Gloria Steinem At It Again

I will hand it to Gloria Steinem, if nothing else she is persistent. And there isn’t much else she is. She’s not very intelligent. She’s not very well spoken. She’s not actually good looking or sensible. But she is persistent. She’s also a little wacko. She told an audience recently during one of those sit down and be asked a bunch of questions by someone else sitting down type of deals, that the REAL reason for climate change? Well, I’ll quote her directly:

“Are you kidding me? If we had not been systematically forcing women to have children they don’t want or can’t care for over the 500 years of patriarchy, we wouldn’t have the climate problems that we have. That’s the fundamental cause of climate change.”

There you have it. The fundamental reason behind global change warming climate is the fact that for 500 years, women couldn’t get an abortion! And of course, it’s all man’s fault…because for the longest time, men were the ones that actually made the rules.

Forget the fact that Earth can take care of itself. Forget the fact the Earth has cooled and warmed on its own for millions of years before man ever came along. Forget the fact that regardless what is done by man, it’s not going to change how the earth warms and cools one iota. Forget all of that. It’s a simple equation for Gloria Steinem. If you take away abortion, you are going to shove us all into extinction because of global change warming climate (or whatever it’s called this week).

This is one whacked out woman.

Now, in her hey-day, Gloria Steinem was this really loud-mouthed, really vocal feminist that started “Ms. Magazine”, and no…it didn’t stand for Multiple Sclerosis. It was because she didn’t want married women to be called “Mrs.”. She felt somehow that label was unbecoming of a woman and would stop her from reaching her full potential. What really was her goal was to allow women who weren’t finding men to marry the right to feel good about themselves, and for that I applaud her. For the rest of her nonsense, she needs to retire, and sip daiquiris all day somewhere. Her time has come and gone. The ERA (Equal Rights Amendment for those of you under 45) failed miserably and won’t be coming back soon.

This is just one of the things wrong with the left. They come up with these inane statements about stuff just to get attention. They can’t mean it…I mean, are they that stupid? These are supposed to be the most progressive, best read, smartest people on the planet (if you listen to them), and they are coming up with stuff like this? And they chided Ronald Reagan for saying that trees were taking up all the oxygen???

When people stop listening to liberal-speak, this country will get back on track, and not before. You don’t run a country, a government, or a company, trying to please every person in it. You will go crazy trying to do it. Maybe that’s liberals’ problem. They’ve tried for so long to be so inclusive and have yet to realize they can’t ever achieve that dream.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Michelle Ma Belle Is PISSED At Trump!

Don’t mess with big mama! That’s the word coming out of Michelle Ma Belle Obama these days. Oh, she’s pissed at Donald Trump. Why? Simple…he’s messing with her school lunch program.

It was one of the areas that Trump thought was unnecessary when it came time to look at Obama era programs to cut, and it was one of the first to go. And why not? It was terribly unpopular among school kids…it was equally as unpopular among their parents. And having seen it with my grandkids first hand, I have to tell you, no, there’s nothing wrong with wanting kids to eat good food like broccoli, or asparagus, but there IS something wrong with forcing a school to buy all that stuff and then throwing it away because no one eats it.

That is exactly what happens.

I visited my granddaughter’s school in Texas after Michelle Ma Belle put all of this nonsense into effect. Here’s what I noticed. As I sat down with my granddaughter as she tore into her McDonalds that her mother had brought, I noticed something. Nobody was in line to get food from the cafeteria. They all had McDonalds or Burger King bags. Oh, some may have had a Subway sandwich, but it was all fast food. See, what Michelle Ma Belle didn’t realize what she had done is she had forced all of the moms out there to forego their normal routines, and every day, stop by and pick up a fast food lunch and deliver it to their beloved child. The kids weren’t eating Michelle’s pick for food. I asked the lunch lady at the “veggie counter” what she did with all of the leftover food (there was a lot of it!), and she told me that they threw it away…she said it was the most boring job in the world because nobody came through the lunch line anymore.

So I beg the question, Michelle Obama aside of being pissed that schools don’t have to waste their meager money on throwing fresh veggies away, which is better for kids…a modicum of a nutritional diet from lunch lady Dora, or McDonalds for lunch every day? Trump obviously felt lunch lady Dora needed some love and opted to go back to the way things were (which by the way is the option most school districts were opting for, even at the threat of losing federal funding).

