So Sad To Report This…

I’m wafting my way through hundreds of emails, just like I do every morning, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but an email from Trip Advisor. So I look at it and discover that it has the new listing of the “Top Ten Airlines In The World”. Curious, I decided to open it. I was shocked and saddened by what I found.


There were only two United States based airlines in the top ten, and neither are what you are thinking of.


The top rated airline in the world was Emirates Air out of Saudi Arabia. That was followed by Singapore Airlines, Azul, an American airline at number four, Air New Zealand, Korean Air, Japan Airlines, Thai Smile, the other American airline at number nine, and Garuda Indonesia at number ten.


The two American airlines were Jet Blue at number four and Alaska Air at number nine.


What’s sad is that America started the airline industry. We created it. And we have sunk so low in the race to make the most money at it that we are totally out of it when it comes to service (which is what America is supposed to be good at these days, right?). Airlines from all over the world (and mostly the developing nations of the world) have over-taken us. Where are the United’s, American’s, Delta’s, hell, even Southwest’s? Have we become so much of a cattle-call nation when it comes to air travel that we have forgotten what quality air travel is all about?


I used to fly a lot more than I do now because quite frankly I live in a vacation hot-spot and don’t have to travel to one two or three times a year. I don’t fly for business anymore, so I don’t have to worry about that. And while I do make the occasional flight to see my son or daughter and their families, it’s usually once a year. So I’m no longer what I would call a semi-frequent flyer. Oh, I still fly for free because I have one of those credit cards that gives you air miles, and my wife loves to shop…but beyond that, I rarely fly. It’s too much of a hassle. The airport parking, the security, the wait at the gate, the delays with no information, the mad-dash to the plane when boarding is announced, the sitting on the tarmac because of some unknown delay, the flight, and then the whole rewind thing on the other end. In a lot of cases, I’ve found it’s easier (and cheaper) to drive. And I don’t have to put up with being cramped for hours at a time and can’t listen to my IPod, or watch a show on my smartphone when I want.


No, America has lost a lot in my generation…we’ve lost the ability to effectively manufacture. We’ve lost the ability to effectively govern. We’ve lost the ability to effectively educate our students. And apparently, we’ve lost the ability to effectively and efficiently fly from point A to point B. It’s shocking… and more than a little sad.


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

So What If Bannon Goes?

There is this ongoing fight in the White House between Jared Kushner, who happens to be the president’s son-in-law, and Steve Bannon, formerly of Breitbart, and now a “strategist” in the White House. And apparently one of them is going to leave. Let’s play a little game called, “Who gets to leave The Apprentice?”


On the surface, Steve Bannon has one thing going for him. He is closer politically to Donald Trump. That said, he has a lot of stuff going against him. Kushner is Trump’s son-in-law, and he really, REALLY likes Ivanka Trump. I don’t think Donald is going to be doing anything against Ivanka any time soon. Second, Kushner is a lot more liberal than Bannon. That has sparked a lot of speculation that Trump is moving left on a lot of issues and is waffling on a lot of conservative campaign promises. It’s no secret that Kushner is behind it, and Ivanka seems to be backing her hubby on this one. The thing I think is the most damning for Steve Bannon is the fact that he isn’t nearly as well “polished” as Kushner. Kushner is a Wall Street guy. He dresses a ton better than Bannon. He knows how to act in political circles. He gets a haircut more than once a quarter (hey…I’m not faulting Bannon for that one…that’s what I do!). He just presents a nicer picture to the world.


Trump has told Reince Priebus that if the two of them can’t work it out, he’s going to call them both into the board room, where sadly, one of them will be fired. They’ll state their cases, and Trump will launch into his monologue first with Jared, then with Steve, and he’ll end up looking Steve in the eye, saying, “Steve, you have been a tremendous talent for the White House, and are a very good guy. I’ve loved what I’ve seen of you thus far in my administration, but I have to tell you, and it’s no secret really, that blood is thicker than water with me. Steve…you’re fired!”


