Will It Actually HAPPEN?

Today is the day that the United States Senate is SUPPOSED to take an up or down vote on repealing Obamacare. Notice I didn’t say, “repealing and replacing”. That’s because that part of the whole shebang is dead for now. Mitch McConnell has decided to try a straight repeal as a last ditch effort, put it off for two years while the Republicans write a new “replacement” bill, and then hopefully gain eight seats in the 2018 midterm elections. At least that’s the plan.

While I am fully in favor of the repealing part, I’m totally against the replacing part. There is no need to replace. It’s socialism. You don’t need socialized medicine in this country. Before Bobo The Clown decided to push this through eight years ago, and did so with no GOP support and a lot of deal making, there were folks that were uninsured and probably wanted insurance but couldn’t get it. Either they couldn’t afford it, or they had pre-existing conditions that hurt their chances of getting help. I get that. But the Democrats’ way of helping these three million people was to make three hundred and twenty five million people suffer. Where in the hell is the logic in that?

So, we have lived through seven years of this stuff…and everything that I have said would happen is indeed happening. I said way back when that Obamacare couldn’t survive on its own because it was too expensive and would eventually collapse under its own weight. That’s what is happening this year. Insurance companies are bailing faster than a leaky rowboat, and I don’t know about where you live, but here in the desert, there is ONE insurer to choose from. ONE plan to choose from. As I understand it (though I’m not 100% sure), back in my home state of Ohio, there are several counties where you don’t even have that…they are left with NO choice. No insurance company will take the individual marketplace risks.

What we need to do is go back to what we had before this humungous abortion became law. Then, if you want to reform healthcare, fine…do it responsibly, not the way the Dems did it or the way the Republicans are trying to do it. What you do is a) take away the state’s borders law that doesn’t allow sales across state lines. That makes the marketplace more competitive and will lower prices for all. Then you give the insured (that’s you and me) the ability to sue insurers if they fail to live up to their contracts (that is deny you coverage or drag their feet because they don’t want to pay a claim). Finally, if you want to keep the pre-existing condition clause, and the 25 year old in the basement clause, fine. Keep it. But do away with the fact that today, my wife needs to have insurance that covers any pregnancy even though she’s 60. In fact, I have to have that coverage as well (as a man!). How stupid can you get?

It’s time Washington stopped playing games. Will they do it? Last time I looked, there were 48 votes for repealing Obamacare. And two of the biggest opposition votes were coming from Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Susan Collins of Maine. Both of these women voted to repeal Obamacare in 2015 when it had no chance of passing. So why are they voting against it now? You’d have to ask them! All I can say is, I hope the GOP decides to primary the hell out of both of them when they run again! Pray the GOP has the strength to finally do something right, instead of screwing up everything they touch!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Can Dems Do ANYTHING In 2018?

To listen to the snowflake media rail against the GOP for failing to do anything so far in Congress (and rightfully so, by the way!), you would have to conclude that coming up next fall, the Democrats are poised to take over both the House and the Senate. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see that happen, especially after seven years of “repeal Obamacare!” followed by absolutely nothing when they finally get the chance to follow through with their 61 House votes to do so, and their countless campaign promises.

But there is a darker picture for the Democrats. It’s a problem the GOP doesn’t have right now. I’m not saying the Republicans don’t have problems, they have scores of them. But the Democrats have the big one…they are broke.

Since Tom Perez was installed as DNC chair after Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ departure last year after a terrible convention that proved to be nothing more than a fix for Hillary Clinton to get the nomination, the DNC has amassed over $3,000,000 of debt and they don’t seem to have the means to pay it back. Oh, they can if they send out enough emails and “We Need You NOW!” letters to their base, I’m sure they can raise it. But the problem is, once again, leadership. Tom Perez, while a fire brand, and someone that is proving he’s not afraid to mix it up with the Republicans, he’s no leader. He has proven that while he can swear and argue with the best of them, he can’t raise money, he can’t win special elections, he’s throwing tons of cash at the wrong things, and he’s doing it in a year that he should be saving his cash because he could actually take back Congress next year.

