Sessions Deflates Dems’ Balloon

I know the Democrats were hoping that when Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee earlier this week that they would find some smoking gun somewhere. Either it would be in his involvement with talking to some Russian diplomat, or that the firing of former FBI Director, James Comey would come up and an obstruction of justice charged would flash in their faces…something…ANYTHING to get Donald J. Trump out of the White House.

It didn’t happen.

What did happen basically was a dressing down from the former senator. He basically told the Democrats on the committee that he was appalled at their behavior of accusing him of wrong doing after he has had a stellar career in public service, and was totally unscathed until he took over as AG. He went on to say that basically this crap has to stop. And you know, Jeff Sessions is right.

Yes, Sessions was the first guy to get on Donald Trump’s bandwagon over a year ago…and yes, Jeff Sessions is a smart guy. And yes, you may think because of his relationship to Trump that there was some behind the scenes deals that a neophyte politician would stumble into. The Democrats are missing one thing though. Donald Trump is not a stupid man. He’s actually quite intelligent, getting an MBA from the Wharton School of Business, which I would hazard a guess, gives him a greater education than most of us have ever had (unless you can boast that you went to Harvard???).

Sessions’ testimony did one thing. It popped the Dems’ balloon. They have nowhere to legitimately go in investigating Trump at this point. Oh, I know they are going to try. They aren’t going to stop just because of this. But they haven’t produced a single shred of evidence that Trump or anybody in his campaign has done anything wrong. You’d figure that the FBI investigating this mess for over a year would have come up with something…with ANYTHING by now. Hell, they came up with much, much more in the Hillary Clinton email server scandal long before this, and they let her slide!

Democrats need to get over this crap about being so damn partisan. Yeah, they say that the GOP did it to Obama, I hear that, but not to the extent that they are doing it. And that is the modus operandi of the Dems…always take everything too far. They never know when to stop. Look at their programs. They expand and expand them until they bankrupt the country. Nothing is ever enough with them. And this is the same way.

The only thing to do at this point is bury this entire investigation on both sides. Did Russia involve themselves somehow in the election? Probably. But guess what? The United States doesn’t have the cleanest hands in the world when it comes to interfering in other countries elections either. And that being the case, shut the damn door, get back to doing what you should be doing, which is repealing Obamacare once and for all, re-writing the tax code so nobody needs a CPA to file income taxes, and build the damn wall on the southern border to fix the immigration problem. Until then, you folks in DC are NOT doing the people’s business. And that’s what we are paying you to do.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

So Who Should REALLY Be Heading To Jail?

Let me try and be apolitical for a moment. Okay…stop laughing. I said I would TRY. Let’s look at what we know for a minute, what the actual facts are, and let’s decide whether or not certain people should actually be thrown in jail for their actions.

First off, let’s talk about the elephant in the room, Donald Trump. The word from the Democrats is that he either colluded with the Russians on the election, throwing it to himself with the Russians’ help, or that at the very least, he obstructed justice when he told James Comey to “he hoped this thing with Michael Flynn was over. He’s been treated so badly”. Well, “hoping” the thing with Flynn is over isn’t telling the FBI to stop investigating…by Comey’s own admission. And Trump never told the FBI to stop investigating Flynn. And Trump never told the FBI to stop investing the Russia alleged interference either. He was relieved (as we all probably would be) to find out he wasn’t the target of any investigation, but that if his “satellites”, his minions like Paul Manafort were involved, then go after them. There still today hasn’t been a shred of evidence shown to have included the president in this whole sordid affair.

OK, so we can at least for the moment list Trump as having made some bad decisions, but nothing illegal.

Moving on. Let’s talk about Hillary Clinton. She has lied to Congress during her testimony. She has broken federal laws by using a home-brew server (which is more than Colin Powell ever did…he used a private email service…not his own server). And she consistently has tried to cover up the fact that what she did was illegal. How about Hillary in orange? Well, I doubt it would ever happen because the left would go bananas, even though they really want her to disappear and leave the national stage altogether after two humiliating losses. But should she be in jail? Well, if you or I did what she did, would WE be in jail? The answer is yes. She should be in jail. Even James Comey has said in his testimony Thursday yesterday (which had nothing to do with why he was there in the first place), that Hillary WAS in fact breaking the law. She should be in jail.

