Now THAT Was A Speech!

Over the last 30 years or so, we haven’t really had a great speech at the United Nations. Oh, those presidents have tried. But they all failed. Whether it was “Cowboy George W. “ or the eight attempts to say “We’re Sorry” that Obama used, they failed. It didn’t matter which party tried it. It didn’t matter which president tried it. It’s the toughest speech to make stand out that you’re going to give. It’s tougher than the State of the Union, because half of the room is for you in that speech!

No, as I sat last year contemplating the two worst presidential candidates in history, and which one I should vote for (or SHOULD I vote?), I was thinking about foreign policy. On one hand, there was a former Secretary of State who displayed a total ineptitude and incompetence in her job. She screwed up everything she touched and was responsible for the deaths of many of her fellow countrymen, and countless others. Then you had a guy that seemed to flip-flop on the issues. He was against the Iraq War, then he was for the Iraq War…he sounded worse than John Kerry running for president. I was thinking the days of the US being a world leader were over.

Then came “The Speech”.

Donald Trump not only hit it out of the ballpark yesterday, he crushed it. Nikki Haley’s pre-speech comments that he’d “hug the right people and slap the right people” was dead nuts on. He slapped North Korea, threatening to destroy them if they messed with us. He threatened to back out of the Iran deal, which we never should have agreed to. And he even took a swipe at Venezuela who is too busy starving their own people through incompetence to notice. Oh, they had some lackey notice. He compared the speech to Ronald Reagan. Yup. I would agree…though I don’t think he was trying to make a compliment.

Trump even said that the United Nations should refocus so it can live up to it’s potential, which it hasn’t done yet. Again, I would agree. It started out as a peace-keeping body of nations. It’s ended up as some neo-Communist/Socialist body that wants to punish nations that are doing well for themselves. And Trump mentioned that yes, unabashedly, he was keeping “America First”, as every one of the leaders should do…keep their OWN country first. No problem there. And thank GOD he didn’t want to “spread Democracy to every corner of the world.” No nation building with this guy…for a change!

No, Donald Trump gave the best speech I’ve ever heard him give. And yes, it pissed off people like Hillary Clinton (who couldn’t have managed a speech like that because she doesn’t possess the talent), Diane Feinstein (who was afraid we’d upset the North Koreans), and Dick Durbin (does anybody outside of the bankrupt state of Illinois even know this guy exists?). That was a bonus.

Congratulations to Donald Trump. Great speech. Now…learn the lesson your predecessor failed to learn. Talk is cheap. You have to back it up with actions. THEN you’ll be on the road to being a Reaganesque statesman!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Will “The Wall” Work?

Oh, it’s another one of those “divide America” questions. The right thinks that we should put up a wall to stop illegal aliens from pouring into our country. The left thinks we are being mean-spirited if we do that…after all, isn’t that what they did in East Germany? Actually it’s not. They built the Berlin wall to keep people IN, not out. But still, the snowflakes out there feel the more the merrier when it comes to illegal immigration. Of course, we’ve seen the results of that with terrorist attacks throughout the European Union because of their immigration policies.

The remaining question that no one seems to know the answer to is, will the wall actually work? For the answer, we need to turn to the Hungarians. Hungary decided during the recent spate of immigration from the Middle East that they needed some border protection. They built a wall to stop the illegal immigrants from bounding through their country unchecked. You may remember that yes, it started quite like the Berlin wall…with barbed wire and armed guards as the stream of immigrants from Syria and other points in the Middle East were diverted to go around Hungary. And the resulting answer is yes, Virginia…the wall has worked.

Hungary’s illegal immigration dropped by 99%.

The same thing needs to be done here. Yes, just Trump saying that we need a wall and we will deport has slowed illegal immigration in this country. But that’s just a temporary fix. There will be another snowflake president, like that idiot Barack Obama, who doesn’t believe in Constitutional Law, and doesn’t believe in the legal process of immigration, but instead wants to throw the doors of the country open to anyone who wants to vote illegally (like they are now starting to do in Maryland!). But if you build a wall, if you enforce immigration policy, if you make the refusal to enforce immigration laws an impeachable offense, you will see long-lasting results.