And therein lies the Democrats conundrum. They are in a position politically to take advantage of Republican snafus and mistakes, and yet, they don’t have the money to do it. So when the guy down the street that is running for a House seat against a Republican that’s been there forever but voted against the healthcare bill in the House or the Senate candidate that is going up against a Republican incumbent that voted against the “Better Health Care” bill (or would had they actually voted on it), tries to raise the capital to run for office, he’s going to be stonewalled. The DNC isn’t going to have the bucks to back them.

It’s Perez’ fault because he decided in the five special elections, all but one held in Republican states won big by Donald Trump, he threw away a hundred million dollars trying to win the seats and turn the tide of last November’s Republican sweep. It didn’t work. And now, he’s out big bucks with a less than a year and a half to go before his biggest election as chair. What an idiot! No long range planning for this guy, obviously.

May, 2017 was the worst month of fundraising for the Democrats since the Iraq War back in 2003. They ended up that month $1.9 million in debt. The Republicans meanwhile, had a banner month, raising $13.4 million. That doesn’t sound like a party that’s on the brink of collapse to me. Everybody knows the oil of the political engine is money. And when you take money from George Soros, JB Pritzker, Tom Steyer, and James Simons, all of whom poured millions into the DNC last year, out of the picture, you’re really in a world of hurt. In fact, Soros, who donated millions himself to the DNC and to Hillary Clinton has only given $33,000 so far this year.

Can the Dems recover? Sure. But I doubt they will until they actually find leaders. And I’m talking NEW leaders that have the leadership and vision skill set that obviously Perez doesn’t have.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Ready For….Maxine???

Maxine Waters

I was as surprised as you were. Maxine Waters is running for president? Really? Let’s examine this in detail, shall we?

First of all, Maxine Waters is one of the dumbest members of congress that exists. Yes, she’s the ranking Democrat member of the House Financial Services Committee. That sounds impressive until you understand that you don’t have to know squat to be on that committee. You are assigned by your party’s leadership. And you don’t have to know squat to be the ranking member…just be there longer than any other person from your party.

Second, she’s 78 years old. And today, she’s going to be visiting New Hampshire and attending a picnic so she can hobnob with Democrats from the state. Third, she’s about as anti-Trump as you can get. If you thought the last presidential election stooped to new lows, wait until she becomes the Dems’ nominee! And that will, I assure you, hand Donald J. Trump a re-election in a landslide. This woman is only electable in her district in California, maybe in New York City and Massachusetts. Other than that, she’s pretty much toxic everywhere else in the country.

So, why is Maxine Waters thinking of running for president? I personally think it’s because she saw Trump win, and decided that because she hates him so much, she feels if he could get elected, I could get elected. So, in that addled state of mind, she has decided to throw herself into the fray. Frankly, I’m not sure she has the energy for it. She would become the oldest person ever elected president if she were to make it through the gauntlet, and as we have seen with Hillary this past year, a campaign has a way of really taxing a candidate to the point of passing out. It might just kill Maxine.

This is one reason why the Democrats are in the state they’re in. They have people that should be retiring thinking about running for president. They need new leadership. They need new blood. They need to find a way to get back the blue collar white voters that they lost to Donald Trump last November. Maxine Waters isn’t going to be able to do that. She may be passionate about her beliefs, and I give her credit for that, but when it comes to reality, she’s got as much chance of winning the White House as I do.

And so, it has begun. Roughly seven months into Trump’s reign as president, the Dems are already lining up to try and unseat him. And of course, everyone knew that would happen, right? I mean, no one is surprised. The only surprise should be that it wasn’t Elizabeth Warren, or Cory Booker or even that upstart Senator from Cali, Kamala Harris. One would have thought any of them would be considering a jaunt down Pennsylvania Avenue first.
The more things change…the more things stay the same.

Of course, yesterday, Mad Maxine decided to let the world know that after 48 hours of deriding her decision to visit New Hampshire, she was “just joking” about a presidential run. Yeah, right. Either that or she realized she’d be laughed out of existence. Nice try, Maxy Baby!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

One Place NOT To Go On Vacation…

Today, we’re going to do something a little different. I’m going to describe one “vacation spot”, and why you shouldn’t stop there. It’s a tourist trap of epic proportions.

