“No Hope” Michelle…Lives It Up In Hawaii

So, Michelle Obama, who really hasn’t done much except make school lunches inedible during her time as first lady (other than taking $85 million in vacations on the taxpayer dole), is upset. She told Oprah Winfrey that she’s sad…sad because Americans have “no hope now that Donald Trump has been elected president”. I’m wondering where she’s learning that fact.

In fact, more people are hopeful heading into 2017 than have been hopeful since this time in 2008, when the thought Bobo Obama was going to be an actual leader, and not some wimp. But apparently that fact escaped Michelle Ma Belle’s gaze.

Let’s be honest. America is a nation that tries on political party on for size for a while, gets tired of it, and switches to the other. It’s been that way for a LONG time. In fact, the only Republican president to be elected after an eight-year Republican term since the 1920’s (when Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover combined to give the nation 12 continuous years of Republican service) was George HW Bush. He served after an eight-year Ronald Reagan term. As far as Democrats go, you have to go back to Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman. They gave Americans almost 20 years of service. No Democrat has been able to extend on the party’s eight-year reign since then.

And, we are at the end of eight-years of what most Americans feel were wasted opportunities, both home and abroad. The entire Obama presidency can be summed up with that sentence. He wasted a chance to really reform healthcare. He wasted a chance to solve Social Security’s ills. He wasted a chance to help solve the immigration problem once and for all. He did very little to help the economy after the Democrats almost ruined the banking industry, forcing banks to give housing loans to people that they knew couldn’t afford to pay it. Oh, I know the argument that it was the banks screwing America with the derivatives investing, but that wasn’t the reason. Anyway, Michelle is “hopeless” now because she realizes she isn’t going to have any power. Her party isn’t going to have any power, and she feels because she feels that way, ALL of America feels that way. Sorry Michelle…that isn’t the fact… that’s more of the so-called “fake news” we’re hearing about.

Actually, America is more hopeful now than at any time in the past eight years. Let me say that I understand DEMOCRATS wouldn’t be as hopeful…they see a HUGE setback in their policies and their “religion” items, like Global Climate Warming Change and Abortion, both of which would be swept away under a more reasonable government. And they see potential voter fraud that they favor in future elections to get elected as being deterred because of Donald Trump’s views on immigration reform, and kicking out people that don’t belong here, much less giving them citizenship and the right to vote.

No, Michelle, you are sad because you are losing Air Force One. You are going to have to pay for your extravagant vacations, like the one you’re on now in Hawaii, from now on. And you’re going to undergo the transformation of becoming a former-first lady, which means no one cares a whit of what you think anymore. You my dear, are a has-been…just like your husband. But the good news is, there IS life after presidency. Just ask Jimmy Carter…and he could use some help building those houses for Habitat For Humanity!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!