It’s Your Choice, America!

You and I have a choice. We saw what happened Tuesday afternoon in New York City. It was reminiscent of what’s been going on around the world in larger cities recently. ISIS realizes that it cannot maintain it’s “caliphate”, and so it has decided to fight the west any way that it can. They resorted to running people down in vehicles. Tuesday it was some 29 year old from Uzbekistan named Sayfullo Saipov, who shouted, “Allahu akbar” after mowing down 19 people, killing eight of them. And now, you and I have a choice.

We can allow the snowflakes out there to decide that people like this scum of the earth, who are not religious, but zealots, are free to enter our country…as this idiot did. We can follow their ignorance that until people commit acts of violence against us, they are good people. Or we can decide enough is enough. We can decide that if it’s a Holy War the Islamic faith wants, then we give them a Holy War…one that makes the Crusades look like a neighborhood barbeque. It’s our choice. The snowflakes out there no longer matter. We’ve tried it their way now for 16 years. It hasn’t worked, because their philosophy doesn’t work. It never has. It never will.

The Obama era idea that it’s only a war when we call it a war shows the ignorance and stupidity of the left. You don’t have to have two sides declaring it “a war” in order for there to be one…only one side matters when it decides its going to attack the other. And we have the choice. We can be snowflakes and live in fear the rest of our existence because of some “religion” that calls for the elimination of everyone on the planet that doesn’t follow it. Or we can wake up and realize that we are more powerful than that, and we are going to take every step imaginable in order to stop this madness.

Oh, the people of New York were so brave Tuesday, weren’t they? They continued on with their Halloween celebration in Greenwich Village! Whoopee. That’s not bravery. That’s ignorance. That’s head in the sand stupidity. And yes, there are some of you out there that will probably call it “over-stepping” to declare war on a “peaceful” religion when there are many in that religion that live right here in our country and are law abiding people. Then tell me why the Koran says to, “kill all infidels wherever you find them” (1:91-93 in case you need a reference point). That doesn’t sound like a “peaceful religion” to me, does it you?

So it’s up to you and me, America. We can “be brave”, and continue on with our lives, and these heinous acts of terrorism by people too afraid to fight like men. Or we can do something about it and fight the Holy War which had been declared upon us. You decide.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Jesse Jackson Acts As Supreme Judge…

And I thought only Jesus Christ was going to do that! It was a little over a week ago at the National Action Network’s “Ministers March For Justice” that Jackson said that “Donald Trump would not qualify to get into Jesus’ kingdom.” I’m assuming he’s referring to heaven.

Now, I don’t want to get into a really large religious argument here. I respect whatever you believe in, but I certainly have my own beliefs when it comes to what it will take to enter the Pearly Gates. Jackson was referring to Donald Trump’s immigration clause that would make incoming immigrants speak English. His comment basically said that Jesus would not be welcome in America because Jesus spoke Aramaic, not English. Well, that’s a far cry from saying that Donald Trump wouldn’t qualify to get into Jesus’ kingdom!

Now, I know Christian religions differ quite a bit as to what it takes to get into heaven. Catholics believe that it takes “good works” as well as faith. Evangelicals believe more along the lines of Romans 10:9 which basically says, “If you believe that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, then you will be saved”. Other sects have differing views of what it takes.

And I know Jesse Jackson professes to be a Christian. He is, after all a Baptist minister. I’m not quite sure how the Baptists “qualify” you to get into heaven, but I’m pretty sure that speaking a language isn’t a requirement.

This is just another political statement from someone that probably is better off not getting into politics. I love my pastor, and his words are very inspiring and meaningful to me, and I would hope, regardless how you worship, you have the same feeling. But my pastor’s words aren’t filled with hate. Jesse Jackson’s words are political and hate-filled. By his own words, he has condemned Donald Trump to hell, and quite frankly, according to my beliefs there is only one source that will condemn any of us to hell and it’s Jesus Christ during Judgement Day. Has Jackson even read The Revelation?