I saw a thing on YouTube before my vacation that actually listed the “Four Corners Monument” as one of the worst tourist sites in the country. Why? Well, let’s examine it. My granddaughter and wife wanted to go to it. That’s the place in northeastern Arizona where four states come together. Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah all merge. And they’ve built this little area signifying where they all come together. It’s not run by the federal government, like you’d think. It’s run by the Navajo Nation because it’s on their reservation. And be prepared to pay if you go.

First of all, something on their reservation, a WAYS on their reservation takes a LONG while just to get to. You’re three hours northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona, and about two and a half hours northwest of Gallup, New Mexico. It’s all two lane roads. There is no cell phone coverage. The speed limit drops to 45 miles per hour every time you go through a “town” which is more like a few trailers huddled together. And you are in for a long, boring drive…though I will say, the scenery is pretty nice.

OK, when you get there, there isn’t much parking. There is a $5 per person charge to get in, which isn’t bad until you consider that it covers basically taking a few snapshots on your phone after you wait in line for 45 minutes. And it can get hot. Bring an umbrella and plenty of water. There are souvenir booths ringing the actual “four corners”. They’ve done a nice job with elevated picture taking platforms, and there is some seating, but it’s out in the sun. There’s no shade there. Once you get to the “spot” you stand, smile, and get your picture taken by some member in your party. The Navajo’s could have made an extra few bucks if THEY took the pictures, but that went over their head apparently. Meanwhile, you are treated to Native American music being played off to one side. There is a guy there that gets on the microphone to welcome you and thank you for “supporting what we Navajo’s believe in”, which I’m still wondering what that meant.

In the end, you spend about six hours getting to and from this place, waiting in line for 45 minutes for a couple of pictures. Now, my granddaughter and wife almost passed out from the heat, but they loved the two pictures I took of them standing in the spot where four states come together. Was it worth it? Well, of course, to make my wife and granddaughter happy, I’d walk on hot coals barefoot, but frankly, I thought the experience was almost as painful. Do yourself a favor. Go online, download a picture of the monument and Photoshop yourself into it.

You’ll thank me later….trust me!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

CNN Continues “Fake News” Publishing

You can sometimes tell a lot about a company by the reporters it keeps. Take CNN. Long been bandied as a liberal bastion, CNN has come under fire since Donald Trump ran for president for its “fake news”, or making up news stories that aren’t true, hoping that the public will accept them as fact. I like to call it the Bill Clinton Effect; lie enough and people will start to believe you.

Well, that didn’t happen with CNN. They’ve been relegated to the bottom of the cable news heap as far as integrity goes, and it doesn’t seem to matter to them that people are catching on that you can’t believe anything they say. The latest foray into this mess came Wednesday afternoon when CNN reporter Chris Cillizza reported that at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin sat down for a second, “secret” meeting. He went on to say on the CNN website that the meeting wasn’t publicized, and nobody has said anything about what was discussed. There was a very good reason for that.

Cillizza made the whole thing up.

The White House came out with statements immediately saying this was yet another example of fake news by CNN in order to discredit the Trump White House. In fact, it got so bad for Cillizza, that two of his own network’s anchors had to correct him on the air. There wasn’t any secret meeting. There wasn’t any second meeting. Nothing was discussed at it because it only took place in Chris Cillizza’s mind. And therein lies the problem. CNN makes up news.

And they should be shut down because of it.

Advertisers that continue to support this are part of the problem. The reporters that have the journalistic integrity of a used car salesman trying to deal lemons are certainly part of the problem. And the viewing public (mostly liberal) that continue to tune in to listen to the made-up tripe that spews forth on that network are also part of the problem. Let’s face it; if advertisers refuse to support this type of journalism, if journalists that are unethical and immoral are banned from the network, and if the viewing public tunes to some other news channel to get their news, one of two things has to happen. Either CNN changes its ways, fires those offending journalists and gets back to reporting the news and not trying to make the news up; or they go out of business.

The problem isn’t with the reporters. The problem is at the top. When leadership in any company allows unethical and immoral acts to permeate their company, they are the real problem. And they need to be fired as well. That will help solve the problem.

What I find funny is that for decades Fox News has been derided by the left as a right-wing mouthpiece. Now, I’ll admit, they are much more conservative in their views (even today with Roger Ailes dead and buried) than the other media, but no one has ever accused them of airing fake news.