And Hungary has proven it once and for all.

There is only one reason why the snowflakes in Washington, California, Illinois, and New York want to include illegals in this country. They are counting on their votes. They can see the handwriting on the wall, especially when it comes to national elections. Those three states and the District of Columbia are so blue, they’ll never have to worry about local elections, as the leftists all gather there. But they know that if what happened to Donald Trump holds true, those will pretty much be the only states that remain blue, and they can’t increase those states’ populations enough to insure that they get the electoral votes to change what happened last November. Pure and simple, for the Dems, it’s a political move to get illegal aliens in the country, and then get illegal citizens (which is an oxymoron, I know) to vote legally in elections. It’s the only way the leftist snowflakes can survive. And it’s not going to happen. Build the wall. Build it high, and build it to Hungary’s specs. And let them know if you cross illegally, you will be shot on sight.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Mueller’s Investigation Should Put Russia Controversy To Bed

Special Council Robert Mueller has hired yet another heavily Democrat contributor for his team investigating whether or not Donald Trump colluded with the Russians over this past presidential election, as Hillary Clinton (and many other snowflakes) claim. There is a lot of bitching and moaning from the right, and from within “anonymous sources” in the White House. But there shouldn’t be. This is actually a very good thing, as Obama/Clinton contributor and former Justice Department lawyer (under Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch) Kyle Freeny joins the team.

Remember that IF Mueller, who is supposed to be thorough, and an “honest man” (like everyone thought James Comey was!) does come through this thing with no dirt on Trump himself, then you have to believe there was no collusion of any sort. If a heavily “Hillary favored” team can’t find evidence of any wrong-doing by Trump himself, then you have to finally admit that the whole Russia thing is a pile of feces. And there is the “whoops factor” for the snowflakes!

Now, I’m not naïve enough to believe for a minute that Mueller is going to keep everything on Trump, and I’m not naïve enough to believe that he’s not going to pull a Ken Starr, and try and find SOMETHING on Trump. Remember…Ken Starr started out looking at Whitewater. He ended up looking at a stained blue dress. What the two of them have to do with each other? That’s a question for the ages, but it got Clinton impeached for perjury. He was also disbarred for life. The mere fact that Mueller and his team can take the investigation in any direction they want and look at anything they want is also going to be a key, but my original comment stands. If the most partisan “independent special council” in history can’t find anything against the president, then you have to conclude and admit that you’ve been wrong in claiming there was something wrong.

And I think that’s likely to happen, at least as far as Russia is concerned. Trump himself will skate on that one. There are others in his campaign that may not be so fortunate…like Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner, but I think that Trump probably played it pretty clean. Now, if Mueller wants to go back and start looking at Trump’s business dealings and whether they were all clean as a whistle, I’d say they probably weren’t. I don’t think any real estate developer in Manhattan could be squeaky clean when it comes to payoffs or bribes, or favors of one sort or another. But that has nothing to do with the presidential campaign. Oh, it speaks of character…but it has nothing to do with what happened during the campaign or with Russia as the snowflakes imagined.

The overall thing to take from this is that as long as the Republicans control the House of Representatives, nothing is going to happen to Donald Trump. As long as the Republicans control the Senate, even though the Dems take over the House, nothing is going to get him thrown out of office short of actually have been found guilty of colluding with the Russians. And this thing has been intensely investigated for over a year and a half already. If there was dirt on Trump, it would have shown itself by now. After all, how long did it take to find the dirt on Hillary with her home-brew server? Yeah… that’s what I thought!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The End of “Resist” Movement

Yeah, I know…snowflakes everywhere are cringing. It’s 9 months into the Trump presidency, and apparently the “Resist” movement that they started is falling apart like everything else the left tries to build. What’s the reason for the collapse?

Donald Trump himself.

See, Trump went to the snowflakes in Congress and reached a deal on the debt ceiling. That meant that the snowflakes weren’t going to resist him, but actually WORK with him! Can you imagine? What do you think all of these people that sign all of their emails “RESIST” are thinking now that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and company are siding with the guy they are supposed to be “resisting”? Isn’t that the actual definition of hypocrisy?

