It’s A Good Thing Intelligence Doesn’t Count!

If you needed logic and intelligence to become a talk show host (speaking from 35 years of experience), there would be a lot of crickets chirping on the airwaves, both on TV and radio. The latest that would never have happened, because there is no intelligence anywhere to be found is on HBO’s program with Bill Maher.

Let’s examine something this snowflake idiot said this past Friday night, shall we? He had on Donna Brazile, who lit up a bunch of controversies in her new book “Hacks”. And of course Bill Maher, the uber-left wing socialist who couldn’t conduct a decent interview if Donna Brazile gave him all of the questions before hand (hmmm…has she ever done that before?) said…and I quote…”It doesn’t matter that the 2016 Democrat Presidential Primary was rigged…because it’s over.” Huh?

Can we parse this for a minute. So, using Maher’s logic, I guess the whole Holocaust thing doesn’t matter because it’s over. And the whole Obamacare thing doesn’t matter anymore, because it’s over. And speaking of Obama…his presidency is over, so I guess none of what he did matters anymore because it’s over. In fact, why in God’s name do we even have history to learn? It’s over. It doesn’t matter.

Is Bill Maher really that stupid?

I’m really hoping that Maher is just trying to be someone that is brushing off the significance of election fraud because he’s trying to bring his shattered political party together again. Because if he really doesn’t think that election fraud is a “big deal” because it happened and it’s over…he is demonstrating first hand why he needs to be taken off the air. People that are that ignorant, that devoid of intelligence should not be given a microphone in any way, shape, or form.

Having been in the media for my adult life, and a long-time veteran of talk shows, I can attest that if you are going to go on the air and make inane statements like Bill Maher did, you are going to lose audience, and you are going to label yourself as a fraud. You aren’t anyone that people with half a brain is going to want to spend time with…and judging by the premium cable ratings, most of America is leaving him. Maher reaches about 1.4 million viewers between 18-49, his core demographic. That’s incredibly low for a nationwide program. To give you a comparison…the Weather Channel comes close to doubling it for the same time period.

Look, Bill Maher is an idiot. There are a lot of idiots out there that make a living spewing garbage over the airwaves all across the political spectrum. The good news is, he doesn’t infect the minds of very many people, and it looks like the number is shrinking.

But then again, when Bill Maher’s program “Real Time” is finally cancelled, it won’t matter. It’s over already.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


A Second Special Counsel?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is debating whether or not to appoint a second Special Counsel to look into the various scandals surrounding the Clinton Cartel. He has directed his staff to do the due diligence to see whether or not the move would be warranted. The move actually came last summer from House Judiciary Committee Chair Bob Goodlatte (R-Va), who thought that there was enough evidence of misdeeds surrounding a number of Clinton scandals that warranted the Special Prosecutor to be appointed.

Apparently, according to the Washington Post, the appointment would look into such scandals as the email server scandal and the FBI’s bungling of that case to determine whether or not they intentionally gave Hillary a pass during a presidential election, or whether they found her not worthy of being charged with anything based on evidence or lack thereof. Also in the mix is the REAL Russian scandal…the Uranium One mess, whereby Hillary is supposed to have allowed the sale of 20% of the US uranium supply to a Russian company in exchange for speaking fees for Bill Clinton, and a huge donation to the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation, by the way, has not escaped this whole thing unscathed.

Sessions wants the Special Prosecutor to look into all of the dealings with donations, and speaking fees while Hillary was Secretary of State. Apparently the feeling is (and there is a lot of evidence that points toward) there was some sort of quid pro quo going on between foreign governments, the Clinton’s, and the Clinton Foundation.

There are some in the GOP that feel that Jeff Sessions should be investigating this and shouldn’t be appointing a Special Counsel to do it for him. Jim Jordan (R-Oh) feels that way, and it was also echoed a couple of days ago by Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox News. Both feel that either Sessions should do his job and pick up the ball where Jim Comey dropped it in investigating the Clinton’s, or step down as Attorney General.