Finally, let’s look at the new player that came up at Thursday’s hearing…Loretta Lynch. The former Attorney General made headlines without ever saying a word (and I doubt she wanted to be mentioned at all) when Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee that he felt that what she did when she met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix was certainly influential and political in nature if not downright illegal and was a major point in his deciding to make his public statements on Hillary’s case. Now, I’m not saying Comey was right in saying what he said when he said it (either time), but I will say it that Loretta Lynch was a blooming idiot for even considering meeting with the husband of a presidential candidate under investigation! And Lynch compounded the problem by telling Comey not to refer to it as an investigation, but as something less…to downplay it in order to help Hillary out when she was out on the campaign trail telling the world she wasn’t under investigation, that it was a “security review”. It was no security review. That in and of itself obstructed justice more than what Donald Trump did and said with James Comey.

End result? Two members of the Obama administration, Clinton and Lynch should be in orange. Trump? He made some terrible decisions, granted, but no one can prove that he has done anything illegal.

Now, can we PLEASE get back to work in Washington and get rid of Obamacare? My COBRA expires in less than a year!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Yes, there was a major bombshell at the Comey Hearing on Capitol Hill yesterday. Former FBI Director James Comey put a record number of Senators asleep with what has been called one of the biggest wastes of television airtime since coverage of the Obama presidency.

No fewer than six Senators took catnaps during the testimony on Thursday, as the droning went on and on for two and a half hours. It was supposed to go longer, but the networks all called Capitol Hill and told the Senators’ offices that they had to pull the plug…the snoring was getting too loud.

Actually, there were a few things that came out of the Comey testimony. First of all, Donald Trump, while not the smoothest cat to hold sway in the White House, “cleared the room” a couple of times to talk to Comey about the Flynn debacle, and to ask if he was under investigation for anything to do with Russia. Comey had told him three times that he wasn’t under investigation, but some of his staff were. Trump didn’t seem to mind about that.

Even Hardball’s Chris Matthews said plain and simple that the collusion that Democrats wanted between Donald Trump and the Russians, in his words, “came apart”. It wasn’t there. So while maybe Russia did hack into a few election systems, the President of the United States wasn’t involved, and there continues to be no shred of evidence to the contrary. Game over for the Dems.

Comey did drop two bombs on the Senate Intelligence Committee. The first was that HE was the one that actually leaked stories to the New York Times by giving the stories to a friend of his, a law professor from New York. And then he topped it, when asked about former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch and her tarmac visit with Bill Clinton during the campaign, Comey admitted to the Senators that yes, Lynch had indeed interfered with the election, probably in ways the Russians couldn’t have imagined when she met with Bill Clinton. And of course, that gave the Republicans more ammunition than the Dems could ever have extracted from Comey.

The overall deal is this. Comey had a bad day. Trump had a good day going until his attorney came out (Trump actually stayed silent), and all but called Comey a liar for his testimony. That kind of spun some bad mojo into the president’s mood…and it should of. He should have left well enough alone, but we are learning that is NOT the way Donald Trump works. Overall, Democrats can’t do a damn thing on trying to impeach Trump for obstruction of justice because he was rather careful with the words he used when talking to Comey. And Comey made some rather stupid moves as well…telling newly appointed AG Jeff Sessions that he didn’t want to be left alone with Trump, and then having to admit to the panel yesterday that he took several calls from Trump. He was at a loss when asked what the difference was between being in a room alone with the president, and talking to him alone in a room on the phone.

Overall, it was a snooze fest. Nothing will happen to Loretta Lynch (though it probably should). Nothing will happen to Donald Trump. And frankly, nothing will happen to Mike Flynn. Basically, everyone involved in anything Comey testified with yesterday will skate free and clear in this thing. Which is a good thing. Maybe we can forget all this name-calling nonsense and these guys and gals can actually do what we hired them to do…repeal Obamacare, fix the immigration problem, and reform the tax code. We can only wish!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Was Trump Right In Firing Comey?

In case you missed it, President Donald Trump fired FBI Director, James Comey yesterday in a move that basically was surprising to most, and shocking to a lot. Comey was fired after several controversial acts, including a couple of Hillary Clinton investigations that she says (though no one else does) cost her the presidency last November. Comey also had been looking into Russian tampering in the election, and ties in the Trump administration. The administration felt that those issues boxed out Comey from being able to do a credible job.

Trust and political decisions have been at the heart of the decision. The administration apparently didn’t feel that Comey had been a credible head of the nation’s police force. Comey came under fire for taking a very public lead after former president Bill Clinton had met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch at a tarmac in Phoenix. While both Clinton and Lynch stated that they meeting had more to do with talking about grandchildren than Hillary’s legal problems, it did nothing to quell the right’s feeling that Lynch should have recused herself in the case, even though she said there was no reason to do it.

