Can “Special Prosecutor” Work?

Robert Mueller was hailed by both sides of the aisle as a guy that got things done and could put politics aside. Well, like James Comey before him (who the exact same things were said of), that doesn’t seem to be the case. Mueller’s Special Prosecutor team seems to be filled with people who are hell-bent on finding Donald Trump guilty of colluding with the Russians, and if not that, then anything that snowflakes can use to try and impeach him. That, in my mind anyway, isn’t what a special prosecutor is all about.

And so, it begs the question: In this highly politicized atmosphere that we live in today, is there a man, woman, or child in this country that could actually take over such a role and impartially reach a conclusion with both sides of politics agreeing on it? I am beginning to think not.

Mueller is running into major trouble and looks like he may actually be fired over his perceived bias, and probably this month sometime. In the span of the last week, we’ve learned of people that have been fired from his team because of anti-Trump/pro-Clinton tweets; we’ve learned that he got tens of thousands of emails during the transition, illegally; we’ve learned that FBI officials that Mueller was heavily leaning on for information in his investigation have actually been suspended for “bias”. Basically, when you look at this investigation, it has gone nowhere. Word is that even Paul Manafort may walk because of ill-gotten evidence from a guy that was supposed to be pure as the driven snow!

Have we reached the point of our country’s history where we are politically so segmented and fragmented that two sides aren’t going to ever be able to work together and accomplish anything? It appears that very well may be the case. Oh, it didn’t start with Trump’s election either. Go back to obamacare, when Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t let Republicans in to look at what the snowflakes were working on. Look at Reid not passing a single budget the entire time he was Majority Leader in the Senate (something he has a constitutional duty to do). Look at the fact that Democrats have lined up against everything and anything the GOP has proposed this year. It’s a wonder anything gets done in congress!

I’ve always said that gridlock is good because government can’t screw things up when they can’t get anything done. But there comes a time when you’ve got to fix obvious mistakes of the past and make people’s lives better. Has the right gotten so far right, and the left off the charts left to the point that they can’t even be civil to one another? Just read some of the comments left by liberals on this blog. Hate-filled, full of expletives and terribly wrong information. It’s to the point where those folks don’t even GET the point. They don’t care what the point is. Any intelligence got tossed out the window eons ago.

So, no. I do not believe Robert Mueller can adequately and fairly prosecute any case against anybody at this point in time, and I doubt there is anybody else than can either. The hatred both sides feel for each other is too great. And if we’ve learned one thing, while it’s fun to watch, when the left gets filled with hate, all of their so-called intelligence (which wasn’t much to start with) heads out the window…and emotion takes over where intelligence is gone. The sorry point is, they don’t seem to recognize the difference.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


AntiFa “Huge” Protests Laughable

The socialist Antifa group had planned to have a really big shoe this past weekend across America. They called it the “Refuse Fascism” movement. It was scheduled for 20 cities across the country, with huge ads taken out in the New York Times and other newspapers. Ah, but like much of the left’s antics these days…the protests pretty much fell on deaf ears as in city after city, the hoped for “millions of protesters” failed to materialize.

New York had a couple hundred. Seattle…that bastion of liberalism ended up with 50. In fact, the only city that really scored was Los Angeles…they had about 2,000 people show up. Even if EVERY city matched LA, that would have only been 40,000 total protesters. Which means that pretty much, the Antifa movement is officially dead. And officially laughable.

Revolutionary Communist Party chairman, Bob Avakian put the whole thing together. And I guess if you had to do a cost per head analysis on the number of dollars spent promoting the rallies, and the number of people that actually showed up, he’d probably be at somewhere over $100 per person. That’s a lot! In fact, that’s bordering on what George Soros has to pay people to show up for rallies.