And then you’ll see a picture of Steve leaving Trump Tower, or the White House, getting into a limousine, and driving off with a camera in his face as he says stuff like, “Well, I gave it my best shot. Obviously I don’t agree with Mr. Trump’s decision, but he is the boss. I think he’s going to live to regret the decision he made today!” And then the music swells, the credits roll, and the rest as they say, is ready for reruns, or Netflix.


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What North Korea REALLY Wants

So North Korea is bloviating about how if the US goes through with “reckless military exercises”, that will provoke a preemptive nuclear strike against the US. Gee…how often has North Korea threatened to attack the west? It’s been pretty much anytime their people are starving and they need to sit down at a negotiating table with someone other than the Chinese and ask for more money and food and supplies.


That my friends, is why Kim Jong Un is crying about starting a nuclear war. And THAT is the only reason… he has to protect his family legacy, which is keeping power in North Korea. Do you REALLY think that he will go through with his threat?


The answer to that could very well be “yes”, because it’s been reported on several occasions that Kim is actually mentally unstable and could do something equally as unstable. We’ve seen instances of that before as he’s offed family members to maintain power, so there really is no telling what he would do. But overall, you have to admit, it seems like it’s not anything greater than him screaming to get the US to get back to negotiating and giving them more aid (which is weird since we have no relations with them!).


The problem that Kim doesn’t realize is he is dealing with a master negotiator in Donald Trump. Trump won’t fall for any of the antics. And Trump won’t be played for a chump like Obama was. Obama was too scared of his own shadow to even consider military action against the Hermit Regime. Trump obviously is not. So, Kim needs to take that into consideration.


Now, do I think that the US is going to get into a nuclear war with North Korea? Nope. Not even if they send nukes our way. I think we’re much more guarded than that. If North Korea were to unleash (and that isn’t the right word…) a barrage of nuclear weapons our way, they would most certainly get invaded, and pay a very heavy price, but I doubt the US would make it nuclear. If we do that, we’re inviting Russia, China, everyone else in the world to use their nukes against whatever side they choose. If we stay conventional, North Korea becomes more of the pariah, and that is never a bad thing.


Somehow, and I could be very wrong on this…I think that North Korea will back down. They will tell their people that we backed down and they were the victors because they have to, but that will be the about the only thing that happens here. And I don’t think the US and North Korea will end up negotiating a new aid package. I can’t see that happening with Donald Trump.


Oh…and if you couldn’t have noticed the tongued firmly planted in the cheek during the last blog on North Korea…please re-evaluate your reading style. I heard from a few of you that couldn’t discern whether that was real or whether I was laying it on thick. I was laying it on thick.


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Apparently, GOP Not ONLY Party Divided!

To listen to the mainstream snowflake networks on TV talk, you would think the GOP is falling apart. They can’t agree on healthcare; there’s infighting in the White House between Steve Bannon and probably everybody else; Reince Priebus is about to leave because he can’t get along with anyone. It’s just a mad house. It’s a wonder how the Republicans ever got elected!


Apparently, they aren’t the ONLY party having Kumbaya problems these days!


The Dems are up in arms themselves. They have a faction, we’ll call it the BS Faction (for Bernie Sanders), that thinks the more socialist you get the better and you’ve got the more mainstream faction (we’ll call that the Schumer Faction…obviously for Chuck “The Forehead” Schumer) at odds about a lot, including what happened this past Tuesday in Kansas.


In case you missed that one, in one of the reddest congressional districts in the country, Ron Estes, a Republican took Mike Pompeo’s former House seat when he became CIA Director. He defeated a Democrat named James Thompson, who campaigned more like a Republican than a Democrat, calling for a more protection of the constitution, less gun control, you know…all of the things no one would equate with being a liberal Democrat. He never mentioned during the campaign that he was pro-abortion, pro-big government, pro-high taxes, pro-immigration. And he lost by seven points.


