Prediction: Moore Wins Alabama Senate Seat

Here’s a prediction you can take to the bank. After months of alleged comments from women who really don’t have any proof that Judge Roy Moore sexually abused or molested them (other than he said/she said), it will be Roy Moore defeating Doug Jones in the special Senate election in Alabama. Take it to the bank.

There is a reason behind it too. 54% of the folks in Alabama don’t believe the allegations, and think the whole thing is a political smear job. According to a poll by left-leaning CBS News, Moore leads Doug Jones 49% to 43% with a margin of error of 3.8% among registered voters, and 4.8% among likely voters.

Unlike sexual abuse allegations that seem to be sticking to current Michigan Representative, John Conyers, and Minnesota Senator, Al Franken (and there’s actual proof on that one), the allegations aimed at Moore aren’t apparently working. Meanwhile,  Conyers has resigned and Franken is facing increased pressure to resign. It’s actually gotten to the 88 year old Conyers to the point that he was hospitalized this past weekend due to “stress related causes”. Franken, while admitting “he’s a hugger, and a warm person”, has apologized, but says he doesn’t remember any of the incidents because as he says, “I’ve had thousands of pictures taken with people…I don’t remember them all.” That hasn’t sat well with a lot of folks, but now, even Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Dems in the Senate know that they need to do the right thing, and have called for his resignation.

Conyers wasn’t in such an enviable position. Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, who early on in the scandal came out and called Conyers “an icon”, has now called for his resignation. Conyers’ attorney has said that Nancy Pelosi doesn’t tell John Conyers when to step down. Only the voters in his district do. Apparently, John’s lawyer may know the law, but isn’t too keen on what is going on in the mind of his client!

But the GOP is breathing just a little bit easier with Roy Moore in the lead, despite what Mitch McConnell has said…that he would start investigating Moore if he got elected to the Senate. Somehow, I think McConnell would change his tune knowing there are going to be some very close votes coming up in the next 12 months.

Overall, I find it very interesting that most of the fallout over these sexual allegations that actually started with life-long Democrats Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein have now snared more Democrats than Republicans. If that trend continues, you’re going to see a whole LOT of Republicans taking over in the Senate and in the House. And the Democrats will continue to kiss any chance of re-taking either chamber a long goodbye!

By the way…in all of this, why aren’t we hearing anything about Bill Clinton? My Lord… he is the “Groper In Chief”, and has raped more women than anyone in prison. Someone want to tell me why this guy is still about to walk around free?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Franken Quits…Defies Logic


I’ll say this for Al Franken…he’s a much better comedian than he is a politician. I guess for him it’s easier to be funny than to put together cogent, logical arguments. But that has pretty much been the way he’s run his Senate office since getting elected from the socialist republic of Minnesota.

Al Franken, realizing that Democrats were jumping ship on him, as they had with John Conyers earlier in month, decided to hang it up yesterday. Well, sort of. He said he would be resigning “in the coming weeks”. Apparently he doesn’t want to miss the vote on the tax cuts?

Franken said that some of the allegations against him were false, and some he had a totally different recollection of. Um….Al…we all SAW the picture of you groping that KTLA reporter/radio personality. If that isn’t sexual abuse, I don’t know what is.

Franken went on to talk about the irony of him quitting when Donald Trump remains in the White House, and Roy Moore remains a Senate candidate. Well Al, I understand you know more about comedy than you do about legal proceedings, but you were guilty and even admitted your guilt (you’re a “warm person” after all, remember?). Donald Trump has never been proven to have done anything wrong, and neither has Roy Moore. Even John Conyers never actually admitted to doing any of the nasty things he was accused of. But he realized that at 88 years old, he didn’t have the fight in him to tangle with the abuse accusations. You on the other hand, admitted you were wrong. You at least told the truth, and for that I thank you for your honesty. However, because you admitted that you have sexually abused women, you must leave.

And yes…to those liberals out there, if Roy Moore is actually PROVEN to have done what he’s been accused of, I’d be the first in line to say he needs to go…and yes…I’d even say (and have) the same thing about Trump. Draining the swamp means simply getting rid of people that have low moral standards, no moral standards, and can’t seem to put the people they serve first. It’s not about party. It’s not about politics. It’s about decency. You don’t act like that, just like you don’t lie, or sell off our national treasures to our enemies (are you listening Hillary?). That’s not welcome in a “clean swamp”.

No, Al Franken needs to leave. As do any other servants of the public that are using their position to gain sexual favors, embezzle funds into their own coffers, or line their pockets. We are looking for people of either party that will put Americans first, and won’t forget that they work for us…not the other way around!