Avakian’s major problem is that most people that would normally show up for something like this were turned away because of all of the bad news hitting the snowflake liberals right now. You’ve got the Uranium One scandal in which Hillary Clinton looks to have profited (illegally) from selling one-fifth of the country’s uranium to a Russian controlled company, and hubby Bill ended up getting a $500,000 speaking fee and another huge donation to the Clinton Foundation because of it. Then of course, you’ve got the Donna Brazile bombshell that Bernie Sanders got screwed by the Clinton campaign in the 2016 primaries, and that Hillary Clinton fixed the primaries with Little Debbie Wasserman Schultz so she could be the Dems’ nominee for president. And of course, you’ve got the whole Trump Dossier scandal in which the DNC along with the Clinton campaign paid Fusion GPS to hire former British spy, Christopher Steele to make up a phony dossier on Donald Trump, which led to the whole Robert Mueller investigation on Russian Collusion…when really it should be aimed at Hillary.

With all of that happening, would YOU want to show up at a snowflake rally? Yeah, me neither!

The one good thing the snowflakes have going for them is that it’s November, 2017 and not November, 2018. See, most of the country will have forgotten about this whole thing by next November, when the midterm elections roll around. Of course, if Jeff Sessions decides to investigate and indict Hillary and her staff for their three Watergate-sized scandals, and move into a trial phase by next year (and nail the DNC as well), all bets for the Dems’ taking over the House or the Senate fly out the window. America just doesn’t feel real good about backing cheaters. And at this point in time, you’d have to say that most of the DNC is run by a bunch of losers, cheaters, and thieves. But then…those of us smarter than snowflakes knew that all along, didn’t we?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

And Now It’s Time For Trump To Shut Up.

Don’t get me wrong, so far I haven’t seen or heard one slice of evidence that Donald Trump has done anything wrong regardless what the snowflakes on Capitol Hill will want you to believe. Remember… they are best served by making sure that there is doubt in your mind when it comes to Trump and his presidency. They have a goal to take over the House next year, and the White House in 2020. They can’t do that if it looks like Trump is hitting home run after home run (which by the way 80% of Republicans agree he’s doing).

So, it’s with that in mind that I give The Donald a little advice this morning. Shut the hell up! Stop your incessant tweeting about everything. I know you think it’s a great way to communicate directly to the American people and get your thoughts through unfiltered by a liberal media, but you need to stop. You need to stop talking about Russia. You need to stop talking about James Comey. You need to stop getting all tied up in what the snowflakes want the world to believe is the biggest scandal since Watergate (what about Hillary, he asked?). You need to focus on your agenda and tell the Republicans in congress to do the same damn thing. THAT is what you need to do.

It doesn’t matter one bit what the Democrats say or think. They can call for impeachment, they can scream at the top of their lungs that Trump is an alien from Mars, it doesn’t matter because THEY don’t matter. They are the minority party. They are the group that is trying to upset the apple cart. They are the ones that are trying to do whatever they can do so they can point out that Trump has been a failure… just like they said he would be. But the facts…and I’m talking about the TRUTH here bears out a different story, if only the American public would care to hear it. The TRUTH is Trump is doing better than most people thought he would…even Democrats. That’s the reason for the obfuscation of the snowflakes. They realize Trump is up there getting hits. Yes, he’s not hitting his stride yet. Neither was Obama at this point. And Trump is WAY behind Obama in scandals at this point. I think five months into his term Bobo had something like 9 scandals going (he ended up with 21 his first year).

There is the truth, and there is the truth that Dems want you to believe. And you have to be smart enough to understand that the two are markedly different. And Donald Trump has to be smart enough to know what they are trying to do to him…and not worry about it. He has to stay on message, stay focused, not go off into the weeds, and for God’s sake, not make stupid mistakes. Dems will pounce on anything they think they can score points with, even if it’s not true. That’s what happens when your religion is power. You don’t care about anything else.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Obama Scandal Free???

According to the New York Post, on CNN on Sunday, Obama confidant, Valerie Jarrett said that the Obama administration did nothing to embarrass himself, and unlike other administrations before him, Obama’s tenure was “scandal free”. No…you aren’t on a post-New Year’s hangover or 1970’s drug trip. That is what Valerie Jarrett said.