In their typical crying and screaming rant, the BS Faction blamed the House Democrats’ campaign arm (the DCCC) for the loss stating that they didn’t throw enough money into the campaign and that they went into the campaign figuring they were going to lose. That’s not the attitude to take, they screeched. Meanwhile, the DCCC said they didn’t do anything wrong, and that it wasn’t that Thompson could have won anyway. It’s the BS Faction that feels that someone like a Thompson should be a shoo-in next year when Estes has to run for re-election! If ONLY the Democrats would help ALL of their candidates, even the grass-root variety.


What the BS Faction seems to miss in all of this is that there are finite amounts of money for these types of campaigns, and there are 435 campaigns to run across America. And if they actually had the money to throw $10 million at all of them, they would, but they don’t. They have to pick and choose. Which actually is smart. I mean, if the GOP decided to thrown $10 million at Nancy Pelosi’s seat, do you think they’d win in uber-left San Francisco? You could throw $10 BILLION at that and never succeed. You have to take the demographics into account. When you’re dealing with the reddest of the reds, or bluest of the blues, somebody in your party has to realize you’re not going to succeed and move on. That’s what happened.


But it’s interesting to see that the Dems aren’t that much different as far as infighting than the Republicans are. The only thing is, you’re not going to read about it in the tarnished New York Times, or the Washington Post. You’re not going to see it on CNN or on CBS. The mainstream snowflake media isn’t going to put something on that shows them losing…haven’t they already lost enough? Think of the children!!!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

So IF We Nuked N. Korea, Would Anyone Care?

As I write this, the USS Carl Vinson and its support ships are steaming toward the Korean peninsula. It’s in response to North Korea’s rather belligerent behavior recently. In case you haven’t been following the fat chipmunk and his crew over there, they have been testing nuclear weapons, firing missiles into the China Sea, and have been testing ballistic missiles that are capable of reaching the United States. Of course, Kim Jong Un hasn’t been shy about calling the US his worst enemy. In actuality, I don’t think if he was just leading his hermit country the way he wanted to, anybody in the world would give a rat’s rear end…but since he’s starting to rattle more than a few sabers, it does draw attention. Which begs the question:


Would anybody in the world mind if we just nuked the hell out of them?


I ask the question, not to invoke the typical response of the loss of human life, which of course, would be tragic. The North Korean people have been brain-washed for so long that they believe anything this family tells them. Or at least that’s the story you get coming out of North Korea. But I ask the question in a more political light. Would China really care? Would Russia? I know Iran would, because North Korea has been the ones that have been helping out immensely in their own nuclear program. I doubt the Chinese would mind as long as they got to replace Kim, because he’s been a pain in their backside ever since he took over. Russia probably wouldn’t complain too terribly much either. They’ve got other fish to fry in the Middle East right now, and they still have their sights set on getting the old “gang” back together unified under the USSR if you will.


So the question still stands, if a nuke went off in the middle of Pyongyang, would anybody hear it? The answer is probably not. Now, that’s not saying that they would care one way or the other, but the world probably wouldn’t give a hoot. After all, North Korea is just a hermit country that has a big mouth and a lot of starving people. To blow it up and start again, or at least do it in Pyongyang, may not be the worst thing in the world.


Of course, I would NEVER advocate the use of nuclear weapons as a first strike. I think it’s a terrible weapon, and should only be used as a last resort (unlike the US Senate who apparently LOVE using the nuclear options out there). But it’s an interesting discussion…and it’s one that the North Korean leader is actually bringing on himself. If he thinks he could actually destroy the United States, with whatever few missiles he’s developed, I think he’d be terribly mistaken. But that’s just my thought. And some days, my mind works in weird ways…must be all the clean, fresh desert air!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Kaine Shows We Dodged A Bullet!

Tim Kaine, Democrat Senator from the Commonwealth of Virginia, and losing Vice Presidential Candidate showed the world this past weekend why we should all be very glad that he wasn’t elected. Appearing on NBC’s uber-left “Meet The Press”, Kaine explained to the world that no president should be able to start a war on their own (they can’t), or shoot missiles at another nation (they can) without congressional approval.