That’s a pretty bold statement coming from two rather conservative guys. Frankly, I tend to agree that someone needs to investigate the Clinton’s…all three of them. And someone needs to go through the books the of the Clinton Foundation with a fine-tooth comb. But, I don’t believe that Jeff Sessions or any one person can do it. It’s going to take an army of lawyers, accountants, and investigators to get the job done. And if Hillary, Bill, or Chelsea are found guilty of any charges, they should be made to pay the cost of the special counsel as part of their sentence. Why should we the American Taxpayer continue to pay for these criminals and their ill-gotten behavior? It’s because of that I disagree with both Jordan and Napolitano and feel that there should be a second special prosecutor appointed to look into this crime family. It’s time justice is done, and you won’t get it without someone doing the anal probe that Robert Mueller is doing on Trump, and others like Ken Starr did on Bill Clinton. They need to have free reign to look at everything and anything, and show a bright spotlight on whatever it is that they find so that the American people can see once and for all the scum we are dealing with.

Then we can let justice take it’s course, and we can all sleep better at night knowing that they don’t serve Chardonnay in federal prison!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Will Moore Prevail?

An interesting couple of polls have come out recently dealing with Roy Moore and his race for the US Senate against Democrat Doug Jones. One poll came out the morning of the Washington Post hit piece on Moore declaring that he made “improper sexual advances” on some 14 year old girl in 1979. Moore has denied the charges and there hasn’t been any evidence other than the woman who has had several torrid and ultimately failed relationships coming forward. The interesting thing is that she comes forward some 38 years after the alleged incident happens.

Anyway, the first poll that came out was taken by WT&S Consulting, an Alabama polling group that is known for it’s accuracy. In the first poll it showed that Moore was leading Jones 50% to 39.2% with 10.8% undecided. That was released the morning of the Washington Post article. So that would be the benchmark of Moore’s lead prior to the “scandal” being reported. Since that time, WT&S Consulting took another poll. In that poll, it did show that Moore had dropped. He lost 0.2%. It did show Jones had picked up. He picked up 0.4%. So, as of now Moore leads Jones 49.8% to 39.6% with 10.6% undecided. Now, if the poll is accurate, Jones would have to pick up every single one of the undecided voters in a very red state to win.

The special election isn’t until December 12th, so there is plenty of time for all sorts of things to happen in the race, both good and bad for both men. But as of now, it appears that the overall race isn’t that close, and that Roy Moore should easily skate to victory over Doug Jones. That would not be a surprise at all.

Oh, just in case you were wondering…yes, Mitch McConnell has come out with statements calling for Moore to step aside because of the allegations against him. And that really isn’t surprising since these two have a history and don’t really like each other much. But unfortunately for McConnell, if Moore actually does win the old Jeff Sessions’ seat, there isn’t much McConnell can do about it. The Senate doesn’t have the ability to not seat a member because of unproven allegations. And how are you going to prove allegations 38 years after an alleged incident happened? You are correct, Virginia…you can’t. And that is why this entire thing (along with the yet uncovered story that the woman making the charges was a part of Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign and a lifelong Democrat) is hogwash.

Nice try Dems…but unfortunately, just because you throw out a Weinstein, doesn’t mean it’s going to stick!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Moonbeam’s Antics Go Too Far

In case you’re not familiar with California’s current Governor, he’s a retread from the 70’s. Jerry Brown, who gained the nickname “Moonbeam” in the 1970’s for his crazy notions. Actually, Brown got the nickname from Chicago columnist Mike Royko who basically said that Brown appealed to Californians, a place Royko referred to as, “the world’s largest outdoor mental asylum”. It stuck.

Well, Moonbeam is at it again. This time, he’s over in Germany, and he’s fighting the good fight for that non-scientific, power-grabbing, snowflake-driven, anti-Capitalist notion of “climate change”. Now, as I’ve said a million times before…we KNOW there is “climate change”. That’s what climate does (not trying to sound like a GEICO commercial!) So, what in hell is wrong with it? Nothing except for the fact that these snowflake mental lightweights all want to see us flitting around in solar powered cars and not drive SUV’s or take airplane trips across country, while they jet around the world in private jets (I’m looking at YOU, Al Gore!)

Moonbeam was addressing “climate change” in a speech, and in Germany (to show you how far off the beaten track this guy is), the crowd started heckling Brown when he said he wanted to keep oil “in the ground”. His response the hecklers? He called for the protesters to be “put into the ground”. Huh? Yup!

So, here we have this uber-left wing snowflake governor of a state full of fruits and nuts as it is, and he’s saying that even though he’s in Germany and not the US, he doesn’t feel that any other opinion (and it is an opinion) other than his own matters. If you disagree with that, you should be dead. Why else would you be put in the ground?