Too often in this country we try to mix politics and religion. I would think that most of the time…maybe not all of the time, it’s best not to let the two intertwine. Politics is dirty and partisan. Religion is pure and open. I think when the Founding Fathers gave us separation of church and state, they did so for two reasons. The first is that we don’t need to have government telling us how to worship…after all, that is in our Constitution. Second, I think when you mix politics and worship, you end up with politics not being on the level of religion (it can never be elevated to that stature), and you’ve tainted religion. That’s a lesson Jesse Jackson should learn.

Well, one more lesson Jesse Jackson should learn that took me a VERY long time to learn…you don’t judge other people as to whether they are going to heaven or hell. Someone more powerful, and certainly more qualified than either you, or me, or Jesse already has that job!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Trump’s Speech Actually Poignant!

I’ve never once considered Donald Trump to be of “statesmanlike” quality. Oh, Ronald Reagan, I did. At least he acted the part very well if not lived up to it…but his speeches were so well rehearsed (he’d been doing them for General Electric for two decades) before he ever got to the White House. And there have been others, but none really as of late. You certainly couldn’t call Obama a statesman. I couldn’t call either of the Bush’s that. And I’d call Bill Clinton a predator before I’d call him a statesman.

Jimmy Carter was no statesman. He had one success in the White House (actually Camp David), and that was offset by a myriad of failures. Ford, Nixon, LBJ, no…they weren’t statesmen either. Kennedy tried to be one, but I don’t think he ever accomplished it. Now you’re back to Eisenhower, and he wasn’t. Truman may have been, but he was too hated during his time in office. That takes us back to FDR, who probably was a statesman. But Donald Trump? No way.

Until this past weekend.

Trump spoke at Liberty University’s commencement and I was actually impressed with the speech. This from the guy that added “yeah, right” to the lexicon of presidential catch phrases. What Trump said was amazing. He compared the United States to government. And the two are markedly different. I know that will upset my liberal friends, but they are. And he compared religion to government. Again, a comparison that is very apt, but very troubling to liberals.

What Trump said that was so amazing was, “In the United States, we don’t worship government. We worship God.” THAT is as statesman-like a statement that has ever come out of that man. And he just, in one sentence, explained the primary difference between today’s liberal and today’s conservative. Conservatives worship God. Liberals worship government.

Whoever wrote his speech (we know presidents don’t write their own anymore), did wonders with that one. Trump spoke of religious freedom being threatened. It has been for quite some time. We live in a country where Muslims and Buddhists are more welcome to practice their religion than Christians and Jews. We are no longer a country that is built on religious tolerance and freedom to worship as you please. We are now a country that is free to worship as you choose so long as your religion is a sworn enemy to the United States or is in direct conflict to Christianity.

That feeling is one that is going to lead us down the path of destruction as a nation. Mark my words…that is the one major flaw in America today. We were founded on the basis of religious freedom. We welcomed so many people to our shores who sought to worship as they chose without persecution. And today, Christians are being persecuted, Jews are being persecuted. The very reason we were formed as a nation is no longer valid in the eyes of 47% of the people. And that’s because we have lost our way in God’s eyes. We no longer follow Him. We follow government. We worship the District of Columbia, and the Capitol Building is the new Holy Grail. And until that changes, we as a country are doomed.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Banning Muslims

There is an overwhelming majority of Americans that are in favor now of banning Muslims from entering the United States, in light of the recent attacks in Lahore, Pakistan, in Iraq at a soccer stadium, and in Brussels, Belgium all in the last week.

71% feel that there will be a major attack in the United States in the coming months. That includes Democrats, who are starting to be on the other side of the fence from their president, Bobo Obama, who is still convinced that it’s not a Islam thing, it’s a terrorist thing. Unfortunately for Bobo, most Americans feel its the same thing.

At some point, the White House has to understand what the problem is, and they have to deal with it. Maybe it’s not this president that has to deal with it, but the office of the president will have to. If it’s Donald Trump or Ted Cruz or Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders sitting behind the Resolute Desk, they will have to decide whether or not to ban Muslims from entering this country. And to tell you the truth, I’m torn.