He went on to say that it’s ok to shoot missiles at another country if you’re doing it for humanitarian reasons (huh?), if there was, you know…a plan. But apparently Kaine doesn’t think that there is a plan for what Donald Trump did by launching missiles into Syria after it became public that Bashar al Assad was once again using chemical weapons on his people. That apparently wasn’t  a “humanitarian” reason because the United States wasn’t being threatened by it.


Of course, I would beg to differ on several accounts. First of all, the United States WAS threatened by it because we DO have troops on the ground in Syria…placed there by Barack Obama. They are supposed to be there in an advisory capacity, but they are there none the less. Second, if you are responding, as Trump did to a chemical weapons attack, is Kaine saying that he wouldn’t call that a “humanitarian reason” to strike? If not, I’d like to hear what his definition of “humanitarian reason” is.


This makes me very glad that we didn’t elect Tim Kaine to the White House as Vice President. My Lord, can you imagine the team of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine? The more I learn about these two, the more I think that the devil himself put them up for nomination! Neither of these two are qualified to take my garbage out to the curb much less run anything! I really am having a very hard time believing how the good people of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the state that produced such minds as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington could give us Kaine and Governor Terry McAuliffe! Those are two of the biggest bastardizers of the constitution in American history!


We can only be thankful that Kaine is one vote in a body of 100, and that he isn’t even heard from all that often. Because of that we can somewhat excuse his lack of intelligence, his lack of leadership skills, and his lack of ability to interpret the constitution as written. Can you imagine the type of damage that a Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine White House could have done after eight years of Barack Obama? You might as well have raised the Chinese flag over the Capitol…and be done with it once and for all!


No, I’m still a believer that Donald Trump isn’t the savior that he professes to be, but I can tell you that I really believe that we dodged a huge bullet by not electing Clinton and Kaine. This just was another example that proved it!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Estes Wins Pompeo’s Seat

It was viewed as the first major Republican test of its newly found gravitas. It was supposed to be the place where the Democrats were to place a chink in the armor on the way back to taking over the House in 2018. In the end, it was a bunch of bloviated nonsense. Ron Estes was elected to fill the seat vacated by Mike Pompeo when he was tapped by Donald Trump to head the CIA earlier this year.


It wasn’t a slam dunk by any means. It was only a five point victory for Estes, but it was enough to quiet the roar from disgruntled Dems who thought that James Thompson, who basically ran as an independent in one of the reddest districts in the country (he never ever mentioned “Democrat” in his campaigning) could upend Estes. In the end, red stayed red. Blue got bluer (sadder), and the left’s hopes that this was going to be a short-lived Republican romp died. It was over before 10pm.


There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that the Democrats will one day be back on top. The one thing the Dems do MUCH better than the GOP is stand together on issues, on circling the wagons, on making sure that their party wins. The GOP is all over the map, and that leads to the in-fighting that we saw during the recent healthcare debate (which apparently isn’t over yet!). But the one thing the Republicans do much better than Democrats is come up with ideas that work. Dems want to have government pay for everything. The problem with that is that when government pays, EVERYONE pays. And as we’ve all learned, socialism doesn’t work. It’s never worked anywhere in the long term, and won’t work here. Every single taxpayer funded program eventually fails. The reason is simple. It’s because Democrats don’t know when to leave well enough alone.


Take Social Security for example. Originally founded to be a stop gap for the minority of widows that out lived the actuarial tables, it would have been fine if that were the only thing it did. But when the politicians saw a pile of money sitting there, they couldn’t help but expand the program and raid the money. As it turned out, kids are actually on Social Security. Spouses who are younger than me (and I’m not qualified to get it yet) are on it. That’s because Democrats couldn’t leave well enough alone. What was once a well-funded program, now is being funded by Generation X’er’s and Millenials. The chances of them seeing anything from Social Security are nil at best! The same thing will happen to Medicare, Medicaid, and every taxpayer funded program.


So congratulations to Ron Estes, who replaces Mike Pompeo in the House. And for the Democrats, don’t worry…your day will come. You were a little more than anxious to rebound without finding out why you REALLY lost in November anyway…go through the pain and the six stages of grief. Then and only then will you be ready to enter the fray once again with the vibrato that you once had!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!