The thing the leftist snowflakes don’t seem to want to understand (because we know they are all the smartest people in the world, right?) is that Trump has out-played them. They wanted to resist him in every way possible, because they couldn’t believe he would actually beat them in the election. Well, he did, fair and square. So, resist him at every turn became their motto. Except they also realized they’d never get anything done. So, they figured they’d try and work with him. The result was, he was open to working with them! You never got that with Bobo Obama! He was too self-absorbed to be able to work with anyone and compromise.

Here’s the thing that is interesting. In signalling that he was willing to work with the right AND the left, Trump has actually made Washington work again. Dems are slowly learning that they can get their ideas presented and that the good ones will actually be accepted. Republicans are learning that they’d better have good ideas, or at least show they want to work with the president on his agenda, because if they don’t he’ll leave them flat. And that folks, is the magic that Donald Trump brings to the White House.

You want to wonder how he could become a billionaire on just a million dollar loan from daddy? That’s it. He works with people and the only thing he cares about is are they able to get the job done. He actually is succeeding with his political agenda by putting politics aside. That’s a very interesting concept, but as historians study this guy up the road, years from now, they are going to find that you don’t have to be an idiot like Obama was to try and get programs through. You don’t have to sign executive orders. You just have to be able to work with Congress. It’s taken Trump 9 months to figure that one out, but now that he has, I’m pretty sure he’s going to be working to get the rest of his agenda fixed.

And if the GOP doesn’t want to climb on board his train, that’s fine…they can catch the next one at the station. In fact, as I watch stuff around the country, I’m becoming more and more convinced that Trump is gaining popularity (it’s at 46% now) simply by ignoring political parties and going with what he told the American people during the campaign, and working with anyone that will work with him.

So much for resistance!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

No DACA Deal!

Donald Trump was a lot clearer the other day than he was when the Dem and GOP leadership joined him, and he sided with the snowflakes on a budget deal. They came away saying that there was a deal to raise the debt ceiling AND they had a deal on DACA…basically that there was going to be some sort of amnesty for tax cuts. Donald Trump has come out and said that was not the case and there was no deal regarding DACA.

That made Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi look like liars. Of course, in a lot of instances, they have lied.

Basically, while Trump has a soft spot for the productive members of society that were “dreamers” when they came to this country, he hasn’t said he would grant them amnesty, and he hasn’t said that he wouldn’t. He has basically said that Congress has six months to fix the immigration problem, and the DACA problem, and if they don’t, he’ll revisit it. There is no deal, there is no quid quo pro. There is bupkus.

I deal with this a lot of the time too. In fact, I dealt with it earlier this week. A group wanted something badly, told a lot of people they were going to get it, though nobody in any decision-making capacity told them they were going to get it, and when it was announced that they didn’t get it, they got mad. Who should they have been mad at? How about themselves for telling the world they’d get it in the first place!? That’s the position the Democrats find themselves in. They heard what they wanted to hear, but it wasn’t what was said. They THOUGHT they were going to have a deal on amnesty for DACA, and they heard wrong. Now they, like the group I was dealing with, have egg on their face. It’s not my fault this group has egg on their face any more than its Trump’s that the Dems do.

And we get back to personal responsibility. When you mis-read someone…when you make up something that isn’t there, you are eventually going to have to atone for that mistake. Whether it’s a blatant lie, or a misunderstanding, it doesn’t matter. Whether it’s malicious in nature or innocent. When you make a mistake and tell the world something that isn’t true, you have to at some point admit you were wrong. Politicians are very bad at admitting they are wrong. But in this case, they need to. It doesn’t move forward until they do.

People in Congress are no different than people elsewhere in the country. They need to spend more time listening with their ears, and less time spreading rumors about what they’d like to have happen, but don’t have any power to make it so. I doubt this particular group has learned their lesson out here, and somehow I doubt Congress has learned their lesson. That in and of itself is a shame.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Pitch Before The Plan

You know the game in Washington as well as anybody. The president decides he wants to do a bill on a topic. He drafts what he thinks should be in the bill, or waits until Congress actually writes the bill, then he takes to the “campaign trail” to sell it to the American public. Of course, he is saying that he wants the public to call their Representatives and Senators and tell them to vote for the bill.

