Should We FINALLY Find Out?

It happened some 54 years ago. I don’t know about you, but I was 6 years old. I was in the first grade at Lincoln Elementary School in a small town in Southeastern Michigan. We all remember where we were when we heard the news that President John F. Kennedy had been shot. I was walking home from school, which let out early. I didn’t know why we got out early, we just did. The neighbor girl said Kennedy had been killed. I didn’t believe her. That was until I opened the front door to the house and my babysitter was sitting on the couch watching TV, and said, “Yes…he was killed today”.

Now, 54 years later, there is a cry among those in Washington DC politics for the government to finally come clean. There is a move in congress, a bi-partisan effort, to actually release the government documents, telling the world what the government knew and when they knew it. It would detail all of the gory details we have been spared all these many years. All of the conspiracy theories would finally be put to rest.

I gotta say…I’m not sure I want to know.

It isn’t going to bring Kennedy back. It can’t do anything to enhance the federal government’s position, which today isn’t good. If the report comes out and says the federal government knew nothing of the assassination, then the conspiracy theories will just continue and call it a cover-up. If the government comes out and says yes…it WAS the FBI, or the CIA, or Lyndon Johnson, or aliens from another planet, then will your faith in the government be restored or destroyed? I don’t see how this helps the government either way. And frankly, I’m not sure I want to know.

Oh, there’s a curiosity there, to be sure. After spending four days after the shooting in front of the TV with wall to wall coverage of everything Kennedy (and no cartoons! which for a 6 year old was the worst punishment ever!), it was the first time I ever remember seeing a “news channel” in today’s parlance…24/7…nothing but Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley and David Brinkley, and Howard K. Smith. No commercials, no breaks, straight news. And it did get boring.

I’m just not sure putting this to bed once and for all is going to actually put this to bed once and for all. And so it probably would not achieve the intended result. It’s even more questionable that we as Americans, shouldn’t know what happened to our elected leaders, two generations after they were taken out by an assassin’s bullet. I’ve always said that if some governmental agency could take out the President, then nothing in this country is sacred or safe. They could take out any one of us, at any time, for any reason. I guess I just don’t want to believe that of America. I guess I just don’t want to know!

But it looks like soon, we all will be forced to relive that day, so long ago!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Eating Their Young…

I always thought this would happen sooner or later. After all, you can’t have a political party that is made up of a bunch of idealists that have one agenda without having them eventually turn on each other. It’s like the PETA people getting upset because the environmentalist whacko’s that want to have the wind replace oil are killing off millions of birds with those giant windmills.

Or the labor unions that are losing thousands of jobs on a site because they happened to find a spotted tuft-titted mill mouse in an area where their latest building project, or road, or some other project is slated to be built on. And now, the left is turning their attention to eat their young…the internet moguls.

Facebook is the latest company that is feeling the wrath of the left. Apparently Mark Zuckerberg has upset a ton of people because he sold ads to Russia during the election (or at the very least, Russian sympathizers that were trying to influence the outcome of the election through the ads). And right behind him is Apple, and AOL, and Intel, and a lot of other tech companies that are run by up and coming leftist billionaires. And you want to know something?

It’s a really stupid move from the leftist snowflakes!

You have a Democrat party that is at the weakest it’s been in almost a century. There is no leadership, there are few statewide candidates, and even fewer major national candidates waiting in the wings. There are tons of people screaming and fighting with each other, each trying to push or pull the party in one direction or another. You’ve got the “Sanderistas” trying to move the party left. You’ve got others trying to move the party back toward the center after the Obama disaster. And you’ve got the Clintons still thinking they are relevant, and refusing to go away.

And they thought the GOP had problems?