So long Al! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

And Another One Bites The Dust

Yeah…John Conyers decided yesterday that maybe his lawyer wasn’t right. Maybe Nancy Pelosi DID carry more sway, and WOULD tell him when it was time to resign. That’s just what he did. He quit among “concerns over accusations regarding his sexual behavior, and his health situation”. At least that’s what was said.

So John Conyers joins a LONG list of Senators and Representatives that have left Washington in disgrace after sexual dalliances took their careers away from them, before they were ready to leave. Not that Conyers didn’t overstay his welcome. I mean, for God’s sakes…they guy was a representative for 58 years! He was the longest serving representative in US history!

And there are many, many more in both chambers of congress that should follow his lead.

In fact, there are many, many more in our society that should follow his lead. And I could care less what party they represent. I’ve said that before, and I’ll say it again. Lately, it’s been more Democrats than Republicans that have resigned due to sexual misbehavior, but the GOP has it’s fair share of shame to go around! If you want, you can go back to 1776 when Alexander Hamilton had an affair with Maria Reynolds.

Lately, it seems the Democrats have had the upper hand in this with Al Franken, Conyers, and Anthony Weiner all being accused and having confessed their guilt (except for Conyers, though he resigned over it). But overall, there have been 28 sex scandals involving congressmen since 2000 (just 17 years!). In that time, 8 have been Democrats, 20 have been Republicans, and here’s the absolutely frightening fact about it…only 11 of the 28 resulted in the Senator or Representative resigning from office.

You want to talk about the need to “drain the swamp”? BOTH parties need to participate in that. There is no place in our government for a man or a woman (though only men have admitted having affairs, it’s widely known there are several women in governmental positions that also fit that category), to serve. Period. It’s inexcusable on both sides of the aisle, and it’s not a political thing at all. In fact, I would totally be in favor of EVERYONE that has had illicit behavior to resign so we can drain the swamp and get some much needed morals back into our government. Washington DC has become a cesspool and needs to be cleaned up on both sides.

That said, I will commend John Conyers for doing the right thing. He needed to resign, and he followed through and did. Next, Al Franken needs to resign. While Conyers denied from the start that he ever was engaged in sexual deviancy, Franken’s guilt is well know and photographed. And, I might add, it’s farther reaching than Conyers’ was. If John Conyers is being forced to step down by Nancy Pelosi, then Al Franken needs to be persuaded to step down by Chuck Schumer. Democrats may not live up to the same moral code as the Republicans profess to (and the GOP doesn’t live up to their own code!), but they certainly tout the fact they are believers in women’s rights. They need to stop being hypocritical, stop being inconsistent and follow through with their values. If they don’t, they don’t deserve to be re-elected, anymore than Anthony Weiner or Bill Clinton deserves to be president!

Oh…and I understand Donald Trump has faced allegations as well…and IF they are found to be true (not just allegations), then he needs to resign as well. This isn’t a political issue, it’s a moral issue!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Can Mueller Move Forward?

The latest revelations that Peter Strzok, a low-level FBI hack that was fired from Robert Mueller’s investigation team because he sent anti-Trump tweets and was very pro-Hillary, has sent the “collusion” investigation into a tizzy.

Apparently this Strzok character has quite the history. He’s the guy that got Michael Flynn to plead guilty to lying to the FBI. He’s the guy that convinced then FBI Director, James Comey to change the wording when he addressed the Hillary Clinton email scandal from “grossly negligent” (which is a legal term and is actionable) to “extemely careless” (which is not a legal term and is not actionable).

Now Strzok is under investigation himself by the Department of Justice for the role he played in the whole email investigation mess. And, it is quite possible if not probable, that the investigation may be re-opened because of the bias that he showed.

The FBI is a mess because of this guy. They’ve lost a ton of credibility. Robert Mueller is basically trying to do damage control as his team is hanging by a thread and everything they’ve done (what IS that?) up to this point is hanging by a thread. And it’s all because of one Clintonista that wanted to help Queen Hillary.

And you want to know the dirty little secret? Like Lois Learner before him, he will be retired, slip quietly into the night and collect a pension that you and I will pay for as long as he is alive. He, like Learner, should be in jail.

And you don’t believe there is a swamp to be drained? You don’t think there is anything wrong with this type of behavior? Really?

Here is the take on this. One snowflake. One idiot liberal, had the audacity to undermine not one, but three investigations. Hillary’s, Flynn’s, and now Trump’s collusion investigation. And because of that, Hillary’s investigation should be re-opened…Flynn should be let go, and Trump never had anything to do with collusion, and so we should stop wasting money on this crap and get back to running the country.