Typical liberalism. If you don’t agree with them on an issue, you’re hounded and yelled at. They can’t understand why everyone in the world doesn’t agree with their socialistic views. Well, it’s pretty simple actually. Socialism, liberalism, left-wing politics doesn’t work. It never has over the long haul and it never will. Oh, it works fine in short bursts like four years or so when a snowflake gets elected president. But it can never work in the long haul because it always runs out of money. Let’s not leave out the fact that they are ardent supporters of the First Amendment, so long as they aren’t in power. When they are in power, they want to hang anyone that doesn’t agree with their way of thinking. Just like Governor Moonbeam wanted to do in Germany.

The world needs to understand one thing. Liberals are not all there mentally. They fall into one of two classes. Either they feel they can “change the world” and make everyone the same, which has never happened in the history of mankind; or they want to grab as much money and power as they can so they can control people’s lives. Moonbeam falls into the second group. Usually the ones that fall into the first group are college students. Either way, both are wrong. Should THEY be put into the ground? Nope. Because unlike the snowflakes out there, I enjoy the entertainment of watching them make fools of themselves.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Tax Plans Are NO Reform

Let’s understand each other on something. There are currently two tax plans being floated on Capitol Hill by Republicans. The House version gives a more, shall we say, taxpayer friendly approach to taxes by limiting the tax brackets to probably four (though they only have three listed right now). They have done away with the death tax (estate tax). They chop the corporate tax rate to 20% (from 35%). They increase child care credit, and yes, they screw around with the blue states (like California, New York, and New Jersey) and their high state taxes by taking away the federal deduction on them.

The Senate bill meanwhile has seven tax brackets. They don’t touch the death tax. They get the corporate rate down to 20% after a year. And they basically don’t touch the deduction for state taxes. Both plans offer a chopped version of mortgage interest deduction. The House says you can deduct up to $1 million in interest on a house you already own, and $500,000 on any new house you buy going forward. The Senate keeps the rate at $1 million for both.

Both the House and the Senate have missed the boat on this one. That’s not tax “reform”. Those are basically tax “cuts”. And they’re not tax cuts for all. They punish folks in high state tax states (typically Democrat controlled). But they really didn’t “reform” taxes. In order to do that, you have to fundamentally change the way taxes are levied and paid. If you changed from an Income Tax to a Wealth Tax, that would be a reform. If you went from the Regressive Tax we currently have to a Flat Tax where everybody paid the same percentage of their income, that would be considered reform. This is not reform. Yes, it’s the first time in almost 30 years that we’ve received a tax cut of this size, and it’s long over-due. But it’s not tax reform.

You want to reform taxes? It’s simple. I’ve said it before. Everybody that pays you more than $600 files that amount with the feds. You add up all of your income from all of your sources, and then you multiply it by some number; say 15% for federal, 10% for state, and 5% if you have a local tax or a county tax. Done. That’s what you owe. It doesn’t matter how large your family is. It doesn’t matter what “deductions” you have because there aren’t any. You make $100,000…you pay the feds $15,000. You send $10,000 to your state house, and $5,000 to any local taxing authority. That’s it. You’re done. You can fill it out in one sheet, sign your name, and mail the check in. Is it fair? It’s the fairest system of taxation that exists, unless you want to go to a wealth tax.

Yes, you put a lot of CPA’s, and H&R Block out of business. And you cut out the number of audits the IRS has to do, because there are no needs for audits. They have a copy of what you made sent to them by the people that paid you. And you have to pay based on that. So, you can cut the number of IRS agents drastically. Other than that, we do our taxes in 20 minutes and get on with life. What’s wrong with that?

What we have, and what we are going to end up with if they ever get this stuff passed is not tax reform. It’s a tax cut. Be grateful it’s not a tax increase, but don’t be so naive that you are thinking this is what tax reform looks like. It’s not even close!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Here’s A Question For You…

So, the snowflake left-wingers have found what looks like an Achilles heel with the GOP, and really they got it from their own party…mainly from Harvey Weinstein. All you have to do is accuse the other side of having sex with someone that didn’t want to have sex with you, and BINGO! You have yourself a candidate hell-bent on withdrawing or losing support.