We are certainly at a crossroads in American politics. And I’m one that kinda sorta believes that what’s going on in both sides is a generational shift that we haven’t seen since the ‘60’s. Both parties are fighting with each other more than they are fighting with the other party. And that’s because the old guard like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Dick Durbin are dying out and are being replaced by up and comers like Al Franken and Corey Booker. On the Republican side, you’ve got the old guard of Mitch McConnell and John McCain being shoved out by upstarts like Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan (though he’s more like the old guard), and Rand Paul. Who will win? Obviously, the new guard will eventually take over.
What it’s going to mean is that you’re going to have a more leftist leaning Democrat party, and a more conservative leaning Republican party. That means fewer people working across the aisle, and more gridlock in DC. And my hunch is, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The fewer laws that get passed in this country, the fewer freedoms the federal government can take away. It’s only a matter of time before Congress becomes a Parliament, and the President becomes a Prime Minister. Just wait and see!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The End of “Resist” Movement

Yeah, I know…snowflakes everywhere are cringing. It’s 9 months into the Trump presidency, and apparently the “Resist” movement that they started is falling apart like everything else the left tries to build. What’s the reason for the collapse?

Donald Trump himself.

See, Trump went to the snowflakes in Congress and reached a deal on the debt ceiling. That meant that the snowflakes weren’t going to resist him, but actually WORK with him! Can you imagine? What do you think all of these people that sign all of their emails “RESIST” are thinking now that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and company are siding with the guy they are supposed to be “resisting”? Isn’t that the actual definition of hypocrisy?

The thing the leftist snowflakes don’t seem to want to understand (because we know they are all the smartest people in the world, right?) is that Trump has out-played them. They wanted to resist him in every way possible, because they couldn’t believe he would actually beat them in the election. Well, he did, fair and square. So, resist him at every turn became their motto. Except they also realized they’d never get anything done. So, they figured they’d try and work with him. The result was, he was open to working with them! You never got that with Bobo Obama! He was too self-absorbed to be able to work with anyone and compromise.

Here’s the thing that is interesting. In signalling that he was willing to work with the right AND the left, Trump has actually made Washington work again. Dems are slowly learning that they can get their ideas presented and that the good ones will actually be accepted. Republicans are learning that they’d better have good ideas, or at least show they want to work with the president on his agenda, because if they don’t he’ll leave them flat. And that folks, is the magic that Donald Trump brings to the White House.

You want to wonder how he could become a billionaire on just a million dollar loan from daddy? That’s it. He works with people and the only thing he cares about is are they able to get the job done. He actually is succeeding with his political agenda by putting politics aside. That’s a very interesting concept, but as historians study this guy up the road, years from now, they are going to find that you don’t have to be an idiot like Obama was to try and get programs through. You don’t have to sign executive orders. You just have to be able to work with Congress. It’s taken Trump 9 months to figure that one out, but now that he has, I’m pretty sure he’s going to be working to get the rest of his agenda fixed.

And if the GOP doesn’t want to climb on board his train, that’s fine…they can catch the next one at the station. In fact, as I watch stuff around the country, I’m becoming more and more convinced that Trump is gaining popularity (it’s at 46% now) simply by ignoring political parties and going with what he told the American people during the campaign, and working with anyone that will work with him.

So much for resistance!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The End Of Partisan Politics?

Donald Trump may just have done what no other president since George Washington has done. He may have ended partisan politics in Washington with his deal with the Democrats to raise the debt ceiling. Now, it’s way too early to decide if that actually happened, but by turning on his back on the party that elected him, and doing a deal with the devil, so to speak, he may be signaling an end to two party politics in this country.

Is that all bad? Nope. In fact, it’s actually great. Because in the future, if this becomes a reality, you’re going to have PEOPLE running for office, and not parties. Think of it this way. You’ve got Bill Smith running against Harry Jones for your Senator’s seat next November. You actually have to listen to what Smith and Jones have to say before pulling the lever. Today, it’s the lazy way out. Too often I’ve caught myself not really knowing where the candidates stand on the issues, but one has an (R) after their name and the other has a (D). I usually pull the (R) unless I know that person (like John McCain) is a dud.

Once you get rid of party labels, you’re going to have a real representation in DC. It’s not going to be what Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer think about things. You’re going to have people crossing the aisles all the time to do business with people who are like minded on that issue. Isn’t that really what the founding fathers wanted? I mean, we all know that they didn’t want political parties, and see where it’s gotten us? Isn’t it time we actually listened to what the candidate believed rather than which party they belong to?

