Could The Shooting Actually Bring Congress Together?

Steve Scalise, the GOP Majority Whip in the House of Representatives was shot on Wednesday during a practice for the charity baseball game between the Republicans and the Democrats. The assailant was a 66 year old loser out of Belleville, Illinois named James Hodgkinson, who was fatally shot by members of the Capitol Police who were in attendance at the practice. Others were injured as well in the melee that occurred basically because Hodgkinson, who was a Bernie Sanders disciple, thought that Donald Trump and the Republicans need to be taken down.

I will say that possibly there is one good thing that seems to have come from this. After the shooting, both sides, Republican and Democrat seemed, for the moment at least, to come together. They both wanted to let America know that this wasn’t the way it should happen. Maybe, just maybe, both sides will tamp down the rhetoric and get back to politics. The hate-filled anti-Trump speeches that have occurred over the past six months need to stop, and it’s certainly not the GOP doing the hating here. The question is, will it actually matter, or have we already gone over the edge?

That’s the question that remains today. If history is any indication of what will happen, we’ve already gone over the edge and the democracy is actually in a slide that will end in either a revolution of sorts, or a complete collapse of the government and the need to be taken over by Canada. However, maybe, just maybe, these two sides can see this as something that has shoved the country too far. Maybe we haven’t gone over the abyss just yet. Maybe we can pull back the Chuck Schumer/Nancy Pelosi hate speeches that have permeated the media from the beginning of this presidency. Maybe the left wing, hate-filled media can actually pull back their over-the-top personal thoughts and feelings they have about anybody that is right of Sanders. And maybe, just maybe, politics can get back to normal.

There has been a lot of comparing of what happened on Wednesday to the Gabby Giffords shooting in Tucson a few years back. Of course, back then, the call for strict gun control from the left was almost immediate. That and the cry that it was those dastardly Republicans that were out to gun down members of congress. Of course, when it was learned that the guy was just a nut case, and didn’t have a political thought in his head, and had actually been more liberal than conservative, that talk was tamped down. Here, the guy was obviously a left-wing looney. But again, isn’t it time to put the comparisons aside and actually get down to work? I’ve been screaming about this for two months now. We need to forget the cry baby crap we’re getting from the left and from the media, and fix the country. If the libs don’t feel we are doing it the right way, there’s a simple solution. Come up with a better idea that is agreed to by all, and let’s do it. But that’s not what they do. They obstruct, they obfuscate, and they cry.

When the left (as the right did during the Obama administration) gets it through their head they are the ones causing this problem, then and only then we can move forward. Until then, slippery slope, here we come!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


The Pendulum Swings

Oh, don’t tell me you didn’t see it coming! Don’t even THINK of saying that you really believed eight years ago when Bobo Obama took over as president that you thought the country was moving inexorably to the left. You KNEW better because you’re smarter than that!

The more the country swings in one direction, the more it will eventually swing in the other. That’s the way it works, and that’s what is happening now in Washington DC.

The problem is that Obama tried to take the country too far left too soon. He was too smart for his own administration. He didn’t learn from history, which was surprising to me. He should have read my blog as I have said for years that the farther right you go, the more the pendulum will swing to the left eventually. It has to find an equilibrium, and that is called “nature”.

So, don’t be surprised when the GOP finds a way to get rid of Obamacare (as the House has done). Don’t be surprised when the tax cuts that favor the wealthy start hitting the Senate floor and get voted in. When you swing one way, you’re going to swing back the other way. That is the underlying reason why Democrats have lost the Senate and the House and the White House, and now are poised to really take it in the shorts over the next 50 years or so in the judicial branch of government. That is what Donald Trump is going to do to the country…bring it more to the right.

But looking down the road, what is really going to happen? Are we going too far to the right, so eventually we will swing left again? Yup. That’s what happens. If you stay at six o’clock on the pendulum swing, you stay at rest. But when you start swinging to say, ten o’clock, you’re going to swing back to two o’clock. That’s what happens. It’s happened throughout history…and we’ve started down that road. We’re going to have to slowly work our way back to six o’clock (Moderateville) again.

So, Obamacare dies…ACHA is now the new kid on the block in some iteration, though the Senate says there will be big changes in order to get 51 votes. And the overall feeling is that “socialized medicine” is going to replace traditional doctor/patient medicine in this country for eternity. Government has stuck its nose in the honey jar, and like Winnie The Pooh, it won’t get unstuck for a very long time. And it will cost Americans pretty much 1/6 of their lives. That is just the beginning. I predict you’re going to see the same wild swings on tax reform (from 47% not paying any taxes) to a flat tax and back again. I predict you’re going to see illegal immigration shut down on the southern border…then opened up again when the Democrats take back the government, and then shut down again. It’s just the way Americans operate.

We don’t like the GOP way of thinking anymore so we switch to the Dems. Then we see that way only costs us money, so we hire the GOP to fix it. And we don’t like the fix because they take away all of our candy. So we go back to the Dems. Will America never learn? The answer, sadly is no.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!