Obama’s Climate Change Leaves A Lot To Be Desired

Bobo Obama doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone. The former president should have done what his predecessors have done in the past, fade slowly into that good night and be quiet for a while. Instead, Bobo decided he was going to be boisterous. He was going to speak out against what he felt were injustices. He was going to call Donald Trump out when Trump did things like reverse Obama’s executive orders that made absolutely no sense to anyone with an ounce of grey matter.

And now, Obama is showing the world his true colors.

Bobo and his wife, Michelle Ma Belle, were in Milan, Italy to speak at the Institute for International Political Studies on the importance of global change warming climate or some such nonsense. And as always, taking a cue from Al Gore, Bobo concluded his speech by jumping into a CO2 laden motorcade of not one or two, but 13 cars to drive away. But wait…he wasn’t finished with the CO2 bombing of Italy! Oh, no! He had to top it off by spewing more carbon as he flew into Tuscany in not a commercial jetliner, but a private jet, and not alone. Bobo and the Mrs. were escorted by six, count ‘em, six Italian Air Force jets on the short flight to Tuscany. Are we finished yet? Oh, no! Once on the ground, Bobo and company got back into limousines (13 of them) and proceeded to make their way to their “motel”, which by the way has 22 bedrooms for the ex-prez to choose from. The going rate? $15,000 per night. He and Michelle Ma Belle will be there for a week. But staying in the tradition of not going retail, the Obama’s probably got a deal. The “motel” they are staying at is owned by the former Ambassador to Italy when he was in office, so he probably got a bit of a deal and foisted it off on some unsuspecting taxpayers somewhere. Hopefully it was the Italians, and not us!

This is just the latest example of the liberal left and their excuses. They want the world to change the way they live so we can “keep climate change in check”, while they spew carbon emissions all over the place. Now, if Bobo really was concerned about this…he would have taken a limo ride from the speech in Milan to Tuscany. It’s only 188 miles, and they could have covered it in three hours and seen some lovely country side. But they took a posse with them, enough for 13 limo’s in all, and a private jet with six Air Force escorts for the 188 mile ride. Yeah…they’re REAL concerned about the environment!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


“No Hope” Michelle…Lives It Up In Hawaii

So, Michelle Obama, who really hasn’t done much except make school lunches inedible during her time as first lady (other than taking $85 million in vacations on the taxpayer dole), is upset. She told Oprah Winfrey that she’s sad…sad because Americans have “no hope now that Donald Trump has been elected president”. I’m wondering where she’s learning that fact.

In fact, more people are hopeful heading into 2017 than have been hopeful since this time in 2008, when the thought Bobo Obama was going to be an actual leader, and not some wimp. But apparently that fact escaped Michelle Ma Belle’s gaze.

Let’s be honest. America is a nation that tries on political party on for size for a while, gets tired of it, and switches to the other. It’s been that way for a LONG time. In fact, the only Republican president to be elected after an eight-year Republican term since the 1920’s (when Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover combined to give the nation 12 continuous years of Republican service) was George HW Bush. He served after an eight-year Ronald Reagan term. As far as Democrats go, you have to go back to Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman. They gave Americans almost 20 years of service. No Democrat has been able to extend on the party’s eight-year reign since then.

And, we are at the end of eight-years of what most Americans feel were wasted opportunities, both home and abroad. The entire Obama presidency can be summed up with that sentence. He wasted a chance to really reform healthcare. He wasted a chance to solve Social Security’s ills. He wasted a chance to help solve the immigration problem once and for all. He did very little to help the economy after the Democrats almost ruined the banking industry, forcing banks to give housing loans to people that they knew couldn’t afford to pay it. Oh, I know the argument that it was the banks screwing America with the derivatives investing, but that wasn’t the reason. Anyway, Michelle is “hopeless” now because she realizes she isn’t going to have any power. Her party isn’t going to have any power, and she feels because she feels that way, ALL of America feels that way. Sorry Michelle…that isn’t the fact… that’s more of the so-called “fake news” we’re hearing about.

Actually, America is more hopeful now than at any time in the past eight years. Let me say that I understand DEMOCRATS wouldn’t be as hopeful…they see a HUGE setback in their policies and their “religion” items, like Global Climate Warming Change and Abortion, both of which would be swept away under a more reasonable government. And they see potential voter fraud that they favor in future elections to get elected as being deterred because of Donald Trump’s views on immigration reform, and kicking out people that don’t belong here, much less giving them citizenship and the right to vote.