I would say that Michelle has a good idea, and yes, we need to feed our kids correctly. But what the Obama’s failed to learn is the same lesson Democrats and liberals fail to learn on a daily basis…you can’t legislate morality. It didn’t work with prohibition, and it won’t work trying to legislate the size of soft drink you buy in New York City, or the amount of times you go to McDonalds. The snowflakes need to wake up and realize they are the ones that are wrong, and need to change their tune.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Creating Diversions

If you were watching something that was good for you…something that was making you happy, and I didn’t want you to be happy, because I didn’t want the person making you happy to get the credit for it, what could I do? One thing I could do is create a diversion. I could have you look at the right hand (my diversion) so you couldn’t see what the left hand (whatever it was you were watching before) was doing. In some instances, what I would be doing is good. In some instances, particularly where it was making you happy and it was good for you, it would be bad.

That’s exactly what the Democrats are doing these days.

All of this talk about Russian interference in an election that they blew, all of the talk about the firing of James Comey, all of the talk about impeachment without any basis in fact or proof of any wrong-doing is just a diversion. And the sad thing is, it actually hurts you and me. It hurts the economy. It hurts the agenda.

The reason it hurts is because with all of this attention being paid on all of the negative stuff that the snowflakes are throwing at Trump, it takes attention away from an agenda that for all appearances, seems to be working. Look at what happened to the stock market on Wednesday after it was announced there was going to be a special prosecutor named to look into the Comey firing and the Russian influence stuff. It tanked big time. What has it been doing since Trump won the election? It’s been going up.

The economy has been on an uptick. Jobs are coming back and not just part time burger-flipping jobs, but REAL jobs in REAL industries. Trump has made a difference so far and the Dems can’t let that pass because he will get credit for doing what Obama failed to do for eight years…get the economy started in the right direction. So, they create diversions. This is the same move, by the way, that Obama used in the 2012 election. Talk about anything but the economy. Talk about anything but what he had done for the past four years. Talk about the weather, talk about Mitt Romney and his 47% comment, talk about how he’s out of touch, talk about the Red Sox, talk about talking. It worked then, and the Dems are betting that Americans are stupid enough that it will work now.

Except you have to pull that charade for four years. That’s a long time to hold someone’s attention. Eventually, this stuff wears out and people get back to following real news…and seeing what’s really happening in their lives. My God, it took all it took to keep the Hillary story alive for 18 months. How are these idiots going to do it for 48?

When you are desperate, you throw the Hail Mary. This is the Hail Mary that the Dems are hoping for. And they know that if they can take back the House in 2018, then nothing gets through congress the last two years of Trump’s first term and they have a shot at 2020, labeling Trump as “do-nothing”. It’s an interesting strategy…just too bad it hurts America in the meantime.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Trump’s Speech Actually Poignant!

I’ve never once considered Donald Trump to be of “statesmanlike” quality. Oh, Ronald Reagan, I did. At least he acted the part very well if not lived up to it…but his speeches were so well rehearsed (he’d been doing them for General Electric for two decades) before he ever got to the White House. And there have been others, but none really as of late. You certainly couldn’t call Obama a statesman. I couldn’t call either of the Bush’s that. And I’d call Bill Clinton a predator before I’d call him a statesman.

Jimmy Carter was no statesman. He had one success in the White House (actually Camp David), and that was offset by a myriad of failures. Ford, Nixon, LBJ, no…they weren’t statesmen either. Kennedy tried to be one, but I don’t think he ever accomplished it. Now you’re back to Eisenhower, and he wasn’t. Truman may have been, but he was too hated during his time in office. That takes us back to FDR, who probably was a statesman. But Donald Trump? No way.

Until this past weekend.

Trump spoke at Liberty University’s commencement and I was actually impressed with the speech. This from the guy that added “yeah, right” to the lexicon of presidential catch phrases. What Trump said was amazing. He compared the United States to government. And the two are markedly different. I know that will upset my liberal friends, but they are. And he compared religion to government. Again, a comparison that is very apt, but very troubling to liberals.