I’ve always been a proponent of bringing people legally to America. That’s how our great nation has been built. But I’m totally against anything that would introduce terrorism into the mix. If that means that we have take Muslims out of the equation for a while, so be it. If that means we have to build a wall on our southern border to stem the tide of illegal immigrants who feel they have this right to enter our country because we have a better country than they have, so be it. I’m not for totally banning all Muslims forever…but it seems that all of the terrorist plots around the globe right now seem to be coming from one religion. When that’s the case, you DO have to profile. You are an idiot if you don’t. And political correctness be damned. When our safety is at stake, when Americans are being killed just because they are American, then I say you have to take whatever means is necessary.

Throughout history we’ve seen this type of behavior from various religions, and yes, Christians have been guilty of it as well. It was called the Crusades. But it was in response to Islam’s Caliphate. And we saw what happened when Muslims (and Moors) tried to take over Spain. Anybody remember Queen Isabella? Same one as funding the Columbus trip to the New World. She and her hubby were the ones that repelled the Moors from Spain.

It isn’t a bad thing to protect your country. And frankly, if you find that it’s being done by one religion, you have to take whatever steps necessary, up to and including banning that religion. And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t know another religion that actively promotes the killing of non-believers as Islam does. Oh, maybe some voodoo cult somewhere, but I’m talking mainstream religion. It doesn’t happen…nor should it.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

A Long Time Ago…

This is a very special day for a lot of Christians. It’s a day we’ve celebrated for over 2,000 years because it’s the day that we firmly believe is the actual basis of the religion. It’s the day that represents when Jesus Christ was resurrected and rose into heaven.

Now, science would like to tell you that’s impossibility, and my kids once asked me whether or not I had “proof” of this actually happening. I said scientific proof? No. But that is where the word “faith” comes in. Do I have any doubt it happened? No, I do not. I look at the world around me. I look at the stars in the sky at night, and I know that there has been a plan all along. I look with wonder at how flowers grow, or how people are actually created. It’s amazing to me that you have all of this wonder and not have the faith to believe that something like God coming to earth to sacrifice his human self for mankind’s sins couldn’t happen. Is it a stretch to believe it? Well, is it a stretch to think that the universe actually came from something the size of one atom? If you were to believe in the “Big Bang” theory, then I guess it’s not a stretch to believe in Jesus Christ.

There are many mysteries in the world that we don’t understand. There have been many times we wondered about stuff that frankly is a lot less meaningful than our relationship with our Creator. And it’s at this time of the year…probably one of two times of the year (the other being Christmas) that we stop and think about our belief in God, and our relationship with Christ. This year, it’s especially meaningful for me because of the persecution that is going on in the world today.

I know a lot of folks that are followers of the Bible will point to Revelations as this being the “end times”. I don’t buy into that. Every generation has thought they were living in the “end times”. Somehow, that doesn’t ring true. How pompous do we have to be to really think WE are the generation that was chosen to be the last in mankind’s history? How sad that we don’t believe that it will carry on beyond us. Will mankind end someday? Of course. Over 95% of the species that have been created on this planet are now extinct, and man will most certainly follow them. Everything must be born, must live, and must die. I think that’s what’s known as the circle of life, and it’s true.

So it’s on this Easter Sunday, I wish all my brethren out there, Christian, Jew, Muslim, and all other religions a Happy Easter. For Christians, this is an extremely special day. Celebrate it with joy because it shows that yes…we do have a life after this one!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Pope Francis…You Are WAY Out Of Bounds!

Disclaimer: I am NOT Catholic, nor am I a Donald Trump supporter (yet).

Now…with that being said, let me be very clear here. What Pope Francis said about Donald Trump not being a Christian stepped WAY over the line. He was wrong and owes Trump a HUGE apology. I have no idea what was going through this guy’s mind, but it certainly had nothing to do with his industry and his religion. I cannot for the life of me believe that anyone who claims to be the “Vicar of Christ” would be so stupid, so insipid, so insensitive as to deny another person’s belief as being a non-Christian. The one point to be made clear here, and I think most Christians (even Trump) will agree…only God can look into somebody’s heart and tell whether or not they are true Christians. Going to church doesn’t cut it… neither does being elected Pope. For all we as humans know, pope Francis is not a Christian either! Only God knows, and only God has the right to call somebody not a Christian. I can certainly go along with a comment like, “what he did wasn’t Christian-like”, but to say somebody isn’t Christian is out of bounds.