No, Michelle, you are sad because you are losing Air Force One. You are going to have to pay for your extravagant vacations, like the one you’re on now in Hawaii, from now on. And you’re going to undergo the transformation of becoming a former-first lady, which means no one cares a whit of what you think anymore. You my dear, are a has-been…just like your husband. But the good news is, there IS life after presidency. Just ask Jimmy Carter…and he could use some help building those houses for Habitat For Humanity!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What Did Sanders’ Run Prove?

13659012_10210437068790130_5495009535373453216_nI didn’t waste a lot of time sifting through Democrats’ gobbledygook so far in this convention. We know who the nominee is going to be so watching the actual delegates and super delegates vote on it is a waste of time. And frankly, watching Michelle (one of the Butt Sisters) O’Bama, though I hear she did a nice job, is actually stomach turning. Elizabeth Warren’s speech should take her down a notch or two as all she did was recite Democrat platitudes. And Cory Booker was WAY too long, and WAY too boring. I wanted to see Bernie…and I wanted to see the crowd’s reaction to Bernie.

I came away wondering what he got out of all of this. He spent a year becoming famous (let’s face it…he WASN’T very well known before he started his run), and what did he actually accomplish? Well, he got them talking about lowering the number of super delegates by 2/3 which is something. Other than that, not much. Oh, he got some planks put in the party platform, but whoever follows that? His followers booed him on the streets of Philadelphia when he said that Hillary HAD to be elected president. HAD to? Like this is Russia? No, Bernie…we STILL have a choice in this country!

The longer Bernie talked, the more I thought of one phrase to describe him. Sell-out. He sold out his principles and his values because he lost. And he had so much that he could have said. Did the DNC’s rigging of the nomination actually cost him the nomination? I’m not so sure it would have, but it could have. After all, he has 46% of the delegates at the convention. Did it make 5% difference? Who knows!?

Bernie Sanders totally sold out to someone that he himself has said countless times is unqualified to become president. That’s a pretty powerful statement, and one that is impossible to walk back. What it does is ruin any credibility you’ve got when you start backing that person for president. What does it say when an “unqualified person” beats you so badly for the nomination? It says you never should have run in the first place.

No, there are a lot of folks out there like Al Franken, and Susan Sarandon, and the like that adore Bernie Sanders. He can now go off and die in peace knowing he’ll get a front page obituary in the New York Times, but he dies a failure. He dies like Mitt Romney and John McCain and Jimmy Carter and Barack O’Bama all will die…a total and complete failure. The only difference is, Carter and O’Bama actually convinced enough people to vote for them that they won! Of course, running against some of the weakest candidates in Republican history (McCain and Romney for O’Bama and Ford for Carter) actually helped quite a bit.

I’m not sure who will win in November at this point. Trump got quite a bounce in the CNN poll (10 points), and who knows what shenanigans Hillary has yet to pull or that we will find out about and what trite Trump will come up with on the campaign trail. But so far…the Democrats’ “Unity Convention” is a load of blather.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Michelle’s Latest Foray Into Your Food

I’ll give Michelle Obama this much…the lady loves food. Well, let me change that. She loves to tell you what you can eat and not eat; what you SHOULD eat and not eat. As if that were any of her business (it’s not). And she’s at it again.

The FDA last week put the finishing touches on the new nutrition labels that will have to be on food that you purchase. It’s got to be there within the next two years, and must include a larger than life calorie count, as well as any “added sugars” that are in the food. That one has scientists that know anything about nutrition scratching their head.

Apparently, the board that Michelle helped get these items onto the list, didn’t include one person that understood what sugars do to the body, if they are helpful to the body in any way, or why they need to be included in the list of nutritional facts. Scientists are warning this will blow up in the government’s face because of the fact there is no scientific evidence that this particular addition has any merit. In layman’s terms it means, it’s all bogus.

First of all, let’s be honest. Only 66% of us actually READ the damn labels with any frequency in the first place. Second of all, most of us (87%) use taste as a determining factor as to whether we are going to buy a product or not. Third, 71% of us use cost as a factor. You can read the whole article at http://cathe.com/nutrition-confusion-how-many-people-really-read-nutritional-labels, and yes…she cites her sources as well.