Of course I’m talking about the allegations of Judge Roy Moore in Alabama. Moore is ahead in his race for the US Senate, by about 6 points, so the snowflake left throws out an allegation (with no proof) that in 1979 he sexually molested a 14 year old girl. Moore vehemently denies the charges.

So, in light of the Bill Cosby problems, the Harvey Weinstein problems, the Hollywood “casting couch” problems, I have a question. How come no one has gone after Bill Clinton and demanded that he be charged with sexual harassment? I mean, the guy is certainly guilty. He’s admitted it. Hillary knows all about it, and even enabled him in the 1990’s and probably earlier, certainly since. Clinton is known to have gone to that island in the Caribbean where they have under-aged women there to service your every need (and I’d assume under-aged boys as well if that was your pleasure). Why hasn’t anyone gone after Clinton on this?

I’m not saying that sexual harassment is right, it’s not. It’s totally wrong, and people should be called out on it if they really did it. I’m not so sure Roy Moore IS really guilty. There hasn’t been any proof. The woman that accused him said she was having relationship troubles over the past 39 years, and was too busy or something to accuse him. I mean, it’s not like Moore just appeared on the scene. He’s the guy that was removed from the bench because he refused to take down the 10 Commandments from his courthouse. It’s not like no one has ever heard of him before.

So, you have to be a little skeptical on this whole thing. And no…the GOP is totally wrong for not circling the wagons around him. Let the accuser bring forth the proof (after 39 years), and then start distancing yourself from him. Mitch McConnell, Jeff (the) Flake, and all of the other Republicans that are screaming that he step aside should be ashamed of themselves. They have no backbone. They have condemned a man they have no idea if he’s guilty or not just on the hearsay of some woman, who took 39 years to get the courage to come up with the charge. That by the way, goes for Donald Trump as well.

If you’re going to start throwing sexual harassment allegations around, you’re going to empty out Capitol Hill, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and a bunch of other politicians on both sides of the fence in a real hurry. Better be careful how you play this one snowflakes…you could be nailing your own coffin!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

For Men & Women That Served

I have never had the honor of serving in the military. No one in my family had that honor either. My wife and her family never served, though her father was in the Merchant Marines (I’m not sure that counts!) But please understand that my love for those that have sacrificed, be it years of their life in order to protect this great country, all the way to those that gave everything to protect our freedoms, is unwavering and undying. It is to those folks that I dedicate today’s blog.

Yes, today is Veteran’s Day. This is the REAL Veteran’s Day. The eleventh second of the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month Veteran’s Day. This is the day that originally was set aside to celebrate the end of World War I. And it’s on this day I always set aside time to think about a lot of the people that I knew throughout my life that DID serve. I have kind thoughts about all of them.

There was Jack. He was the son of our local college’s president (who would end up marrying my wife and I). Jack joined the Marines during Vietnam. I was just a kid and I didn’t know him all that well. But Jack had a duty to join. He was killed right before Halloween. I remember that because his parents put a note on their door with a basket of candy outside asking that we not disturb them in their time of mourning, but help ourselves to a piece of candy. His parents and my mom were great friends, and we used to use their cottage on Lake Michigan in the summer. I even got to sleep in Jack’s bedroom. I always thought that was special.

I worked with a guy named Tom. I still communicate with him. He was my boss for a time. He served in Vietnam as well. Tom and I are like brothers in that I think there is a respect that goes both ways there, but there were times we fought like hell. I always remember Tom on his birthday, and on Veteran’s Day. He taught me an awful lot of life lessons and I can never repay him. He’s just a great human being!

And then when I retired and moved to the desert, one of the first people I met was Chuck. He was a drill instructor for the Marines, and also served in Vietnam. There wasn’t a friendlier guy I’ve ever met in my life. Chuck introduced me around at the golf course, and even golfed with me for the first two years I was here so I could meet “everybody” (about 500 people!) He was one of the guys that would give you the shirt off his back. His comment was always, “What are neighbors for?”. I miss Chuck a lot. He died of cancer three years ago this past August. And I can never repay him for all he did.

This Veteran’s Day, please do me a favor…think of a Veteran in your life that has meant something to you. If you can, let them know what they’ve meant to you. Without them, none of us would be living with the freedoms we enjoy today. For Jack, and Tom, and Chuck, I say thanks for your service, and may God always be smiling on you!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!