Which is just exactly what the Democrats don’t want to have happen. Look, the country is doing so much better after just 11 months of Donald Trump than after eight years of Bobo Obama and his cast of clowns. The economy is up with the stock market hitting new all-time highs. Unemployment is lower than it was at any time during the Obama era. Consumer confidence is through the roof compared to any time in the past nine years. And it’s all because of what? The fact Obama is gone? Partly, because you don’t have liberal agendas that consistently and constantly fail being implemented. But Donald Trump is running the country like a business. THAT is the real reason it’s working.

No, this Peter Strzok needs to be locked away, with the other Clinton/Obama era cronies that have caused this country so much pain and so much loss of productivity. Lock them up and burn the prison.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Franken’s Apology Seems Disingenuous

Al Franken, the Minnesota Senator that has apparently been enjoying a hobby of groping women over the past several years apologized this past week for all of his misdeeds, his groping, his sexual harassment, and his ill-treatment of women.

It really seemed disingenuous. Not because he’s a Democrat that, like John Conyers, got caught…but because I just keep getting the feeling he’s going through the motions, hoping this gets him “off”.

Franken says he’s sorry for all of his misdeeds, but at the same time, says he doesn’t remember them. He says he’s a warm person that likes to hug, and takes “thousands of photographs of when he meets people”, but obviously doesn’t look at any of them where he’s grabbing a woman’s butt in the picture. How can you apologize and atone for something when you don’t remember doing it?

And there is the rub in the case with Al Franken. In all of the hulabaloo regarding Roy Moore, John Conyers, and Franken, something interesting has come out. Take a look at how each of these people reacted to the allegations. Moore, running for Jeff Sessions’ seat in the US Senate, has adamantly and consistently denied ever engaging in any deviant behavior with the women who are coming forward after 40 years. There really isn’t any proof, and it’s basically a “he said/she said” scenario. How could this ever be proven? There are no pictures, no video, no recordings, no witnesses.

Then you’ve got the case of John Conyers. He’s served on Capitol Hill for 52 years. He fired a staffer and gave her $27,000 as hush money (though he says it was severance) for not going public about his misdeeds. Now, another person in his Detroit office has come forward saying that three times Conyers sexually abused her. What has Conyers done in these cases? Nothing. He resigned as the “ranking Democrat” from the House Judiciary Committee. He’s still on the Committee. He’s still in Congress. He’s just not the “ranking Democrat” any longer. Cry me a river. He hasn’t even admitted that he did this. And because he’s an “icon” of the Democrat party, Nancy Pelosi (the new “enabler in chief”?) has decided that he should be forgiven.

Now, let’s look at Franken. He’s the only one that has apologized for his wrong doing. But has he really? He says he doesn’t remember these acts. It would seem to me that if you’re groping as many women as he has, you’d at least remember one or two of them. That doesn’t seem to be the case. I think he’s pretty much shot the wad (no pun intended) on that one. Franken is actually more guilty than Roy Moore or John Conyers, because at least he has admitted that he was guilty. Moore denies it, and Conyers is as quiet as a sleeping baby.

Frankly, all of these guys, if guilty, need to lose their seats. I don’t care what party you are from. I don’t care what state you’re from, and I don’t care what it does to the “balance of power” in the congress. If you lie, if you cheat, if you treat women (or men for that matter) like dog meat, you deserve to lose your seat. It’s time we got some morals back into our society, and I can’t think of a better place to start than Capitol Hill!

Carry on world….you’re dismissed!

Pelosi To The Rescue!

LATE UPDATE: Sunday, after this blog was written, John Conyers, (D-Mi) stepped down as the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee following allegations that he fired a former staffer for going public on his sexual abuse allegations. Conyers has NOT quit the House, and apparently has no intention to do so, but did step down from his role on the House Judiciary Committee (big deal, right?). An ethics investigation into him continues.

Nancy Pelosi has once again waded into waters that she shouldn’t be near…not because she’s going to drown, but because she shows her ignorance. Let’s delve deeper into one of what I call the “major faults of liberalism”, shall we?

As I said earlier, both sides of the conservative/liberal debate are guilty of this, but liberals have taken it to a whole new level. They love to obfuscate and lie, twist and mangle their words around so that they get their own people off, while doing as much damage to the opposition. Need an example?

Al Franken and John Conyers, both Dems and both uber-liberal have been alleged to have engaged in sexual deviant behavior. Roy Moore, a US Senate candidate in Alabama is also alleged to have been engaged in sexual deviant behavior. But the way Nancy Pelosi treats the two different groups…those already IN congress and those wanting to be, are miles apart.