It’s only too bad the same can never be said about CNN!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Take Two Weeks Off And The Place Goes To Hell!

Geesh! A guy can’t even take a couple of weeks’ vacation without the country falling apart! As I leave, I’m hearing reports of Donald Trump Junior colluding with the Russians, but not really because it had nothing to do with the campaign, even though he thought at the time that it did, and on the way back I’m hearing the Republicans in congress are ready to finally pass “Better Health Care”, and then they’re not, and then it’s alive, and then it’s dead. What the hell people!?

OK, let’s first tackle the Donny Trump issue. First of all, every lawyer in the country that I’ve heard speak on this subject says that there wasn’t any crime committed. It wasn’t “collusion”, it wasn’t illegal, and it certainly wasn’t “treason” as Tim Kaine wants to point out…more on that in a minute. My question is, why in hell was Donald Trump Jr. even thinking about meeting with a Russian in the first place? I know it was to get dirt on Hillary (or at least that was the premise), but let’s get real here. You don’t pull crap like that and get away unscathed! Not when you’re the son of the candidate!

On to Tim Kaine. What kind of idiot is this guy? He says to a national press grouping that Donald Trump Jr. may have committed treason??? Is he even sane enough to be in congress? Thank God that Hillary didn’t win, because we’d have this snowflake to deal with as the number two guy in charge. I can’t even begin to think that he’s cogent enough to be elected as a US Senator from Virginia! That isn’t helping my view of Virginians by the way!

OK, on to “Better Health Care”. This is a cluster from the word go. First the GOP screams for seven years that they want to repeal Obamacare. Then they start adding the word “replace” to the mix because they realize that in order to repeal it, they need to have both houses, with 60 seats in the Senate, and the presidency. Then when it comes time to actually do something about it, people like Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski and Maine’s Susan Collins decide that even though they voted for repealing Obamacare in 2015, somehow THIS time around they can’t do it. Are you kidding me? Both of them should be facing some rather extreme primary fights when they are up for re-election. And where was the deal making? I thought our president was “The Art of the Deal”? What deals did he try and make? The answer is none. He sat back and said he’d be very disappointed if he didn’t get healthcare fixed. Well, tough bananas. Now you’ve got Bupkis.

I’m beginning to wonder whether the GOP didn’t want to repeal healthcare all along. I’m starting to think that it was some big lie to get majorities in the House and Senate, and to get the White House back. They’re really willing to eat this monstrous abortion of a healthcare plan we’ve been saddled with. And that is too bad…because the GOP is our only option to keep our country from going over the financial cliff. You know what comes next, right? I mean, the next step is for Obamacare to fail, and then for the Democrats to scream that we can’t let that many people die…the government needs to step in and go to a single payer healthcare system. Then we are in the same boat as our poor veterans trying to get medical attention and waiting two years to have a hangnail removed! God save us all!

I think I need to go back on vacation!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

A Little Hiatus…

When I started this blog some two and a half years ago, I did it to rant and rave about Obamacare and how it was a crappy bill. Everything I said about it back then has come to pass, showing that yeah…I did my homework and have an eye toward the future. It’s amazing how clear you can see things through desert air!

Well, it blossomed into something a little bigger than I thought. Over the past 30 months or so, I’ve worked at getting at least one blog thought out to you ever day. I’ve missed a day here and there, but I for the most part have had something that you could muse over and complain over (for my liberal friends out there). I’m finally going to take some time away from the computer. Oh, going places? Nah…just a little hiatus for a couple of weeks. Those of you that have signed up to receive this via email or Facebook will get it when I start back again, and the rest of you that actually still come to the site everyday to check it out, please continue to do so. I’m sure there are many useful articles in the 2,200 blogs I’ve written that aren’t time sensitive and you can enjoy those.

So, until we meet again, be safe, hug someone, love someone, and enjoy the summer hiatus. I mean hell…even the worst TV shows in the world get the summer off…surely I deserve a couple of weeks! And I probably will be writing if something big happens, like Ruth Bader Ginsburg kicks the can, or if Nancy Pelosi quits (we all can hope), or Hillary gets indicted (or Bernie?).

And as always,

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!