Frankly, I don’t have the slightest clue what this political wannabe hack is doing talking about anything. She’s not elected, she’s not important, and she’s soon to be unemployed. Oh, I know she’s a big friend of Bobo and Michelle, and she’s the one that introduced them to each other, but she’s still a bumbling idiot when it comes to understanding politics.

And if she was actually serious in saying that Obama was “scandal free”, she is not only an idiot, but a very ignorant idiot as well. My question would be, What about the Obamacare rollout? What about Benghazi? What about the IRS Scandal, targeting conservative groups? What about the continued (decades long, and multi-administration) scandal involving the VA that Obama “promised to fix”? What about the Justice Department and their MANY scandals? I think James Rosen and the Associated Press would think that they were the targets of scandals. What about the racist, Eric Holder and his scandal with being in contempt of congress (the first sitting AG to be so named). What about the scandal involving the current AG, Loretta Lynch meeting with former president Bill Clinton on a tarmac here in Phoenix, just a few scant weeks before the FBI decides not to recommend indictment for Hillary on her email scandals? What about the pay-to-play scandal that was brewing at Foggy Bottom the first four years of his presidency?

Apparently, Valerie Jarrett forgot about those things, and those are just the scandals that popped in to my mind early this morning off the cuff. I bet if I actually thought about it, I could add a dozen more.

Scandal free? Let’s correct what she was saying to be a little more accurate. How about, “the most scandal ridden president in history”. How about “makes Watergate look like a high school prank”. How about “makes the corruption of the Grant and Jackson administrations look like something out of Dora The Explorer. When it comes to scandals, this guy OWNED the word. Scandal free? You’ve gotta be kidding me!

In fact, this is very much like saying that Barack Obama has a positive legacy. I know he’s out there getting ready with some “farewell address” (like he was George Washington? and the country is going to somehow miss him?), but in all honesty, he has no legacy. All he has is wave after wave of mis-steps, gaffes, missed opportunities to lead, and scandal. And he has plenty of scandal. No, Barack Obama has been an embarrassment to this country for the past eight years. He is ready to leave, and like Jimmy Carter before him, he’s searching for something…for ANYTHING that he can hang his hat on to build his presidential library around. I do have a suggestion on that…

Make your library a replica of one of the golf courses you loved to play. Post all of your scorecards for the world to see. Other than that, maybe a basketball hoop? That’s about all your presidency is going to end up meaning.

RIP Obama…we’re done with you!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What COULD Have Happened…

OK, we’re under a week until the most contentious, the most maligned, the most disgustingly dirty, mudslinging campaign of any of our lives is over. And I don’t care if you’re a Republican, Democrat, Independent, conservative or liberal, you’re probably going to be very happy to know we’ve only got a week of this crap left, right?

But what IF? What IF this had been a more “conventional” presidential election? Would it have changed the way we feel? Would the outcome have been any different? Who would you say is to blame for all of this garbage we’ve been getting (and I already know the answer to that one…it depends who you are rooting for!)? Let’s play a little game of What If today…

If this had been a conventional presidential campaign, my guess is Hillary Clinton would be mopping the floor with Donald Trump. That’s without all of the name calling, and without all of the illegal acts and scandals. The reason is clear. She is a politician, he is a business tycoon. She understands the political landscape, he doesn’t. That’s blatantly obvious to any casual observer. She is still a terrible candidate, and so is he. Neither have very good political savvy, and both make a ton of mistakes, but if you took all of the negativity of this campaign and threw it away, you would have Hillary in a walk away. It’s just that simple.

What IF Hillary hadn’t decided eight years ago to put a home-brew server in her basement so she could try and escape all of the government regulations on email? What if she didn’t try to be so secretive about what she was doing as Secretary of State? What if someone besides Donald Trump ran as a Republican nominee…say Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio…someone that was an obvious politician. What if we actually talked about issues and policies instead of throwing mud about which candidate could be trusted more than the other one? Who would win then? If it were Trump as the candidate, I’d still say Clinton. If anyone else ran, she’d be toast.

