s important not to pollute. But we learned ten years later when the seas hadn’t consumer New York, Los Angeles, and Miami that these guys were all full of hot air. So when something big came along and they really had something to talk about (I’m not sure what that was, by the way), nobody cared about what they were saying.

That’s what’s going to happen to the Snowflakes in Washington. Everything is so negative…everything is so hate-filled, and generally, Americans want to look at the bright side of things and hear a positive message. That’s what got Reagan elected in 1980…”It’s morning again in America”. That’s also what got Trump elected. “I’m going to fix things. We’re going to make America great again!” Snowflakes need to learn that negative messaging only works for a very short while and then it turns people off. They need to learn that a positive message is what matters. It’s the same thing with the protesters. When you protest everything, nobody realizes you’re protesting anything. You become “one of those nuts” to the rest of normal America, and they don’t pay any attention.

Snowflakes should realize this sooner rather than later. Where the Republicans tried to work with the previous administration and were soundly rebuffed, Snowflakes aren’t even giving it a shot. They are screaming from the rooftops that the country has already gone to hell and there’s no turning back. Where is the positive message with that? Answer: There is none.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Streep’s Rant

So Meryl Streep joined the list of the “officially over the hill gang” at the Golden Globes last night. And no…the Desert Man has MUCH more important things to do with his limited time than to waste any of it dealing with watching this crap! But I did read a transcript of Meryl’s idyllic rant after receiving the Lifetime Achievement award. She basically tore into Donald Trump saying, ““Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners. And if we kick them all out, you’ll have nothing to watch but football and Mixed Martial Arts, which are not the arts”. And after I read her speech, I came away with one thought…

Who the hell cares what Meryl Streep thinks about anything?

She is an actress. Some say a damn good actress, I’ve never been particularly fond of her stuff, but then again, I’m far from a movie critic. But being an actress, even a great actress doesn’t mean anybody anywhere gives a rat’s ass what you think about stuff outside of acting. I remember back about 25 years ago, there was the Alar scare, where we were using the pesticide on apples. Congress saw fit to bring in Meryl Streep to testify on the subject. Why? Not because she knew much about Alar, or apples for that matter. She had played a farm wife in a movie once. Huh? That qualifies for being an expert to testify in front of congress?

I’m always at a loss when I see things like the idiotic PSA’s that the has-been and never-was gang recorded during the Electoral College vote run up and then recently. They’re all atwitter because Donald Trump got elected president. I really don’t care what any of them say. In my mind, all I saw in the couple of PSA’s I watched were people that I haven’t seen do any real acting in 20 years. Mike Ferrell…Loretta Swit…Sally Field…Lena Dunham…Martin Sheen? What have these guys contributed to society in the past 20 years, and why do we give a damn what they think? I’ve had the opportunity to interview most of those people (not Lena Dunham…she was in diapers when I was doing my interviewing thing), and they’re all a bunch of empty heads. They know their craft, and they are good at that…I’ll give it to them, but when it comes to other stuff, like climate warming change, and politics? C’mon…my eleven year old granddaughter knows more about it than these buffoons.

Why America clamors to hear what these people have to say on any subject is beyond me. They aren’t experts in anything but make believe. And some of them aren’t that good at that. So now Meryl Streep, the “grand lady of American drama” has joined the list of the has-beens and never will be’s, and spouts off about stuff she knows absolutely nothing about. Note to Meryl: You research your roles before you start filming a movie…just so you can get the nuances right on your character. I would strongly suggest before you open your mouth and make a fool of yourself in front of millions of people, that you do the same thing about real life. You might find it would help you become a little more intelligent sounding!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!