What Trump said that was so amazing was, “In the United States, we don’t worship government. We worship God.” THAT is as statesman-like a statement that has ever come out of that man. And he just, in one sentence, explained the primary difference between today’s liberal and today’s conservative. Conservatives worship God. Liberals worship government.

Whoever wrote his speech (we know presidents don’t write their own anymore), did wonders with that one. Trump spoke of religious freedom being threatened. It has been for quite some time. We live in a country where Muslims and Buddhists are more welcome to practice their religion than Christians and Jews. We are no longer a country that is built on religious tolerance and freedom to worship as you please. We are now a country that is free to worship as you choose so long as your religion is a sworn enemy to the United States or is in direct conflict to Christianity.

That feeling is one that is going to lead us down the path of destruction as a nation. Mark my words…that is the one major flaw in America today. We were founded on the basis of religious freedom. We welcomed so many people to our shores who sought to worship as they chose without persecution. And today, Christians are being persecuted, Jews are being persecuted. The very reason we were formed as a nation is no longer valid in the eyes of 47% of the people. And that’s because we have lost our way in God’s eyes. We no longer follow Him. We follow government. We worship the District of Columbia, and the Capitol Building is the new Holy Grail. And until that changes, we as a country are doomed.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

WaPo Hitting With More “Fake News”

When Katherine Graham and Ben Bradlee ran the Washington Post, it was a famed newspaper, and much like it’s older cousin, The New York Times, it has fallen on hard times. These days it seems that the Post (like the Times) is hell-bent on hiring only rejects from the tabloids on the checkout aisles at the Piggly Wiggly.

The latest smear to smudge an already blackened reputation at the Post comes with a story that Donald Trump gave classified information to the Russian Foreign Minister and the Russian Ambassador at their Oval Office meeting recently. The Post alleges that even though a) there isn’t a shred of evidence to back up the accusation, and b) they hide behind the ubiquitous “unnamed sources”. Well, I have an unnamed source that says that the Washington Post is full of caca, doesn’t research any of their stories and sits around the office at night drinking Jim Beam and seeing what stuff they can make up on Trump since he pulled their press credentials during the campaign. By the way…because I have an unnamed source saying all of that, it doesn’t make any of that true. The same goes for the Washington Post’s article.

This is slime journalism at its best. It’s the “Fake News” that Trump warned us about. There were only six people in the room with that meeting. The Russian Ambassador, and Foreign Minister, Donald Trump, Dana Powell, Rex Tillerson, and General H.R. McMaster, who said yesterday that as reported in the Post, the story is false. So, where is the source the Post cites? They don’t say, and won’t say. It’s another “Deep Throat” apparently, except this time, there’s no evidence of any wrong doing.

And so we’ve entered journalism in the 21st century. In what used to be an honorable and noble profession, it’s been turned into a bunch of whining crybabies that scream every time they don’t win an election, cry about the fact that they are being misheard and misunderstood, and can’t for the life of them wonder why We The People view them lower than the used car salesman with onion-breath and a cheap $8 sports jacket, smelling of last night’s hooker.

And it’s the same journalists that carp when we cry foul. When we catch them with their pants around their ankles after they have made up stories, or at the very least slanted them in such a way that the story has nothing in common with the truth, they are appalled that we call them out. They have lost our respect, and they have lost all dignity. The Washington Post belongs on the rack next to the National Enquirer, except for the fact the Enquirer probably doesn’t want to be associated with the Post.

And this is what we have sunk to in American politics. Journalists and losing parties that will do anything to see that the party in the White House, that should have been theirs in their own minds, is destroyed. They don’t care about libel. They don’t care about slander. They don’t care about the truth. They care only for power. It is their religion. And that is a very sad state of affairs.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Comey Firing Not THAT Big Of A Deal

You have to look at a lot of things in perspective. My mother used to tell me that you have to always give things the “10 year test”. If it’s something that ten years from now is going to make a difference in your life how you have reacted to whatever the situation is, it’s important. And if it’s not going to even be remembered in ten years, it’s not a big deal. 99.9% of what we do in life fails the ten year test. The firing of James Comey is going to be one of the 99.9% of things.