This guy has totally lost it, and Catholics around the world ought to be screaming at him, boycotting his appearances, and calling their cardinals and bishops. There is no way that a holy person of his supposed magnitude would be so blatantly and patently wrong. If I were Donald Trump, I wouldn’t just go off on this guy, and believe me, Trump has been wrong about going off on people in the past, but this warranted a full-on-Trump invasion.

What in hell was going through this guy’s mind? A holy pontiff? Nope. Try again. He’s worse the Cruz or Rubio or Jeb! Bush when it comes to name calling. And what in hell does a head of ANY church have to do with a political race to begin with? Did he scream at Castro or Putin this way? Did he treat Assad like this? The behavior is total unacceptable, totally and utterly unprofessional, and unethical, and certainly unholy. I rarely go off on a religion like this, but if you are Catholic, can you honestly tell me you support the head of your church attacking a foreign country’s political process and the religion of one of its candidates? Since when does the pope (small “p” intended) get to weigh in on a political primary in the first place, and even if he did, who the hell cares what he has to say!?

I can tell you this right now, and I consider myself to be a rather religious man. If the head of my church DARED to weigh in on a political contest of another country that he had nothing to do with and challenged whether or not a candidate was religious, I wouldn’t be part of that religion anymore. That is a deal breaker. What Catholic of any degree of sanity would support and back the type of lunacy and rantings that this idiot made? And yes…I realize that I just called the pope (again small “p” intended) an idiot. This is totally out of bounds. I hope God can forgive this guy, and I hope Catholics around the country can forgive this guy. I wouldn’t blame Donald Trump if he NEVER forgives him. And that brings up one last point. How does this insane old man think he’s going to treat the president of the United States if Donald Trump ends up getting elected? Does he expect Trump to forgive and forget and not get an apology from this numb nuts?

You know we’re living in screwed up times when obtuse creatures like this guy gets elected pope. God have mercy on most all of us!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

If Islam Is So Peaceful…

It hit me this morning as I was reading a blog about ISIS. If there is a shooting at a black church anywhere in this country…ministers all over the place, black, white, green, blue (well, maybe not blue), all quick to condemn it. If there is a school shooting and the person that does that dastardly deed is a Republican, you hear Republicans all come out against the shooting and stress this is not the solution to anyone’s problems.

So, when it comes down to ISIS and suicide bombers, and using children to blow themselves up, why aren’t we hearing anything from the Muslim community? Where are the Imams all condemning this terrible act of violence? I don’t believe I heard one peep from any Islamic Mosque after the Paris attacks. Why? Could it be that they’ve been actually lying to us the whole time about Islam being this “peaceful religion”?

I just ask the question because it begs to be asked. I don’t know the answer to it. I do know that if Muslims around the world were really upset at the way their religion was being portrayed, they’d be saying something about it. I know Christians and Jews are that way, and I can only think other religions would be in the same boat. But you don’t hear a word…not from the Muslims themselves…not from the Imams in the Mosques…not from the Ayatollahs…not from the Emirs…nothing.

Which leads one to believe that they actually back what’s going on. Let’s call it a case of tacit approval. You don’t always have to go out and raise the ISIS flag to support them. You can certainly support them by being in a position to condemn them, and sit there on your ass and say nothing. The same is true for anything. You don’t think that if the GOP presidential candidates didn’t come out against the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado that Democrats would be all over them? Hell, the Republicans are all over the Democrats for not coming out against the Planned Parenthood videos! And they should have. Oh, Hillary SAID she was appalled by them….before she got her talking points from George Soros. Apparently he didn’t agree with what she had to say, and got her back on track.

No, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We need to actually define what a religion is and isn’t in this country. Was David Koresh’s group in Waco (remember the Branch Davidians?) a religion? They thought so…not so much from Janet Reno. Of course, Bill Clinton sat on the sidelines after that thing literally blew up and said it was Reno’s ballgame. But if someone were to start a religion that believed that say, selling baby parts was an unpardonable sin and that anyone that did that had to die, does that make what happened in Colorado Springs right? Absolutely not! So why does a religion that says we should “find all the infidels and kill them where they are” stand as a religion…and a “peaceful” one at that?
I’m just sayin’
Carry on world…you’re dismissed!