Now, there are some down sides, as there are in every idea. You’re going to have more than two people running for pretty much every office. There won’t be the “protection” you get from running in a primary or not now. Currently, if you’re a popular incumbent, you can pretty much guarantee that you won’t have to spend time or money in the primaries. You will have to do that because there won’t be a Democrat and Republican primary any longer. There will be 25 names running for office. That means you have to choose based on their ideas who you like. Yeah, it means more work for you and me. It also will probably mean that IF you do your due diligence, you will get better representation. Have you ever voted for someone and been disappointed when they didn’t do what you thought they would? Get rid of the party system, and you’ll understand where they are on the issues!

Now, I realize that we may end up going back to the party system, and it may be more like Canada or Europe where you’ve got a zillion parties out there. But it’ll be a lot better than the gridlock and stupid calls we have coming out of Congress now! And I bet they have a much better approval rating than 10%!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Say It Ain’t So, Joe!

Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio was for the longest time, “America’s Sheriff”. He was the no-BS, law and order Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. Now, those of you in the rest of America may or may not know that Maricopa County is not the most conservative place on earth, but it’s far from what I’d call “liberal”. And time and time again, Sheriff Joe would get re-elected despite the left’s most ardent efforts to have his butt kicked to the curb.

What really got Arpaio elected year after year was the West Valley and outlying areas of Maricopa County. See, there aren’t a lot of counties out here, and Maricopa County extends well past the boundaries of Phoenix. Though the largest city, and certainly more liberal than the rest of the country, Phoenix isn’t the place that got Joe elected…it was places like Goodyear, and Peoria, and Glendale (though they are a little more liberal), and the retirement communities of Sun City, Sun City West, and Sun City Grand.

This past year, Sheriff Joe was finally defeated by a guy named Paul Penzone. The reason was simple. Arpaio was viewed as too old to continue on (he’s 85). Even for the retirement communities that elected him time and time again, Arpaio was past his prime. So, you have to understand that it’s with a bit of a chortle that I hear (and it’s true) that Arpaio is considering running against Jeff Flake for US Senate in 2018.

Flake isn’t what I’d call a dyed-in-the-wool conservative. He’s more moderate to be sure, though a LOT more conservative than the senior senator from Arizona, John McCain. Yet, somehow, I don’t think it’s a very smart thing to thrust yourself into national politics at age 85. That’s actually older than McCain, and most of us out here in the desert think HE is too old to hold federal office.

For all his dalliances in the national media lately; for all his run ins with President Trump, Jeff Flake isn’t a bad guy. Liberals still hate him, and he DID vote for the repeal of Obamacare (which you can’t obviously say about McCain!) So, even though Flake will be facing a primary with Arpaio and Kelli Ward, who is an osteopathic physician from the Lake Havasu area, and a member of the State Senate, he should win. Ward can be a little…excuse the pun…flaky at times, and Arpaio needs to buy a rocking chair.

Joe Arpaio has had a brilliant career. Yes, it’s been political. Yes, it’s been controversial. Yes, he’s done things that have really riled the blood of the snowflakes. That in my book says it’s been a stellar career. But enough is enough. Joe, it’s time for you and the wife to take a really nice long trip to Sedona, and enjoy going through Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, which is remarkable, and just enjoying the scenery.  It’s time to give politics a rest.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Are You Ready For CalExit III?

We heard, and I’ve blogged about California wanting out of the United States in the past. They have tried it twice before and it failed, but CalExit III is growing in stature. In fact, the backers of the plan want to put it on the November, 2018 ballot to ask Californians if they should be their own country.

Next, the backers of this plan want to call for a Constitutional Convention that would allow for states to have an easier time to get out of the country if they wanted to secede. Actually, that has the best chance to succeed than any of the other ways to leave the country. There are really only three ways to do it, short of the US collapsing and everybody going their own way.