Now, the question is, was Trump right? Well, this isn’t an episode of The Apprentice, and Donald Trump could have been a lot classier and done it in a lot better way than he did. Was he right in firing Comey? The whole thing boils down to the fact that Comey has always been viewed as someone that doesn’t play politics, but plays it down the middle. But apparently parties on both sides have come down on the side that Comey had overstayed his welcome, and it was time for him to go.

As firings go, this isn’t something that basically happened overnight. This has been in the hopper for quite a while. You have to ask why Trump would fire Comey if indeed, the FBI’s involvement in the Clinton scandals actually gave Trump the election, as Hillary claimed. I don’t think that has anything to do with it. And, I don’t think it has anything to do with Trump’s Russian involvement situation. I think it was bound to happen regardless whomever got elected. Comey was dead man walking.

Democrats were quick to say that Comey was fired because he was too close to finding information against Trump…citing Watergate era firings that Richard Nixon pulled. And that’s sad because Dems don’t have any idea what they are talking about.

In the end analysis, Comey’s firing was something that Democrats called for after the election…and Republicans were calling for his firing after the Russian tampering investigation. The funny thing is that there was a crisis in confidence that was brought on by the last administration, the last Attorney General, and the FBI Director could very well have been in the cross hairs since last summer.

Win, lose, or draw, this will be argued for a very long time. Democrats are going to demand investigations into Comey’s actions. Republicans are going to try and move forward, and get this past them. The FBI will continue, with a new leader, certainly, but to say that James Comey leaving the FBI will ruin the FBI is, as they say…poo poo caca.


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Snake In The Grass

Have you ever met someone and just had a bad feeling about them from the start. Maybe it was that you didn’t trust them, maybe you just didn’t hit it off, or maybe there was just this something that hit you wrong? I’m pretty good at getting the character of people…and the first time I remember seeing Susan Rice, I felt to myself, there is a woman that is a snake in the grass.

It was when she was on TV right after the Benghazi tragedy. I was watching Fox News Sunday and saw her…I usually DVR’ed the various talking head shows on Sunday, and as I flipped through the rest of them, I saw her again and again…a total of like four times, saying the same thing. She was adamant that the Benghazi attacks on our consulate was because of some internet video. I went to the internet to try and find the video and couldn’t. But it struck me that this person was lying through her teeth.

I had the same feeling when she was testifying to become the ambassador to the United Nations. I thought she was unqualified, and it would be a disaster to have someone of such poor moral character representing the United States to the world. Thank God she wasn’t confirmed!

And now we find out that the same Susan Rice had gone before the national security folks and “unmasked” members of the Trump organization during the campaign as having ties to Russia. Actually, we don’t know what those “ties” were, but they were swept up in phone conversations the NSA typically picks up when you are talking to folks from other countries. Rice claims she was well within her bounds as national security advisor to Bobo Obama, to order the documents. That may well be, if she was doing it for national security reasons. If, however, she is doing it, as I suspect, for political reasons, she has committed a federal crime and should be spending some time in jail.

Somehow I’m not surprised by all of this. I can’t believe that the president of the United States, ANY president of the United States would employ a person of such poor moral character as Susan Rice. I can’t believe she ever got a job as a US District Attorney! And now her legal problems start up again. This time, she can’t claim that she was just doing what her boss told her to do. There are plenty of records that point to the fact that SHE was the one that initiated this whole Russia thing, and SHE was the one that did it so she could “catch” Trump’s folks. What she did was nail Michael Flynn, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, as he turned out to be a liar, but she also very possibly broke the law in doing so. That has to be dealt with.

You know…I had the same feeling about one other person in the Obama administration. And it wasn’t Bobo…it was Hillary Clinton. Hmmm….

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Trump Shows GOP How To Deal With Snowflakes

Hey, I’m not the biggest Donald Trump fan that ever lived. I was very slow to get on board the train, wasn’t sure it was going in the right direction several times, and was positive it would never stop at the White House. But he proved me wrong all along the way. Thankfully, he also proved every single pundit in Washington except Ann Coulter wrong as well.

So, while I’m still not 100% a Trumpee yet, I AM starting to watch with a lot more attention than I normally pay. What I have found out is, you don’t want to get into an argument with this guy. You aren’t going to win. Take the latest Democrat ploy to look into Trump’s alleged ties to Russia during the election. What does Trump do? Well, the normal Republican president would deny, deny, deny. Trump on the other hand denies of course, but then he turns the tables on you.