So basically, Michelle is out trying once again to influence what we eat. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I think yes, she’s right. We DO eat too much sugar. We DO eat too many processed foods, and we DO eat a lot of crap that’s high in fat which we crave. But she’s going about it all wrong. She seems to forget from time to time that we’re not living in China. We’re not being told by the federal government what we can and cannot eat. This is, last time I checked, America, and you have the right to purchase and eat whatever you like. Because if that is taken away from you, than all of your rights are able to be taken away from you. Need an example (the liberals out there will hate this one). IF you are going to allow the federal government to work “based upon the public good”, which was their basis for nutrition labels and Obamacare, then all it takes is a conservative to get into office and decry that “the public good” needs to have our thoughts all going down the same road, and liberalism needs to be banned. Done deal. You’ve now got precedence. Of course they have to prove how…but Obamacare really didn’t do that…and Michelle hasn’t even begun to do that. This was her “first lady project”… and the libs in government wanted to see it accomplished for her.

And now, we want to see them all leave town in a U-Haul. Quickly.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Michelle’s The Target of New Wrath!

There are several people in this world I just wouldn’t want to piss off. Let’s get it straight right now. I would NEVER want to piss off a member of our armed services. I appreciate and honor those men and women more than you’d ever imagine. I would NEVER want to piss off Floyd Mayweather Jr. Let’s just say it’s not worth the ensuing hospital bill I’d be getting. I don’t mind pissing off congressmen (and have done it frequently). I don’t mind pissing off the president (ditto), and I don’t mind pissing off politicians in general.

I think I’d leave the United States Navy alone.

Michelle Obama apparently has a different set of people to avoid pissing off. Sailors all over the world are pissed at Michelle Ma Belle, and her fat butt because she’s slowly making the Navy take away fried food from their menu. And these sailors are PISSED!

Frankly, I understand her misguided school lunch program. I’ve said it before. It’s been a travesty and a failure. There’s a whole generation of students out there that don’t want to eat healthy. That’s not Michelle’s fault. That’s their parents’ fault for feeding them McDonalds three meals a day instead of cooking something at home. It’s not the governments’ fault that they haven’t been introduced to vegetables in their first 16 years on this planet. It’s the parents’ fault. And I understand why Michelle wants to make sure the kids aren’t obese. That’s not a good way to raise a nation.

But she’s gone about it all wrong. And it’s a PR nightmare. Now, not content to leave it with the school-aged kids out there, Michelle wants the Navy to lose some weight and get those washboard abs back where they belong. Again, I understand it. You’re just picking on the wrong people. And you’re pissing them off. There ARE two groups of people who you should never piss off…one is anyone that buys ink by the barrel. The other is anyone that has bigger guns than you (and I’m not talking about their arms).

Eliminating fried food is a good way to lose some calories. That is, if you can’t get enough exercise and you can’t throw in healthy food as well. Hell, we won two World Wars giving our soldiers cigarettes with their meals. Do you think that a piece of fried chicken or fish is going to hurt them any worse? Let’s wake up here a little, shall we?

This is the main problems I have with liberals. They decide what is right for the rest of us, and then want us to go along with it. Maybe it’s not right for all of us. Personally, I’ve cut way back on the fried food menu in our household because I know it’s not as good for me. But it’s not because of Michelle Obama and her liberal cause. I made that choice. I’m an adult. And so are the people serving our country and putting their lives on the line on those ships. Stop trying to make everybody’s life vanilla, Michelle. We’re smart enough to make our own decisions…and if we’re not, you can blame the AFT and the NEA!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Michelle’s Latest Scam

Michelle Obama is not a stupid lady. I’ve never accused her of that. She’s very smart. She’s figured out how to travel the world in style, spend millions of dollars on vacations for herself, her daughters, and her entourage, and have someone else pay for it (uh…that would be you and me!).

So, the lady that brought us the school lunch program that no one will eat, is venturing out. If at first you don’t succeed, throw more money at it, and expand it. That’s kind of what Michelle Ma Belle is doing. She’s starting a program called “Let Girls Learn”, and wants to empower school girls all over the world and let them get at least a high school education, and hopefully a college education.