And who do you blame for the mess we’ve seen? I personally blame them both, with about 65% of the blame going to Clinton. Look, take away the slimy persona, take away the scandal, take away the illegal activity, take away all the stuff those over 30 know are the Clinton’s MO and you take away 90% of the crap we’ve seen. 35% of this mess is Donald Trump’s fault, and you had to know when he started this it would end this way. Look back at his fight with Rosie O’Donnell. Did he ever mince words with her on that? Of course not. He calls it the way he sees it and doesn’t care how politically correct he is. He doesn’t care if he calls a woman a pig or a slut if he feels that’s what she is.

End analysis: Both of these two people are to blame. One should certainly be in jail, and there is no way the other should be in the White House. Unfortunately, that’s what we’re stuck with. In 2008 and 2012 we elected the wrong guy and most of America agrees with that. This year we didn’t even give ourselves a choice.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

After All This…Dead Heet?

I find it hard to believe when you think about it. You’ve got NBC, CBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Huffington Post, some 75 GOP “leaders”, the entire Democrat party, including the President of the United States all coming out in opposition to Donald Trump. Yet according to the latest LA Times/USC poll, it’s Clinton by only 1 point! What does that tell us?

Well, for me it tells me a lot. It tells me the difference between the Republican and Democrat parties. It tells me that Americans are really fed up with the system. It tells me that even though Donald Trump has stepped in more horse manure over the past two months than any farmer in the world, he is STILL within striking distance of Hillary Clinton. It tells me people really don’t want Hillary Clinton, but it tells me that she’s winning the war on defining what the campaign is about. If Trump were winning the definition war, the campaign would be over and he’d be up by 40 points.

Let’s look at these issues, shall we? The difference between the GOP and the Democrats is that the Dems always rally around their candidate whether they like them or not. Look at what a Democrat has to do to get ousted from office; something like Anthony Weiner. Now look at the Republicans. They eat their own with alarming ferocity. Same is true here, except the Dems have a “traditional” candidate and the GOP has an “outsider”.

Trump has made more miscues in this campaign since sewing up the primaries than I can imagine. Hell, Joe Biden had to drop out because of one accusation of plagiarism. John Edwards had to leave because of an affair. Same for Gary Hart. And Howard Dean only had to yell “EEEHAA” after winning Iowa’s caucus. If this were any other candidate from either side, they’d be dead meat long ago.

As far as the “definition war”, Clinton is taking a page right out of the 2012 Obama playbook. She’s attacking Trump rather than talking about the issues because she can’t win on the issues. She’s part of the problem, not the solution. So she speaks in platitudes and grandiose schemes and sweeping generalities rather than specifics. And she attacks Donald Trump at every turn, making this a referendum on Trump rather than an election about our future. And Trump is letting her do it. If he had the ability to control his message, with all of the publicity he gets, he’d stomp her into the ground in a week. That’s precisely what worries Clinton. Well, that and a few other issues.

Hillary is concerned about Pay To Play coming to the forefront. She’s concerned that the report on the military underselling ISIS and overselling the US’ ability to defeat them in short order is going to blow up in Obama’s face, and by partnership, her face. She is concerned that her health issues are going to get to the point where she can’t hide them anymore. And she is concerned that her alcohol problem is going to spin farther out of control. Lots to worry about over the next three months, wouldn’t you say?

All of that going on and Trump is only down by 1 point? Really?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Scandal? Who Said Anything About A Scandal?

As I mentioned yesterday when blogging about Hillary Clinton’s asinine comment about SHE has determined that Donald Trump isn’t qualified to become president (as if the constitution mattered in the first place!), I thought about going back and let’s refresh our memories for a moment on the scandals surrounding Hillary and Bill Clinton. Now, here’s my disclaimer. Liberals will tell you that these are just “vast, right-wing conspiracies” and nobody has ever proven anything. Sounds like Bart Simpson if you ask me…anyway, here they are!