Donald Trump has asked the Congress to open investigations into Hillary Clinton’s ties to Russia.

It’s an interesting move. She is, after all, the person while Secretary of State, that allowed about half of the Uranium in this country to be sold to a Russian company, was she not? And wasn’t that after a sizable donation, and speaking engagement was extended to her husband, a former president, to go to the Land of Lenin and give a talk for what, a half million dollars? Interesting turn of events, don’t you think?

So, I have to (somewhat grudgingly) give Donald Trump some credit on this one. We’re not dealing with a dope here, folks. This guy is calculated. Oh, he’s not “Washington smart”, but he’s smart. He isn’t going to take crap from anybody, and that is the one thing about him that I really like. He’s able to turn the attention away from anything going on that he doesn’t like and get the media, and the rest of the world talking about someone or something else.

He hasn’t called for Hillary to be thrown in jail. He’s just called for her to be investigated. After all, isn’t that what Chuck Schumer has asked Congress to do with him? Isn’t turnabout fair play? And what if Congress (which by the way, isn’t the smartest investigators on the planet) finds nothing on him, yet finds something on her? Will the snowflakes out there claim it was all political, and that poor ol’ Hillary has served this country throughout her life (as what? Governor’s wife? First Lady? Failed presidential candidate (twice)).

Like the guy or hate the guy, you gotta give him credit. He isn’t going to take monkey stink from anybody. He’s going to throw it right back atcha and if you can’t catch it, you deserve to be made fun of. That’s the way the guy rolls, and so far, I’m kind of enjoying the show. Now if we can just get those idiots on Capitol Hill to act the same way!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Demonstrating Absurdity

I think I know what Donald Trump is doing with his claim that Bobo Obama, the world’s second most famous clown, and world’s worst president, bugged Trump Tower during the campaign. It’s an old Rush Limbaugh trick that he’s used for years.

He’s demonstrating absurdity by being absurd.

Think about the way things have unfolded. James Clapper, who was Obama’s Director of National Intelligence has said that he has absolutely no knowledge of any connection what-so-ever between the Trump campaign and the Russians in this past year’s presidential election. That’s a fact that no Democrat, no snowflake, no idiot liberal can argue. But the snowflakes, the Democrats, the idiot liberals refuse to let it go, even though their own guy says there’s nothing there. So, to get these morons off his back, Trump decides to do something equally as moronic. He comes out with a theory that his political and personal headquarters, Trump Tower was bugged by Obama. If you think about it, it’s a pretty absurd accusation.

He’s demonstrating the absurdity of the snowflakes’ claim by himself making an absurd claim.

Of course Obama didn’t wiretap Trump Tower. There’s no proof to that, just like there’s no proof to the connection between Trump and the Russians. They don’t exist. So why do it? Because it shows the left how stupid they are for making such a ridiculous claim in the first place. The left is all beside itself because they can’t believe that a shoe-in like Hillary Clinton couldn’t beat a political neophyte like Donald Trump. The thing that they don’t want to believe is the fact that Clinton was the worst presidential candidate in US history. She was flawed, she was tainted, she was not politically savvy, she was terribly misled by her campaign staff, and she bungled pretty much every attempt she made at winning the White House. She was just a bad candidate. In fact, I’d hazard a guess that either John McCain or even Bob Dole would have beaten her had they decided to run.

So, facing the reality that their party is in a shambles, what do the Democrats do? They do what they do best…they blame somebody else. And who better to blame than the Russians? Let’s face it, for decades, they’ve been our arch nemeses. So, why not foist it on them, after all, who’s going to believe their denial? The facts don’t bear it out, and that’s ok. The Dems need to blame somebody, and they can’t accept the blame themselves because they don’t believe in anything to do with personal responsibility. If they did, Hillary would have come out and said, “I screwed up. I should have campaigned in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania rather than trying to win a state like Arizona. But I screwed up and I lost us the election. I’m sorry”. Don’t hold your breath. It’ll never happen.

And so, the Russian story comes up. Hell, it was already there. They just built on it. So, to stem the flood of accusations without any proof, Donald Trump decides to play the same game. Of course Obama didn’t wiretap Trump Tower. It’s all Trump doing what he does best…making you think one thing so you’ll forget about thinking about something else. And that is called 21st Century Politics. I think in Vegas they also call it “Penn & Teller”.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!