Roy Moore has been accused by several women of untoward sexual advances that occurred like, 40 years ago. None of the women coming forward have any proof of these advances. They have just made the allegations. And all of the women that have come forward are Democrats. It kind of makes you wonder if there were some ulterior motives here, doesn’t it?

Let’s talk about Al Franken, shall we? Franken says he’s a “warm person”, and likes to hug. Yeah. I’m a warm person and like to hug too, but only my wife. Franken wasn’t “hugging” KABC reporter/personality, Leeann Tweeden. He was fondling her breasts. There IS a slight difference between “hugging” and “fondling”, Al. You’re guilty because we have photographic proof of it. Are you resigning your seat?

Next up, here comes ancient John Conyers, the Democrat congressman from Michigan. Hell, this guy was in congress when I was growing up in Michigan! That was over 50 years ago!!! Conyers recently gave a staffer a $27,000 settlement over a sexual harassment charge. She was fired when the harassment was brought to life. Of course, Conyers admits to paying her off, just not for sexual harassment…he says it was a severance package. Uh huh. And I’ve got the Ambassador Bridge to sell you (look it up).

So, why does Pelosi come to Conyers’ aid? Because she says he’s an “icon”. She says he voted for women’s rights in the past. OH! I get it now. If you vote for women’s rights, then you have earned the right to abuse them? Is that why nobody is clamoring about filing charges against Bill Clinton? Did he at one time vote for women’s rights?

Pelosi is nothing more than an old (and I stress the word old) political hack. She doesn’t care if Conyers is guilty. She cares about losing an “icon” in congress. She doesn’t care if he abused women. She only cares about numbers and her political party. She’ll do anything under the sun to throw someone like Roy Moore under the bus when there isn’t any proof (like she has done with Trump on this Russian collusion crap), but when it is someone from her own party that is guilty, she circles the wagons (like she’s doing with Hillary on this Russian collusion crap). Nancy, you need to go back to San Francisco, and fade into the bay….quickly. You’re a waste of carbon.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Where Is Mueller Headed?

I guess the more important question is, does Robert Mueller KNOW where he’s headed? The latest that I’ve heard from people in the know, as well as the liberal based LA Times is that no…he doesn’t have a clue. It seems this once vaunted lawman, who was feared by criminals, and praised by both the right and the left alike as someone invincible and fair (sound like anybody you know….how ’bout you Jim Comey?), who has now become rather stumbling and bumbling in his tactics.

The latest word on the street is that Robert Mueller had made his mind up where he was going before he even started investigating. That’s from several “unnamed sources” (and we KNOW from CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS how reliable they can be, right?) that have said that Mueller is shooting first and aiming later. Word is, he is trying to find someone, somewhere, ANYWHERE, that can be found guilty of some sort of wrong doing and given immunity in exchange for damning testimony against anyone in the Trump campaign.

Word also is, he’s having a hard time finding it. And even if he does (which isn’t very likely at this point), he’s going to have a very hard time convincing a Grand Jury that he has enough evidence to convict someone that was above the rank of “volunteer” on the Trump bandwagon. He tried to get Paul Manafort, but that even looks like it’s going to be a Hail Mary.

So, where does Mueller go from here? He’s got to find something on someone after spending millions of taxpayer dollars. The last time someone like this was in charge of an investigation, it was Ken Starr, and he ended up finding a stained blue dress. That was a far cry from what he started out looking for in Whitewater, and cattle futures. But it did afford him the opportunity to provide enough information to the House of Representatives to impeach Clinton on perjury charges. Even though Clinton avoided removal from office (as he should have), he was disbarred, because who really wants a liar for an attorney?

Mueller is going to face the exact same problem that Starr did, except so far, we haven’t seen any real evidence of a stain, a dress, or anyone named Monica, Juanita, Kathleen, or the hundreds of other women Clinton allegedly screwed. If there is something out there, let’s see it. If not, wrap the puppy up and let’s get on with life. But I know the left doesn’t want to see that. Of course, the Republicans would like to put this all behind them as far as Russian Collusion with Trump is concerned and start focusing on Russian Collusion with Hillary, because at least they have real evidence of that happening.

In the end, it’s a circus. In the end, Mueller is just the guy in the top hat, and he’ll wave goodbye to the crowd as they leave the big tent. It’s called politics. And in the end, very few are brought to answer for their misgivings. And that my friends is sad, regardless which side of the fence you sit on!

Carry on world… you’re dismissed!