• James Blair, an attorney at Tyson Foods helps Hillary turn $1,000 into $100,000 in profit with the cattle futures investments. No wrong-doing there, right?
• Did we forget about that real estate loan to Jim & Susan McDougal better known as “Whitewater”?
• When the Clintons left the White House, they were “dead broke” by Hillary’s own admission, yet they could afford a $1.7 million house in Chappaqua, New York, and a year later they bought a seven bedroom house in Washington, DC for a cool $2.85 million. Oh. And Hillary’s Senate disclosure form? It listed their assets to be $1.8 million. That’s Arkansas math folks!
• How about Hillary running as a feminist, all the while she acted as an enabler to her husband’s sex addiction? Liberals will say of course that a) I haven’t proven that Bill has a sex addiction (you need proof??), and b) that Hillary was an enabler. Now we know where Common Core came from! I lumped all of Bill’s sexploits into one scandal…though there were lots. I don’t have enough memory in my computer to list them all…and Hillary’s bashing of the “Bimbo Eruptions” that occurred.
• Vince Foster, an attorney and advisor in the Clinton White House was found shot in Fort Marcy Park. Suicide? Murder? Well…of course the convenient story is suicide. After all, are you a right-wing conspiracy nut or what?
• Chinagate. Remember how Hillary sold influence to China for millions that mysteriously showed up in DNC coffers? When asked about it, the Clintons produced documents showing that the “donations” came from some monastery in California. Yeah…they can afford it!
• Travelgate. Hillary Clinton fired seven members of the White House Travel Office and replaced them with friends from Arkansas. And she had the former head of the Travel Office, Billy Dale investigated by the FBI and audited by the IRS for the next three years.
• Filegate. Remember Craig Livingstone? He was a White House Counsel that went through and looked into the FBI files on several hundred Republicans. Hillary backed his action saying that it was “a bureaucratic snafu”. Uh-huh.
• Lootergate. Of course, being dead broke when you leave the White House, and buying over $4.5 million in property over the next year can put a strain on anybody’s household budget. That’s why the Clintons started moving White House furniture to Chappaqua as they were getting ready to leave the White House in 2000. They got caught and put most (not all) of it back.
• Drug Dealer Scandal. Remember Jorge Cabrera? No…you probably don’t. But he made a HUGE campaign contribution to the Clintons, and got an unsupervised (meaning no Secret Service was present) visit with the Clintons in the White House. It’s easy if you’ve got the cash!
• Lincoln Bedroom Sell Off. Who can forget selling evenings in the Lincoln Bedroom for campaign contributions? Even though it’s highly illegal, the Clintons did it throughout Bill’s presidency.
• Hillary’s influence in getting foreign governments to donate to the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State. Was there any quid pro quo on that? Nah! Countries love to donate. It’s kind of like buying girls scout cookies.
• Libyan Overthrow. Yeah…it was Hillary’s plan to overthrow the government of Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi. The only problem was, she didn’t have a clue what would happen next. Chaos…that’s what happened next.
• Russian Reset. Who can forget the Obama Administration’s Russian Reset? Remember when Hillary Clinton went to Russia and met with Sergei Lavrov in 2009 and presented him with a button that said “перегрузка”, which Hillary thought was Russian for “Reset”. Actually, it’s Russian for “Overcharge”.
• Benghazi. Another Hillary Clinton example of her fine leadership. Four dead during a 9/11/12 takeover of the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, including US Ambassador Chris Stevens. And where was Hillary during all of this? We don’t know and she won’t say.
• Email Scandal. Oh, come on…do I really have to go through this one?

There are 16 major scandals. I didn’t even get into the ones that occurred where state police in Arkansas turned up dead. We’ll leave that for another time. Yeah…she’s qualified all right.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!