First is of course, petition the White House, and Congress needs to go along. That’s not going to happen. The Constitutional Convention is the second way, and while that is an option, the states have never been able to call a Constitutional Convention in the history of the country (though it was tried in 2015 and failed) because 38 states have to ask for it. When they meet, the whole constitution is up for grabs, not just adding a part that says you want to secede. So, if someone say on the right wanted to outlaw abortion, and got 38 states to go along with it, it’s now in the constitution. And if the left wanted to remove the 2nd Amendment, and got 38 states to go along with it, they can do that too. It’s doubtful the states would ever come together and hold one, but it’s rather dangerous if they do. The laws of unintended consequences would certainly kick in.

The third way is to withdraw by force. Now, I don’t know how large California’s national guard is, but I think it’s smaller than the US’ military. And as I recall, there are several military installations in the Golden State. Seems to me it would be a rather bloody battle that Cali would probably lose.

Overall, I think the left in California haven’t thought this through very well. If they had, they’d realize the mess they’d leave their left-leaning brethren in. For instance, you are no longer going to need 270 Electoral Votes to elect a president…the total number of Electors falls from 538 to 483, which means you now need only 242 Electoral Votes to win the White House. And those 55 Electoral Votes from California usually go to the Democrat. Now take into account that the Democrats would lose currently 40 seats in the House of Representative, and the Republicans would lose 13. Currently, there are 240 Republicans, 194 Democrats and 1 vacancy. If you take away California, there would be 227 Republicans, 154 Democrats, and still the one vacancy. In the Senate, where the GOP has currently 52 seats, the Democrats 46 seats, with two independents that caucus with the Democrats, you’ would basically lower the Democrats by 2 seats because both California Senators are Democrats.

Overall, Californians pay to the federal government about $380 billion in taxes each year, and the federal government spends about $335 billion back in the Golden State…so they would be slightly ahead of the game there, but that’s not a lot!

I say, let ‘em leave! We’d be better off without the land of fruits and nuts. Just make sure that you keep all of the current slew of actors and actresses and left leaning idiots there to go as well. And besides… I never really did like Disneyland that much!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Maxine Waters: Racist?

Nobody has ever accused Maxine Waters, the California Democrat in the House of Representatives of being a Brainiac. In fact, some of the things that come from her mouth are downright funny. They are things that most of us learned in first or second grade, but somehow she still gets wrong. So, when it comes to politics, you’d think that someone that has reached the national level, I mean, the pinnacle of her profession…would at least have the sense to know what they are talking about, right?


Maxine is at it again…showing up on a radio morning show to espouse that she’s interested in starting an “All Black Political Party”. Now, I don’t assuage her doing that. If she wants to, that’s fine. I mean, there have been probably a lot dumber ideas in politics than that, but if she wants to either maintain her current status as a member of the House of Representatives, or elevate herself to Senator, or dare I say it, President of the United States, than somehow I think she’s barking up the wrong tree.

Let me explain. First of all, you have to understand that somewhere between 12.3% and 12.9% of the population is considered black or if you want to be PC about it, “African American” (though very few of them were actually born in Africa). Now, in order to win a political race of national importance, you need at least 50% + 1, which basically means you need at least a majority (or a plurality if more than two candidates are running). Maxine is from the Los Angeles area that encompasses Englewood, Lawndale, and Torrance (kind of near Marina del Rey and Hermosa Beach if you know the area). It’s 46% Hispanic, 23% black, 15.1% white, and 12.6% Asian. So, an “All Black party”, would garner her about 23% of the vote.

There are places in the country that probably would be a majority…like inner city Detroit, and that’s fine, but on the whole, an All Black Party is a terrible idea for someone running for office. Beyond the fact that you probably wouldn’t get elected in most places in the country, it’s extremely racist. What would happen if someone decided (and they’d probably have to be a Republican, right snowflakes?) to form an “All White Party”? Do you think there would be any backlash to that? Do you think that person would be called “racist”? So if that was the case, why shouldn’t Maxine Waters be called racist? It’s a fair question. And no, I don’t subscribe to the Jesse Jackson theory that blacks can never be called racist. That’s crap. Most folks of color are proud of their heritage, and that’s great. They should be. But we are One Nation Under God, as the pledge of allegiance says. We should act like it. And Maxine Waters is no exception…except she probably isn’t quite as smart as the next person!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!