I’m sure it’s a hot topic right now, especially for a media that is clamoring for raw Trump meat any way they can get it, but in the end, James Comey will be fired, will leave and do something else with his life (probably becoming a lot wealthier than he is now in the process), and life will at some point move on to the next crisis. And that brings me to my point.

This is not a crisis.

Yes, it’s rare that a sitting FBI Director gets fired before their term is up. You can count on two fingers the number of times that its happened in this country. Do you know the president that fired the last FBI Director and who that Director was? No fair looking it up on Google or some other search engine!

It was in 1987, and Ronald Reagan was president when he fired William Sessions. It hasn’t been done before or since. And yes, it caused a bit of a stir back then as well, but today you probably don’t remember it. That’s because it failed the “10 year test”. And the firing of James Comey will also fail that test in ten years.

So, why is it such a big deal? Well, if you look at social media and see what people are talking about, it’s not. If you look at the number of articles and news stories that have been published and aired throughout Trump’s presidency, the firing of James Comey is WAY down the list (by the way, Trump’s inauguration comes in at the top followed by the GOP cancelling the first vote on the American Health Care Act. Coming in 3rd was Trump’s Travel Ban. Comey? He comes in 8th with about one fifth of the stories written about him as was written about the inauguration.

So, no…it’s not that big of a deal and it WILL blow over, like everything else in DC does. And no… the investigations into Trump’s “ties” to Russia won’t produce anything either because no Democrat who is crying about that has been able to produce a shred of evidence. Because even James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence says there isn’t anything there. It’s just the Democrats way to obfuscate, try and stop the Trump Train from rolling over them, and trying to get you to look at the left hand with shiny objects in it, while the right hand fixes the country. It’s what they do.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Trump Must Learn To Deal With Leaks

It’s something every administration needs to learn how to deal with, and everyone that enters the White House has a problem with it because they’ve never encountered a fish tank approach from the media like this before. I’m talking about how everyone, needs to learn how to zip up leaks to the press.

Now, don’t get me wrong…as a former member of the media, the press LOVES leaks. They love to get their hands on juicy comments that could sway public opinion (especially their way). And I did too! When I was doing an interview with a congressman, or a mayor, or a governor, it was pure gold to get them to stumble and say something they didn’t want to say…but that’s them…not their staff. When a staff person picks up the phone, calls you and starts in on a topic, like how Trump is morose these days because he’s upset at the treatment he’s getting in the press over the firing of James Comey, of course it’s going to raise his ire. And it should.

And that’s why Trump needs to learn the same lesson 44 other presidents had to learn. Learn to zip up the leaks and fire the people causing them. It’s the only thing you can do!

That may mean firing people you otherwise think are doing a good job, or that you personally like, but that’s what you need to do. There are things that go on inside the White House, like any organization, that the public probably doesn’t need to know about, and would be embarrassing if they found out. Nixon had a hell of a time with leaks. So did Obama in his early days, so it’s not just limited to one party. And you’ve got to deal with it seriously, because if you don’t it will destroy your presidency.

That being said, the one thing Trump needs to realize is that this IS a tough job. It’s the toughest job he’s ever had. It’s unlike anything anybody ever worked at, or will work at again. There are so many irons in the fire at all time, and so many people out there waiting for you to stumble a little bit so they can knock you off your perch, you get absolutely no time to recover. But recover you must. And recover, Trump will. There won’t be an impeachment of Trump any more than there was an impeachment of Obama. And Democrats are just screaming because that’s what Democrats do best. It doesn’t matter if it’s Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi or any other of the band of idiots. It’s like the GEICO commercial. It’s what they do. Live with it, and move on to fixing the country.

Look, we were left in the worst shape possibly in the last 35 years after Obama left. Not since Jimmy Carter has the country faced so many problems that needed fixing. Oh, every president has some things that need fixing. But Obama didn’t fix anything in his time in office. He made things worse, and it needs to be fixed before it bankrupts the country. Trump is at least attempting to do it. And you have to do it with leaks and crybaby snowflakes who want to scream “impeachment” at every turn even though they have no proof what-so-ever you’ve done anything wrong.

It’s time for Trump to grow a pair, find the leaks and fire them, and get back to business and forget about the crybabies out there that are pissed they lost an election. They don’t matter anyway!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!