Donald Trump isn’t doing that.

Trump is hitting the campaign trail to talk about tax reform. I personally think it’s in response to the failure to get Congress to pass a repeal of Obamacare. He’s personally getting involved in the tax bill process, and he’s doing it actually early.

The tax bill hasn’t been written yet.

In fact, nobody knows what the tax rates are going to be in the bill. Nobody knows any of the provisions. Nobody knows IF you are going to get tax cuts or increases as an individual, and nobody knows if this is going to be a true overhaul, or just a little tax cut. But the president will be out there selling it!

He’s targeting 13 states that will be having a Democrat Senator up for re-election next November in states that he won in the presidential election. That means he’s going to states like Florida, and Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and Michigan. He’s going back to those states to tell the people that he’s living up to his campaign promises, and oh, by the way…if you want to pay lower taxes and have smaller government, you need to call your Senator and tell them to get on board with this plan! Of course, the plan hasn’t even been written yet!

I really don’t know many people that WANT to pay higher taxes for themselves. Oh, everybody thinks the “rich” should be paying more…but that’s before they actually stop and think about it and realize that the “rich” are the ones that employ people in this country, and if you start taxing them, they’ll still figure out ways around it, they just won’t make as much “taxable income”. Personally, I think everybody should pay the same percentage…it’s the same hurt for everyone. Regressive tax systems do nothing to stimulate you to move to a higher economic class.

So, we wait while Trump and Company hit the trail and tell us what they hope will be in a tax bill that hasn’t been written yet. It kind of seems like putting the cart before the horse. And I guess my only thought here is I wonder if Trump will actually get out and campaign for this bill once it’s written and he knows what’s in it? Only time will tell!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The End Of Partisan Politics?

Donald Trump may just have done what no other president since George Washington has done. He may have ended partisan politics in Washington with his deal with the Democrats to raise the debt ceiling. Now, it’s way too early to decide if that actually happened, but by turning on his back on the party that elected him, and doing a deal with the devil, so to speak, he may be signaling an end to two party politics in this country.

Is that all bad? Nope. In fact, it’s actually great. Because in the future, if this becomes a reality, you’re going to have PEOPLE running for office, and not parties. Think of it this way. You’ve got Bill Smith running against Harry Jones for your Senator’s seat next November. You actually have to listen to what Smith and Jones have to say before pulling the lever. Today, it’s the lazy way out. Too often I’ve caught myself not really knowing where the candidates stand on the issues, but one has an (R) after their name and the other has a (D). I usually pull the (R) unless I know that person (like John McCain) is a dud.

Once you get rid of party labels, you’re going to have a real representation in DC. It’s not going to be what Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer think about things. You’re going to have people crossing the aisles all the time to do business with people who are like minded on that issue. Isn’t that really what the founding fathers wanted? I mean, we all know that they didn’t want political parties, and see where it’s gotten us? Isn’t it time we actually listened to what the candidate believed rather than which party they belong to?

Now, there are some down sides, as there are in every idea. You’re going to have more than two people running for pretty much every office. There won’t be the “protection” you get from running in a primary or not now. Currently, if you’re a popular incumbent, you can pretty much guarantee that you won’t have to spend time or money in the primaries. You will have to do that because there won’t be a Democrat and Republican primary any longer. There will be 25 names running for office. That means you have to choose based on their ideas who you like. Yeah, it means more work for you and me. It also will probably mean that IF you do your due diligence, you will get better representation. Have you ever voted for someone and been disappointed when they didn’t do what you thought they would? Get rid of the party system, and you’ll understand where they are on the issues!

Now, I realize that we may end up going back to the party system, and it may be more like Canada or Europe where you’ve got a zillion parties out there. But it’ll be a lot better than the gridlock and stupid calls we have coming out of Congress now! And I bet they have a much better approval rating than 10%!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!