Now, let me say, as was the case with the school lunch program, this is a really good idea. It’s always a good idea to get educated, regardless of gender, regardless of nationality, regardless of religious tenets. It’s not the over-laying idea that is wrong here…it’s the WAY it’s done. She wants to go to Japan, Cambodia, England (a third world country?), and teach the leaders in these backwater countries how to educate young women so they can be more than baby machines. Ok…I get that. There isn’t anyone else out there able to do this, right? And these countries are just going to change in some cases, centuries-old ideologies because Michelle asked them to, right?

Does that sound like someone else that’s occupying the White House at the moment? Someone that felt he could get the rest of the world to love us again if he just went around the world and apologized for his country’s mis-deeds?

Actually what this is, is another Obama scam designed to give Michelle one last fling before she has to start traveling on her own dime. It’s last call at the bar. The final rodeo roundup before Bobo’s retirement. If you want to take home any leftovers, make sure you do…just don’t take my Tupperware home with you. How much can one family fleece the American public? Oh…I forgot. There was a family a few years ago that kinda did the same thing….in fact, aren’t they STILL doing the same thing? What was their name? You know…the ones that sold nights in the Lincoln Bedroom to political donors? Hmmm.

Congress ought to pass a law that basically disallows travel allowances for First Ladies unless they are travelling on official business and with their husbands (or wives if that’s the case). The First Lady was never elected, isn’t a government official and has no business spending tax dollars to push her own programs. Hell, she shouldn’t even have a staff that is paid for by taxpayers. Congress should rectify that mistake pronto!

We have a grand total of 569 days left with these clowns and then we can bid them adieu. I hope the time goes quickly. Somehow I don’t believe they are going to go gentle into that good night (that’s my Shelley reference for the day).

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

One Step Too Far

I really truly believe that Democrats think they’re doing good for America. I think they really truly believe that the way to a better society for everybody is to help out those less able to care for themselves…and do it from the government, not charities. But what Democrats (and liberals) fail to understand is that government doesn’t do a lot of things very well.

Republicans on the other hand doesn’t think government does much well at all. I tend to fall into that line of thinking. I watch as government tries to be “good” and help others out, with terrible results. Take the VA Hospital debacle. A good intention gone terribly awry because government stuck it’s nose in where it didn’t belong. There were private sector solutions to the problem that were more affordable, better equipped, and less likely to be as corrupt as the public trough.

And that is precisely why Michelle Obama’s school lunch program is failing. It’s a place government is sticking their nose in that it doesn’t belong. Parents and schools have developed “work-arounds” so the kids don’t have to eat the garbage that Michelle is trying to get them to eat. Now, realize…Michelle Obama is a lawyer. She is not a dietician. She has no idea what she is doing in this realm. I understand she wants to make sure our kids don’t grow up to be obese, and that’s noble. But she’s totally wrong in thinking that government is once again the solution to the problem. That’s something better left to the school district dieticians, who are actually paid to come up with nutritious meals, and parents who have the ultimate say as to what goes in their kids’ mouths.

Now, Michelle apparently isn’t happy with reaching just the school age kids. Now, all daycare kids are going to be regulated in the same manner…as are their teachers. This makes utterly no sense by anyone’s imagination. Obama’s school lunch program by every sense of the word is a failure. Millions of pictures have been sent to her of really unappetizing lunches that she is responsible for. So why does she think that she should be able to expand a failure of a program? Because that’s how Democrats think. If something isn’t working, just throw more money at it and expand the program until everybody is on board. Eventually they will do what you want because everybody will be on board. How will they accomplish that? Well, if they have to, they’ll make sugary foods, and fatty foods illegal. There’s already a move by the FDA to ban trans-fats.

Nobody wants our kids to be obese…and everybody wants to see their kids eat a healthy lunch. But government isn’t the answer. Someone ought to come up with the brilliant idea of a constitutional amendment limiting the federal government to a) maintaining an armed forces; b) printing money; c) maintaining infrastructure (as defined as electricity grid, water, sewer, roads, airport, train tracks, etc); d) tax only what it costs to do the first three. You can now get rid of 80% of the federal government. And it only took 500 words to solve that problem! Amazing!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!